Additional Chapters Schedules…

So the polls have been closed and the two additional chapters (for every $25 raised) would be posted on Fridays & Saturdays. The revised schedules will be as follows:

– Monday (Fixed)
– Thursday (Fixed)
– Friday (To be release 1 chapter for every $25 raised)
– Saturday (To be release 1 chapter for every $25 raised)

There will be additional chapters next week 😀

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I am also anticipating the reactions she will get. But just what is the color of her dress. I was anticipating a further description of a purple “lotus purple” it was described last week. Now green and lotus blue. do you have a picture in your mind of the color of this dress? I would like to know. I love colors and it would help me imagine her. I know color can be ambiguous so I will go with your take on this.

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    • The front chapters describe it as lotus green then it was change to lotus purple… So seeing that the number of lotus purple comes out the most, I changed all to lotus purple… Did u spot one that still says lotus green/blue?


      • I saw one green in chapter 23, I think in the first paragraph the dress was described, about the embroidery and everything. I then looked it up and google translated lotus blue so i was trying to see if I can find that color. Any way I wanted to share a quote about Lotus blue that sort of seemed symbolic about what our heroine is living.

        ” 靑蓮 is a common title for Blue Lotus. 靑蓮 is often used in a Buddhist context for blue lotus from the Sanskrit “utpala.” This often refers to the clarity and purity of the lotus blue eyes possessed by a Living Buddha. It can also represent purity of mind (without desire, suffering, fear etc).” from a calligraphy website.

        I liked the idea of the reference to clarity, this is what the heroine has now; and purity is suggested in the way she has dressed herself.

        I think i imagine a deep purplish blue or blueish purple with beautiful red flowers on it.

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      • Ahhh… 靑 is blue and 蓮 is lotus in that translation, from what I was taught in school 靑 means green. Then another translation mention its Lotus purple… So I kept it as darker purple since I think it more of a serious colour than green


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