The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 36 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 36: Undeserved Fortune Flew In (Part 2)

After Chu Jin Yao entered the room, she was led to the western side. There was a row of antique racks filled with incense burners, agates, corals and more. Behind the antique racks was a layer of newly changed blue yarn gauze. It was currently summer and the curtains were replaced with goose-yellow muslin. After a few more months, it would be early autumn and all these muslins would be taken down and replaced with a refreshing and breathable gauze. This smoky gauze muslin was very valuable in the market. A bolt of muslin was very light, like smoke and with the slightly green hue, it was called the smoky gauze muslin. As this muslin was light and breathable, many rich families liked to use this material for clothes so that one would not sweat during the summer. However, in the Marquis Chang Xing, the valuable muslin would be used on the windows and closets, so that the Old Ancestor would feel a little better during the summer.

This was the treatment for the Old Furen of the Marquis Chang Xing residence. Nothing would be used a second time. The gauze used on the screen windows would be changed every season, to say nothing about the beautiful fabrics all over the room. Chu Jin Yao passed the goose-yellow muslin cabinet and saw Old Chu Furen wearing a gold embroidered jacquard weave buttoned jacket with a dark purple-red top and a dark blue skirt, leaning against the couch. There were a few maids kneeling at her feet, carefully massaging her legs.

When the maids saw Chu Jin Yao, they all got up to greet her. Just as the maid, who was massaging Old Fury’s legs, was about to get up, Chu Jin Yao quickly stopped her, “There is no need for Older Sister to do so. ZhuMu is more important, and I do not want to hinder.”

Old Chu Furen watched everything coldly and only after Chu Jin Yao greeted did she speak lightly, “Sit down first. Why did you come over today?”

Chu Jin Yao was here with a goal today, and she knew she should be coquettish and squeeze towards Old Furen, but she just could not bring herself do such a thing. She stood on the ground and immediately, a rather clever maid, moved a round stool for Chu Jin Yao. She then gave her thanks and sat down on the stool. Chu Jin Yao sighed in her heart. It was of no wonder that Madam Zhao, Madam Yan and the rest dared not not give face to Old Furen’s maids. Just look at these maids, each one of them was so clever.

She sighed quietly and the conjecture that she made became clearer. Chu Jin Yao did not beat about the bush and spoke to Old Chu Furen directly, “ZhuMu, two days ago, Manager Qi sent a few red mahogany chests to you. As it was already very late when it was brought back, I did not open them. Today, as the sun was shining brightly, Sun Momo said that it was suitable to sun things and if there were fabrics in the chest, then one should bring them out to sun. ZhuMu, I am still young and do not understand these, thus I came to ask you how to manage fabrics like silk.”

The initial words were not aligned to the latter ones. At the beginning, it was mentioned that Sun Momo instructed for things to be sunned and afterwards she asked about managing fabrics. Moreover, how could one say that it was too late when the chests were brought back? Old Furen saw that when Manager Qi and Chu Jin Yao left, it was in the middle of the day. Can it be called very late?

Old Chu Furen understood Chu Jin Yao’s meaning. She was secretly satisfied as this showed Chu Jin Yao had a brain and did not announce to everyone when she got anything good. When these noble courtyards produced daughters, the most taboo thing was having a shallow view, and for Chu Jin Yao to be this patient and wait for so many days, it was unexpected for Old Furen. After all, to be suddenly gifted so many things, even experienced adults would not be able to resist and take a look at them. Chu Jin Yao was a young female and was a young lady that grew up in a poor family but she could hold back that much. Just this temperament , it was already better than many people, let alone the few young ladies in the Chu family. One feared that even Madam Zhao and Madam Yan would not be as good as her.

As Old Chu Furen was thinking about it, her evaluation of Chu Jin Yao went up a level. It was a good thing that she was patient and not fascinated by money, this meant that she was able to handle much more fortune in the future. Old Furen then spoke, “You are still young and it is common not to be able to manage a lot of manners. There is a first time for everything, so don’t worry about it and try it out.”

Chu Jin Yao lowered her head as she said, “This child is young and fears that one will be unable to master it. If there is ZhuMu’s guidance, I will rest assured.”

“Then I will say that you should boldly try it.” Old Chu Furen smiled, “Since you always feel afraid then I would not force you. How about this? I still have an old maid here and can manage people and things. If you still worry then bring her back first and let her help you to take a look at things for a while.”

After hearing those words, Chu Jin Yao finally thought of a matter. She dared not come out and offend others, but if these words of rebuke were spoken out by a Momo from Old Chu Furen’s side, then everything would be justified. Moreover, with Old Chu Furen’s people watching at the side, even if there were people eyeing her possessions, they would weigh the consequences before taking action.

Naturally, on the flip side, her entire net worth would be completely exposed to Old Chu Furen. Chu Jin Yao did not think anything of it because instead of being secretly besieged by others, it would be better to expose everything on hand to the person holding the family power. Since Old Chu Furen allowed her to move the things away, in the future, she would not and could not regret it. If one were to take a step back, even if Old Chu Furen had greedy intentions, with Chu Jin Yao’s current means of self-protection, there was no way for her to stop it. Since it was the case, then why would there be a need to offend Old Chu Furen by protecting the things?

Moreover, Chu Jin Yao could now confirm that Old Chu Furen had a request for her. Perhaps it was not a request but seeking something.

In Old Chu Furen’s eyes, Chu Jin Yao definitely had more value than those few heavy boxes.

Chu Jin Yao appeared docile, but her mind was turning. She was a female, thus could neither go to battle to defeat the enemies nor obtain a title through Imperial Examinations. For Old Chu Furen to suddenly meticulously groom her, what other reasons could there be? Chu Jin Yao could almost guess it. One feared that Old Chu Furen had planned to marry her up and obtain a valuable marriage connection.

The initial apprehensiveness of the unknown disappeared, and Chu Jin Yao suddenly became calm after knowing some background. If it was a scheme towards this direction, then there was nothing for her to worry about. Even though the Chu family was making use of the daughters to obtain riches and honour, people would always head towards a higher position, thus the daughters that were marrying up had nothing to complain. Old Chu Furen wanted to use Chu Jin Yao to climb up, Chu Jin Yao also wanted to use Old Chu Furen’s power to cultivate forces. They were now in a mutually beneficial relationship. The only problem there was currently was that just where Old Chu Furen planned to put her into? If it was to be a continuing branch of seventy or eighty years old man, then the matter would be dropped. Chu Jin Yao would throw caution to the wind and ensure the matter would fall through with her life on the line.

Old Chu Furen watched as Chu Jin Yao’s expression changed from suspicion to suddenly understanding, then to calmness. Old Chu Jin Yao was very satisfied as this was a talent that was worthy of the family to nurture. She would be very useful for herself, the family clan and the future in-laws’ family. Only such a person would be suitable for a noble marriage, aligning the advantages of both surnames.

Else, that would not be a marriage connection but a start of a feud.

For Old Chu Furen to speak to such a point to Chu Jin Yao today, she had the intention to ask her throughly. Chu Jin Yao continued enquiring, “ZhuMu, I am very grateful for your efforts in arranging discipline Momos. It is just that Jin Yao is dull and fears that one would not be able to be worthy of respect in the future and unable to reciprocate ZhuMu.”

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