The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 35 (Part 1)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 35: Settling Accounts After Autumn (Part 1)

Tang Xin Yi was kneeling on the floor when he heard those words, and there was surprise on his face. Thoughts quickly flew by his mind. Could there be a incredible person in TaiYuan? Else how could one be able to provoke such anger from the Crown Prince. However, on his trip to TaiYuan, he had not neglected anyone…

As Tang Xin Yi was unable to figure out the reason, he continued to prostrate on the floor and confessed his guilt humbly, “It is this servant’s fault. This servant is stupid and did not know what mistake was done. May Your Highness clarify.”

“When you were in the city, did you bump into… A child?”

Tang Xin Yi thought back for a moment and vaguely remembered, “Your Highness is actually referring to this incident?” He was even more surprised now. Tang Xin Yi’s surprise was beyond words and when Qin Yi saw it, his face became cold as he stared at him without saying a word.

Tang Xin Yi’s hands and feet became cold, and his back couldn’t stop sweating. He once again bowed his head respectfully onto the ground, “This servant was eagerly looking for Your Highness at that time and was thus negligent. It is this servant’s fault. If a human life is impacted, this will damage Your Highness’ reputation.”

“Tang Xin Yi, you often follow me out to the borders and chase those Tatar barbarians down so you should know that it is not easy for the commoners living on the borders. I stand guard at the border of Great Tong to ensure peace for the people, so I do not want to see anyone from the Eastern Palace treat lives this lightly in the country. Otherwise, I will treat you all the same way I do the Tartars.”

At this moment, none of the servants in the room could stand any longer, they all knelt on the ground, no matter where they were. Tang Xin Yi kowtowed three times, speaking with his face almost touching the floor, “It is this servant that deserves to die. This servant will go and receive the punishment now.”

Tang Xin Yi was after all a meritorious subordinate so after Qin Yi sounded him out, he did not continue to make him lose face. He turned back to read the military reports and as he saw the reports handed over by two subordinates, he said lightly, “Get up.”

Tang Xin Yi thanked him and slowly stood up before the rest of the people followed suit. Tang Xin Yi hunched over and waited for a while as he did not dare to make any decisions as the Crown Prince had not said a word. Sure enough, after Qin Yi approved a few military reports, he started to ask without any thoughts, “Who else did you meet when you were in TaiYuan?”

Tang Xin Yi carefully pondered upon Qin Yi’s intention. Was the Crown Prince testing him to see if he had formed any cliques? Tang Xin Yi replied carefully, “This servant only saw the Marquis of Chang Xing. That day, this servant had bumped into the young lady of the Marquis of Chang Xing, so it was not good to do nothing.”

Qin Yi sneered, “It is good that you know that. What did the Marquis of Chang Xing say?”

Ah? Tang Xin Yi became even more confused. What was this? What did the Crown Prince want to hear? Even Tang Xin Yi, who had been stationed in the Inner Palace for many years, could not understand his master’s thoughts. He could only guess as he spoke, “The Marquis of Chang Xing said that everything was alright, and also asked this servant about Your Highness.”

Qin Yi placed his brush down forcefully and raised his head to look at Tang Xin Yi coldly. These servants just kept on repeating and did not speak to the point. He could only ask, “You mentioned that you bumped into the young lady of the Marquis of Chang Xing. What happened?”

“It is the same incident as that with that child.” Tang Xin Yi thought that the Crown Prince did not understand the connection and quickly explained, “It is this servant that rode the horse too quickly when a child suddenly ran out into the middle of the road. This servant could not stop in time and could only forcibly turn the horse’s head. That young lady of the family moved very quickly and pulled the child away. This young lady of Marquis of Chang Xing is interesting. When this servant was leaving, that young lady even dared to glare at this servant.”

“Ha.” Qin Yi laughed and retorted, “Why? You cannot be glared at?”

Chu Jin Yao even dared to glare at him so how could Tang Xin Yi have any objection?

Tang Xin Yi noticed that his master’s tone was not normal and his sweat trickled down like a stream. He quickly lowered his head, and his waist was almost bent to the ground, “Naturally can be glared at. It is this servant’s fault. This servant should be punished.”

When Qin Yi heard Tang Xin Yi’s submissive words, he finally became lenient and let him go to receive his punishment. “Alright, you can withdraw. Go and receive the military rods yourself. If I learn that you all cooperated and worked together to deceive…” Qin Yi did not continue speaking but Tang Xin Yi already understood.

“This servant dare not. This servant bids farewell to Your Highness. May Your Highness receive ten thousand blessings.”

Xiao Lin-zi stood stunned on the side. Just what did Tang Xin Yi do to make the Crown Prince this angry? According to the Palace rules, there were fake and genuine rods given. With Tang Xin Yi’s position, the eunuch dealing with punishment would not dare to really beat and just executed it for the sake of appearance. In fact, other than the Crown Prince, there were no other masters in the Palace that dared to make things difficult for Tang GongGong.

Upon receiving the full force of twenty military rods, even if Tang GongGong had inner martial arts, it would not be easy to endure.

Tang Xin Yi faced the Crown Prince as he backed out of the room. He was a servant and it would be disrespectful to turn his back to His Highness. Upon walking away, Tang Xin Yi then quietly turned around and walked quickly towards the door.

Just as Tang Xin Yi was about to exit the door, he heard the Crown Prince speaking suddenly, “Stop.”

Tang Xin Yi immediately stopped and turned around before standing respectfully, “What order does Your Highness have?”

“Receive the twenty military rods upon your return. Go to TaiYuan now and do something for me.”


Qi De Sheng personally watched as the worker locked the warehouse and went back to the store to inspect it again. After ensuring that there were no omissions, he then put his hands behind his back and walked slowly to his residence.

He let the servants change his clothes before asking after his precious son and sent everyone off so that he could go to the study to settle accounts.

He had been a merchant for many years, and the ancestral fortune had more than doubled under his hands. During his grandfather’s generation, the Qi family was only a small fabric merchant on the streets, but now they had branches opening up all over ShanXi, with three shops in TaiYuan alone. Qi De Sheng’s talent in business had superseded his grandfather and father, that he even achieved what his ancestors had never dared to dream of. It was a pity that even though he was able to move unhindered in the business world and was considered a well-known figure, he was stuck in the area of heirs.

He was over forty years old and did not have a single child under him. Not to mention a son, there was not even a daughter, making him feel desperate. Fortunately, that ten thousand taels of temple donations were not in vain. When Qi De Sheng was forty-two, his fourth concubine suddenly got pregnant. Qi De Sheng was overjoyed and when the child was born, and was verified bloodline, he immediately promoted the fourth concubine to be his official Furen. The mother’s honour increases as her son’s position rises. How could his only child be raised by a concubine?

Thinking up to here, Qi De Sheng was somewhat scared as his only seedling was almost taken back by Heavens two days back. Fortunately, that Young Lady of the residence of Marquis Chang Xing was nimble and acted fast, else, he too would have followed along. Speaking of which, that rootless eunuch was sure vicious to even dare to scare his only seedling. Up until now, Bao-er had nightmares at night.

Qi De Sheng sighed as he pushed the doors open. He then clicked his tongue, “Why are the lights not lit? These servants are getting more and more unruly…”

After Qi De Sheng got used to the darkness of the room and could see things, he swept his eyes around and fell onto the door with a slam as his legs had gotten weak.

“Da… Daren?”

Tang Xin Yi was sitting on the center chair with a dead-pan face in the darkness, making it very bizarre. Qi De Sheng was terrified upon seeing it and said quiveringly, “GongGong Daren, why are you here? Are you here to get filial piety? Please wait a while, I will get it right a way!”

Qi De Sheng was about to open the doors to retrieve gold and treasures when Tang Xin Yi said, “Stop.”

With that word, Qi De Sheng dared not make any move as he looked at Tang Xin Yi tremblingly. All the experienced merchants in this dynasty would be able to cry in fear at this moment. Tang Xin Yi said, “I turned my nose up at your things. Come over here, I have some instructions for you.”

“Daren actually doesn’t want money?” Qi De Sheng did not know if he should worry or not and could only speak with a smile on, “To be able to do things for Daren, it is this little one’s fortune! It is just that one does not know what Daren wants to do?”

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  1. AHHHH is he arranging the shop for her???? King woke up one (1) day ago and he’s already got his priorities in order. Thanks for your lovely translation, as always!


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