The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 40 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 40: Prince Residence’s Banquet (Part 2)

The maids stepped forward and handed to Chu Jin Yao and the rest a pouch. Chu Jin Yao squeezed it after receiving it before handing it over to the maid behind, without any hesitation.

One could only say that life experiences were just this strange. With Chu Jin Yao’s current family background, she did not take such a gift seriously.

Old Prince Consort watched as Prince Consort received the greetings and after seeing all of the young ladies, swept her eyes over everyone and suddenly stopped at Chu Jin Yao, “This is Fifth Young Lady of the residence?”

The question that Old Prince Consort asked made everyone stunned. Chu Jin Yao straightened her back and stepped forward as she greeted, “It is this junior. This junior greets Old Ancestor.”

Old Prince Consort looked at Chu Jin Yao and smiled as she nodded, “Good child. Not only one has a good appearance, but one’s personality is also good.”

All those gathered were tacitly aware of the intention behind this visit, but Old Prince Consort called Chu Jin Yao out personally to inquire and was not stingy with her praises. In a short moment, a lot of eyes openly and discreetly fell on Chu Jin Yao. However, Chu Jin Yao continued to look calm and was not anxious or slow in the face of the many inquiring eyes.

Even Prince Consort was somewhat surprised when she saw this. Didn’t Deng Mama say that Fifth Young Lady was not raised by the elders and grew up lost among the common folk and was only found recently? In fact, Prince Consort had already noticed Chu Jin Yao the moment she entered the room. This Young Lady had a striking appearance, thus she could almost confirm her identity at the first sighting of Chu Jin Yao.

However, this not-really-genuine daughter of the Marquis Residence did not flinch when she entered the guest hall and upon receiving the first greeting gift did not look at it with curiosity or playfulness. What’s more, when she was pointed out, she was not overwhelmed by the favour nor showed arrogance, but instead looked as if she was used to the wealth. If Prince Consort did not know the truth and had seen this scene, perhaps she would have really thought that this was a Di-daughter that the Marquis family had pampered.

In addition to Prince Consort’s surprise, her impression of Chu Jin Yao had also changed a lot. Prince Consort smiled and said, “Marquis Chang Xing Furen is truly fortunate. Eldest Young Lady of the Chu family is famous for her virtuous reputation. One did not expect that the second daughter would be outstanding, making one envious. It is unlike me who encountered two destined foes.”

County Princess Lin Bao Zhu, originally sat lazily and bored as she was used to such greetings of grandeur. However, when she heard Prince Consort’s words, she immediately pouted in dissatisfaction and exclaimed, “Mother, I am not satisfied with your words. Why am I a destined foe?”

Prince Consort pointed at County Princess and said, “Look, you dare to talk back to me and say that you are not a destined foe!” Even though she said so, there was not much anger in Prince Consort’s voice.

Annoyed, County Princess turned to look at Old Prince Consort to reason, making her laugh out loud, “Your mother is deliberately embarrassing you! You are the pearl in our Prince Residence. We cannot wait to dote on you, who would dare to provoke you?”

Only now was County Prince satisfied. Chu Zhu’s daughter, Lin Bao Huan, could only sit at the side and be a foil on such an occasion. Even Chu Zhu could only stand at the side and laugh in accompaniment.

Upon seeing the treatment of County Princess, Chu Jin Yao thought to herself that this was truly a pampered daughter of Heavens. Was it truly a good thing to be a study companion to such a Young Lady? However, Chu Jin Yao remembered Old Chu Furen’s instructions before departing and sighed in her heart.

If the family clan had already made a decision, then it did not matter if it was a good thing or not, or if Chu Jin Yao wanted it or not. Moreover, Chu Jin Yao knew even more. If Old Chu Furen wanted to push Chu Jin Yao to be the Heir Consort, then she not only had to live in the Prince Huai Ling Residence but also had to leave a good impression on the people in the Prince residence. Thus, County Princess’s attitude would be particularly important.

If one were to ask if Chu Jin Yao liked ShiZi, her reply would be no. If one were to ask if she wanted to give up on Old Furen’s plan, Chu Jin Yao would also reply no. In a female’s life, it was not up to one to decide when to be born, and when to get married; the honour and disgrace of one’s entire life was tied to others for a lifetime. Before marriage it was tied to one’s father, after marriage, it was tied to one’s husband. Competing for the husband’s favour and suppressing favoured concubines became the main purpose of the second half of the lives of most females. Chu Jin Yao could not change her destiny. What she could do was walk as high as possible when she was reborn.

As for love… It was not important. Although she had no love for ShiZi, this did not prevent her from obeying her family’s wishes and becoming the official wife of ShiZi. If not, what else could she do?

Qi Ze’s face quickly appeared in front of Chu Jin Yao but she quickly suppressed it. Qi Ze had left, even if he had not left, there would be nothing between them. From now on, they would be far apart like mountains and rivers, each would go on their separate ways. It was actually good that they did not meet again. Qi Ze was a brief and happy glimpse of her youth and afterwards, this secret would be forever buried in her heart. Other than herself, no one else would know.

Unknowingly, Chu Jin Yao became sullen. Fortunately, her etiquette skills were not in vain. Even though she was distracted, she still maintained a gentle smile on her face, making Old Furen feel very satisfied by the sight.

One could not help but say that elders liked daughters like Chu Jin Yao who looked sweet at first sight. Old Prince Consort could not appreciate those appearances like a willow branch trembling in the wind nor those that would evoke pity.

There were a total of five young ladies that travelled over, but Chu Jin Yao was the only one in the limelight. Chu Jin Miao clenched her fists secretly and turned to look at Chu Zhu seeking help.

Chu Zhu took advantage when no one was paying attention and shook her head at Chu Jin Miao to calm her down.

Old Prince Consort pulled Chu Jin Yao over and after asking all the questions that she wanted to ask noticed the other young ladies behind. It was very rude to neglect guests, so Old Furen’s smile remained unchanged and asked when she remembered the rumours of exchanging daughters, “Which one is Fourth Young Lady?”

Chu Jin Miao was overjoyed in her heart as she had never expected the turning point would arrive this quickly. She stepped forward and replied shyly, “It is me.”

Prince Consort also became interested and asked, “I have heard Deng Momo say that there is a talented young lady in the residence of Marquis Chang Xing. Is that you?”

Chu Jin Miao lowered her head and spoke humbly, “Momo has wrongly praised me.” However, she did not deny it with her words and obviously admitted that she was the most talented young lady of the Marquis residence.

Prince Consort smiled as she asked a few more questions and found that Chu jin Miao answered smoothly. She then smiled at Old Prince Consort and said, “Mother, look at the young ladies of the Chu family, they are indeed well-taught and well-educated. If Zhu-er were half of them, I would be satisfied.”

Naturally, this made County Princess unhappy for a while. Chu Jin Yao kept smiling while listening to the elders teasing. After a while, the elders seemed to want to chat about something and sent the younger generation out, “It would be mealtime in a while, so you all young ladies should go out and have a good time. We will call you when the meal is set up.”

Old Prince Consort had spoken, thus no one would dare disobey. Even County Princess stood up, bowed eagerly, and went out first. After County Princess left, the others then dared to move.

As soon as they left Old Prince Consort’s room, the young ladies naturally looked at County Princess as the leader. County Princess brought them to a small hall where they were able to see the flowers blooming through the windows. County Princess was not used to speaking in a roundabout manner and before everyone was seated, she ran over to Chu Jin Yao and asked with arrogant innocence and a slightly raised head, “Are you the Marquis Residence’s young lady that was wrongly carried away?”

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