The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 20 (Part 1)

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Chapter 20: The Glint And Flash of Knives (Part 1)

The chapter title is a Chinese phrase that refers to the fights on the battlefield.

Jie Geng felt that this old woman was very rude but upon hearing that it was Madam Zhao that sent her over, she was taken aback and could only lower herself to greet, “May Momo not blame me for the neglect just now.”

This old woman snorted arrogantly and just as she was about to scold Jie Geng, she saw Chu Jin Yao waving her hand to speak to Jie Geng, “Already told you many times to restrain your temper but you always don’t listen. It is a fortunate thing that Momo is sent over by Furen and is broadminded, thus would not be calculative with you. Let’s see if you will dare to be like this the next time.” Continue reading

The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The Oriole Is Lurking Behind

The chapter title is the second part of the Chinese phrase: the praying mantis stalks the cicada oblivious to the oriole lurking behind. The phrase serves as a warning to being so focused on a narrow goal that one neglects to see the greater danger in the bigger picture.

Huang YiNiang was favoured and Third Young Lady was influenced since young, thus she was able to coax males. Third Young Lady knew that she was a Shu daughter and thus was unable to count on Old Chu Furen or Madam Zhao, who would not even speak good things about her. The only one she could rely on was Marquis Chang Xin. After all, Marquis Chang Xin was the master of the Marquis residence, so as long as he thought highly of her, Old Furen and the rest would not dare to take Third Young Lady lightly.

Third Young Lady saw that she had succeeded in leaving an impression of diligence with Marquis Chang Xin and withdrew with satisfaction. The next step was to persuade Marquis Chang Xin and let him come forward to recommend Third Young Lady to be the study companion to Old Chu Furen. That would be Huang YiNiang’s matter.

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The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Praying Mantis Stalks The Cicada

The chapter title is only the first part of the Chinese phrase- the praying mantis stalks the cicada oblivious to the oriole lurking behind. The phrase serves as a warning to being so focused on a narrow goal that one neglects the greater danger in the bigger picture.

Zhang Momo did not notice the emotion in Chu Jin Miao’s gaze as she was sighing. The fortune of the world was truly difficult to decipher. Not only Madam Zhao was favoured, she even encountered such an event of switching babies making Old Chu Furen hold a slight reproval towards herself. Even though Chu Jin Yao grew up outside and was not close with Old Chu Furen, she was after all a direct bloodline of the Chu family. How could one wrong one’s bloodline for an inexplicable outsider like Chu Jin Miao?

Ever since that day when Chu Jin Yao lost her way outside Rong Ning Tang, Old Furen knew that the second-ranked maids by Chu Jin Yao’s side were young maids that had just entered the residence. Thus, Old Furen was very dissatisfied with Madam Zhao’s method of handling the situation. To let the second-ranked maids be at such a level, one could only think about how Madam Zhao would be careless and disregard the people by Chu Jin Yao’s side. However the more Old Furen reminded Madam Zhao to value Chu Jin Yao, the more Madam Zhao felt that Chu Jin Miao was pitiful. Everyone feared that Chu Jin Yao would be suffering grievance, then no one would bother about Chu Jin Miao? So, Madam Zhao would dote on Chu Jin Miao even more. Continue reading

The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Personally Teaching

Chu Jin Yao blinked, not understanding. Qin Yi was really an unpredictable person. She was sincerely asking, so why did he laugh? She was somewhat unhappy and planned to question him after he finished laughing but the fellow laughed endlessly. As such, she could only interrupt him, “I am asking you properly. Be more serious about it and don’t laugh.”

With a relaxed smile on his lips, Qin Yi replied lightly, “It could be that the teacher that taught me was better.”

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The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 15 (Part 2)

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Chapter 15: The Beauty in the Jade (Part 2)

The Eastern rooms had been converted to a study by Chu Jin Yao. Since it was a study, it had to be cut off from the outside world, otherwise it would be messy.  At this moment, Chu Jin Yao was supporting herself with the cupboard and through the thin veil partition, she was able to see the shadow of the oncoming maid. Ding Xiang’s voice seemed to be by her ears as Chu Jin Yao nervously leaned against the cupboard, unsure whether to open the doors to let others in.

And the culprit was standing in front of the desk looking through the copybook as if one was in one’s own courtyard. Upon hearing Ding Xiang’s voice, he did not raise his head or show any signs of urgency. Instead, he looked up with a smile in his eyes and watched Chu Jin Yao.

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The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 15 (Part 1)

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Chapter 15: The Beauty in the Jade (Part 1)

When Chu Jin Yao returned to her courtyard, Jie Geng, who had followed her, patted her chest. “Young Lady, I was scared to death today! Fortunately, you were able to write in the end, else we would have been thoroughly discredited!”

Chu Jin Yao nodded, “Yes.” Jie Geng was excited and yet felt a lingering fear as she spoke loudly, “And the verse that you wrote. It seemed to be ‘distance tests a horse’s strength’. It was simply brilliant! Not only does it prove one’s strength but also slap their faces viciously!”

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The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 14 (Part 2)

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Chapter 14: Wave of Residence Fights (Part 2)

Hua MoMo, the one who was teaching etiquette yesterday, was also present. She only knew that Fifth Young Lady had just returned to the residence but never expected that there were so many factors around it. Now, she did not like Chu Jin Miao. She had occupied the other person’s identity and status but still spoke nonsense like ‘It is not me that harmed you. Don’t blame everything on me’. It could be seen that she had a cold nature. However, no matter how much heartache Hua MoMo felt for this hardworking and sensible Fifth Young Lady, she could not be biased towards her after this. Hua MoMo was from the Prince Residence and had to consider the interest of the Prince Residence first. Even though Fifth Young Lady has a rough life and was in distress, the matter of the County Princess, in the end, was more important. A Young Lady, illiterate and unable to write, could not be the County Princess’s study companion.

Hua MoMo was planning to speak for Chu Jin Yao to relieve her of her predicament. But once she spoke, it meant that she had admitted Chu Jin Yao’s ignorance and eliminated her even though she had helped resolve the embarrassment. Her words were almost at her lips when Chu Jin Yao spoke.

“I am only asking MoMos to forgive my bad handwriting. Have I said that I cannot do it?”

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