Notice: New translation project

Its the end of Mysteries in the Imperial Harem (2 more epilogues!!!) and the start of Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage.

There will not be any difference in the translation schedule (new chapters will be posted up on every Monday and Thursday) unless I go on vacation. 🙂

But because there are lots of information that needs to be understood, like family titles, female ranking in families… Some informative posts would be up on the next 3 Sat. Please read/refer back to them if required.

If you need more information on any part of the (novel) historical culture, do drop a comment below. I will try my best to answer.

What next…

This is not a post for a translated chapter… 😛

It is approaching the end of Mysteries in the Imperial Harem (13 chapters to go?) and I am thinking of which novels to continue with. Unfortunately, the other 3 novels on the next generation was not interesting enough for me to translate. The stories lack of the punch or the ability to make me read it through in one sitting, which I prefer in any novels I pick up.

After much thoughts, the decision was made to translate the following. 😛

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