I am back… again…

Hi All!!!

I am back again… Apologies for the sudden no notice hiatus. Main reason was… WORK!!!

Workload was crazy in 2020… Had to reduce my sleeping hours and eat in front of the laptop. But it would be reduced since the major stuff were all settled in Dec. NOW I have time to translate and release posts again.

Due to my long hiatus on ‘Daughter-in-Law of a Noble House’, I am glad to know that Sandy has picked up the translation and has released up to chapter 28. As I do not think it is ideal to have more than groups translating, I will not be translating this novel in the future.

However I had translated a number of chapters previously and will still post them up. The next chapters will be released on Monday.

I will also start translating another novel (still finalising one) soon and will drop a post about it. 🙂

Thanks for still supporting ChubbyCheeksThoughts!

July Comeback…

I AM BACK!!!! (Hope that there are still some readers left…)

Apologise for the short hiatus… Did not meant for it to happen but it did.

*Real life work commitments is too draining*
*COVID-19 indirectly increased my workload*
*Working from home decreases my efficiencies*

The release of the new translation project I introduced in Oct last year is very much overdue.

The good news is that the first chapter of ‘Daughter-in-Law of a Noble House’ will be released next on 2nd July. Next Thurs!!

Each post of ‘Daughter-in-Law of a Noble House’ will be scheduled on Mon and Thurs (like our Empress Shen novel).

Likewise, additional chapters will be released. Each additional post will be at $40 and a maximum of two additional chapters will be publish in a week. Please help to vote which 2 days would you like to read the additional releases.

Voting will end on next week and the additional release will be up the following week.

Side Stories… And new editor!!!


I have gotten help from Kiskaiya on the editing from chapter 1 onwards so I will be starting on the translation of the side stories from this weekend onwards.

Since all the side stories are independent stories, there is no need for them to be released accordingly to how it was read.

For a little fun and interaction with all you peeps, I have created a poll below on which side stories to be released first. You can vote everyday for your favourite couple!!!


Please note that I will be going on a work trip for three weeks (starting next week) and this has affected only additional translation releases.

The two fixed updates per week (Monday & Thursday) will still go on but there will not be any additional releases till the last week of Nov.

Nov 6th (Mon)
Nov 9th (Thu)
Nov 13th (Mon)
Nov 16th (Thu)
Nov 20th (Mon)
Nov 23rd (Thu)

Do note that I will still read all comments but my response will be slow or nonexistent… Of course I will still like your comments 🙂

The good news is that there are 2 additional releases this week due to our donors contribution!!! MANY THANKS!!!


Please note that I will be out of the country and this has affected the translation posts (only for additional chapters).

For the week of 7th Aug, there will only be 2 usual releases (Monday & Thursday) and response to comments will be very much delayed 🙂

Additional chapters (if any) will be resumed on the week of 14th Aug

Good & Bad News…

Soooo… Yeah… There are some good news and bad news that needed to be announced…

Good news is that starting from Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 63, the length of each chapter will be significantly longer. To be exact it would be 3 – 5 times longer than usual and that means we can indulge in our Empress’s story for a much longer period each time…

BUT!!! Significantly longer chapters means much more time is required to translate so this brings us to the bad news…

The overall number of releases will be maintained (2 fixed & max 2 additional per week) but each long chapter will be divided into the max 3 parts/posts instead. This is due to the limited time I have for the translating (real world commitments *sigh*). However when the chapters are short (like the length of chap 1 – 62), then it would go back to 1 chapter 1 post.

Apologize for the changes and hope that you will still continue to support my translations… 😦

Additional Chapters Schedules…

So the polls have been closed and the two additional chapters (for every $25 raised) would be posted on Fridays & Saturdays. The revised schedules will be as follows:

– Monday (Fixed)
– Thursday (Fixed)
– Friday (To be release 1 chapter for every $25 raised)
– Saturday (To be release 1 chapter for every $25 raised)

There will be additional chapters next week 😀