The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 35 (Part 3)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 35: Settling Accounts After Autumn (Part 3)

“How can this be a joke! I am really sincere in asking Young Lady be a shareholder. Even though the monthly income might not be much, it is still able to let Young Lady earn some packet money. Young Lady does not need to worry about the seed money as before I came to the Marquis Residence, I have already split your gifts into two, one part was carried to Old Furen, and the other half was converted into shares, I have brought the documentation over.” After speaking, Qi De Sheng took a stack of paper out, “Take a look Young Lady, it is all here.”

Chu Jin Yao looked at Qi De Shen faintly, she almost thought that Manager Qi had lost his mind. These merchants were very particular, and there were some that were willing to return the favour so Chu Jin Yao was able to understand when Qi De Sheng wanted to gift her a generous thank you gift. However, who would gift other a part of their living income? Much less that she was an outsider and had saved Manager Qi’s son by coincidence. One feared that even if Manager Qi’s brother were to lend a hand, he would not do such a thing.

Chu Jin Yao was full of discontent but did not know where to start. In the end, she could only smile and say, “Manager must be joking.”

Chu Jin Yao felt that Manager Qi had said all that on purpose, so that it showed that he knew how to show his gratitude and repayment, and if she agreed, then it would be a joke. When Qi De Sheng saw that Chu Jin Yao did not take it seriously, he quickly said, “Young Lady, how would a merchant joke about such matters? You must take it seriously as I truly want to gift you the shares. That new store also does fabric business, with a splendid overall layout and even comes with a manager and accountant. It is just that I am unable to think of new ideas and gradually overshadowed by other shops, thus would like to invite Young Lady to help. One has heard that Young Lady has nimble hands and knows how to work around these fabrics. It happens that Young Lady has no income and thus this is killing two birds with a sone. This is good for both parties!”

The reasoning sounded logical, but Chu Jin Yao felt that there would not be such a good thing under Heavens. There was no need for her to contribute resources or energy and even any money, and there was someone who would rush to share profits with her? Chu Jin Yao did not believe that there would be such foolish people. Qi De Sheng saw that Chu Jin Yao still did not believe him and became so anxious that he almost jumped up. Chu Jin Yao looked at Manager Qi’s earnest eyes, it did not seem that he was joking, thus she could only stand up and say, “I dare not act arbitrarily. Let me ask the elders.”

Qi De Sheng quickly complied. Chu Jin Yao then went out to speak to Old Chu Furen about the matter, and she was surprised upon hearing it. Is Qi De Sheng crazy? How could anyone generously use their shop to return a favour?

Qi De Sheng, once again, explained to Old Furen earnestly and even showed the contract to her. Old Furen read through it a number of times to make sure that Qi De Sheng was not playing any tricks. It seemed that he was serious in letting Chu Jin Miao become a shareholder, giving free money. Old Chu Furen was a little unsure and tested, “This Old One is very moved by Manager Qi’s enthusiasm. It is just that one does not know what Manager Qi plans to do?”

“There is no plans except to just repay Fifth Young Lady.” Manager Qi was afraid that Old Furen thought that he had other bigger plans and quickly raised his hand to swear, “May Old Furen and Young Lady rest assured. I will use my Qi family’s shops to swear that if I use this matter to set a trap for Fifth Young Lady, I will deserve to be scolded by everyone and be unable to maintain the family business.”

A merchant’s reputation was the heaviest oath. Old Furen and Chu Jin Yao looked at each other and felt a total loss. Old Chu Furen had no other choice but to reply, “Since Manager Qi insists, then this Old One will accept it first. Whenever Manager Qi changes your mind, just come to find this Old One.”

“One is a businessman, so how could one do such a thing!” Qi De Sheng looked at the contract in Old Fury’s hand. “This one is truly grateful towards Fifth Young Lady and wants to do the best to make one’s benefactor’s life better. One dares not say about other matters but at least, one would not feel grievances on money matters.”

When Old Furen heard it, she understood Qi De Sheng’s hint, implying that these were for Chu Jin Yao. Old Chu Furen was inevitably a little unhappy to be thought as such by others, but at the same time thought that it was normal for a merchant to be cautious. Thus Old Chu Furen placed the stack of deed documents into Chu Jin Yao’s hands, “These are given to you by Manager Qi, so you should keep it first. You must not disappoint Manager Qi’s gratitude.”

Chu Jin Yao could almost feel her palms getting hotter as she was holding these stuff. The last time she went out, she had seen the Qi family’s fabric shop and was thinking when she would be able to have her own silk and satin shop. In the end, it was realised like this?

In the evening, Old Chu Furen deliberately discussed the matter with Marquis Chang Xing. Marquis Chang Xing read  through the contract carefully and even waited for several days, but Qi De Sheng did not make any movements as if this was really what he requested, which was to send money to Chu Jin Yao.

Did the Qi family’s General Manager change to a charitable industry?

The news that Qi De Sheng came over to gift Chu Jin Yao things was soon spread to the entire Marquis residence. In order to quell any upcoming troubles, Old Furen specially instructed Chu Jin Yao not to speak about the matter of the shop. Chu Jin Yao was not stupid. These few chest were so big, so she had no way of hiding them, as for the documents regarding the shop, how could she tell others about the shop and agreement?

Just the few mahogany chests that she carried in were enough to make others jealous, without knowing what was inside. If the rest knew that she had a way to make money for life, wasn’t she asking for trouble? Chu Jin Yao understood the saying that wealth must not be revealed.

Under the light, Chu Jin Yao’s fingers moved dextrously and in a short while, she had completed a network of knots. She used the new strings to change the jade pendant, “Qi Ze, do you know that there is a real fool in this world. That person actually gave me a lot of things! I thank you for your auspicious words and truly changed the threads with gold!”

As Chu Jin Yao spoke, she started laughing. She placed the jade pendant upright on the table and under the light, the golden threads shimmered, making the lustrous jade look even more eye-catching. She looked at the jade pendant but the smile on her face started to fade quickly. “I finally have the ability to change a new knot for you, but you are no longer here. I wish you were still here. See, now there are a lot more people in the inner courtyard that are monitoring me. I suddenly gained a windfall, so how could I not attract attention? In the courtyard, Sun Momo and a few maids are all eager to take action, ZuMu’s attitude towards me is very strange and Chu Jin Miao does not even bother to hide her malicious intentions anymore. I am now like a three year old child, walking through the market with a thousand taels of gold in my hands. Qi Ze, I am very scared. Where are you?”

After Chu Jin Yao finished speaking, there was no voice in the room afterwards, there was only the candlelight dancing by itself. She chuckled self-deprecatingly as she spoke softly, “I should have known that this jade pendant is already a dead thing. When you’d see me being neglected by the maid, you’d always come out to help me, how can you sit back and ignore when I am encountering a life threatening danger? Where did you actually go that you could not even say goodbye to me?”

She paused for a while before continuing, “If you were here, you would definitely say that I have to resolve my affairs by myself with my brains. You always say this but privately would want to solve everything for me. I have always known that. However, other than being monitored by others and being conspired for my wealth this time, in the future, I would encounter difficulties of managing a household, difficulties from a Mother-in-law, husband taking in concubines… Do I have to do all these alone?”

Chu Jin Yao knew that there were no answers to her words. Qin Yi’s brief appearance at her side had allowed her to see the vastness of the skies and then it disappeared from her world without a glance back. For him, she was just a small mistake in his life, but for Chu Jin Yao, Qin Yi was the saving grace of her long and quiet boudoir life.

“Although I still don’t know where have you gone, you will definitely live well.” Chu Jin Yao finally put the jade pendant away and placed it close to her heart, “I will also live well. You have taught me so much, so how can I waste your hard work? I finally have my own shop. Even though it is only some shares, it is still considered half an owner. I can finally bring Older Sister Su Hui over.”

“Look. My wish has come true. Yours will also come true.” Chu Jin Yao suddenly felt that the flames in front of her were flickering, and she quickly blanked her eyes. When everything became clear again, Chu Jin Yao stood up and spoke softly, “Zi Ze, good night.”

In the windy night of Great Tong, the city walls were lit by torches and tightly guarded.

“Your Highness, we have seen through the night attack from the Tartars, so one thinks that they would not dare to approach tonight. As it is windy late at night, please head back to rest first.”

Qin Yi looked at the bottomless depths of the desert with a solemn face. Today, the Tartars had engaged a small cavalry group and attacked city gates at night. If he were not suddenly patrolling the city walls, they would have fallen into the trick. Qin Yi wanted to wait till the middle of the night, but the Tartars were crafty and shameless. They would attack those unprepared and run away once they were done in attacking. It was indeed annoying. However, since Qin Yi’s body had just been woken after being ill for some time, he really could not keep up all night. Thus, no matter how unwilling Qin Yi was, he could only nod, “All right. You all should be careful and not let them take advantage of it.”

“Yes. Sending Your Highness off.”

Qin Yi walked along the wall in the dark like a hidden beast. The torch beside him jumped suddenly and Qin Yi stopped as he seemed to be in a thought.

“Your Highness, what is wrong?”

Qin Yi recovered to his senses. Why did he feel that he heard Chu Jin Yao’s voice? Qin Yi shook his head and his voice was blown away by the night wind as soon as he spoke, “It is nothing. Perhaps it is truly time for me to rest.”

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