The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 37 (Part 3)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 37: Establishing Power In The Residence (Part 3)

The more Sun Momo looked at the surrounding people, the more danger she felt. How could she not be clear as to why Shan Cha was sent away? Sun Momo did not expect that Chu Jin Yao would hold onto grudges like this as she was just too daring. Shan Cha was only disrespectful in her words, and with Sun Momo fighting head-to-head with Chu Jin Yao before, how would she spare her? Sun Momo dared not harbour extravagant hopes.

When no one was paying attention, Sun Momo quietly went out and headed towards Chu Jin Miao’s courtyard.

Inside the main room, Chu Jin Yao placed her brush down and asked, “She went out?”

Ling Long respectfully stood at the side as she replied, “Yes. From the direction, it should be towards Fourth Young Lady’s courtyard.”

Chu Jin Yao smiled lightly and did not speak. Gong Momo frowned, “She was arranged personally by Furen. Even Old Furen had to give face to Marquis Furen. One fears that she cannot be dealt with by a few misspoken words.”

Gong Momo represented Old Furen, so it was all right to deal with maids like Shan Cha. As for Sun Momo, who was nominally the same rank and involving Madam Zhao’s face, it would not be proper to make a rash move. At least, a few sentences would not be enough.

“Then wait until she makes an obvious and clear mistake.”

Gong Momo was stunned for a moment and asked cautiously, “Young Lady, your meaning is?”

Chu Jin Yao shook her head and refused to say any more. She remembered what Qin Yi had said at the beginning. As a master, it was not befitting for her to personally fight with the maids and servants, what she needed to do was to take full control of the overall situation. Let those servants fight by themselves, and she only needed to control the situation when necessary. Now that Shan Cha had been dealt with, the heat to deal with Sun Momo was not enough.

Since it was not enough, then add more fire. When Sun Momo makes a huge mistake that cannot be overlooked, Old Furen could take direct action.

Gong Momo and Ling Long looked at Chu Jin Yao before them and felt that this Fifth Young Lady was unfathomable. She could actually have such awe-inspiring noble air, just like the nobles in the Palace. Gong Momo secretly wondered how she could feel that Chu Jin Yao’s expression was like a noble when she rarely even went out, let alone know people from the Palace?

Chu Jin Yao stood up and said, “It would save trouble if Sun Momo was not here. Follow me to the Western room to take a look before she returns.”

Chu Jin Yao brought Gong Momo, Ling Long and Ding Xiang to the Western wing storeroom. When Gong Momo and Ling Long saw that Chu Jin Yao trusted them this much, they were somewhat happy and uneasy. When they opened the mahogany boxes that Manager Qi sent over, there was only anxiety left in their hearts.

Gong Momo was so astonished that she could not close her mouth, “This…”

The first chest was full of gold and silver jewelry, pearls, agate and other items. There were boxes of ready-made jewelry as well as raw gemstones. Chu Jin Yao thought back to the trip with Madam Zhao, Chu Jin Xian and the rest, to the jewelry store, and how Madam Zhao bled heavily when she bought a gemstone set jewelry for her. Chu Jin Yao already felt that the set was extremely delicate and placed it in a dressing table as she could not bear to bring it out to wear. However, she was now looking at the entire chest of gold, silver and jade that could blind anyone’s eyes, she suddenly felt what could Madam Zhao’s, Chu Jin Xian’s and the entire jewelry store be considered?

However, all these things were given to her?

Chu Jin Yao opened up the second chest with trepidation and this time all four in the room took a breath of cold air. This entire chest was filled with Yun brocade.

An inch of brocade was an inch of gold. It was the Yun brocade that were rarely circulated in the market and almost all of them were used for tribute.

Gong Momo held her heart, obviously unable to take it any more. Chu Jin Yao frowned secretly and was feeling somewhat regretful. She had thought that Manager Qi was a merchant and thus no matter how much he had gifted, how valuable could they be? It was just a larger quantity. Initially, Chu Jin Yao had thought that these chests were just like the previous stuff, silk,fabrics and other things, so she brought Gong Momo and Ling Long over. Now, it looked like she was still reckless. The things in front of her were no longer measurable by mere money.

However, one could not blame Chu Jin Yao. She had never thought that Manager Qi would actually dare to send these things! How was he able to obtain these things?

Gong Momo was even a little fearful. Just based on these two chests full of items, it was not an exaggeration to say that it was worth ten thousand taels. However, this was not a matter of just ten thousand taels. Even if one were to take ten thousand taels out, one feared that there was no way to purchase half the items here. Not to mention these pearls and jade stones, just this chest of Yun brocade, it was considered very honorable for a noble family to obtain a bolt of Yun brocade as these things were either bestowed royally or secretly smuggled out from the weaving department by the eunuchs. Even if one had a way of obtaining it, who would be able to obtain so many tributes? Do they despise having their head firmly on their necks?

Gong Momo asked, “Young Lady, do we still open up the rest of the chests?”

Chu Jin Yao walked to the third chest and unlocked it. She raised it slightly to take a peek before closing it quickly.

Chu Jin Yao felt that her heart was not doing very well. She had originally thought that the chest of Yun brocade was scary enough, but when she took a glance just now, she actually saw several blots of woven golden and silver pattern fabric. Theoretically, commoners were not allowed to wear gold or silver woven clothes, but currently merchants were prosperous and there were many rich families, so they would also secretly go beyond their status and wear gold or silver. The officials would shut one eye as the young ladies, like in their Marquis residence, would also wear overly extravagant clothes in order to suppress the situation. However even if everyone knew of it, no one dared to be too presumptuous and surpass the ranks of royalty. These fabrics were all brightly shining. One did not know how many golden threads were woven into them when weaving. If these fabrics were not for royalty then who would dare to wear them? 

Chu Jin Yao was somewhat shocked. What is Manager Qi doing? Is he crazy?

Chu Jin Yao’s expression became solemn. She took a glance at the remaining boxes, only opening it slightly before closing it up. Gong Momo and the rest knew how serious the matter was, and all of them lowered their heads and stood at the side, not seeing Chu Jin Yao’s actions.

Honestly speaking, they were very frightened by it, how could they continue watching? 

After Chu Jin Yao saw each one, she personally locked them up. She then turn around and look at the three, Gong Momo, Ling Long and Ding Xiang, with a very solemn and serious expression, “Today, no matter how much you see, once you exit the doors, forget everything. If you dare to talk nonsense, not to mention me, one fears that the entire residence of Marquis Chang Xing would be implicated by you.”

Gong Momo and the rest knew how serious the matter was, so they immediately complied. Fortunately, they were people who did things carefully, thus they had closed the doors of the Western room upon entering so that the others would not be able to see these terrifying things. Chu Jin Yao emphasized heavily again until the three women became so frightened that their faces were pale and broke a cold sweat, “All right, school your facial expressions and follow me out. Ding Xiang, lock the doors well. In the future, without my instructions, no one is allowed to come in! If anyone dares to disobey, I fear that even I would not be able to protect you.”

“Yes.” Ding Xiang lowered her head and complied. She followed Chu Jin Yao out and quickly locked the Western room up as if there was some kind of beast inside. In fact, the things inside were really like beasts.

Chu Jin Yao left with Gong Momo to look for Old Chu Furen. When Old Chu Furen heard what Chu Jin Yao said, her expression also became sullen. “You are saying that the things that Manager sent over were not from the commoners?”


Old Chu Furen now sat up straight, “That is not possible. He is a merchant, how would he dare…”

“It is because of this that this matter has become more serious.” Chu Jin Yao continued, “Zhu Mu, I want to see Manager Qi.”

The next day, Qi De Sheng was invited to the residence of the Marquis of Chang Xing. He had an idea about the reason when he left the house, and when he entered RongNingTang and saw Chu Jin Yao in the room, the guess in his heart solidified. 

Chu Jin Yao got up from her chair, greeted Manager Qi before looking directly into his eyes, and asked bluntly, “Manager Qi, let me ask you… Where did you obtain your stuff from?”

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  1. bolt of fabric is a roll made by a machine or an artisan, and in a fabric store you buy pieces cut from a bolt, or an entire bolt — or few? Old Chinese bolts were probably shorter than 30 to 100 meters that you can see in fabric stores
    blot is a stain


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