The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 36 (Part 3)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 36: Undeserved Fortune Flew In (Part 3)

Old Chu Furen discerned the probing intent in Chu Jin Yao’s words. With regards to the matter that Marquis Chang Xing and her planned to do, as the person involved, Chu Jin Yao, would also need to know. Thus, Old Chu Furen did not cover anything up and spoke directly, “Since ancient times, the hearts of the elders are pitiful. Us elders would be satisfied upon seeing you all living well, so how would one be concerned about your reciprocation? Take a look at your GuGu, even though everyone said that she would live her entire life well after marrying up to the Prince residence, that kind of place has a lot of rules and regulations that she is unable to return to her maiden family even after many years. I only have one daughter and do not wish for her to be very rich or noble but instead wish that she live peacefully and smoothly. Fortunately, the Prince residence would be choosing a few young ladies to stay a short while in a few days time. You can accompany your GuGu and help me watch over her. This is the greatest filial piety.”

When Chu Jin Yao heard these words, she was very surprised. Old Chu Furen meant that she wanted her to be the study companion? Marquis Chang Xing said that the last time, and it was also the same intention? Chu Jin Yao really astonished this time. She had no intention of entering the muddy waters of the Prince residence and did not expect that in the eyes of the elders, there was an entirely different plan. Chu Jin Yao was not a fool and did not mention that she did not want to go to the Prince residence at the moment and instead probed, “The matter of the study companion has to go through the Prince Consort. I fear that at that time, I would not be able to speak and will disappoint ZhuMu.”

“How can it be?” Old Furen laughed and pointed out with intention, “You are the Di-daughter of our residence of Marquis Chang Xing and have appearance and talents. To be able to be closely related to the Prince Residence, the Prince Consort would not be able to wait to treat you as her daughter, so why would there be any opposition?”

When Chu Jin Yao heard it, she was so stunned that she almost could not close her mouth. “ZhuMu, your meaning is…”

Old Chu Furen did not answer and suddenly spoke of an incongruous matter, “The last time when ShiZi was a guest in our residence, he is indeed at his prime, his spirits are so pressing. Such a good man like him would be liked by everyone.”

Old Chu Furen’s target is actually the ShiZi? Chu Jin Yao could not close her lips together now. She knew that Old Chu Furena and Marquis Chang Xing wanted to tie the knot with Chu Zhu’s family but did not think that they actually targeted the heir of the Prince residence, the ShiZi Lin Xi Yuan.

Chu Jin Yao could barely stand, “ZhuMu, you have perhaps overestimated me. I…”

Old Chu Furen instead raised her hand to stop Chu Jin Yao’s words, “These words are still spoken very early. You need not worry about these matters now and take care of tidying up your matters.”

It was not so. Chu Jin Yao really had difficulties that she could not speak. Old Chu Furen and Marquis Chang Xing actually planned for Chu Jin Yao to be the ShiZi Consort, they really thought highly of her! Chu Jin Yao thought about the first unbearable encounter with Lin Xi Yuan, and her stomach was filled with bitterness. However, she did not know how to explain to Old Chu Furen when she opened her mouth.

Could it be said that the ShiZi caught her red-handed when she sneaked out and flipped over the wall?

Chu Jin Yao was unable to say anything for a while, and in the end, could only lower her head, “All right ZhuMu. However, this granddaughter is dull and one fears that ZhuMu would be disappointed.”

Chu Jin Yao had felt that she had already said such words so in the future if things were not achieved, Old Chu Furen could not blame her.

However, would Old Chu Furen think towards this direction? When she saw that Chu Jin Yao’s desire to stop talking about this topic, she thought that Chu Jin Yao had some hidden feelings towards it, thus upon hearing those words, Old Chu Furen was very relieved as she felt that this was just a young female’s aloof and pretentious attitude. Since she was no longer worried, she started to scheme towards the position of ShiZi Consort, “It is good that you understand. I will instruct Gong Momo to visit you later, and you can ask her about anything you do not know. It is all right for her to point some things out to you…”

When Old Furen was speaking, Chu Jin Yao was also thinking about it. Chu Jin Yao was an ordinary female, so which female would not be willing to marry to the heir of the Prince residence, the future Prince Huai Ling? Not to mention this ShiZi’s had an outstanding appearance and temperament. In the face of family status and fortune, it was a ray of green smoke for the couple to be harmonious. Other than the issue of enticing young females, nothing else mattered.

Chu Jin Yao slowly recalled ShiZi’s voice. He seemed to be very tall and always wore a smile on his face. What did he actually look like? Chu Jin Yao tried hard to recall, he seemed to have a fair complexion, with a slender neck, a pair of shining eyes that were slightly raised at the end, he had a heroic spirit… No. This was not the ShiZi. This was Qi Zi.

Chu Jin Yao’s heart suddenly sank. She had returned to the family for three months and the family clan had recognised her value and wanted to nurture her to become the future ShiZi Consort. No matter what the perspective was, this was an extremely good matter. In fact, it could be said that she was very lucky.

However, Chu Jin Yao inexplicable felt sad. Qi Zi was no longer here, and she finally had to get married.

Old Chu Furen spoke for a a long time and saw that Chu Jin Yao had her head lowered and did not engage in the conversation, making one not know what she was thinking about. Even though Old Chu Furen felt that it was strange, she only felt that it was because she was shy and too embarrassed to hear such things. Old Chu Furen stopped hinting about it, “All right, I have said enough about the topic. Go back with the rest first. In the future, manage the people around you. These people will be following you for a long time.”

The last sentence had an implied meaning, and Chu Jin Yao understood it. Old Chu Furen meant that these people would be following her when she married into the residence of Prince Huai Ling. In other words, Old Furen had acquiesced for her to take action.

Chu Jin Yao had gotten an extraordinary promise, but she did not feel happy in her heart. She bid goodbye to Old Furen properly before respectfully bringing the group of people back, without a trace difference.

However, when she was walking along the silent courtyard, her palm could not help but go towards her chest. It was there where the jade pendant was hanging. This jade pendant had accompanied her through the bitter years in the Su family and also through the difficult times upon her return to the residence.

Chu Jin Yao could not help but have the same thought as before. She waved for the rest to withdraw and spoke to Qin Yi quietly, “Qi Ze, I will be marrying. ZhuMu has the intention for me to marry the ShiZi of the family of Prince Huai Ling, the Eldest Brother of the County Princess. If this really comes true, then my Mother-In-Law will be the most respected and noble in TaiYuan, the Prince Consort. With a Prince Consort Mother-In-Law, and a proud and famous County Princess as a Sister-in-Law, can one live well when marrying this high up?”

However, she could not speak out such things as Gong Momo was by her side. This was a shield and also a shackle. Gong Momo would make sure no one dared to neglect Chu Jin Yao, but at the same time she was an informant planted by Old Furen. Now, she was no longer the weed that no one cares about, like when she had just came back.

Chu Jin Yao did not feel happy to be inexplicably promoted from the weed to a delicate flower. In the past, she had looked forward to the arrival of such a day, but when it really happened, she was envious of the past, those days in Qi Yi’s company, even though were difficult, were carefree, with no worries.

“Fifth Young Lady, what is the matter with you?” Gong Momo saw that Chu Jin Yao had inexplicably stopped her steps and her eyes were looking at something far away, one did not know what she was thinking. Gong Momo felt strange and could only give Chu Jin Yao a soft reminder.

Chu Jin Yao recovered to her senses and place the jade pendant down, “I am all right. Let us continue.”

She silently spoke in her heart. Qi Ze, you have left and I will be marrying. The fate between us could only be till here.

I wish you a good life. As for me, I would probably have to be worn down.

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  1. That last line really made me upset. Life is so hard for these boudoir girls, and I know she is trying so hard to cherish the little moment she had. Love Chu Jin Yao… thank you for your translation!

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