Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 106 (Part 1)

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Chapter 106: Separation of Family (Part 1)

Regarding the case in the Ding capital where Shen Yuan mistakenly killed Sun Cai Nan, the case was trialled in the most vigorous and fast manner never seen before. First, it was Sun Tian Zheng who submitted a report in court, requesting for Shen Yuan to pay a debt of blood with blood, and if it was not done then he would be forced to retire due to his old age, practically threatening Emperor Wen Hui that he would quit his job and responsibilities.

As compared to Shen Gui, the Minister of Personnel was clearly more important, and Sun Tian Zheng had already been in the position for many years and developed a network of connections, but if there was a sudden change of person, then one fear that there will be chaos. Emperor Wen Hui naturally had to appease Sun Tian Zheng. Secondly how would the censors, who usually point out the official’s mistakes, let go of a manslaughter case. Taking into consideration that Sun Tian Zheng had already lost a son and it would be difficult to talk about it, the censors focussed their impeachment on Shen Gui.

The most surprising thing was Shen Gui’s attitude. He knelt in front of Emperor Wen Hui and guaranteed with tears and snoot, that this matter was due to his failure to educate his son and was willing to place righteousness before family, and let Shen Yuan pay a life with a life.

When those words were reported, they stunned all the civil and military officials in court.

Even though those words seemed to be strictly impartial and incorruptible, he actually did not argue that his son did not start it first, but promised straightforwardly to pay a life with another life, which was just inhuman. Shen Gui was indeed smooth and slick in establishing social relations, but even a tiger, though cruel, would not devour its cubs. This move made those colleagues who usually had good relations with him, to remain at a respectful distance from now on.

The ministers stood at the side of Sun Tian Zheng in succession, and when Emperor Wen Hui asked the Princes’ opinions, all nine Princes invariably stood with Sun Tian Zheng. Even if one did not show one’s attitude, almost everyone knew where the case was heading towards.

Shen Yuan’s beheading order was to be carried out three days later. This was most likely the fastest beheading order in Ming Qi’s history, and there was practically no way to reverse the verdict or resist it, it was just a direct conviction. Even though there was the factor of the Sun family pushing the wave and adding to the billows, the Shen family’s inaction was the biggest reason. Even if other people were secretly pushing, it would not have mattered.

In the dark prison, Shen Yuan sat in the innermost cell. His hair was dishevelled and he had not washed for a few days, that now there was a sour smell coming out from him. His usually calm appearance now looked a little frantic and was covering up some brief sense of despair.

Someone sneaked in yesterday night and fed him mute medication so now he could not even speak. Shen Yuan himself knew who was the one that did that, and who possessed those remarkable abilities that one even dare to break into prison.

Fu Xiu Yi would not come to save him. Initially he still had a little strain of hope but after carefully thinking it through, he then knew that it would more harmful than helpful for Fu Xiu Yi to save him. That man was an expert in avoiding trouble so he would definitely not take this risk. On the contrary, Shen Yuan’s existence to Fu Xiu Yi had already became a chess piece that did not know it’s place. So naturally Fu Xiu Yi would eradicate without any mercy.

By feeding him a mute medication might not necessary mean that one did not want to kill him, but with Fu Xiu Yi’s cautious nature, most probably one fear that it might be suspicious if he died in the prison.

A bitter smile slowly appeared on Shen Yuan’s lips. If successful one was called a king and if defeated one was called a bandit. He had known what kind of person Fu Xiu Yi was at the beginning. When one work under Fu Xiu Yi, one must already be prepared that there was a possibility that one’s ending was as such, but he did not expect that the ending arrived so quickly.

There seemed to sound some footsteps in the darkness, and those footsteps were rather slow and sounded different from the wardens’. When he looked up towards the footsteps, he could only see a purple dress coming closer under the dim torch.

Walking forward, the young female had a delicate appearance and gave him a gentle smile as she looked at him, “Second Older Brother.”

Shen Yuan’s heart clogged up.

In the twinkling of an eye when he saw Shen Miao, a strong hatred and an unresigned feeling bursted out from his heart, making Shen Yuan want to kill Shen Miao at that every moment.

Even if one did not understand how things turned out to this point, one thing that Shen Yuan was very clear about, was that Shen Miao was definitely involved in it.

Shen Miao slowly squatted down and looked at Shen Yuan at the same eye level. She smiled, “Second Older Brother must definitely not be living well inside here. Second Shen has gone crazy, Second Shu is not willing to come and see you, Seventh Younger Brother is still young and under the care of Old Shen Furen, and speaking of which, Old Furen is the one that doted on you the most. But she gave an order yesterday that no one is allowed to mention your name in the residence, so it seem that she has given up on you. After much thought, since we are siblings, I have come to send you on your way.”

Shen Yuan was gnashing his teeth as he looked at Shen Miao. Words could kill and could destroy a person’s faith. And currently Shen Miao did not hesitate to twist the knife in his heart. Even though Shen Yuan’s feelings were thin but when one was in prison, it really made one’s heart cold when no one came to visit. Old Furen previously treated him well but it was because he was talented and intelligent, but now he had become a prisoner so Old Shen Furen would definitely quickly draw a line with the relationship, so that she would not get into trouble.

“Come to think about it, Second Older Brother and Eldest Sister are truly birth siblings, to both be imprisoned. But when Eldest Sister was imprisoned, Second Shen still ran around about it but now, there is no one doing it for you.”

Shen Yuan did not speak.

“Why is Second Older Brother not speaking?” Shen Miao tilted her head and looked at him, “It is not willing to speak to me or…” She suddenly smiled, “One was fed with mute medication?”

Shen Yuan was surprised for a moment as Shen Miao could actually guess that he was fed a mute medication. Before coming out of his thoughts, what Shen Miao said next, gave him a bigger shock.

“Seems like Fu Xiu Yi’s methods are still the same as usually, without any difference at all.” Shen Miao pondered.

Shen Yuan’s eyes widened as he heard Fu Xiu Yi’s name from Shen Miao’s mouth. How did Shen Miao know about him working for Fu Xiu Yi? Not to mention Shen Miao also used such a familiar tone, and from her words it was like she understood Fu Xiu Yi very well? The surprise in Shen Yuan’s heart could not be expressed in words. In the inner courtyard of the Shen residence, no matter how clever and smart Shen Miao’s means were, Shen Yuan would not think too highly of her because an unmarried young lady’s abilities stopped there. But when Shen Miao mentioned Fu Xiu Yi’s name, Shen Yuan could no longer continue looking with a normal heart.

“Second Older Brother need not be that surprised.” Shen Miao swept a glance at him and said, “Not only do I know about Fu Xiu Yi, I even have knowledge of his plans. If you want to inform Fu Xiu Yi about me and atone for one’s crimes by such meritorious acts then it is too late. His Highness Prince Ding is prudent and since you are fed with mute medication, then no one would be sent over here. There will not be any contact or dealings with you until after you die. Since the moment you become a discarded piece, he has nothing to do with you and will not let you have any means to implicate him.”

Shen Yuan’s heart started to beat frantically. Shen Miao’s words were not wrong, Fu Xiu Yi was that kind of person. That was why after yesterday, he was totally in despair as he waited for his death. One must not think about fighting till either the fish dies or the net splits because Fu Xiu Yi was never the gentleman that he appeared to be.

He reached his fingers out and dipped it into the water in the bowl before writing a few words on the dusty floor.

‘What is your purpose?’

Shen Miao suddenly laughed out loud. When she was laughing, her eyes arched and her lips curved and suddenly it was as if she had returned back to the idiot that she was a year before, looking somewhat stupid and with a mind that was willing to accept new ideas, but was really a young lady that did not understand anything. It was still obviously the same expression but it made one’s heart feel cold.

It was not easy for Shen Miao to stop laughing. She looked at Shen Yuan, “Can not Second Older Brother guess my purpose?”

‘You want to deal with the Second household?’ Shen Yuan wrote on the ground.

“Not only the Second household.” Shen Miao’s voice suddenly got softer and a little viciousness appeared. It was not possible to hold back the viciousness that even the killing intent overflowed. She said, “Also the Third household and also Old Furen. And also… Prince Ding.”

Shen Yuan stared at her fixedly.

“You want to ask why?” Shen Miao said, “I am only doing and showing what all you have done previously. Just like this time, do not Second Older Brother feel that the Jing family’s matter is somewhat familiar? It is because that was originally your method. How would you be able to get out of the predicament that you created?”

Shen Yuan looked at Shen Miao confused as he did not understand Shen Miao’s words, but only felt that at the moment Shen Miao’s expression was as if she had gone mad. Never mind about the hate towards the Second and Third households, since everyone was clear about it and only pretended to be harmonious with one another on the surface, but where did the hate towards Prince Ding came from? Merely because in the beginning one was in love with Prince Ding but did not get a response back?

“Second Older Brother.” Shen Miao smiled strangely, “You should thank this Younger Sister for having so many people accompanying you on your road to the underworld. Rest assured that after you, there would not be any other person in the Second household of the Shen family that will take your position. You will definitely be the Second household’s unrivalled eldest Di son.”

Shen Yuan glared at Shen Miao.

Shen Miao stood up and her voice gently carried into the darkness and fell heavily into Shen Yuan’s ears.

“The Second household will be without any descendants.”

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