Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 166 (Part 1)

Chapter 166: Divination (Part 1)

“Even though a Phoenix’s destiny is good. It is a pity to be imprisoned for a lifetime.”

Shen Miao’s steps suddenly paused as she looked at that Taoist priest with a frown and asked, “What did you say?”

That priest however turned his head smugly and started to sing a little tune.

Jing Zhe said, “Young Lady must not let it get to one’s heart, it could be a fraud from who knows where spouting nonsense.” Even though one did not know why a Taoist practitioner would come to a Buddhist compound, but this priest was not serious at all, much less have any immortal air like normal priests. One thought that it was just casual words, no difference from the frauds on the streets.

Shen Miao looked in front and saw that Luo Xue Yan and Luo Tan had gone in, leaving her behind, with some guards following her, not approaching. She thought about it for a moment before sitting down on the wooden bench in front of the priest’s booth and said, “I want a divination.”

“This priest’s divination is very expensive.”

Before the voice fell, Shen Miao took out a golden peanut from her back. This was what was inside the pouch that Su Furen’s previously gifted. Most likely one feared that gifting something too valuable would be too arrogant, thus gifting a full pouch of golden peanuts so that it was easier to purchase things.

However Jing Zhe and Gu Yu was a little anxious watching. The most expensive on the streets for divination was only a few silver, why was there a need to use golden peanuts? But there was no way to turn around the decision that Shen Miao had made. The two maids were anxious but were also helpless.

Shen Miao said, “If you are accurate, this golden peanut is yours. But if it is not accurate, I will call people to smash your booth and call the officials to arrest you on the grounds of swindling on the streets.”

That priest was in all smiles as he accepted the golden peanut and bought out a divination cylinder over. He shook it before handling it to Shen Miao with a smile, “May Young Lady pick two divination lots.”

“Why two divination lots are needed?” Gu Yu could not help but asked, “Usually it would be picking one divination lot. Could it be that…” She suddenly came into understanding, “One for safety, one for marriage?”

The priest shook his head, “Telling one’s life fortune.”

“Why would two lots be required to tell one’s life fortune?” Jing Zhe was confused.

The priest looked at Shen Miao before flicking his beard and smiling mysteriously, “One divination lot is incomplete for Young Lady’s life fortune.”

Shen Miao’s heart moved and glared at the priest, who seemed to have a card up his sleeve, before taking the divination cylinder and shook it. Two divination lots fell onto the floor with a ‘pa ta’ sound.

That priest picked up the divination lots to look and Gu Yu and Jing Zhe became somewhat anxious. The priest shook his head and said, “Phoenix’s destiny trapped in a cage, life in a dangerous and hatters would spring up. Before the guillotine, the barracks are empty.” He said, “This is a great inauspicious lot.”

As soon as the words were said, Jing Zhe’s and Gu Yu’s faces changed. What great inauspicious? What guillotine? Jing Zhe said, “What a good fraud! With this mouthful of nonsense, who are you lying to? I see that you are just a liar. I will go and report to the officials.”

“Oh oh oh.” That Taoist priest said, “What is the rush? How can a young lady be that impatient? There is still one more divination lot.”

Shen Miao’s entire heart was thumping away.

Phoenix’s destiny trapped in a cage, this was saying that she was trapped in the Cold Palace of the Imperial Palace and no fruit would bear no matter how much one struggle. Created misfortune and implicated the family that the entire Shen family was executed, so wasn’t this the guillotine? And she had work hard and put in all efforts to help Fu Xiu Yi to sit on the throne but all hopes and effort came to nothing. Fu Xiu Yi still gave her three feet of white silk. Even Wan Yu and Fu Ming did not survive, nothing actually was remained. How can it be not futile?

Shen Miao said, “May this priest help be to take a look at another divination lot.”

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu became worried as they could not figure out why she would see the priest differently from them and even willing to let this priest to take a look at her other divination lot.

That priest smiled and picked up the other lot. He glanced at Shen Miao and as usual stroke his beard before saying slowly, “Out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss, the auspicious portent (direct translation from Chinese is Purple Cloud) comes from the East. A superior lot.”

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu initially scared that the priest would say something bad and it was near the year end now so everyone was afraid that bad fortune words would stick to oneself. Seeing that he said as such, they sighed in relief. Jing Zhe however ridiculed, “I had said that he is a fraud. One divination is great inauspicious lot and another superior lot. Just which lot is it the real one?”

“Both lots are real.” The priest said, “If you don’t believe, ask your Young Lady if this priest said correctly?”

Shen Miao’s heart moved and she said, “Jing Zhe, Gu Yu, go over to the guards first. I have something to say to the Taoist priest alone.”

Jing Zhe wanted to persuade a few more words as she felt that this priest was a swindler. However Gu Yu shook her head at her and pulled her to the side, making room for Shen Miao to speak to the Taoist priest with a peace of mind.

Shen Miao frowned as she looked at the Taoist Priest, “Does this Taoist Priest know something?”

The priest kept the divination lots and said without turning his head, “I see from Young Lady’s facial features, it is of a noble person. Then one looked at Young Lady’s assigned fated and saw that it belongs to that of a Phoenix’s destiny. One originally would be living a lifetime of glory and splendor, eating jaded food and wearing brocade. Unfortunately… One’s fate was changed.”

Shen Miao said, “What change of fate?” Her voice was somewhat hurried.

The priest’s hands stopped and he looked at her, “Young Lady’s fate is very peculiar. There would be one big calamity in one’s entire life and once this calamity has past, it would be smooth for the rest of one’s life. However in the first divination that Young Lady had drawn, one did not pass this calamity.”

“What is my calamity?” Shen Miao asked.

“One true Phoenix and one fake Phoenix. The fake Phoenix had robbed the blessing and fate of the true Phoenix. The true Phoenix was instead imprisoned.”

Shen Miao only felt that her entire heart wanted to jump out from her throat. True and fake Phoenixes, could it be said that she was the true Phoenix and as for the fake Phoenix, could it be Mei Furen? Mei Furen gave birth to Fu Sheng and Fu Xiu Yi doted on Fu Sheng that much. In her past lifetime Fu Ming died and she also died so Fu Xiu Yi would establish Mei Furen as the Empress and with Fu Xiu Yi’s love of Fu Sheng, perhaps he would let Fu Sheng inherit his throne.

Wasn’t this saying that one’s fate was robbed?

Shen Miao said, “This Taoist Priest spoke of the first divination lot. Then in the second divination lot, can I pass through the calamity?”

“With Young Lady’s ability, it is impossible.” That priest shook his head, “However Young Lady’s luck is good as there is help from a benefactor in one’s fate.”

“Benefactor?” Shen Miao asked, “Who is my benefactor?”

“This benefactor is fated with you with fate of a fierce dragon. The fierce dragon overcomes the Heavens, the imprisoned Phoneix in a cage. The person can save you and you can absolve one’s evil tendencies. If one were to encounter this person, by borrowing this person’s power, Young Lady’s fate can be returned to its original and everything that was lost would be gained.”

Shen Miao asked, “Where is this benefactor? How would I be able to find the person?”

The priest smiled, “Far in the horizon, as near as one’s sight.”

There was no need to say more. Shen Miao’s gaze flashed before she asked again, “There is still one more question. Ordinary people can only draw one divination lot so why do I draw two? Is it Heavens intention?”

She was rebirth to relive the lifetime and every time when she thought about it there was a sense or unreality. One feared that there would be a day where one would wake up and find oneself in that cold and lonely Palace and all these was just a dream she had created. Even though this eccentric priest that no one knew from where, spoke a bit accurately, perhaps he would know about this.

“Heavens and earth is not benevolent and treats all creation like sacrificial straw-dogs. The two divination lots of Young Lady’s was requested by another.”

“Another?” Shen Miao grabbed onto the keywords of that priest’s words, “Who is that person?”

“The person who owed you a lot.” The priest stood up from the floor and patted the dust off his clothes as he said, “The mysteries of Heavens must not be revealed. Today this priest had already revealed too much to Young Lady and any more would be cutting one’s blessing. Young Lady do not ask more and just remember this. The past is like a dream, avoid entanglement, out of the depth of misfortune comes bliss, the auspicious portent (direct translation from Chinese is Purple Cloud) comes from the East.”

After finishing, he took a big step and strode off singing.

Shen Miao stood still on the same spot until Jing Zhe and Gu Yu walked over. Jing Zhe said, “It’s so eccentric and one did not know where he came from. Is there no one managing this Pu Tuo Monastery?”

Shen Miao however felt that she had peeked into some secrets and unable to tell the feelings in her heart.

Just as she was thinking, Luo Xue Yan and Luo Tan walked out from inside.

Luo Tan had a small basket in her hands and in it, there were a large number of red ropes which were connected to pouches. She said with all smiles, “Youngest Biao Sister, let us go and hang the red ropes. How did you fall behind?”

Luo Xue Yan also said, “Just now one heard that there is a Grand Master that is in the Zen chambers lecturing about the Buddhist sutras and wanted to call you to listen. However one saw you being delayed for so long when I turned my head over. Now do you still want to listen to it?”

After Shen Miao heard the words from that Taoist priest, her brain became strangely chaotic so how would she have any mood to listen to monks lecturing on sutras? She then shook her head, “Not going.”

“Then let us hang the red ropes first.” Luo Tan was however very excited and dragged Shen Miao before going forward.

In the Zen chambers where Luo Xue Yan passed by just now, the action of knocking on the wooden fish by the old monk paused and the young monk asked, “Teacher, it is already passed noon. Didn’t Teacher said that the person is coming? At the end, is the person coming or not?”

Grand Master Guan Zhen stood up from the futon and shook his head, “Not coming.”

“Not coming?” The young monk was stunned, “Why?”

“Had met another person.”

The young monk was puzzled, “Why one does not come after meeting another person? Didn’t Teacher specifically wait for the person here? Aren’t the days spend waiting wasted if the person did not come?”

“There is no harm.” Grand Master Guan Zhen put his hands together, “One had met up with a fated person.”

“This is the cause and effect.”

Shen Miao and Luo Tan walked out and reached that Tree of Cultivating Destinies.

The Tree of Cultivating Destinies was a huge sweet-scented Osmanthus tree. It was extremely thick and strong but currently one could not see clearly it’s branches and shrubs as it was all covered by the hanging red ropes and pouches.

Luo Ling and Shen Qiu did not come after all, since this was for females. Luo Tan handed Shen Miao a handful of ropes and said, “Young Biao Sister should right one’s name on the pouch first then throw it up the tree. If it was hung up, it means that the Old Man of the Moon had head you and would arrange a good marriage.” After finishing, she then handed over another large bundle of ropes, “Youngest Biao Sister should take more. The more one takes, the chances of it hanging up is higher when one throw them up together.”

Shen Miao was somewhat speechlessly watching Luo Tan eagerly writing her name on the remaining pouches. However a female would most propably believed it this and hope that it was a good omen. Luo Xue Yan als said, “Jiao Jiao should write on some and hang it up. Don’t be afraid.”

Shen Miao looked pickly over the basket of red ropes after dropping the matter with Luo Xue Yan and Luo Tan, she could only pick one for herself and wrote her name in the pouch.

Luo Tan saw it and said, “Youngest Biao Sister, you took too little. How can a single piece be hang up? Take a few more, these are enough.”

Luo Xue Yan also said, “Jiao Jiao, one is not enough.”

Shen Miao felt that she did not even want to throw up any and moreover at this moment her thoughts were all occupied with those words that the priest said, so how would she have the heart to do this? Thus she just threw it casually.

“Just one piece cannot be hung. It is better for you to… Oh, how did it hang up there?” Luo Tan cried out in surprise.

Luo Xue Yan was also astonished. Generally speaking, the more red ropes were thrown, the higher chances there were for it to be hung on the branches. One piece would not have weight so it would not be able to hang no matter how it is thrown. Who knew that one casual throw from Shen Miao, it actually hang up. Not only that, it was on a top branch and was hanging steadily. One feared that no matter how much wind and rain there was, it would not fall off.

“Youngest Biao Sister, you are just too blessed.” Luo Tan grabbed onto Shen Miao’s arm and said excitedly, “You see. You see. That branch is so high up and that means that the person that Young Biao Sister is marry would be a dragon among people. That branch is also steady and sturdy, indicating that this marriage is extremely certain and very good.”

Who would not love to hear words of blessing? Luo Xue Yan’s face was filled with smiles, “Jiao Jiao’s throw was not bad and I still say you cannot hang it up and wanted to think of ways to help you hang it up.”

“But there are many other branches around this branch.” Luo Tan stroke her chin and explained it seriously, “The directions of these branches are all towards Youngest Biao Sister’s pouch. What does this illustrate? This means that Youngest Biao Sister do not have only one marriage predestined by fate. Youngest Gu, this is a good news. One family’s daughter is requested by a hundred families. The future brother-in-law will suffer.” Luo Tan said in laughter.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I love this novel. I was happy to see your translation is ranked fairly well, 28th overall on Hope it goes even higher as more people discover this book.

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  2. Ack! I’m late! But all this talk of the marriage makes me long for the marriage more!
    Next chapters, please!!!

    And the future brother-in-law will suffer?! Good luck, dragon! 😉
    Thanks very much for the chapter!

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  3. TT Jiao Jiao, fortune will come. Don’t be afraid. Your past life shall be overshadowed once and for all! But I just want to know… Who was the one that owes her? Who did she save in her past life that she now would have another chance at a new life?

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  4. Spoiler Alert (don’t want to know don’t read):

    I read the raw, (trying to understand the translation engine) and it will later reveal (the chapter is far away) that the 1 who asked for SM’s rebirth is Pei Lang (he was called the donor so, the price exchange was probably his life). He felt guilty for what he did. As you know, in the original timeline he was FuXuYui’s adviser and when he was asked, how to deal the Shen Family he said “Scribbled roots” (as I understand may mean cut of the roots) and so FuXuYui killed The Shen 1st house, his son & daughter with SM & then her (the reason he was called as “the one who owed her a lot”).
    Pei Lang went to the Grand Master of the Temple (the one mentioned above that SM didn’t meet bec she met the priest) and agreed for the rebirth but told that he needed to wait, because a promise was made. The promise was before XJX went to north to battle, he met up with SM (who was drunk at the time XD ) and made a promise to see the fire works upon his return. She even gave him a red rope bracelet as token.
    SM died, XJX later returned to MingQi as Prince Rui and brought the fall of the Royal Family. The red rope SM gave him that was said to have never fallen off since he wore it, broke off, fell to the ground and burned (indicating the promise was fulfilled). Then the rebirth happened.
    I will eagerly wait for the proper translation of this chapter, and will probably satisfy myself in rereading these chapters about the past.

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      • It covers 2 chapters, 213 from the raws title Past Life that’s when SM gave a token the red rope to XJX and he in turn made the promise. 214 covers PL’s request for SM’s rebirth and XJX’s return to MingQi to fulfill his promise to SM.


      • Yeah, but she was drunk at the time & as you will know, SM don’t remember events when she’s drunk the next day when she’s sober 😂😂😂

        She wondered where the red rope on her wrist go the next day. The maid simply said she might’ve lost it not telling that she gave it to XJX since she’s an empress and it was inappropriate gifting it to him

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    • Oh, wow, I’m… O.o … lol. This novel is getting better and better, so well done. Thanks for the comments, I love to read the explanations, theories and what you all think. And thanks the ladies that translate it too. ❤


    • It’s not that she has to rely on someone but that his fate is directly intertwined with her. He’ll help her and she’ll help him. She’s still super strong even with his help as you’ve seen in the past few chapters

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  5. Really some food for thought this chapter, I also believe the person to be Pei Lang. Else, this is far out there, but could it be Fu Xiu Yi? He certainly owes her and even if he was the worst husband, he did show some agitation when she accused him of being ruthless and cold hearted, perhaps which later could birth guilt.

    Anyways if it wasnt obvious that this priest knew about her rebirth, one would believe he was a whack setup by Xie Jing Xing, he cerainy got some matchmaking skills. Also the thing about the branches pointing at the top branch was so negligible but Luo Tan was unexpectedly very glib-tounged her intelligence cannot underestimated

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  8. “the auspicious portent (direct translation from Chinese is Purple Cloud) comes from the East.” why did i think this is XJX? Purple cloud… purple robe.. xD

    And i think the person who owed SM perhaps Pei Lang? Cuz he neither evil nor good maybe he felt that what he did back then were not good and wanted to repent?

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  9. Lol, re-reading the whole story and going through this chapter, notably the prophecy about « a fierce dragon  saving the Phoenix imprisoned », helping Shen Miao to regain everything that was lost and to return to one’s original fate and of a « person who owed her a lot » and requested a second divination lot for her.
    Except that now, I understand what the Taoist Proest meant and who he was talking about because I now know the whole story.

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