For the period of this and next week, I will be making some changes to the feel and look of the site…

Rest assure that the translations will still go out as scheduled 😀

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  1. I must confess that I’m rather attached to the big blue “Next” button for the default mobile WordPress compared to the text button that is used at the moment. It just gives off a stronger vibe that there’s an update 😂

    But either way works. Site looking good!

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  2. a night reader..this is too bright for my eyes..i wish there is option for night mode..or i need to steal time to read during my work hours..

    but its really pleasing to eyes especially the banner..

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  3. i love the previous color and gives off the ancient feel(at least for,me)..good font to compliment it,too..
    but i am open to changes..
    i came for your translation anyways, and i visit for the content.. 🙂

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