Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 105 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 105: Pay With One’s Life For Murder (Part 2)

In the main hall of the Sun family, an entire room of concubines were kneeling on the ground, and at the middle of the hall there was a white cloth covering a body. Even it was so, the white cloth was somewhat contaminated with bloodstain.

Ever since Sun Furen knew that Sun Cai Nan was dead, she fainted and almost collapsed when she woke up. No matter how others consoled, she would not listen. Sun Tian Zheng was currently at his late years, but at this moment both of his eyes were bloodshot and his cheeks were slightly trembling.

There once was a travelling priest that did a calculation that predicted he would not have a son in his entire life, thus Sun Tian Zhen married numerous concubines but was still unable to have a son. It was with great hardship that Sun Furen was able to be pregnant with Sun Cai Nan and to Sun Tian Zheng, it was having a son at an old age. Thus he was spoilt since young and at the long run, Sun Cai Nan developed a lustful and playful character. Because Sun Tian Zheng’s position was high and had great power, he was afraid of provoking the tongues of the censors so he had long reminded Sun Cai Nan not to act ostentatiously. If he wanted to play around with female, then he should bring them back to the residence as concubines before playing. Sun Cai Nan did not serve as an official and only rested and sleep in the residence, thus there were not many that knew about him, much less the officials in court, who would not have any friendship with him.

Who knew that he would die under Shen Yuan’s hands. This time it really went accordingly to the priest’s words that Sun Tian Zheng would not have a son in his life.

“Shen Yuan…” Sun Tian Zheng was gritting his teeth, “I want him to pay with his life!”

“Master,” Sun Tian Zheng’s currently favoured concubine said with tears in her eyes, “One heard that the servants had brought back that female. When all is said and done it was that female that lead our Young Master to be at such a state. Master plan…”

Sun Tian Zheng coldly laughed, “Do not play her to death. Leave a living breath for Furen.”

The beloved concubine shuddered, these concubines had experienced Sun Furen’s method, now that Sun Furen was carrying the pain of death of her son, one fear that she would treat Jing Chu Chu in ways no one could think about.

“Only Shen Yuan can be touched in the Shen family but does the Jing family believe that they could get out of this safely?” A ka-cha sound was heard and it was Sun Tian Zheng who actually smashed the teacup in his hands. The pieces of the cup cut his hands and fresh blood was dripping down, but he was undeterred as he hatefully spoke, “I want everyone in their Jing family to be buried with Yuan-er!”

The entire capital was talking about the matter of Shen Yuan killing the only son of the Minister of Personnel and in Prince Ding’s residence, Dong Hao was standing in the hall bowing at the person sitting above.

One of Fu Xiu Yi’s hands was gently circling the rim of the teacup as he thought, “Originally one wanted to present the Shen family report to Imperial Father tomorrow, but this for thing to happen to Shen Yuan today.”

“The evidence Shen Yuan have on hand is not complete. Your Highness, do we use any method to dig the words out?”

“No need.” Fu Xiu Yi waved his hands, “The things that Shen Yuan gave is enough. Even if I hope for it to be more complete, I cannot lend a helping hand on this matter.”

“Your Highness meant to ignore Shen Yuan?” Dong Hao asked,

“It would be fine if it was other, but it is unfortunately Sun Tian Zheng and he is Prince Zhou’s people. Prince Zhou will definitely get involved with the matter and if I were to lend a hand, it would only let Prince Zhou be alert. This trouble that Shen Yuan has caused is just too big.” Fu Xiu Yi shook his head.

Dong Hao was silent for a moment, “But at that time Shen Yuan will struggle till either the fish dies or the net splits, what if he were to mention Your Highness?”

“Shen Yuan is used to hiding a hand behind, so one must naturally prevent what you said from happening.” Fu Xiu Yi looked at the cup in his hands, “So not only one will not help Shen Yuan, one will have to urge the Ministry of Justice to quickly take action. It would inevitably cause suspiciousness if one were to kill Shen Yuan in the prison, so think of ways to feed him some things.”

Dong Hao quickly complied and asked Fu Xiu Yi, “Will Your Highness be submitting the report tomorrow?”

“No.” Fu Xiu Yi kneaded his forehead, “This matter will cause shockwaves but it would not be as loud if one were to submit the report now. Wait a little.” He suddenly opened his eyes, “But you better investigate carefully who had a grudge with Shen Yuan recently.”

Dong Hao was surprised, “Your Highness meaning is that someone is up to mischief in the background?”

“Shen Yuan is never impulsive and this time he killed someone impulsively, and that person was actually Sun Tian Zheng’s only son. Do not you find that this is just too coincidental? Moreover how would Shen Yuan just encounter Jing Chu Chu cheating? It is very strange.”

“Could it be that Shen Yuan was schemed by others?” Dong Hao said, “If all these events were controlled then that person must be very familiar with Shen Yuan.”

“To be able to force Shen Yuan to such a state.” Fu Xiu Yi said, “This person cannot stay alive. The chess pieces I cultivated for many years are not to be destroyed by others.” When he said that, Fu Xiu Yi’s eyes turned dark. He did not looked as simple as he seemed. This chess piece, Shen Yuan, was carefully cultivated by him for so many years, not because Shen Yuan was resourceful but most importantly because Shen Yuan was from the Shen family. As to Shen Yuan’s position, there were many things that could be done easier if he were to do it. But now he had no choice but to give up a rook to save the king. This carefully cultivated confidant could no longer be useful in the future.

Not to mention, that he fell into such a clumsy and crude trap.

“This subordinate will definitely investigate carefully.” Dong Hao said, “It is fortunate that Shen Yuan had given the things to Your Highness before the accident.”

Fu Xiu Yi said, “Unfortunately, one still need to wait.”

At another end, in the higher floors of the Feng Xian Pawnshop, Ji Yu Shu’s palms were together as he grinned from ear to ear, “Just marvellous. Shen Young Lady indeed do not take much action but when she does, it is amazing. Originally, tomorrow it would be Shen Xin’s turn to fall into misfortune, but at the end Shen Yuan went to jail. This is really a good timing.”

“It is just a coincidence.” Gao Yang rolled his eyes at him, “Most likely Shen Miao would not know of the matter.”

“Do not care if she knows or not, anyways I have won the bet with you.” Ji Yu Shu triumphantly said, “Bring the silver over to the pawnshop and hand it over to Hong Ling.”

Gao Yang was silent for a moment but still said, “Perhaps Shen Yuan had never thought that he would fall into such a low and inferior trap.”

Because of his fiancée’s betrayal and jealousy, one accidentally killed the adulterer. No matter how one hear it, it was not glorious at all. No matter if it was the adulterer, the woman that did not follow the ways of a married women or the cuckold husband’s family, when people discussed about the matter, they would only take it as a joke. Shen Yuan had talent and knew tolerance, moreover he was valued heavily by Fu Xiu Yi when he just returned to the capital. If time permitted it, he would have been a person of talent that would not be overlooked by the people, but who knew that he would tragically end in such an embarrassing way.

Although this looked like a joke but the ending was very grim. This was because the person he killed was the only son of Sun Tian Zheng.

“Sun Tian Zhen will be submitting a report tomorrow. Gao Yang, do you think that this Shen Yuan will pay for his life?” Ji Yu Shu asked.

“What do you think Shen Miao would do?” Gao Yang asked an irrelevant question.

“What does this got to do with Shen Young Lady?” Ji Yu Shu was confused.

“This man-made trap of Shen Miao, have you seen anyone retreating safely after stepping into it. From the Prince Yu case you should already seen that her trap was never only one action. As to dealing with Shen Yuan, it would not be otherwise.”

“You are saying that she still have moves behind?” Ji Yu Shu asked, “The most, would be paying up with Shen Yuan’s life. What else does she want?”

“I feel that Shen Yuan was only one of it.” Gao Yang shook his head and his expression could not help but become grimmer, “If she were to take action, one feel that it would not be one person that is impacted.”

Ji Yu Shu was silent for a moment before seriously asking, “What kind of deep hatred does Shen Young Lady and the rest of the Shen family have, to be so at such a scale. Even though it is absolutely horrifying but thinking of it, there should be a reasoning. Could it be that the Shen family had done someone unforgivable to her?”

There must be other secret things that made a young lady to take such cruel steps and schemes. It is just that Even Bai Xiao Sheng could not find it out, but it was unjustifiable if it was because the Shen family used secret means to raise her as an idiot.

Gao Yang shook his head, “I also do not know but her actions are too public. This time letting Shen Yuan go to prison and since he is Prince Ding’s people. Once Prince Ding suffer losses, he would definitely notice her. The people that were sent out also say that Prince Ding’s subordinates are investigating the matter.”

“It is not good for Shen Young Lady to go against Prince Ding.” Ji Yu Shu was worried, “Prince Ding’s thoughts are deep and his means are very treacherous. Once he finds out that it was caused by Shen Young Lady’s hands, one do not know what will be done in the future.”

“Do not worry.” Gao Yang said, “I however feel that Shen Miao is very familiar with Prince Ding, so perhaps she had already considered Prince Ding’s intervention when she did what she did. Instead of worrying about her, one might as well worry about oneself.” Gao Yang looked at Ji Yu Shu, “Have your found the person Third Xie wanted you to find?”

“Ke.” Ji Yu Shu touched his nose, “I will immediately send someone.”


“Did not think that the internal Shen family was that chaotic. Such a big performance in the beginning of spring this year, what about the future?”

“Ahyaya. Gentleman Sun, who was like a prince, fell in love with a common young female and because of vying the affections with another, one was death and the other was injured. Is not this a scene from a play?”

“From my opinion, that common young female look really mediocre, and one do not know why both gentlemen would be so blind to fight for her affections. It would be better for the two gentlemen to be together.”

“Huo Long, are you reading some strange books again lately?”

The black clad female tugged at her long hair and spoke in a charming way, “Is not what I said correct? For men to start fighting, one must at least have my good looks.”

“Really very spirited.” A sudden loud voice sounded and when the group of black clad people who were squatting and playing heard that voice, each one of them stood up like the greatest enemy had descended and looked at the person in front.

The purple clad youth’s brows were handsome but they were even more arrogant at night. His eyes swept across everyone, “Why not continue speaking?”

Everyone lowered their head and did not speak.

Xie Jing Xing turn around and left. It was only when he was far away from the group of people, he stopped and smiled self-deprecatingly, “The little girl do have some means.”

His eyes hanged down before looking at the starless dark skies and softly said, “But I have no more time.”

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  1. thanks for translating
    Prince ding will not allow shen yuan to come out of that prison. most probably shen yuan will confess about evidence to empress to get her and first house hold help.
    I think empress provoked Prince ding on purpose she has been very quiet about dealing with him…. I think we got our next cannon fodder

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    Why doesn’t our ML have time? Could it be something big is about to happen to his family? There was a slight mention about how our FMC and his family is in similar straits.
    I knew that horrible prince was gonna pull that crap. Knew he wasn’t going to save SY and cover himself. Looks like SY gonna be eating something that won’t kill him to avoid suspicion but definitely will weaken him? or maybe lose his mind!
    JCC is getting her just desserts now XD A good end to her family and her in my opinion.
    Thank you for the chapter. Waiting for SY execution now and more info on what kind of things they want to use against the Shen’s and Xie’s.
    -sigh- Too much power gets you chopped, not enough gets you chopped,,, just can’t survive in these periodss XD

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  3. Why do I get a feeling that Shen Miao definitely or has some idea of Prince Ding and Shen Yuan’s plan to bring the Shen Family down…?

    And that her next moves will involve some sort of negotiation with Shen Yuan or something to implicate Prince Ding…

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    • Since the prince married her and used the shen family in the past, there was no need to destroy it with this evidence, so she may not know of this particular plot. But she definitely will use SY to pull the prince into her arena. Pull him out of scheming in the shadows where she can handle him easier.

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      • Yes… that would be quite interesting to see how she uses her wit to counterattack against these new developments. So far she has done things according to what happened in the past life. Now will be her chance to prove the great mastermind that she is.

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    • I feel XJX is a rebirth more and more each chapter. That last sentence feels like he knows his death is near.

      It would make sense that he feels he needs to sacrifice SM’s family to live since in the last life it was his family that was eliminated. Its logical that he would be scared of a FXY and SM deal.

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      • Yes…l Always thought XJX is not reincarnated… He so smart, know what will happen but do not have meaning to stop them.. before it seems he always wait until plan 100% sure or to lazy to eradicate small problem… That is why he got attacked from all around him and die, now because his meeting with SM, his actions is difference from the past…he move even though his plan not 100 %, he deals with his brothEric even though he view them as small problem… So the conclusion before he was to careful now because of SM moves he got inspired by them and make moves almost similar to SM

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    Thanks for the chapter

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  5. “From my opinion, that common young female look really mediocre, and one do not know why both gentlemen would be so blind to fight for her affections. It would be better for the two gentlemen to be together.”

    Fujoshi alert, lol

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    • Ahahahaha, that was my exact thoughts when I read that line! Wow, a yaoi reader among the ninja special forces, she is hilarious. I can just imagine her bio if one was ever written for her:

      Name: Huo Long
      Hobbies: Practising assasination techniques, reading yaoi novels.

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    • I doubt he wants JCC buried together with his son. That is only possible if JCC is his wife.
      He wants SY and JCC along her family family buried together because both caused his son’s death. Its implied he can’t touch the whole Shen family. SX is military general and SG and SW are officials.

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      • No that’s not what I meant. I meant if he wanted to bury them with Shen yuan or his son since he wouldn’t called shen yuan ‘yuan-er’ and most like might’ve referred to his own son who was already​ dead. In short im asking if it is a typo or not.

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      • As for buried together, I think it’s just a figurative speech meaning he wants them dead as well rather than literally buried together in s grave.

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    Btw, what is our ML doing exactly? He is like some undercover agent sometimes -_-

    Thank u so much for translating ^^/

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    • Because anyone who knows anything notices the way Shen Yuan has been going around several places/government offices, asking questions.

      If they have their own people planted there, they can easily find out the questions he’s asking as well as the sort of information he’s looking for. One can then infer his targets if he’s been asking about troop movements, or military assignations, or logistic records pertaining to the region that is General Shen’s responsibility. Of course, this sort of thing happens in the background and isn’t spotlighted at all because we mostly follow Shen Miao’s perspective.

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    • To be fair, she doesn’t hold him in her heart either. They’re really just two players in the great game who happen to have keener insights about each other than most people. I imagine that their thoughts go more or less like this:

      Xie Jing Xing: I can see her, and she can also see me, unfortunately.
      Shen Miao: Oh, _him_. He’s rather…inconvenient.

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  11. Thanks for the translation and editing!

    The second act of the play has begun to gain steam! I don’t mind if people call me sociopathic, because I really couldn’t help but laugh at the scale of Shen Yuan’s misfortune.

    Shen Yuan had been really desperate in jail the last time we saw him, hadn’t he? Whatever bits of additional knowledge that he has to bring Shen Xin down, other than the report he’d given to Fu Xiu Yi, is definitely _not_ worth smearing the Prince’s name with mud. He hasn’t even gathered enough force yet or take out all the other rival princes! How the hell does helping Shen Yuan be in FXY’s interest? The sooner he made peace with his death, the easier it would be for him.

    On the other hand, if he wants to desperately try to grasp at any chance to get out, even if it meant kissing someone’s feet, I’d be rooting for him to do that too. It would be even more entertaining to see someone as proud and confident as he is to be reduced to a blubbering mess in his pathetic desperation.

    I’m currently also rooting for Sun Tian Zheng to also channel his rage towards the Jing family. Go Minister Sun! The herd of greedy piggies hasn’t yet noticed the danger they’re in! If you move fast enough, you can get all of them and get a royal flush!

    Ahem. Right. Beyond that farce entering its second act, we see the scarier shadow of Fu Xiu Yi finally noticing the moves that Shen Miao makes, and is determined to get to the roots of Shen Yuan’s fall. I think Shen Miao herself is fully aware that to make plays on this scale is to draw the attention of her ex-husband. I’m curious about what she had been preparing to shield herself from his possible probes or to counter his moves. After all, Shen Miao’s advantage is not only because she has previous-life knowledge, but also because she’d been _Empress_. She _knows_ how the nobles play politics in the capital, and she’d know that it isn’t FXY’s style to ignore an unseen threat.

    I’m also rather impatient in trying to see what danger or threat that Xie Jing Xing has been preparing/countering against all this time. It’s just too bad that we don’t see his enemies enough to have an inkling about what he had to deal with. He struck me as someone very intelligent and cunning, but not necessarily someone with future-knowledge like Shen Miao. After all, Fu Xiu Yi successfully schemed his way to the throne without such knowledge, why wouldn’t Xie Jing Xing be able to spread his intelligence agents, identify threats and take them down without it?

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    • The fortunate thing is that during the planning or execution stage Shen Miao cover her tracks very well, she always used a proxy to do what she want (either by leading them to an action or getting someone to strike for her) so it would not be traced back to her. No matter what FXY does, he would not be able to trace it to her and can only be suspicious about her since so many things happen around her. Lets see what FXY does and what SM does to counter him 😛

      As for XJX, he is playing in a diff game and this is only one small part in his grand plans

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    • Yes. I could only think either an enemy has planted insiders among Shen Xin’s subordinates, or Shen Xin was forced to make his own personal judgement due to special circumstances and thus had to defy the dragon’s decree.

      Also, one of the ways I could think of for Shen Miao to counter the ‘evidence’ if Prince Dic–cough Prince Ding decided to submit it, is by making Shen Xin submits it first, together with concise explanation, full reports on what happened and also application for amnesty. That way they could perhaps receive lighter or perhaps even zero punishment.


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  12. Shen Miao hinted in an earlier chapter how she’ll deal with the Imperial family trying to destroy her Shen First Household.

    I’m guessing she’ll turn the public against the Imperial family if they dared. (Baio Xiao Sheng can be a tool in this). What ruler can rule without the public’s consent? (There’s an excerpt from Chapter 35 below).

    Another possibility: because Shen Miao asked Shen Xin and family to stay, the Northern border is undefended by a strong commander. It’s possible Shen Miao knows of an attack that will come. I’m sure that will be a factor in her plan if there was one coming.

    If the border was overrun and the capital under threat, it’s insanity to kill your best generals.


    Here is the earlier chapter I’m talking about, from Chapter 35 of this story:

    Shen Miao during the Academy Show-offs: “I was thinking that for everyone to could calmly enjoy and appreciate Chrysanthemum today, the reason was because there are brave warriors that are guarding the borders. It is a pity that I am unable to do anything for them but to paint a white Chrysanthemum in a scene of the yellow soil to comfort their brave souls.”

    Later on, she thought:

    “Didn’t the Heavenly family of Ming Qi want to deal with the large and influential aristocratic families and deal with the Shen family? But the world was large and everyone’s eyes could see and everyone’s ears could listen. Stopping people’s mouth was more difficult than damming rivers so she would preemptively strike first. Since the Heavenly family wants to use the General residence as an example, then she would want the entire world to watch.

    Look, the Shen family risk their lives to achieve meritorious services, the Shen family used their lives to defends the walls of Ming Qi. The peace and prosperity that you noble youths were enjoying now were all built on the blood and flesh of those that were cut down on the battlefield!

    Trampling on the blood of the soldiers, did the Ming Qi Imperial family still dared to suppress them with great fanfare?

    If you dared then don’t be afraid of the eyes of everyone in the world!”

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    I have a feeling SM is already looking for the ‘evidence’. The author kinda subtly laying the clues which is fun because she writes it in a way we overlook it.
    The author also notes a lot that SM’s been reading which is out of character ever since she transmigrated. Then in chapter 92 part 1, specifically military books.
    Makes sense because SX’s power is his military army.

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    • Thanks for supporting!! One of the reason this novel is so exciting is that we only see things from SM view and we only see what was actually done on the surface and not the inner workings of SM mind… Just like her personal maids…

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    So even though SM don’t like XJX she is still tried to got XJX not fall… and because of that they will interact more in the future

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  18. He’s going to mess her plans up which I don’t like she suffered unimaginable torture her past life. Now this life she should be allowed revenge


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