The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 33 (Part 4)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 33: Everything Returned (Part 4)

In fact, Old Chu Furen could somewhat guess the Prince’s and Prince Consort’s thoughts. Their County Princess was indeed somewhat… Arrogant and wilful. The Prince residence was considering selecting a few study companions, so that her temperament could be managed, and if the residence of Prince Huai Ling was successful, it would be ideal to bring the two study companions to the Eastern Palace. However, Old Chu Furen was not happy that the Prince residence had such thoughts. She was not willing to see her family’s Di-daughter be a puppet for the County Princess. In the future, one feared that after giving birth, the child would not be able grow at their side. Rather than being a concubine for others, it would be better to be the County Princess’ official SaoSao. As such, this would be considered to be in the same boat, and was even better than being part of the dowry.

When Old Chu Furen told Marquis Chang Xing about it, both of them hit it off. Of course, if the Prince Consort really wanted to look for a companion for County Princess in the Eastern Palace, it was not that his Chu family could not afford a person. For instance, Third Young Lady who had a charming figure and knew how to flatter, would be very suitable. As long as Chu Jin Yao truly became the Heir Consort, Old Chu Furen was completely willing to let go of a young lady.

Now that Marquis Chang Xing looked at his few daughters carefully, his heart started pondering. Even though he had lots of thoughts, he did not display any of it in front of Third Young Lady and Chu Jin Yao. He had thought that his Mother’s foresight had indeed be accurate. Chu Jin Yao was only thirteen, but she had guessed that Tang GongGong was the Crown Prince’s people. As long as she was carefully educated, she would be a prime example of an Heir Consort, a matriarch of a clan. As for Third Young Lady, there was no need to separate her from Madam Huang. It was not a bad thing to follow Madam Huang to learn ways to win over males.

Chu Jin Yao and Third Young Lady felt that Marquis Chang Xing was looking at them with a serious gaze and their hearts started drumming. Third Young Lady whispered, “Father?”

Marquis Chang Xing recovered his senses, “You all were shocked yesterday so rest well these few days. After a while, I will instruct someone to sent over some small playthings as comfort. Chan-er, do you have enough clothes to wear?”

Third Young Lady was overwhelmed by the attention and hurriedly bowed. “Thanking Father’s concern. This daughter is good at all matters.”

Marquis Chang Xing said, “You are getting older. Even though you are Shu-born, you cannot make a blunder with your clothes and jewelry. I will instruct people later. Whatever material you like, have them buy. There is no need to worry about money as it would be from my account.”

Third Young Lady happily complied. When she looked at the sisters beside her, there was a sense of pride.

Marquis Chang Xing also said to Chu Jin Yao, “You saved someone yesterday and were even injured. This is a good deed and deserves to be commended. I heard that Qi De Sheng has given you two boxes of fabrics. You can just accept it as it is and not worry about owing other a favour. I will go and talk to Qi De Sheng about it. Is there any shortage of people around you?”

Chu Jin Yao was baffled with the questions. Her intuition was saying that it was not quite right. Marquis Chang Xing had never cared about the matters of the inner courtyard, but now, he was not only asking about her and Third Young Lady but was also making clothes for Third Young Lady. If Marquis Chang Xing had similarly asked her what clothes she lacked, Chu Jin Yao would not give it too much thought. For a father to gift presents to a daughter, what else could be given? However, Marquis Chang Xing asked if she was lacking in people…

There were many thoughts in Chu Jin Yao’s mind, but in the end, she replied obediently, “This daughter is young and ignorant, so it is up to Father to arrange.”

Marquis Chang Xing was very satisfied with this answer. He smiled, twiddled his beard and said, “Alright. With regards to staffing, in a few days time, your ZhuMu will arrange it accordingly. You have been injured for these few days and your ZhuMu is worried about it. When you are free, go and take a walk at your ZhuMu’s.”

Naturally, Chu Jin Yao complied. Third Young Lady was originally not satisfied that Chu Jin Yao had also gotten Father’s attention, but upon hearing the words later, she secretly sneered. After all those words, Marquis Chang Xing did not reward Chu Jin Yao with anything valuable, so she was treated better. Third Young Lady and Chu Jin Yao did not know their future paths and future identities had already been marked by the elders.

After Marquis Chang Xing had instructed Chu Jin Yao, naturally, he also asked Chu Jin Miao and Chu Jin Xian. Eighth Young Lady was still a baby so he just mentioned a word in passing. He had shown some concern with his daughters and the atmosphere in the room was much better. When Chu Jin Yao saw that Marquis Chang Xing’s mood was good, she asked boldly, “Father, if Tang GongGong is a person by the Crown Prince’s side, then why would he appear in the western street?”

After Marquis Chang Xing heard it, the smile on his face unconsciously subsided. He had been thinking about this question. Marquis Chang Xing would not have said these matters to the womenfolk, but in his eyes, the current Chu Jin Yao had a different identity so he answered unprecedentedly, “We still do not know of the exact reason yet. This Father planned to take the opportunity to send an invitation over and see if Tang GongGong would accept it. If he is willing to meet us, then one might be able to find out a thing or two.”

The honourable officials in court would all be respectful upon encountering a GongGong, not to mention that Tang GongGong was a capable person by the Crown Prince’s side, thus he was treated with great courtesy. Chu Jin Yao saw that her father was sincere and feared Tang GongGong, but she had rudely glared at Tang GongGong yesterday…

Chu Jin Yao put the topic aside silently and did not plan to tell Marquis Chang Xing of the matter. Since Tang GongGong did not flare out at that time, he would not hold grudges in the future. Even if Tang GongGong was a eunuch, he was one with a respected identity and would not make things difficult for a little young lady like her.

When Madam Zhao and Chu Jin Miao heard that Marquis Chang Xing planned to pay Tang GongGong a visit, they were not very interested in the topic afterwards. Chu Jin Yao, however, wanted to ask more but being an unmarried female member, it was not good to ask one’s father and brother about matters of the court. Thus, she could only give it up.

After Chu Jin Yao left Madam Zhao’s room, she was still thinking that Marquis Chang Xing could identify Tang GongGong with just her few descriptions, so it showed that this Tang GongGong was very famous in court. Since he was such a powerful character, why did he suddenly appear in TaiYuan? Looking at their circumstances, it seemed that they were very anxious.

Chu Jin Yao had been thinking about this question along the way. She habitually wanted to ask Qin Yi about it, but as soon as she opened her mouth, she remembered that Qin Yi was no longer present.

He had finally left.


In a tall and big building, behind a heavy bed curtain, a pale young man was sleeping peacefully on a bright yellow soft pillow.

His eyelashes trembled slightly, and he slowly opened his eyes after a while.

Qin Yi only moved a little before the young eunuch guarding outside discovered it. He stumbled in and upon seeing the person, his eyes widened, and he fell onto his knees with a pu-tong sound.

“Crown Prince, you are finally awake!”

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  1. The titles in the last few chapters have been kinda throwing me off. I’m guessing “Prince Consort” is translated from “wangfei” and “Heir Consort” is “shizifei”? Titles are indeed a bit tricky to get the proper meaning across. It’s just in western standards, a “prince consort” does not equate to a “prince’s consort.” Formally, “prince consort” means the husband of a reigning princess/queen. In this case, “wangfei” should be translated as “princess consort,” meaning the wife of a reigning prince. Similarly, “heir consort” should be “heiress consort.” The nuances are different.

    Sorry for the abrupt semantics lesson. Thanks so much for all the effort you put into translating!

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  2. I personally like it if titles are kept in pinyin. Such as taizi, junwang, qinwang, wangfei, junwangfei, shizi, shizifei. I find it easier to differentiate.


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