Hi all!!!

Just an intro of myself…

I’m Chinese but my first language is English and my Mandarin literacy level consist of reading and speaking (my writing skills are really basic, like at the level of a 12 year old…). Initially my knowledge of the Chinese language is through rote learning in schools and have only manage to pass for all major exams.

However through Cdrama and Cnovels (mostly in the ancient/period genre), it has broaden my view on the language and I felt that Chinese is an intricate language to learn but the beauty of it is that it expresses so many feelings in so few words.

I have been reading a number of ancient period CNovels and wanted to try my hand in translating to share the wonderful world of CNovels. Please note that I am still working on improving my understanding and may paraphrase during translation… So please bear with me if I don’t make sense.

Any amount of support for my work or contribute to my caffeine fund is very gratefully appreciated…

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Please be kind to me… 😀


Disclaimer: The novels don’t belong to me. I only translated it in my free time.

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  1. Thank you for the translation for A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem. The Mistaken Marriage novels are my favorite to read. Would you also consider translating A Mistaken Marriage Match: Record of Washed Grievances? The person that was translating it before is currently on hiatus.

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  2. As someone who really appreciates reading these translations, I was wondering if you set up a schedule for posting or do you work as your outside-the-novels life allows? Either way is fine – just curious, that’s all!

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    • I set the post to be updated every Mon, Wed and Sat UTC 00:00. But I translate each post outside my working hours (I am working… Typical office job…) As of now, I have some chaps on standby so the schedule can be kept. The schedule will remain unless my job requirement increase (more work, more travel or peak period).. Hope this answers your curiosity 😛

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  3. Hi there,

    Thank you for your translations; you’ve really been a joy to follow. I catch up on your translations during the course of my day and can’t stop myself from redlining chapters out of professional habit. Do you have any need or desire for editing help from a fan?

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      • The title is Drunken Exquisiteness (醉玲珑)! It has been made into drama recently but I read a comment from fan of the novel said that the drama and the novel has many differences so I’m really curious how good the novel is T_T

        Thank you so much for consider my request! T^T *hug*

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      • Hi Zazajunnie,
        I would like to make the same request for that novel Drunken Exquisiteness. I really like the drama so I’m interested in the novel but no one has translated it.

        Thank you

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    • I read a good chunk of 醉玲珑’s 1st volume with the aid of online tools, and the plot is a bit… uneventful? I think the main reason why this novel is so appreciated in China is more due to the author’s wordsmithing, but the story construction/plot development itself doesn’t elicit too many emotions so far (for me personally). I did like this one part where, after H & h marry, the h (who’s a modern day time-traveler) becomes jealous and tells the H something like, “You married me, and I married you. If you touch another, I will touch another; if you love another, I will love another; if you remarry another, I will also marry another!” It was her way of telling him that she can’t ever accommodate a third person in their relationship, and I loved the way she found to express it to this ancient era warrior prince, lol.
      I still would like to read a proper translation of 醉玲珑 if it’s ever possible, but for a novel of this category, with a quiet, dangerous prince/wangye and a competent time-traveler heroine, my first priority would be 萌宠皇后, which really put my emotions through the wringer, so I figure this novel was worth remembering/recommending.
      And for a harem/palace romance, one novel that I honestly enjoyed more than “Mysteries in the Imperial Harem” was 秦姝的东宫生活, because the hero was not as cruel. Or more accurately said, he *was* cruel and endlessly scheming (like any efficient Taizi/Emperor), only not ever to the heroine, which is key.

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  4. Hello, thanks for your work I love your translations. I would like to ask if you got the approval of the autors to post the novels, because I want to translate to spanish “Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage”. I really liked that novel and just finished it, but I still read your translation because I’m not good at chinese, jajaja. 🙂

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  5. Hello, it’s me again. I decided to translate it as a Fan, may I know if I can base my spanish translation on yours?, because I find it very enjoyable and I’m don’t really know chinese just some words and phrases. please 🙂

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  6. Hey Zazajunnie!
    I was reading your comments about requests for translating a novel and wanted to put this out here to see if you would consider translating it. It’s called The Legend (传奇) by Mo Wu Bi Ge. I want to read it but I don’t think anyone has translate it yet as I can’t find it anywhere.

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  7. Hi! I love your style of translation, and I also love how you took the interest and initiative for non-chinese people like me to be introduced to this awesome world of Chinese novels.

    Unfortunately, I’m still a kid with little capability to contribute money towards the chapters. So I was wondering whether I could help out with the proofreading and editing, as I am fairly good at the English language. Please contact me if you feel I can do my bit in this way. Thanks.


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  8. Hi! I love your style and the way you make it possible for people like me who love novels like this to enjoy Chinese novels. I really appreciate the interest you show.

    Unfortunately, I am a kid who can’t contribute monetarily towards the chapters. So I was wondering whether I could contribute by the way of proofreading and editing the translated version.

    Do contact me!

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  9. Thanks for your wonderful job in translating C-Novels! Yours is the first blog I’ve donated so that you can translate more 😀 Like, Samhita, I’m wondering if you’re looking for anyone to help you proofread or edit your translation? I love RMEML, and I’m wondering if there’s anything else I can do (asides from Monetary contribution to help)

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  10. Hello!

    I would like to thank you for your hard work and great translations. You have inspired me to also help out and spread the love of C-Novels. I am translating a c-novel, but am using a vietnamese translation first. It is called Generational Marriage in English. It is a rebirth story in a historical setting as well. If you have the tine, please drop by aydenshizuki.wordpress.com to check it out.

    Once again, thank you for your work!

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  11. Hello.
    I am the current translator for Portuguese of the novels: Mei Gongqing and The Princess WeiYang. With a partnership with the scanlator Otaku Nya Scan https://otakunyascan.blogspot.com.br, I am coordinating a future division for novels “aimed at the female audience”. It will be the first group in Portuguese with the exclusive translations of this type of material (there are only 3 Chinese novels with female protagonists being translated into Portuguese, 2 are about cutivation).
    Therefore, we would like to know if your novels translated into English could be included in the catalog of novels with authorization for the translation intro Portuguese. We are looking for novels whose translation into English has already finished or that has frequent updates to enter a kind of pre-approved list for future translators to choose, and the novels of your site fit into it. This doesn’t mean that your novel will be translated, but rather that it may be chosen by someone to pick up as a translation project.
    There won’t be any advertisement on the page of the novel, nor will be accepted donations, being 100% voluntary translations.
    We’ll include a link to your translation on the main page of the book.
    So, can we form a collaboration with you, group chubby cheeks thoughts, for the possible translation of your novels into Portuguese?
    And one more thing: did you have the authorization of the author or the publisher to translate the novel into English? Not that it will influence something, but we think it’s important information.
    Grateful for your attention,
    Valentina Linz


  12. Hello! (Just a lurker around here)
    Thanks for translating!
    Also I got to say I really admire how translator-san manages her work load, not too fast yet nor too slow and never talking any hiatuses.

    I really want to know how you manage it all despite real life and staying so consistent for so long and having such a good control on managing time. Can this humble one ask the great master to give some teachings? XD


  13. Hi,

    I discovered ‘Rebirth of Malicious Empress of Military Lineage’ thanks to you and I absolutely loved it. I was wondering if you’d allow me to use your work to translate it into French so that more people would meet our wonderful empress and her (new) husband. I would obviously link every translated chapter to yours. I have no intention of stealing your hard word. I just want to share it.

    Hopefully waiting,


  14. Hi!
    Thanks so much for your translation works especially with Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage. It’s still one of my favorites out of the many I’ve found through Novel Updates. I love your choice of novel and I’m so thankful for your regular updates and the awesome job you’ve done translating.
    Can I give you a suggestion for another novel to translate after Malicious Empress? Not sure if it’d fit your tastes but it’s Meng Shi Zai Shang. It’s been adapted to manhua recently but reading the original novel is still different. Please give it a look if you’re interested. The FMC has transmigrated from the future and has undergone rebirth as well. In her new life, she took her enemy and killer as her apprentice to use him as a lead for a treasure. But this sheep has unknowingly turned into a wolf. It’s got great twists and stories on other characters as well. Hope you can consider it! 🙂


  15. Hello! I’m one of the bloggers of the website Cnewsdevotee and I want to write a review on Rebirth of Malicious Empress of Military Lineage and link it back to your site. Can I have your permission to do that? Thanks! Love your work and really, really appreciate your dedication to translating for us fans. ^_^


  16. Hello, I just donated to you as a form of appreciation for your hardwork, thanks for sharing your love of ancient cnovels through your translations. I love reading them..


  17. Thank you thank you for translating regularly the ‘Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage’… love every chapters…may you consider translating Stolen Love (by Zhou Yu), the translator said he/she’s busy and willing to give up translating it and ask somebody to continue translating it. 😦
    But anyway, more power to you, hope you can translate more awesome web novels in the future. Thanks again.


  18. thank you for your amazing translations! I’ve read both novels (in the process of reading Rebirth of Malicious Empress of Military Lineage) and you honestly have one of the smoothest translations ever. It’s articulate and carries a nice flow. Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into these translations! I look forward to your future translations 🙂


  19. Hi! I saw that you’re looking to edit your The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage chapters now that the series is finished (before the side stories). I actually took a break from reading it awhile back so I could binge. I’m currently on 181 and would be happy to help you with editing from around 170+ (whatever hasn’t been touched up yet.)


  20. Buenas noches, espero usted esté bien.

    Quisiera ver, sí es posible para mí usar su traducción de Rebirth of Malicious Empress of Military Lineage para yo traducirlo al español, claro que colocaría los créditos.

    Apreciaría su respuesta oportuna.


  21. What I don’t understand is, if your native language is English, why is the translation so unreadable? Isn’t English your first language? The chapters that have been edited by other people are perfect, but the ones where you didn’t get an editor are absolutely terrible. If you think I’m exaggerating, please read over a couple of chapters that weren’t edited by other people, let’s say in the 20’s and 30’s of the chapters. Please hire an editor for these, as the unstable quality, going back and forth from perfect to horrible between chapters, makes reading this a real pain. Don’t mind being the jerk that tells you straight.

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  22. Hello Zazajunnie
    I have been following your translations for some time, including reading the rebirth of the malicious empress of military lineage twice (with the help of google translator). I’m from Brazil, and I would like to bring this story to the people here, I was wondering if you would allow me to translate it into Portuguese?


  23. Hello!

    I’ve been reading Rebirth of a Malicious Empress, and I see there’s significant errors with grammar and flow. The storyline is enjoyable, but the choppy wording and awkward phrasing are truly fatal for the novel. If you’d like, please contact me— I can help you edit these chapters to make them more readable.

    Thank you for the hard work!

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  24. Hi,
    I would like to say thank you very much for the excellent translations of short stories. You inspire achievements!
    I read your translation of the novella “The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage” and would like to translate this work into Russian. May I ask you for permission to use your translation. I hope for a positive result. Julia


  25. Hi!
    i wanna say thank you first for the update and translation! (๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و
    um, i wondering if you can add (+/-) font word feature(????). and font different font style. uhhhh, you know text or word size? i, myself prefer a larger text size. because, the small text is like story book in school (ha ha), i hope you understand what i mean. ;))
    and i’m sorry for the bad english, thank you for the translation, keep up the hard work and i hope you have a good day! (*´︶`*)♡Thanks!


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