The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 37 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 37: Establishing Power In The Residence (Part 2)

A few days later when Chen Xiang brought a plate of fruits in, she was accidentally bumped into by Shan Cha and the entire plate of fruits scattered all over the floor. Shan Cha was lost in thoughts and walked hurriedly, thus she did not pay attention to the oncoming person and bumped directly. After bumping into Chen Xiang, she also did not take it to heart and scolded, “You little hoof, do you not see when you walk? There are no males in the room, so what is the rush for?”

Chen Xiang already felt aggrieved after falling down, and upon hearing those words, she became angrier. However, Shan Cha did not care about it and instructed in a bad mood for Chen Xiang to tidy up as she wanted to go out. Shan Cha was used running rampant in the courtyard that she even dared to neglect Chu Jin Yao, much less a maid. Chen Xiang was so angry that her hands trembled, but she knew she was incapable of winning in a fight with Shan Cha and could only suffer in silence as she squatted down to clean the mess up. Shan Cha spoke more sarcastic words and just as she was about to leave, Gong Momo’s cold voiced sounded from behind, “Stop.”

Chen Xiang quickly stood up and Shan Cha also turned around with a smile, “Momo, why did you come out? This maid is being careless, and I am disciplining her!” 

Gong Momo’s expression was extraordinarily serious, displaying a little of Old Chu Furen’s demeanor. The wrinkles on Gong Momo’s face did not even move as she spoke sternly, “This is Young Lady’s room. How dare you speak such nonsense in front of Young Lady! You are so bold!”

Shan Cha was somewhat flustered, but at the same time she did not think it was a big deal as they would all scold the new maids like this privately, it was just that it should not be heard by others. Shan Cha smiled at Gong Momo, “It is me that is in the wrong. I am quick-tempered and did not pay attention to these things. I will pay attention to it the next time.”

“There would be a next time?” Gong Momo sneered, “Young Lady’s courtyard would not dare to retain such a First-ranked maid like you. Since you cannot control how fast your mouth is, then go out and learn, and return when you know how to speak.”

The smile on Shan Cha’s face froze, “Momo, what are you saying?”

“Did you not hear what I said?” Gong Momo coldly instructed several coarse servants outside, “Drag this arrogant maid away and send her out.”

Shan Cha was genuinely panicking at the moment, “There is no need to do that as I only spoke casually.” After she finished speaking, she gave Chen Xiang a stare. It was all the fault of this hoof. Chen Xiang quickly lowered her head in fear.

Sun Momo also came over after hearing the commotion. After hearing other’s recount of the matter, she felt that it was a little excessive. “Gong Momo, Shan Cha was only scolding the people under her. Although she spoke without filter, it was all for the sake of Young Lady, so why the need to make such a fuss?”

However, Gong Momo remained unmoved and spoke with a serious expression, “What kind of person is the Young Lady that you can be arrogant towards? Our own people are in the room today, and if there are guests in the future, would you be able to control your mouth? Still not dragging her out? Do you all not understand my words!”

The old servants, who were surrounding the doors watching the commotion, were all taken aback. If Chu Jin Yao spoke such things, they would still dare to wait and watch, but now it was Gong Momo. She was Old Furen’s people! The old servants dared not watch the show and immediately held Shan Cha with both hands. Shan Cha finally understood what was going on and disregarding any decency, she shouted towards the room, “Young Lady. Young Lady, quickly save me! I do not want to be sent away!”

The curtains in the Eastern room remained quiet. No matter how big a commotion there was, Chu Jin Yao did not come out to take a look. Everyone only felt terrified as it seemed that it was not Shan Cha’s words that made Gong Momo deal with her. They feared that no matter what Shan Cha did, Gong Momo would still make things difficult, and as for Chu Jin Yao, it was obvious that she knew of it in advance and had long given permission to do so.

All those who were serving inside and outside the room felt as if they had entered a cold cellar. They had obviously entered a warmer month, but now they felt a bone-biting chill. In the past, they had felt that Young Lady was good natured, unlike the other young ladies who grew up in the Marquis residence. However, now it seems that she had the blood of nobles. This kind of coldness was ingrained in their nature.

Many of the maids and old servants relied on the fact that Chu Jin Yao had shallow foundations and no backing and would inevitably be contemptuous and not pay much attention to her orders. Now that Shan Cha was punished to make an example, they immediately panicked. Sure enough, Gong Momo put up a sullen expression, and under the pretext of putting the inner courtyard management into order, she dealt with a few maids and old servants. Even the Second-ranked maid, Yue Ju did not escape the disaster.

Fortunately ,Madam Zhao did not care about Chu Jin Yao at that time, thus although they were lacking in rules, most of the people that were assigned had newly entered the residence. Not only did they not have a complicated background, other than Chu Jin Yao, they did not have other backers either. Gong Momo quickly dealt with Shan Cha, Yue Qiu and a few more old cleaning servants and did not touch the rest. When the servants saw that two of the usually well-regarded First and Second-ranked maids were gone, they were long shocked. For a while, they were on teneterhooks and could only serve quietly and dared not even speak a little loudly.

The movements of Chu Jin Yao’s courtyard could not be concealed from others, so one day when they went to give their greetings to Old Furen, Madam Yan asked, “One heard that Fifth Young Lady has shown power and drove a number of servants away?”

Everyone’s attention turned towards Chu Jin Yao. She responded calmly, “I also don’t understand. It’s just that Gong Momo felt that these people don’t follow the rules and helped me send them away. I felt that because Gong Momo was sent over by elders and thus would have reasoning behind every action. Second Shen, don’t you think so?”

Madam Yan choked and could only reply, “Of course.” She smiled and brushed the topic off, but as she was pushed back with so little effort, she had an embarrassed expression.

Chu Jin Yao could only pretend not to understand and pushed everything onto Old Furen and Gong Momo, afterall, she was currently viewed as valuable in Old Furen’s eyes. If she did not use it now, when could she do it? When Old Chu Furen heard it, she turned a few buddhist beads as she spoke lightly, “Since these few girls do not behave well, then just sell them off. In a few days I will instruct the broker to come and you can select a few that suit your heart.”

Chu Jin Yao lowered her head and replied in compliance. Madam Zhao had initially wanted to tell Chu Jin Yao off, that she should not be so unforgiving as this was unbecoming of a noble lady, but with Old Chu Furen words, would Madam Zhao dare to say anything? Even Madam Yan who asked just now, quickly lowered her head. Both of them had the same thoughts. Chu Jin Yao drove people out in a drastic manner, one of them included a First-ranked maid that was given by an elder, but Old Furen did not even question and just let it go?

The meaning behind was shocking. Over the years, only Chu Jin Xian had the ability to drive three to four people out at a time, but because the people by Chu Jin Xian’s side were all selected one to a thousand, there was no need to replace them. Thus, over the years, no young ladies or daughters-in-law dared to do so.

However, Chu Jin Yao had now done it. Old Furen did not speak of it nor did Marquis Chang Xing, so even if the rest felt that it was not proper, they dared not bring it up. They could only watch wide-eyed as Old Furen instructed the brokers to enter the residence and led the girls that Chu Jin Yao drove away. Officially these girls were sold because they were not well-behaved, but who didn’t know that the real reason was they disrespected Chu Jin Yao?

After Chu Jin Yao dealt with Shan Cha, there were a number of empty positions. She bought three to four young girls, and Old Furen also assigned two maids to her. Even though Old Furen did not say anything, Chu Jin Yao very respectfully promoted one of them, Ling Long, as First-ranked, and the other Lian Qiao, to fill up the Second-ranked maid position.

It seemed that in a blink of an eye, there was a change of blood around Chu Jin Yao. Those who were close with other courtyards and the arrogant ones were all replaced overnight. It was now that everyone saw that even though the Fifth Young Lady looked like she had a good temperament normally, she was clearly aware of what the servants below were doing. This time, borrowing Old Furen’s and Gong Momo’s hands, she had driven away all those flickering-hearted people at lightning speed. Before the event, there were no signs of wind or omen at all.

Everyone was secretly astonished and started to look at Chu Jin Yao with awe. Ling Long was indeed someone that came from Old Chu Furen. Her way of speaking and observation were much more outstanding than Ding Xiang, and she was experienced in her actions. With Ling Long taking the lead internally and Gong Momo deterring externally, ChaoYunYuan immediately became awe-inspiring and organised. 

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