The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 39 (Part 3)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 39: Marrying Off Glamorously (Part 3)

Wei Wu had sent someone over to deliver the accounting books two months before, but as everyone was busy with Chu Jin Xian’s wedding, Chu Jin Yao could only put aside the matter and did not even read it. At that time, she did not want to get too involved in the affairs of the Palace, so it was naturally best to decline a business with such a complicated background. However, now that the Yun brocade shop and her were in a mutually beneficial relationship, Chu Jin Yao was relieved. It was good if the other party had wishes, and if they really gave her money without wanting returns… Chu Jin Yao would not dare to accept it.

After inquiring about the other party’s details, Chu Jin Yao was then in the mood to look through the accounting books. Even though she did not understand it, she now had responsibility with it, so Chu Jin Yao read it with all her efforts. Wei Liang stood outside and through the blurry screen saw that Chu Jin Yao had finished flipping the pages and thus spoke, “Young Lady Chu, the shop will send you the accounts monthly and also that month’s dividend. During the two months, the people who came over did not see you personally and thus dared not hand over the money, thus it was delayed until I brought it all to you today. It is too ostentatious to move the taels over when entering the residence, and my Father also said that it was not safe, thus he has made the decision to change it to notes. Young lady, please take look…”

“This is good. Manager Wei is very thoughtful.” Chu Jin Yao was afterall an unmarried Young Lady. Even though Chao Yun Yuan has undergone major changes, it was complicated when they were so many people around, and she dared not reveal too much to others. If the taels were brought in, one would not be able to hide it no matter what. However if it was changed into notes, then it would be more secretive. As long as she did not speak about it, and Wei Liang did not speak, who would know her true wealth? Chu Jin Yao continued, “Then one would trouble Young Manager Wei. In the future, please change the monthly dividend to notes too.”

Wei Liang responded and handed Chu Jin Yao a box with both hands. The maid went around the screen and checked it briefly before bringing it over to Chu Jin Yao. Chu Jin Yao opened it up and glanced roughly at it and her brows could not help but jump, “This much?”

“Yes. These are the dividend accumulated in four months. My father instructed me to bring it all in for Young Lady.”

Chu Jin Yao pressed the middle of her brows and calmed down with great difficulty. She took a quick glance and saw several notes of thousand taels. There were also many hundred and fifty taels of notes underneath it. For a normal family, ten taels was enough for half a year. This was calculated factoring the cost of living in the city. It would be even less for families in the village. Chu Jin Yao used to think that getting two tales of allowance was sky high and now without any rhyme or reason, the Wei family gave her six thousand taels of notes.

Even Chu Jin Xian’s dowry on paper was only six thousand taels. And that included the large pieces of furniture, like the bed and dressing table but Chu Jin Yao was actually holding six thousand tales of cash.

After being shocked multiple times, Chu Jin Yao was instead calmed down. She remembered that initially when she carried thirty taels back, Qin Yi said disdainfully, “I don’t consider thirty taels as money.”

If one were to go along with the Wei family’s scale, then thirty taels indeed was not considered money.

Chu Jin Yao closed the box and spoke after a long time, “Young Manager Wei, are you really determined to add me as a shareholder?”

Wei Liang replied hurriedly, “Yes!”

Chu Jin Yao looked at this wooden box and felt that it was really hot. She sighed and said, “All right. Then I will accept it. Anyways, this would not make any difference.”

When Wei Liang saw that Chu Jin Yao was willing to accept the stuff, the heavy stone in his heart finally disappeared. He could finally return with the task completed. Wei Liang wiped his sweat quietly from an angle that no one was able to see. However, as soon as Wei Liang’s hand came down, he heard Chu Jin Yao asked, “Young Manager Wei?”

Wei Liang replied hurriedly, “This lowly one is here.”

Wei Liang had thought that this Young Lady of the Marquis residence would have some more questions but strangely, she only asked about the daily operations of the Yun brocade shop. He answered everyone of the question and Chu Jin Yao nodded her head thoughtfully, “I understand. Young Manager Wei, since the brocade shop has a complete weaving and selling process, why not turn it to a clothing business? Isn’t it more profitable to have ready-made-wear instead of fabric?”

It turned out to be like this. Wei Liang breathed a sigh of relief, “We have also thought about this point, but the shop started out with weaving so no one in the shop is good at ready-to-wear business. Moreover, to make ready-to-wear, there would be a need to follow up with the trends. It is not comparable to weaving where there are only these few patterns, where one can just follow. There is really no one in the store that can take care of it so we have to put the matter down.”

“No one that can take care…” A thought flashed in Chu Jin Yao’s mind and she quickly spoke, “I know of one such person. She does things very quickly and has a pair of skillful hands. She was the one who taught me needlework. Young Manager Wei, how about inviting her over and let her try managing for a period of time?”

Wei Liang responded quickly, “There are no problems with it. Young Lady can directly speak of arranging someone in. The people above have long instructed, no matter what Young Lady Chu wants, everything must be agreed to. What’s more arranging a person. The brocade shop is so big, supporting one more person will not matter.”

Chu Jin Yao finally smiled, “That is good. Many thanks to Young Manager Wei.” After speaking, Chu Jin Yao stood up to bow to Wei Liang but he was almost frightened by it and quickly avoided it, “Young Lady, that cannot be done!”

“Why can’t it be done? Manager Wei has helped me big time.”

“One does not dare.” Wei Liang smiled stiffly and invited Chu Jin Yao back to her seat, “Young Lady please quickly sit down. This lowly one cannot accept your greetings.”

After Chu Jin Yao sat down and saw that Wei Liang still looked frightened, she laughed, “Why is there a need for Young Manager Wei to be like that? In the future, we are cooperating partners, so how can we be so punctilious? Young Manager Wei, to be quite honest, the person that I am introducing is my Older Sister. I previously grew up in a farmer house and was only brought back by my father in the beginning of the year. I have no ways of going out and dare not send a message to my Older Sister rashly. Why not I write a letter and you can help me bring it to Older Sister’s house so that she understands? She has been a good worker since young, so nothing will definitely go wrong if she helps out in the store.”

Wei Liang of course complied. After so many days of anticipation, Chu Jin Yao finally had a chance to resolve the matter with Su Hui. She quickly went to the study to write a letter and thinking that Su Hui did not know how to read, she drew a few pictures and roughly explained the matters. Afterwards, she walked out and locked it in a box before handing it to Wei Liang,”Young Manager Wei, one has troubled you.”

Wei Liang quickly replied that he did not dare. Su Hui was already married and her husband was a power butcher. Chu Jin Yao was not afraid that her Older Sister would be bullied because whether her sister came or not, her husband would definitely accompany her. Chu Jin Yao had no manpower and could not send messages out of the residence, so she could only pin her hopes on this Young Manager Wei.

Chu Jin Yao sent Wei Liang off before heading to the western room to place the box stuffed with silver notes in the mahogany box and locked them all up. Chu Jin Yao then took out a few pieces of fabric, intending to give them to her sister as a greeting gift. As she came out carrying the items, she suddenly felt an unspeakable strangeness.

Chu Jin Yao found out that no matter what she did recently, everything went very smoothly. It could be said that whatever she wanted all came true. Why was that so? Could there be such coincidences in this world?”


As the days gradually entered autumn, the matter of Chu Jin Xian’s marriage gradually came to a completion. The residence of Marquis Chang Xing finally had the capacity to handle other matters.

Chu Zhu returned on the second month and mentioned about inviting the nieces to the Prince residence for a gathering but in the end, incidents happened one after another. After Tang GongGong’s matter was resolved, it clashed with Chu Jin Xian’s marriage preparation. After all these things were settled, it was already the ninth month.

Prince Huai Ling Consort officially sent an invitation to the residence of Marquis Chang Xing, inviting the three Furens and Young Ladies of the Chu family over to the Prince residence for chrysanthemums appreciation.

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  1. Thank you for the update! I too wonder when our FL and ML will meet again but I suppose we need to keep in mind that Chu Jin Yao is only 13 so she isn’t quite ready to be married for a couple years.


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