The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 35 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 35: Settling Accounts After Autumn (Part 2)

The next day Chu Jin Yao went over to Madam Zhao’s place to report before returning to her room and did needlework by the window. Now that her hands were suddenly no longer tight, she not only had money, but also lots of silk, threads and colourful fabrics that could fill two entire chests. Previously, she had nothing on hand and thus was unable to do anything, but now that she had suddenly become wealthy, Chu Jin Yao had the mood to make the clothes she liked.

She used to fiddle with these things in the past, but unfortunately, the Su family was poor and thus the sisters’ clothes had to be sewn and mended until it could no longer be worn. Upon returning to the residence of Marquis Chang Xing, the Chu family had money, but none of it belonged to her as she relied on the common fund, so how could she have excess fabric to fiddle around with? Now, things had finally improved. She had two boxes of fabrics, so no one could criticise whatever she did.

Chu Jin Yao sighed as she threaded the needle. Just two months ago, she might not have dared to imagine that one day she would be able to own thirty silver taels and two chest of fabrics. However, it was a pity that Qin Yi was no longer around and she had no way to tell him these things. The even sadder thing was that other than Qin Yi, Chu Jin Yao had no one else to share such things with in this big household.

As Chu Jin Yao thought about it, she became somewhat lost in thoughts. The curtain suddenly parted and Jie Geng’s voice sounded, “Young Lady, Old Furen has sent someone to look for you.”

Chu Jin Yao returned to her senses immediately. She placed the needle into the thread basket and straightened her clothes before walking out. “Why is ZhuMu suddenly looking for me? Is there anything important?”

The maid that was bringing the message smiled and said, “Young Lady will know upon reaching.”

Chu Jin Yao was filled with a stomach-full of doubts as she entered Rong Ning Tang. When she had just entered the courtyard, she noticed a pile of things stacked in the courtyard. The maids were surrounding the red wooden chests and upon seeing Chu Jin Yao, they called out in a crisp voice, “Old Ancestor, Fifth Young Lady has arrived.”

Gu Momo had long heard the voices and lifted the curtain for Chu Jin Yao as she smiled, “Fifth Young Lady has arrived! Old Ancestor is just talking about you.”

Chu Jin Yao looked at Rong Ning Tang’s layout. No matter how she saw it, it seemed that there were guests, so if guests had visited, why would she be mentioned? She entered the room and saw the guest and said unexpectedly, “Manager Qi?”

“Yes. It is me!” Manager Qi stood up and cupped his hands, Chu Jin Yao also greeted back. Old Furen smiled and beckoned for Chu Jin Yao to come over, “Manager Qi has specially come to visit and insisted on thanking you in person.”

When Chu Jin Yao heard that it was about this matter, she spoke hurriedly, “Manager Qi is being too polite. It was just a slight effort of lifting one’s hand, there is no need to keep it in your mind.”

“Young Lady has saved my only son who I have been blessed with in my old age. To Young Lady, it is just a slight effort of lifting one’s hand, but to me, it is a kindness that is as great as Heavens.” Qi De Sheng stood with a grateful smile on his face, it was of no wonder that he could be able to expand his business till this big. He continued, “Wealth is a secular matter, but Young Lady saved my little son, so how could some chests of things be able to pay the matter off? I understand that Young Lady has a noble status and does not lack such things, but as I am a lowly merchant, I am unable to come up with anything apart from these vulgar things. If Young Lady does not despise, please accept them.” 

Chu Jin Yao followed Qi De Sheng’s hand gestures and looked out of the window. Only then did she realise that all the seemingly heavy chests outside were actually for her! Terrified, Chu Jin Yao quickly said, “It cannot be done. I have already received Manager Qi’s items, how can I accept such valuable gifts?”

Qi De Sheng said instead, “If Young Lady refuses to accept them, then one would really look down on me. Even though I, Qi De Sheng, am a merchant, I know the meaning of a drop of water shall be returned with a burst of spring. Not to mention that Young Lady has shown great kindness to my family! If Young Lady does not accept it, then it is to make me an ungrateful person without a heart at all.”

滴水之恩当涌泉相报 meaning: Even if it was just a little help from others, you should return the favour with all you can when others are in need.

As such words were already spoken till such a state, what else could Chu Jin Yao say? Old Furen saw that Qi De Sheng was very determined to gift Chu Jin Yao and only lamented in her heart that he was indeed the General Manager of the Qi family, that he could maintain such a position in returning a favour. Old Furen then said, “Since it is Manager Qi’s sincere intention, you can just accept it.”

Old Furen had spoken, so Chu Jin Yao could only comply. She watched with a flustered heart as the people put the boxes together, and carried each of them towards her courtyard. When Qi De Sheng saw that Chu Jin Yao was finally willing to accept the things, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He then rubbed his hands together and said to Old Furen, “Old Ancestor, I have another matter that I want to say to Fifth Young Lady.”

Old Chu Furen was surprised. It was not over yet? Upon seeing Qi De Sheng’s posture, it did not seem to be fake so she nodded lightly, “Bring Manager Qi and Fifth Young Lady to the smaller room to talk.”

Gu Momo complied and led them to the smaller room. As Chu Jin Yao and Manager Qi sat in the smaller room, although it was said that unmarried females could not meet up with outside males, Qi De Sheng was a merchant and over forty years old, thus he was considered as Chu Jin Yao’s elder. Moreover, it was broad daylight and there were maids guarding within a few steps, with Old Chu Furen watching over outside, so there would not be anyone that would gossip. When Qi De Sheng sat down, he said, “Fifth Young Lady, to tell you the truth, after you saved my son, I was unable to sleep well for the next few days and kept on dreaming about funeral matters. After discussing with my wife, it was decided that I have to make a trip to the Marquis Residence. May Fifth Young Lady not blame me for the sudden visit and bother.”

Chu Jin Yao stood up and bowed slightly. “How would one dare.”

Qi De Sheng continued, “Those things just now are all taken out from the storeroom and used to fill up Young Lady’s trousseau. As Young Lady has yet to be engaged, it is already offensive for me to speak of such things. However, no matter what was said, the rational is as such. There is no harm in having more money at one’s side. May Young Lady not laugh at me for being crude with words.”

Chu Jin Yao smiled. “Manager Qi spoke reasonably. I understand.”

Manager Qi was indeed a clever person. Currently, there were indeed many literary people who would look down on merchants, finding that they were filled with copper stench and would be even ashamed of speaking about money. However, Chu Jin Yao was someone who had endured hardship, so how could she not understand the importance of money? No matter what the saints said, having money at one’s side was the most important matter.

“Since Young Lady understands, then it is easier to handle. I have given Young Lady these treasures and to put it bluntly, I am grateful of Young Lady’s kindness and gifted some wealth to Young Lady. However, there is a saying, to sit idle and eat, and in time one’s whole mountain of fortune will be used out. Thus, I have newly opened up a shop and would like to invite Young Lady to be a shareholder.”

When Chu Jin Yao heard that, she was stunned for a while before she said, “Is Manager Qi joking?”

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  1. Wow!!!! Qing Yi is seriously competing with XJX for my favorite ML of all time right now!

    Thanks a lot Zaza and Larkspur. I wasn’t planning to read this book at all, but I’m not glad I didn’t give it a miss. Thanks!

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  2. Ancient Chinese aristocrat wearing elaborate brocade robes and intricate jewelry, surrounded by hundreds of jade knickknacks: “Ugh! Merchants! Who needs them!?”

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