The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 41 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 41: Interruption at the Banquet (Part 2)

At this moment, Chu Jin Yao was reminded of the phrase ‘biting the hand that fed’. Just as both parties were in a stalemate, the maids in the pavilion were startled suddenly and lowered themselves down.

Even County Princess became obedient when she saw the oncoming person.

“Greetings to ShiZi.”

When Chu Jin Yao heard it, she turned her head and saw a young man clad in white with woven gold threads walking slowly through the gorgeous autumn flowers.

“One can hear you causing trouble for no reason from such a long distance away.” Lin Xi Yuan approached slowly and used a casual tone but it made the previously invincible County Princess calm down instantly. He continued, “If you are exposed to the sun then the entire family would be in a complete mess. You have grown up and should not always create messes.”

Upon seeing ShiZi unexpectedly, all the young ladies in the pavilion stood up and were greeting, either cautiously or pleasantly. Third Young Lady had been lazily watching that arrogant County Princess throwing a tantrum but when she suddenly saw ShiZi, her eyes could not hide her joy as she stood up quickly and swayed her enchanting figure indistinctly as she coquettishly spoke, “Ten thousand blessings to ShiZi.”

When Chu Jin Yao saw Lin Xi Yuan, she was stunned for a moment and when she came to her senses, she hurriedly followed the crowd to greet him. However, when her mind was wandering she was half a beat late, making Lin Xi Yuan notice that there was a young lady who was slower than others to greet and stand up. He was secretly amused, so how would he notice anything else?

Third Young Lady’s waist only swayed for the air to see.

Although County Princess was scared when she saw her Di Older Brother, she was still somewhat unconvinced, “Who is creating trouble?”

Lin Xi Yuan eyes slanted over, “Still dare to speak?”

It was only then that County Princess quieted down as she puffed her cheeks, not daring to speak anymore.

While speaking, Lin Xi Ning also caught up from behind, “Eldest Brother, why did you come here suddenly? Oh, Younger Biao Sister is also present?”

All the young ladies with the surname Chu on site were Lin Xi Ning’s Younger Biao Sister but when he spoke, he only looked towards one “Younger Biao Sister”.

When Lin Xi Yuan saw it, he raised his brows in interest. Chu Jin Yao was standing close to Chu Jin Miao and thus noticed it immediately.

Chu Jin Yao let out a soft “Oh” sound. Older Biao Brother, Younger Biao Sister. No wonder. However, even though Lin Xi Ning did not call her, Chu Jin Yao greeted Lin Xi Ning according to the rules, “Older Biao Brother.”

Lin Xi Ning seemed to finally notice the rest and nodded, “Fifth Younger Biao Sister.”

Lin Xi Yuan smiled as he glanced at Chu Jin Yao, “Fifth Younger Biao Sister, why do you only greet Second Younger Brother? How about me?”

There was something clearly wrong with this person. Chu Jin Yao could not help but disagree, “I just said it out clearly.”

“What did you say?”

One fears that it is your ears that have become bad! Chu Jin Yao rolled her eyes but had no choice but to greet Lin Xi Yuan again, “Ten thousand blessings to ShiZi.”

After Chu Jin Yao finished speaking reluctantly, she discovered that Lin Xi Yuan, who was smiling just now, became indifferent after she greeted him and there was some inexplicable displeasure when looking at her. Chu Jin Yao thought to herself, sure enough, ShiZi remembers the events of that day. ShiZi indeed has a lot of opinions about me!

Chu Jin Yao wondered rather melancholically if ShiZi knew that she was not at all gentle, virtuous, and refined, and was actually a vulgar female who dared to climb over walls and would most likely be his younger sister’s study companion with the support of the family clan and even intended to take the position of his official wife, he would definitely hate her, right?

Chu Jin Yao sighed silently. To be honest, she would most probably disappoint Old Chu Furen. Old Chu Furen’s plan was designed beautifully but it was not possible because ShiZi had a prejudice against her!

Chu Jin Yao lowered her head and wore a sullen expression. Third Young lady and Sixth Young Lady realised that these few people did not include them in their conversation. They did not want to show them their weakness and thus took the initiative to intervene. Third Young Lady spoke out, “ShiZi, why are you here?”

Sixth Young Lady felt disdain in her heart as Third Young Lady only questioned ShiZi, making it unbearable to see. Indeed, those that were raised by concubines would not be fit to be shown in public. After thinking, Sixth Young Lady smiled softly and said, “Older Biao Brother and ShiZi, are you here to look for County Princess? Could it be that we have walked too far and caused the elders to worry?”

These words were much wiser than that of Third Young Lady’s. Sixth Young Lady deliberately showed her intelligence and guessed ShiZi’s purpose in her words and also secretly showed her obedience in the end, unwilling to make the elders worry. That one sentence contained a lot of thoughts, not a bit more or less. It was just appropriate.

Lin Xi Yuan was displeased when Chu Jin Yao called Lin Xi Ning Older Biao Brother and when it was his turn, it was a distanced ShiZi. However, he then saw Chu Jin Yao’s downcast expression. Even though Chu Jin Yao felt that she was good at covering it up, she was unable to hide anything in front of Lin Xi Yuan. The unhappiness in his heart gradually dissipated as he was amused and angry but had a warm smile on his face when he answered the questions of the two young ladies. “Second Younger Brother and I went over to ZuMu’s and found out that you all had yet to return. ZuMu worried that you all had encountered a mishap and thus sent us over.”

“What could go wrong…” County Princess muttered softly.

Lin Xi Yuan squinted his eyes over and County Princess immediately fell silent. Lin Xi Yuan continued, “Even if you are disobedient, you dare to talk back? If just now Bao Zhu caused trouble to everyone, I will apologise on her behalf. May everyone bear with it a little more.”

The young ladies of the Chu family immediately returned the bow saying, “One dares not.”

“That’s good.” Lin Xi Yuan smiled, “Let’s go back now. May the Young Ladies head back first.” After saying that, he took a step back and gestured for them to head out first.

He was indeed a gentleman who was as gentle as jade. Third Young lady was rather heartbroken. If one was unable to capture such a gentleman then one would be a fool. She bowed towards Lin Xi Yuan and left with a heart full of thoughts.

According to the sequence, it was only after Chu Jin Miao left that Chu Jin Yao could move. She followed Chu Jin Miao but who knew when she just exited the pavilion, Lin Xi Ning had found an umbrella and carefully propped it above Chu Jin Miao’s head, “Younger Biao Sister, be careful of the sun.”

Chu Jin Yao’s teeth became sour suddenly as she took a complicated glance. Before she could look away, a chuckle sounded by her ears.

When Chu Jin Yao turned her head, she discovered that Lin Xi Yuan just passed her. When passing by, Lin Xi Yuan spoke with laughter in his voice, “Keep an eye on the road.”

The entire group of people was filled with thoughts and reached the destination after stopping a few times. There were already maids at the doors looking out and when they saw the group walking over, they rushed over to welcome them, “ShiZi, County Princess, why did you come back only now? Old Ancestor and Prince Consort have been waiting anxiously and just sent a group of people out to look for you.”

Lin Xi Yuan said flatly, “Aren’t we back?” Before his words fell, County Princess had already run in and shouted, “Mother, Eldest Brother just scolded me again!”

Lin Xi Yuan sighed silently when he saw his younger sister’s unladylike demeanour. He had long felt that Lin Bao Zhu would be managed well, but both Prince Consort and Old Prince Consort felt that there was no rush. They even thought that Lin Bao Zhu was likeable being this innocent and vivacious.

It was a pity that only the Lin family thought so.

Just as Lin Xi Yuan was thinking about something, a sweet female fragrance floated from beside him and a female voice sounded, “Many thanks to ShiZi for the matter today.”

Only then did Lin Xi Yuan turn his head. Looking at the female’s appearance, he then finally remembered that this seemed to belong to a young lady from Second Shen’s maiden family, and should be ranked sixth.

Sixth Young Lady stepped forward and appropriately thanked ShiZi so that she could leave a unique impression on him. Lin Xi Yuan smiled and nodded. “It is all right.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Chu Jin Yao bow in greeting from a distance and as Sixth Young Lady was talking to him, she quietly walked around them and headed inside. As soon as she was out of sight, she immediately slipped away like a squirrel. When Lin Xi Yuan turned his gaze back, the smile on his lips deepened unknowingly. When he finally came back to his senses, he found out that the female seemed to have said something and smiled subtly as she lowered her head slightly. Lin Xi Yuan was stunned as he did not know what she had said. However, it did not matter as it should not be anything important.

Lin Xi Yuan sent Sixth Young Lady to the room like that.

No one came to the Prince Residence just to eat when they were guests. Chu Jin Yao sat with her sisters at a table and only picked the dish in front of her as she ate silently. Old Prince Consort could not stop smiling after seeing Lin Xi Yuan. She even pulled him over to sit beside her during the meal. As there were no outsiders, the Prince Residence did not pay much attention to the rule of no talking during meals, thus Lin Xi Yuan answered when Old Prince Consort asked him about his studies.

When they were talking happily and harmoniously, someone suddenly came in. The person was dressed as a servant, thus Old Prince Consort frowned immediately when she saw the scene. There were so many young ladies present, and they were female members of relative families, how could a servant suddenly rush in like that?

However, before Old Prince Consort could get angry, that servant ran over to Lin Xi Yuan’s side and bent down to whisper something into his ears.

Chu Jin Yao looked at Lin Xi Yuan curiously and watched as his face gradually changed from faintly smiling to cold. In the end, it became serious and there was no trace of a smile. Lin Xi Yuan stood up and the chair behind him creaked softly against the ground. “ZuMu, this grandson has another important matter and would need to leave first.”

Old Prince Consort was shocked by Lin Xi Yuan’s expression and quickly said, “Since there are matters outside, then you should hurry up and tend to them.”

Lin Xi Yuan bowed to Madam Zhao and his eyes swept across Chu Jin Yao before bowing his head deeply, “Marquis Chang Xing Furen, this junior is lacking in manners.”

Madam Zhao also stood up saying, “What is ShiZi talking about? We can come to Du City anytime we what, how can we delay ShiZi’s official matters?”

After Lin Xi Yuan apologised, he quickly led the people out. Not to mention Chu Jin Yao and the rest, even the Lin family seldom saw Lin Xi Yuan losing his composure like this. The female members of the family were whispering to each other, “What is wrong?”

When Chu Jin Yao looked towards the direction Lin Xi Yuan was heading, shock and surprise appeared in her eyes.

She had vaguely heard the young servant whispering, “Tatar… Crown Prince… DaTong…” Even though she did not understand it, these intermittent keywords were enough clues for Chu Jin Yao to guess.

Could it be that something big has happened at the borders?

Sure enough, that afternoon, news of DaTong reached the ears of the females.

The Tartars had invaded the borders without any warning, and the Crown Prince was at the frontline in the borders.

When Old Prince Consort heard the news, she was so shocked that the teacup in her hands fell onto the ground and broke into pieces.

Madam Zhao and the rest also turned pale in an instant.

Thirteen years ago, the Tartars went south with iron hooves, and TaiYuan fell. These noble females had no choice but to leave the boudoir and flee in a hurry. Up until now, the experience of fleeing was still hanging over the hearts of these noble ladies.

And now, the disaster from thirteen years ago had revisited.

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