I am back… again…

Hi All!!!

I am back again… Apologies for the sudden no notice hiatus. Main reason was… WORK!!!

Workload was crazy in 2020… Had to reduce my sleeping hours and eat in front of the laptop. But it would be reduced since the major stuff were all settled in Dec. NOW I have time to translate and release posts again.

Due to my long hiatus on ‘Daughter-in-Law of a Noble House’, I am glad to know that Sandy has picked up the translation and has released up to chapter 28. As I do not think it is ideal to have more than groups translating, I will not be translating this novel in the future.

However I had translated a number of chapters previously and will still post them up. The next chapters will be released on Monday.

I will also start translating another novel (still finalising one) soon and will drop a post about it. 🙂

Thanks for still supporting ChubbyCheeksThoughts!

9 responses

  1. So glad to have you back! I hope you’ve been able to take care of yourself even with your workload. Please take all the time you need to start posting again–your health is most important!


  2. Glad to see you finding a space for translating again – you do a fine job of it. Are you going to tease us as to which novel you are going to take up or just surprise us? Thanks again for your work!


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