Side Stories… And new editor!!!


I have gotten help from Kiskaiya on the editing from chapter 1 onwards so I will be starting on the translation of the side stories from this weekend onwards.

Since all the side stories are independent stories, there is no need for them to be released accordingly to how it was read.

For a little fun and interaction with all you peeps, I have created a poll below on which side stories to be released first. You can vote everyday for your favourite couple!!!

47 responses

  1. I for one, like to save last for the best, and that is SM n XJX story, but any arrangement is fine for me as long as i can read mooooree


  2. Does anyone know the length of the side stories? Like a whole new book? Thanks so much to the translator and editors involved. You’re amazing! ❤


  3. And also,, can save the best for the last..??

    I’m feeling sad to read the last part of Shen Miao and Xie Jing Xing


  4. I want all the side story but I don’t get enough shen miao and xie jing xing so I’ll vote for them. But if it’s possible, I really want to know all of the story because I love all of them😁😁😘
    Thank you😊😊


  5. Of course shen miao and xie jing xing comes first hehe… Welcome kiskaya and thanks so much for your help so that zaza can upload the sides story this weekend😘😘😘 thanks so much for both your hardwork

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  6. Wow. So far my favorite historical Cnovel. The previous Great Liang emperor and empress are the ones that actually made me cry. Thank you very much.


  7. the story ended a bit too fast between these two, obviously we want a real finish for them ^^ and see some more fluff.


  8. Zaza, will you be translating other works from the same author also? Like princess of Di daughter. It seems to be dropped by current translator, and she has also said she will translate for as long as the book kept her interest. (Seems to fizzled out).


  9. Just got the chance to vote in the poll…
    Got quite scared to see about 5 000+ people who voted…
    Just proves how much people love this novel…
    Please continue working hard… Thank you!!!


  10. Omgg i can’t wait!
    I was split between SMxXJX and the twins but glad i could vote for both 😁😆

    Thank you Zaza and Welcome Kiskaya!


  11. question – do you have a rough schedule of when the side stories will be up? Are they really long and will take months? or weeks? thanks


  12. Thank you for translating this amazing novel. I love this novel so much it brought upon so many emotions to me. I was anger, hated some character, disappointed at time, laugh so hard, embarrassed, and very sad at one point too. Overall, I enjoy this novel to the max is the top novel in my heart. I fell in love with it from the start and had re read it more than 20 times. Thank you again for your hard work and will be happier to read the side story for each of the characters. (Xie Jing and Shen Miao forever)


  13. This Laozi still has to see what kind of a father Xie Jing Xing will be along with Shen Miao. Will he change as soon as Shen Miao woke up? Would he continue to be a merciless and poisonous opponent on court or be a perfect house husband in front of Shen Miao? MAYBE BOTH.



  14. I loved this novel soo much!! Definitely Shen Miao and Xie Jing Xing, will you translate another novel in the future, your work is great. Thanks so much for highly appreciated❤


  15. Reading this novel was a real roller coaster of emotions !! I cried so much in these last chapters !!
    I sincerely hope that our dear healthy chord …
    Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this reading !!!


  16. Hello! I finally finished this novel and it’s my second time reading it as a whole. I love love the main couple… and how from day one, their fates are intertwined. the little side notes from translator & editor on XJX’s beauty is really funny. although i wish the ending would not be abrupt but thank goodness for the side story.

    all in all, thank you to the translator and editors for doing us a favor by sharing with us this novel. your hard work is truly appreciated.


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