Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 106 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 106: Separation of Family (Part 2)

When one went outside, the warden naturally left with satisfaction and guaranteed that this would not be leaked to outsiders. Jing Zhe and Gu Yu helped Shen Miao into the carriage and Gu Yu asked, “Young Lady, is it true that Second Young Master will be executed in three days’ time?”

Shen Miao nodded her head.

“It is really like a dream.” Gu Yu murmured, “A few days back Second Young Master was still that arrogant but now have to give up one’s life.”

“Life should be as such.” Shen Miao said coldly.

After detecting that Shen Miao’s mood was not very good at the moment, Jing Zhe and Gu Yu stuck out their tongue and no longer spoke. After returning back to the Shen residence, one saw that there were a number of people gathering in the main hall. Upon a closer look, it was the Jing family.

Jing Furen was making an unreasonable scene, “You all return my Chu Chu to me! Return my Chu Chu to me!”

Old Shen Furen was so angry that her face was livid and directly called the servants, “Still do not throw these people out!?”

“Old Furen.” Jing Guan Sheng, who had changed from his previous refined appearance, said viciously, “Our Chu Chu entered your residence perfectly fine but was taken away, and now one do not know if she is dead or alive. Even if this matter is brought up to the authorities, you are still at wrong.”

Old Shen Furen was so angry that she cursed, “Still have the cheek to speak! That little slut has harmed my family to what kind of state? If she was not a bearer of ill luck then how would the Shen family be involved in a lawsuit!”

“Old Furen do guard one’s tongue.” Jing Guan Shen said, “At that time we did say that there must be someone behind it. My Younger Sister’s personal maid later disappeared, do not you think it is strange? Someone definitely bought her!”

The womenfolk were all present in the hall and Chen Rou Qiu looked in front with somewhat of a headache. Shen Yue was looking disgusted at the Jing family while Luo Xue Yan had put on an attitude as if this did not concern her. Wan YiNiang held Shen Dong Ling’s hand and stood quietly at the side as she had no position to say anything.

“Biao Older Brother has dragged the topic too far. Can all the offences be pushed to a personal maid and all the troubles can be solved?” Shen Miao’s voice sounded, “After all the matter is about having an illicit affair with another, and a maid cannot force it out.”

The words of ridicule made Jing Guan Sheng face turn red and white. Everyone looked towards the door as Shen Miao walked in. There was never a time when Old Shen Furen loved Shen Miao like today, as long one can stop the pestering and annoying Jing family, her heart could be better handled.

Luo Xue Yan happily pulled Shen Miao over to her side, “Jiao Jiao went out for so long, are you tired?”

Jing Furen was still crying, “You are blood relatives with Father and Chu Chu also have your blood flowing in her. How could one be so cruel, oh Heavens, Old Furen are you forcing us to death?”

It had gotten onto Old Shen Furen’s nerves, “Who is blood relatives with you all? A bunch of poor family come to the capital to seek gratuitous financial support, and want to seek connections with me? Go and pour out a bag of urine to look at yourself. Really think that with just that little good looks one can do whatever one want? Really from a small family, an entire body of foul air, such a young age and already know how to seduce men…” Old Shen Furen got anxious and used cursing words that were used in a marketplace. It was so extremely vulgar that for a moment those people who heard them were shocked.

After a long while, Jing Guan Sheng suddenly smiled, “Old Furen, you are really this ruthless? Really want to stand idly by on the matter of Chu Chu?”

“What does Jing Chu Chu got to do with me? What a joke!” Old Shen Furen did not hesitate to answer.

“Alright.” Jing Guan Sheng laughed coldly and suddenly glanced at Shen Miao before saying, “Since you want to destroy the bridge after crossing, then do not blame me for not having the spirit of loyalty. In the beginning you were the one who let Chu Chu climb onto Shen Qiu’s bed, and also wanted me to think of ways to gain Shen Miao’s favour. At that time you were not as ruthless as now.”

When those words were spoken, everyone was startled.

They were shocked that even though they had guessed there was an insider planning behind the scenes, they had never imagine that Jing Guan Sheng would say those words in front of everyone.

The one who was most shocked was Luo Xue Yn.

She looked towards Jing Guan Sheng and slowly asked, “What did you say?”

Jing Guan Shen did not even take Old Shen Furen furious face in any regard, and said as if the jar was broken, “Biao Shen most likely is not aware. At the beginning when Chu Chu and me came to the Shen residence, Old Furen treated us very warmly. Why was that so? She said that she loved us siblings and wished to be in-laws with the Jing family. But– How could Eldest Biao Brother would take a fancy with our small family’s Chu Chu? At that time Old Furen personally expedited the drugs, one must be feeling the urgency to facilitate the marriage but did not think that at the end, it was Second Biao Older Brother who gotten advantaged of.”

Luo Xue Yan was so angry that she was trembling and she suddenly pulled the sword from her waist and pointed at Jing Guan Sheng’s neck.

Jing Guan Shen’s expression changed but still forced out a smile and said, “This time Biao Shen got the wrong person. We siblings know our worth and without Old Furen’s supervision, how do one dare to think about it? Moreover in the matter of the drugging it was Old Furen who took the lead. Should not Biao Shen blame others?”

Luo Xue Yan turned her head and stared at Old Shen Furen with a murderous aura. Old Shen Furen was so scared that she almost fell from her seat, “Eldest family, you want to kill Mother!”

“Old Furen not only wanted Chu Chu to marry Eldest Biao Brother, but also wanted me to gain Biao Younger Sister’s favour.” Jing Guan Sheng laughed frivolously, “And still said that the love between a male and female are just like this, after the raw rice was cooked, one will be whole-heartedly…”

Luo Xue Yan could not carry on listening and brandished her sword on the ground. The ground was made of good quality stone but after her strike, there was actually a clear crack. Jing Furen screamed in fright and Old Shen Furen’s face turned white.

Shen Yue and Chen Rou Qiu shuddered and Wan YiNiang was surprised in her heart, as she did not think that Old Shen Furen would even use such a cheap method. It was not surprising for common womenfolk or YiNiangs to use such methods, but Old Shen Furen was a head of a family and it was simply unsightly to use such a means.

Luo Xue Yan pulled Shen Miao with one hand and pointed a sword at Old Shen Furen with the other. She was really angry and a murderous air was fuming out from her head, which made others believe without hesitation that she would pounce onto Old Shen Furen, and cut her head off. She said, “Old Furen, ever since I married into the Shen residence, I and Shen Xin have treated you with respect and deep feelings. Even though you are not his birth mother, my husband and me still respected you. But now I know that there are such things as white eyed wolves in this world. I cannot stay any longer in this kind of Shen family.”

“Eldest family, you must not listen to his nonsense!” Old Shen Furen intentions were not dead, “Are you going to be unfilial?”

“If it is nonsense, one would know after investigating. As for bringing up unfilial.” Luo Xue Yan sneered and spoke every single word clearly, “Even if this mother carry the unfilial name, I will not let my children follow such people!” She pulled Shen Miao, “Let us go!”

No matter how furious Old Shen Furen was behind, how pestering the Jing family were or how Chen Rou Qiu would mediate, all these things were not important. When Shen Miao was pulled toward the Western courtyard by Luo Xue Yan her heart felt very carefree.

This was what she wanted to achieve. Sometimes the intensity of one side of the story was not enough for one’s feelings, not because one was unwilling to believe but because dividing a family up was not an easy thing to do. This involved a lot of entangled interests, and there was a possibility of carrying many curses or bad reputation. In order for Shen Xin to be determined to separate from the family, was not an easy thing to do.

But after today, the matter of separating from the family would be much easier. At least from now onwards, Shen Xin and Luo Xue Yan would no longer have a trace of mercy for Old Shen Furen. This was the instinctive protection that parents have when facing people who harm one’s children.

When Luo Xue Yan pulled Shen Miao back into the room, she first shut the doors and took a breath before smiling coldly, “Your Father and Older Brother went to the Palace today, and one should really let them see for themselves what kind of trash those people are!” After speaking she seemed to suddenly remembered something and looked at Shen Miao before slightly apologising, “Jiao Jiao, you must be frightened. Mother was really just too angry just now.”

Shen Miao shook her head and looked at her, “What do we do next? Mother had said those words to Old Furen, one fear that Old Furen will use this matter to fault Mother.”

“What is there to fear.” Luo Xue Yan slammed the table, “Wait till your Father returns, we will discuss about separating from the family. Everyone in the Shen residence do not have good intentions. If this goes on, who knows what else will happen.” She caressed Shen Miao’s face, “No wonder you wanted us to stay in the capital for half a year, is it that you… Already knew about it?”

Shen Miao smiled without saying a word and it made Luo Xue Yan feel that she had guessed correctly. She got up and said, “This would not do, I better go and investigate this matter. I will let the guards outside guard the courtyard doors. It is better for you not to go out.” Practically treating the Shen residence as a dangerous spot where the dragon’s pool and the tiger’s den were.

Shen Miao nodded her head and after Luo Xue Yan went out, Jing Zhe asked, “Young Lady, is it really possible to separate from the family?”

“Of course.” Shen Miao lightly said, “My Mother is a person who is unable to tolerate a single sand in her eye, so naturally there is a need for separation.”

“This is great.” Jing Zhe said, “After separating from the family then Young Lady will have more freedom to do anything and also do not need to guard against this or that.”

Bai Lu walked in and said to Shen Miao, “Young Lady, Tao Yuan is already sent away and have currently arranged to be settled in a village and was given money.”

Shen Miao nodded her head.

It was extremely easy to bribe Tao Yuan, Jing Chu Chu’s personal maid. Jing Chu Chu had intended to marry Shen Yuan and then raise Tao Yuan to a YiNiang and capture Shen Yuan’s heart. But there was no possibility for that to happen because Shen Yuan was extremely disgusted to be schemed against and if Tao Yuan was really raised up to a YiNiang, Shen Yuan would also not treat her well. But Jing Chu Chu still thought she had conferred Tao Yuan a big grace, not knowing that Tao Yuan was already bought by others.

She was not willing to be a concubine and also did not want to follow a mistress like Jing Chu Chu, so Tao Yuan gambled with her life and finally got her freedom. Shen Miao did not disappoint her promise to Tao Yuan, and gave her money and protected her life. Those at the top position must know how to apply the carrot and stick judiciously toward the servants below.

After today, everything would go accordingly to what she wanted to do. Gu Yu said, “After Second Young Master is beheaded, the residence would most probably calm down. To separate from the family now is most appropriate.”

Shen Miao smiled slightly. How could it calm down. Not speaking about the Jing family that will be left to the Sun Tian Zheng to settle, the Second household’s people were not exterminated yet.

“Second Shen must be very sad to hear about Second Older Brother being beheaded.” Shen Miao lightly said.

“Has not Second Furen gone crazy?” Gu Yu was surprised when she heard this, “One would not have any sanity when one gone crazy. Hearing from the people in Cai Yun Yuan, Second Furen could not even recognise people so how could she know about this matter?”

“Gone crazy?” Shen Miao shook her head, “That might not be necessarily so.”

When people was in a painful state of despair, one would use ‘craziness’ to escape from the reality that one was unable to face. The most painful thing for Ren Wan Yun was nothing more than her ‘inaction’ on that night in the Wo Long Temple, which lead Shen Qing to the final end one step at a time. She was unable to make any change and could only watch as Shen Qing died. She was unable to face the death of Shen Qing and was unable to face herself so she finally went ‘crazy’.

Now once the message of Shen Yuan’s death is send back, presumably she would be even more crazy because she could not help with Shen Yuan’s matter at all.

Actually Ren Wan Yun’s crazy timespan was not long. Whether she chose to continue being crazy would depend if she could gradually accept these facts. One think that in not much time Ren Wan Yun would wake up because she still had Shen Yuan Bo, and would fear that Shen Yuan Bo would fall into the poisonous hands of Wan YiNiang.

Shen Miao wanted to let Ren Wan Yun ‘wake up’ in advance.

What she wanted to deal was never a person, but the entire bloodline of the family. After selecting the Second household, how could she stop moving forward after letting the Second household only lose a pair of children?

What she want was, Shen Gui to be without offspring for three generations.

(Translator laughing evilly behind the keyboard… BURN 2ND HOUSEHOLD BURN!!!)

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  1. Thank you for your hard work on translating this novel… I really love this novel and i can’t wait to read when Shen Miao will get her revenge on Fu Xiu Yu… I love how SM is always a step ahead of those who tried to plot against her even when she sometimes not really sure the kind of plot that others want to inflict her…
    Furthermore i like how the male lead XJX does not show any love interest in her at first like other novel… It makes me wonder how will he finally like SM…

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    • I realized that even if she has the advantage of knowing a lot of things from the future there are still things she won’t know (like the fact that Shen Yuan giving evidence to Fu Xiu Yu against her father).
      I love so much how thoughtful are her plans (always made in a few stages/steps). I’m also really curious about Marquis Xin in comparison to the previous life – it seems he was really smart and had his own plans so I wonder why did he had such a bad ending? Of course now with Shen Miao things are changing so it is making him push his plans too.
      I am a little thrilled that despite the fact that he wants to help even his own enemies to get rid of Shen family he still goes to save Shen Miao, but yet still plan to take her family down.

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  2. I kinda feel bad for Shen Yuan Bo since he’s still a child at least i think so.I’m still willing to follow the Empress to the End.Burn second household Burn!!!💣💣.Your next Prince Dingdong

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    I was laughing so much with your las comment: Burn 2nd household, burn!!
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  4. I feel bad that this also includes YiNiang and daughter. She even helped a bit by saying that no one had gone into the tea room so how do they know it’s SQ. I guess we’ll see how they come out of it, but with her saying SG has no offspring, that includes the ‘sickly’ one whose name is escaping me atm.

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    • It also includes Shen Yuan Bo. I don’t remember, did he do something to her in the past life? And that girl’s name you forgot is Shen Dong Ling but I thought she was killed and didn’t have much to do with Shen Miao in the past life.

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  5. I really hope Shen Yuan’s evidence against the first household comes to Shen Miao’s knowledge soon. And before it is used against them!

    On a side note with each new chapter I read I dread the fact that I am catching up with the latest updates when I will have to wait till the next update but I can’t slow down my pace at all!!! 😖

    Thank you sooo much for allowing us to read this magnificent story!!! 😁

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  6. I think she is going too far….should of just killed the mother tbh, she is the one to raise her children that way and the one to enact such ploys…I mean even the unborn child of maoi sister…even though it’s the bastard of a rapist it’s still a kid and now she is set on killing a toddler….wth…..she dosent even know their fates since after she died, their fates could of been just as cruel if not crueler….she lost her children so I can’t help but think she is spiteful to inflict that heart wrenching pain even in revenge….haaa…I read on with a heavy heart


  7. I wonder how the youngest of the 2nd family branch turned out to be, as I know, our Empress only aims at those at fault. (The only innocents she’s killed indirectly so far has to be the concubines of the kinky freak Yu and slaves/servants that were sold to his estate)


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    Is not cool. Cos i am the ally of justice. A tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye. But hor. I dont like collaterall damage. Also technically in this lifetime. They have not done her wrong yet other than bullied her and make fun of her.

    And now she wants to kill Shen Yuan Bo also? Its not fun to read anymore.

    Also since first ch. She always have the upper hand from all the scheme. The antagonist in this life time look weak. And easily defeated by her only in 1 or 2 plots. Its boring. Like come on none of them actually bother to investigate a little. Is not a mind blowing scheme duh.

    I guess the only thing that interest me now is how xjx easily died in the previous lifetime if he is so powerful in this lifetime?

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    I am already quiet disapointed that Shen Yuan ended like that. The author build up his character as an intelligent bla bla bla. And yet lazily cut his screen time by accidentally manslaughter someone. Like come on. He was defending himself from oncoming attack. And his crime warrant a capital punishment? Like who can actually can accept it. Like the authour violently insult my the reader intelligence.

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  10. “What she want was, Shen Gui to be without offspring for three generations.”

    What? This is getting ridiculous. Counterattacking people that hurt you is okay, but this is a baby!


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