Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 166 (Part 2)

Chapter 166: Divination (Part 2)

Shen Miao said, “What nonsense.” But she thought about the strange sentence from that Taoist priest about her the fund of the eyes were green, indicating difficulties in marriage (or romance). Could it be that it was true? Afterwards she was stunned at her thoughts, now she did not even see a blossom flower or leaf at all, so where would there be difficulties in marriage (or romance)? It was Luo Tan that spout nonsense and she was the one who treated it as real.

This day went pass quickly. Luo Tan later hang a number of her red ropes up and prayed to Buddha before offering incense and only left after having a vegetarian meal in the monastery. When they returned to the Shen mansion, the skies had turned dark and since everyone was tired, everyone went back to their own rooms to rest early.

Shen Miao’s heart repeatedly thought about the words that the Taoist priest said.

There was a calamity in her life and a benefactor would help. Who is that benefactor… Who requested two divination lots for her, or to say, who was the one who requested a rebirth for her?

In the previous lifetime, all her loved ones had disappeared before she died. As Shen Miao was thinking, even if she had died, she feared that there would not be anyone who would come to collect her body. So how would anyone have eyes and hands to clear through Heavens? With this kind of abilities and with this kind to relationship, why would one seek a rebirth for her?

No matter how she thought, she was unable to think of such a person.

Shen Miao suddenly remembered something and said, “Cong Yang.”

In a flash, a black clad person appeared in the room.

Shen Miao supported her head and felt that Xie Jing Xing’s secret guards appeared like Gods and vanished like Devils that one feared even the owners would jump in shock. She said, “Regarding today’s matter on the conversation between the Taoist priest and me, you are not allowed to tell Xie Jing Xing.” She then added another sentence, “If you were to tell Xie Jing Xing, I will accuse you of indecent assault.”

Cong Yang, “…”

“Remember that.” Shen Miao threatened.


There was countless number of small messy stuff that numerous people in Ding capital were worried about. Young girls are worried about marriages, youth were frustrated about taking the examinations and gaining fame, the elderly were worried about dying, the young ones too child-like and so on. These bustling made benefits flow from one end to another.

Some people schemed to gain small benefits, some gambled on tens of thousands of the family’s wealth and others even bet of one’s life but overlook everything under Heavens.

In the Imperial family of Ming Qi, as Emperor Wen Hui’s health decline every day, the Princes below were all eager to move. Prince Zhou’s clique was arrogant, Prince Li’s clique’s actions were also not small. One had initially thought that Number Nine knew his place but at the end after the matter with Shen family and Qin country, it was still the Crown Prince that was too weak after all the calculations.

Emperor Wen Hui sighed and there was a layer of wane and tiredness on his brows. Most likely it is because of being ill for too long, one’s expression was not good at all. Normally one would get angry in court but it was all stubborn appearances, after all there were numbers of people eyeing on this position like a tiger walking its prey. If he were to collapse, there will be chaos in court and one feared that others would take advantage of the empty seat.

When one was younger, one did not feel anything about the Princes but as age caught up, one was surprised to feel that one had not raised sons but a pack of wolves. Now that the cubs had grown up, some matter had became uncontrollable.

“How is the Crown Prince’s health recently?” Emperor Wen Hui asked Su GongGong at his side.

Su GongGong quickly replied, “Yesterday when the Empress saw the Crown Prince Consort, the Crown Prince Consort said that there was a turn for the better with the Crown Prince’s health. The Imperial Physician also said that after nursing for some time, it would be even better.”

Emperor Wen Hui shook his head, “The Crown Prince’s health is a problem.” As the most rightful heir to the throne, the Crown Prince was sick. Even though there are still a lot of supporters, it was still alright in the early years but as the fraction of Prince Zhou and Prince Li grew bigger, the little influence that the Crown Prince had was however suppressed. In particular lately Prince Ding pop up, making Emperor Wen Hui’s head ache more. Fortunately even though the Crown Prince was weak, he had born the Imperial Grandson early, thus even if Emperor Wen Hui pass on and the Crown Prince was weak, as long as the Imperial Grandson was older, he could let the Imperial Grandson succeed him.

Su GongGong had eyes and hears but seemed not to have discovered Emperor Wen Hui’s intention. However he was very clear in his heart. Currently Emperor Wen Hui was the most optimistic about the Crown Prince. There was no other reason than the Crown Prince was the rightful heir and that the Crown Prince’s health was not good and thus less threatening to Emperor Wen Hui. Unlike his other sons, Prince Zhou’s clique was so arrogant that he viewed others as invisible, Prince Li looked kindly on the surface but privately had a lot of dealing with most of the higher ranked official. Even Prince Ding, who looked like he had no intention on the surface, had become a dog that would bite and not bark at all. Each of them were like wolves and tigers, making Emperor Wen Hui guard against.

A gust of cold air blew in from the window that made the reports on the table of the Imperial Study slightly furl up. Su GongGong saw it and quickly got up to close the windows, “The night is very late. May Your Majesty rest early.”

At the same time, the Crown Prince who was mentioned by Emperor Wen Hui was talking to one person at the same moment. If anyone were to see it, they would be shocked. The person that was talking with the Crown Prince was none other than Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi.

Among these two people, one was the rightful heir of the Imperial Throne in Emperor Wen Hui’s eyes and the other was a ‘dog that would bite and not bark at all’ in all the Princes’ heart. These two people were sitting at to sides of the table at this moment as the small fire warmed the green plum wine on the table. They were actually chatting and drinking.

The Crown Prince said, “Ninth Younger Brother must not take this matter to heart. It is only because Imperial Father listened to vile characters and misunderstood you. The days will pass and the misunderstanding will be resolved and naturally one would treat you like before. Why does Ninth Younger Brother give up on oneself?”

Fu Xiu Yi shook his head, “Eldest Brother do not know the bitterness in my heart. In the face of the sudden and unexpected disaster that flew in, one cannot avoid it at all. I am a leisurely person and is not want power or riches. One only want to live freely. Those previous days, other than the matters on hand, I would not intervene in any other matter but once the Shen family matter came up, Imperial Father still view me with suspicion. The feelings of a father and child is just too thin.”

“Ninth Younger Brother, guard one’s mouth.” The Crown Prince jumped in shock and quickly stopped Fu Xiu Yi’s unfinished words, “All the parents in the world are the same. You are Imperial Father’s son so Imperial Father will not treat you like this. If one must blame, it is those vile characters.”

The matters that they were discussing were about the Shen family’s house being searched and possessions being confiscated. Even though Emperor Wen Hui tightly hid it but each Prince had informants in the Palace. Moreover there was the opening from Shen Wan’s end, thus the Princes knew clearly of the truth of the Shen family’s case. It was because of so, the Princes’ view of Fu Xiu Yi was especially different. Originally in the fight for the heir apparent, it would be fighting for one’s survival and another death and one had thought that the Ninth Prince did not ambitions and was happy on being a leisurely prince thus they did not deliberately target Fu Xiu Yi. Who knew that after this matter came out, one only realised that he had even buried pieces in the dark. In a fight, the most taboo thing was that the enemy was in the dark and one was in the light especially in a fight for everything under the Heavens. That was a big matter that a single small mistake could take the lives of the entire family. Prince Ding had been in the dark watching the fight for so long and perhaps wanted to be the fisherman that catches the sandpiper and clam when they war together.

Previously everyone was gracious to Prince Ding but now in everyone’s gazes of Fu Xiu Yi, it was the same as looking at an enemy. Fu Xiu Yi had given himself too many enemies in a short period of time.

After Fu Xiu Yi because the target of all the brothers, the first thing he did was to look for the Crown Prince.

No matter it was sincere or with false intentions, the Crown Prince was a softhearted master in front of everyone. He was very kind but was the easiest to deceive.

Just at this moment, he did not attack with ridicule and turned his head to comfort Fu Xiu Yi.

Fu Xiu Yi smiled, “Never mind. Let’s not talk about my matter and discuss about Eldest Brother’s.”

“Me?” The Crown Prince was somewhat baffled, “What matter do I have?”

“Now that everyone is fighting till skulls are broken and blood is flowing but Eldest Brother who is obviously the rightful heir, was overwhelmed by the momentum. This is not a good sign.” Fu Xiu Yi smiled, “Previously I did not like to partake in such matters and deliberately avoided it but who knew that trouble still came knocking. Since it is as such, why not actively come in. I intend to support Eldest Brother.”

The Crown Prince was startled as he had not expect that Fu Xiu Yi would say that. Afterwards he smiled bitterly before shaking his head, “Ninth Younger Brother’s sincere heart, I cannot not thank. It is just that… Ninth Younger Brother know my health. If I am healthy and strong, naturally one can compete but with my current body, it is already a question how long can it last. These things… Just follow one’s fate.” When he reached to the end, there was a faint sense of despair.

“Eldest Brother by no means should undervalue oneself. Eldest Brother is born from Her Ladyship, the Empress, and is the Crown Prince. Be it the situation or reasoning, you are the future master of Ming Qi. If this was to be given away, one fear that others will laugh that Ming Qi does not have people to succeed.”

“But I really do not have any abilities.” The Crown Prince was somewhat disheartened, “The high ranking officials look at my sicky body and are not willing to follow me. Even those previous followers, there are not many left now. Ninth Younger Brother asked me to fight but other than the empty title of the Crown Prince, what other abilities do I have to fight with?”

When Fu Xiu Yi heard of it, he however poured a drink for the Crown Prince and himself and took a sip before saying, “That is why at this time, Eldest Brother need a strong assistant.”

The Crown Prince shook his head, “A fine bird chooses a tree to nest in. How would those talented people choose me?”

“In fact Eldest Brother need not need to think so hard.” Fu Xiu Yi said, “It is indeed difficult to find many people with power. However the easy thing is that once one is able to find one strong and powerful assist, one would not need the rest of the followers. Or to say, as long as this person is found, the rest of the officials would also follow Eldest Brother’s side.”

“Ninth Younger Brother is referring to…” The Crown Prince was in doubt.

“The Formidable Great General, Shen Xin.” Fu Xiu Yi answered.

The Crown Prince was startled.

“Shen Xin holds the military power. In the front, the Shen family army will charge into the battle and at the back the Luo family army will bring up the rear fiercely. In the two years leaving the capital, the reputation among the commoners was not at all reduced and even the Qin country and Great Liang have to be somewhat courteous. With the help of General Shen, everyone opinion of Crown Prince would be higher. One would seek one’s way up just as water seeks its way down. Naturally followers will hear of it.”

When the Crown Prince heard Fu Xiu Yi’s words, he however smiled, “Ninth Younger Brother said it well. But Ninth Younger Brother knows that now that General Shen’s influence is illustrious and everyone’s thoughts are good of him. Moreover the rest of the brothers would also think so but why would General Shen choose me?”

“Because you are the Crown Prince.” Fu Xiu Yi said calmly, “If the rest of the brother chose General Shen, one fear that it will provoke Imperial Father’s anger but it is different from Eldest Brother. You are the rightful heir of the thrown and is the son that Imperial Father look most to. When General Shen land in your hands, it is a matter that Imperial Father is happy to see. It is a curse to others but a blessing to you. Such a large military power cannot land on another’s hand.”

The Crown Prince no longer smiled as what Fu Xiu Yi said was extremely reasonable. Emperor Wen Hui was very suspicious thus if it was Prince Zhou, Prince Li or even Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi, gained Shen Xin’s military power, it would only be the start of disaster for them as Emperor Wen Hui would not be kind to them. The Crown Prince was however different. Emperor Wen Hui had dislike that the Crown Prince’s influence was too weak and unable to have check and balances with the other Princes. Moreover the Crown Prince was then the future monarch in Emperor’s Wen Hui’s mind and naturally he hoped that he would have strong arms to help him.

“But why would General Shen choose me?” The Crown Prince still shook his head as he did not seem to be agreeing with Fu Xiu Yi. He said, “Partaking in these matter would be dangerous and General Shen does not need to wade in these troubled waters. He can live comfortably.”

Fu Xiu Yi smiled and said, “It is of no necessary for General Shen to choose Eldest Brother but Young Lady Shen can.”

The Crown Prince was startled.

Fu Xiu Yi lightly elaborated, “The Di born Fifth Young Lady of the Shen family, the pearl in General Shen’s hands, has reached the age to be engaged.”

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  1. Oh my gosh this guy just went and planted the idea to marry Shen Miao to the crown prince! The most horrible! Ugh!!! So annoying!!

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  2. I really don’t understand how Pei Lang sees FXY having quality of a monarch tbh, all of th Fu family are incredibly short sighted, not only so incredibly mentally challenged. LAST TRIBUTE, Qin country almost beat the Ming Qi and tks to both Shen and Xie family that they managed to pull out a win. So this time they decided to kill both military family. Is this the last Ming Qi tribute, are they nuts?
    Oh no worries, I hear Fu family supporter says, by the next Ming Qi tribute FXY would have military generals. Great, book worm generals without a single day on the field, can lift a halberd, but can’t handle logistic, can move troops, but can’t quell them. Are these people nuts? They don’t even have a military academy. It’s just like the French revolution, after the French revolution, all the military officers were killed, guess what, they lost on almost every war front when anti revolution gank squad turn on them. Only Napoleon managed to win, guess where did Napoleon learn from? (Now not to downplay his ingenuity, I’m trying to say that, having only paper generals are never good idea). And when Napoleon died (guess who killed him). France lose battle after battle, WW1 was an embarrassment (it was an embarrassment for both side, but the French was on the backfoot until the Brits intervened), WW2 the French leadership is still a joke to this day. The Ardenenes was warned to be crossable by tanks BEFORE the maginot line was built. Yup lol no, just gonna place a few wooden palisades there.
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