Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 165 (Part 2)

Chapter 165: Phoenix Destiny (Part 2)

When Xie Jing Xing returned to the study, he sat down in front of the table. His brows were locked tight and one did not know what he was thinking about. Tie Yi who was beside him asked hesitantly, “Master, today in Pu Tuo Monastery, Grand Master Guan Zhen spoke of…”

Gand Master Guan Zhen was a wondering monk. Some people said he was from Great Liang, some said that he was from Qin country and there were even people who said that he was from Ming Qi. But the one think that one could be sure was that once Grand Master Guan Zhen came to a monastery, everyone would referred to him as the honoured guest. Grand Master Guan Zhen had gained the teachings of the direct disciple of the Buddha and it was said that he knew the past and future of a person. This was naturally somewhat exaggerated but Grand Master Guan Zhen prediction of the future was extremely accurate as he once predicted that there would be a flood in Great Liang.

Emperor Yong Le had once tried to retain Grand Master Guan Zhen as a Teacher of the Country but unfortunately Grand Master Guan Zhen declined. Two years ago when Xie Jing Xing returned to Great Liang, Emperor Yong Le really wanted to find Grand Master Guan Zhen to take a look at Xie Jing Xing’s fortune but unfortunately Grand Master Guan Zhen had traveled out of Great Liang and no one knew of his existence.

One did not expect that they would be encountering here.

During the daytime when they reached Pu Tuo Monastery, Xie Jing Xing had not yet said anything when Grand Master Guan Zhen guessed his identity. One did not know how did he guessed it out and Xie Jing Xing’s prophecy was as such. The army broke the crape-myrtle, the fierce dragon overcome the Heavens. Using one’s entire life for the entire situation.

The meaning of it was that Xie Jing Xing was a very important person that he a single person could change the entire situation. The army broke the crape-myrtle meant that first breakthrough then establish, grace and power would be combined. When Xie Jing Xing was in Ming Qi, he claimed to be the heir of the residence of the Marquis of Lin An and afterwards died in battle, thus the breakthrough. Afterwards with the identity of Great Liang’s Prince Rui, he had once again stood in front of everyone, which meant establishing. As for the fierce dragon overcome the Heavens, since dragons were the head of all living things, it was unfortunate that it was a fierce dragon that was vicious and savage.

Xie Jing Xing asked about fated calamity.

However Grand Master Guan Zhen shook his head and said that the fierce Drago was not a calamity and would help others to cross a fated calamity.

When Xie Jing Xing asked more, Grand Master Guan Zhen said that the mysteries of Heavens must not be revealed and was not willing to say another word.

Tie Yi was somewhat discourage. It was so difficult to get Grand Master Guan Zhen to take a look at one’s fortune but the words he said were very vague. Thinking of his master having a character of being indifferent to everything, the fierce dragon was not a calamity but one that help to overcome a calamity, it sounded like his Master had became a Bodhisattva. Who would have such a great of a reputation to let his Master be that person backing? Even if this person dared, would Master be willing?

Xie Jing Xing said, “Don’t care about this. First send the letter back to Great Liang.”

His expression was somewhat cold.


Shen Miao could not sleep on her bed.

The words from Cong Yang in the afternoon were still lingering by her ears. She had never thought that Su Furen purpose of coming to the Shen mansion was to seek a match for Su Ming Feng.

Thinking of Cong Yang’s wooden face as he repeated each and every single word of both of their conversation for her to listen, especially when a grown man using female’s speech patterns and saying ‘we are all mothers’, Shen Miao felt that it was funny. Xie Jing Xing was indeed a talent, one did not know where did he found such a precious secret guard.

However after thinking about it, she was unable to smile anymore. Why did Su Furen come to seek a match for Su Ming Feng? From Cong Yang’s words, Su Ming Feng have deep emotions for Shen Miao and this was something that Shen Miao would never believe. Not to mention, Su Ming Feng had only seen her a few times and at that encounter on the streets, there was nothing special when Su Ming Feng looked at her.

Could it be that this was a conspiracy by Su Ming Feng? Shen Miao thought that because Su Ming Feng wanted to know about the secret of the Tiger Head Bracelet, so he decided to marry her and since one would keep on heading the direction, wouldn’t one be able to head to the truth? Or could it be that when she had become his wife, she would then tell him the truth about it? But it would be just too disadvantageous for Su Ming Feng. In order to find out about the truth, he even thrown the rest of his life in. Those people in the Investigation Office should be so ashamed that they could not face their fathers and forefathers.

Gu Yu walked in from outside and held a stack of clothes in her hands as she smiled, “Young Lady, as one is heading to Pu Tuo Monastery tomorrow, Furen had said to wear some lighter colours so this servant had brought over some lighter coloured clothes so that Young Lady can pick to wear tomorrow morning.” After saying, she then help Shen Miao cut the wick in the oil lamp, “Young Lady should rest early today as one needs to wake up early tomorrow as there is a long journey.”

Thinking of this matter, Shen Miao very helpless. During the night Luo Xue Yan’s maid came over to say to Luo Tan and Shen Miao that the three of them would be heading up to Pu Tuo Monastery to offer incense. Luo Tan had not been to Pu Tuo Monastery so naturally she was very happy but Shen Miao was lacking in interest.

Pu Tuo Monastery was considered a famous monastery in Ding capital city and it sits on the waist of a mounting in the northern part of the city. It was said that the Buddha was especially effective and the most spiritual thing was the ‘Tree of Cultivating Destinies’. Young Females would use a copper coin to exchange for some red ropes with the monks at the monastery and would tie a pouch at one end and throw it up the three. If the red ropes with the pouch hung onto the tree and not thrown down, than it would meant that the Old Man of the Moon had heard the female’s prayers and would find a good marriage match for the female.

Shen Miao had went to that ‘Tree of Cultivating Destinies’ in her past lifetime and in order to form a connection with Fu Xiu Yi, she even bought a hundred red ropes a one time to throw up. After words this matter was ‘accidentally’ mentioned by Shen Qing and Shen Yue and became a joke in the Ding capital for a long time.

Thus Shen Miao did not like this ‘Tree of Cultivating Destinies’ very much.

If she did not listen to Su Furen’s and Luo Xue Yan’s conversation today, Shen Miao would not think much of it and would only fell that it was coming to the end of the year and Luo Xue Yan only wanted to offer incense. However after knowing the conversation in the main hall, Shen Miao understood that it was not that Luo Xue Yan wanted to offer incense but she was obviously wanted to bring her to the ‘Tree of Cultivating Destinies’ to throw a red rope onto it.

Shen Miao was filled with unwillingness in her head and was even think whether to pretend to be sick but it was just too deliberate looking. Moreover Luo Tan’s interest was soaring and Shen Miao’s heart was easily soften by Luo Tan and thinking that it was only to throw a red rope, she then complied.

It was just that there was still a bit of discomfort in her heart.

On this night, Shen Miao did not sleep well at all. She dream several times in the night and in the dreams, she was standing below the Tree of Cultivating Destinies and throwing the red ropes. Luo Xue Yan had bought her an entire barrel of them and Shen Miao threw so much that her arms were sore but those red ropes that had her markings had all disappeared. There were non on the floor or on the tree and just as she was in doubt, she saw that a purple clad youth was sitting on the tree and there was a bundle of her red ropes in his arms. His lips were hooked up in a smile but not a smile at her and asked, “Who do you want to marry to?”

That sharp brows, straight nose, red lips and pair of gorgeous peach blossoms eyes were as sharp as knives. It was Xie Jing Xing’s face.

When Shen Miao woke up from her dreams in shock, she was just unable to sleep after that.

With great difficulty, she managed to last till the skies brighten and when Jing Zhe came in, she jumped in shock and asked, “Why did Young Lady not sleep well during the night? One’s eyes is green already.”

Shen Miao waved her hands and only felt that this dream was bizarre and had a little bit of shamelessness so she did not speak anything about it. After eating and washing up, she then left the room and Luo Xue Yan and the rest were already waiting. What was surprising was that other than Luo Tan, Shen Qiu and Luo Ling were also going.

Luo Xue Yan said, “Since it is to offer incense, then the younger generation should all go and ask for a blessing from Buddha.”

Shen Xin said, “Then I will also go along.”

“You go for what?” Luo Xue Yan hated that he did not understand her meaningful glance, “You should not go.”

Shen Qiu was wondering why his Father couldn’t go but Shen Miao’s heart understood. Luo Xue Yan not only want her and Luo Tan throw the red ropes. Most likely she wanted Shen Qiu and Luo Ling to also throw it since both of them had reached the age to marry. However… Wasn’t the Tree of Cultivating Destinies only for the females to throw? If their ropes really hung from it then could it be that Shen Qiu and Luo Ling would be cut sleeves? Shen Miao could not help but shivered.

There was not much delay as everyone quickly got on the road. The distance between Pu Tuo Monastery and the Shen mansion was rather far away thus it would be near noon when one reach even though one set off in the morning. Luo Tan’s mood rose during the journey and kept asking Luo Xue Yan if Pu Tuo Monastery was really that mystical.

The more Luo Xue Yan spoke, the conversation led towards that ‘Tree of Cultivating Destinies’. After Luo Tan heard the information about the Tree of Cultivating Destinies, she felt it was interesting and said, “This is somewhat similar to the customs of our Xiao Chun City. However Pu Tuo Monastery is a famous monastery and this tree should be very spiritual.” She shook Shen Miao’s shoulder, “Youngest Biao Sister, how about we go and throw the red ropes?”

“Aren’t you not a rush to marry?” Shen Miao looked at her with squinted eyes.

Luo Tan coughed lightly twice, “Even it is said as such, but one should do as the natives do.”

Luo Xue Yan also said, “Jiao Jiao, Tan-er, upon reaching Pu Tuo Monastery, both of you should also go and cast the red ropes, no matter if one marry or not, one can always ask for a good omen.”

Luo Tan excitedly complied. Shen Miao had long knew about her Mother’s plans and could only obey helplessly.

However at their side, they were on route but in the old monastery that had existed in Ming Qi for hundreds of years, in a particular room where the incense was thick, there sat an old monk.

The old monk’s brows were kind, just like one of the disciples under Buddha. He had a red cloak on and holding a string of Buddhist beads as he twist it in his fingers.

The young monk beside him asked, “Master, we have been waiting here for a number of days, will the destine one really come?”

“This poor monk has been waiting for many days and it is for the person to come.” The old monk said lightly.

“But one have waited for a long time.” That young monk was only a teenager and was the age where he was full of curiosity so he quickly said, “When will one arrive?”

The old monk did not say anything and only silently turn the Buddhist beads in his hands. Suddenly the Buddhist beads that he was turning stopped and his fingers stared to stroke a round bead repeated.

After a long time, the old monk smiled slightly.

“Reaching.” He said.


When Shen Miao and entourage reached Pu Tuo Monastery, it was not yet noon. Perhaps the horses today ran with all their strength today or perhaps it was the coachman that steered well or perhaps the roads were much smoother. In short, the two and half shichen (1 shichen = 2 hours) of journey had taken less than two shichen today.

The few of them jumped off the carriage and Shen Qiu and Luo Ling also flipped over the horse. They then saw that there was an old monastery in the lushed woods, at the waist of the mountain. Because of the layers of clouds surrounding, it was as if they were in an immortal place. In addition to the distant Buddhist sounds that sounded from afar, it made one feel a sense of awe.

Luo Tan exclaimed, “It is really an air of a famous monastery.”

Luo Xue Yan instructed, “Qiu-er and Ling-er, both of you go and handle the horses first. I will bring Tan-er and Jiao Jiao in.”

After Shen Qiu and Luo Ling left, the guards of the Shen residence followed Shen Miao and entourage. Luo Tan saw a tree filled with hanging red ropes from afar and said, “Is that the Tree of Cultivating Destinies? Youngest Gu, come quickly and see. It is so big.”

Luo Xue Yan smiled, “Let’s go and buy the red ropes first.”

Shen Miao followed behind both of them, feeling helpless in her heart. Luo Tan ran quickly and Luo Xue Yan had a fiery temperament thus Shen Miao was left behind. However with the Shen residence’s guards and the hidden Cong Yang, Shen Miao was not at all worried.

After following Luo Xue Yan into a Buddhist temple, the corner of Shen Miao’s skirt was suddenly pulled. She turned back and saw that by the side of the temple, there was a person in an taoist attire crouching by the side.

In the location of a Buddhist temple, how would there be a Taoist practitioner?

This Taoist priest’s clothes were torn and tattered and was only holding a fortune cylinder and a horsetail whisk on his hand. One did not know why but he looked comical. He was probably forty years of age and had a small moustache as he gazed at Shen Miao.

“Young Lady, this poor Taoist see that one’s ophryon (top of the nose bridge connecting to the eye brows) is dark and fear that there would be a calamity of blood. The funds of the eyes are green, indicating difficulties in marriage (or romance) Why not let this poor Taoist help you to do a fortune reading?”

“Where does this madman come from. Full of nonsense.” Jing Zhe was furious.

Shen Miao lifted the corner of her skirt and wanted to head forward without looking.

However she heard that person said, “Even though a Phoenix destiny is good. It is a pity to be imprison for a lifetime.”

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