The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 33 (Part 3)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 33: Everything Returned (Part 3)

Madam Zhao and the rest were taken aback by Marquis Chang Xing. Madam Zhao asked hurriedly, “Why so loud suddenly? What is the matter?”

Marquis Chang Xing had already stood up in excitement and started circling, “It turned out to be Tang GongGong! Heavens, Tang GongGong actually graced his presence. He actually arrived in TaiYuan!”

Who is Tang GongGong? The few young ladies looked at each other and stared curiously at Marquis Chang Xing. At Madam Zhao’s, any matter of Marquis Chang Xing was a big deal so Madam Zhao could not help but ask, “Marquis, who is Tang GongGong?”

Marquis Chang Xing did not have time to answer as he was still immersed in his thoughts and could not extricate himself. When Chu Jin Yao saw that Madam Zhao was left to dry, she replied, “Perhaps Tang GongGong is the Crown Prince’s people?”

Madam Zhao responded with a soft “Ah”. She was obviously somewhat unconcerned about it while Chu Jin Miao lowered her head to roll her eyes. She felt that Chu Jin Yao did not know anything and was still showing off, making her an embarrassment. However, when Marquis Chang Xing heard Chu Jin Yao’s words, he stood up abruptly and his bright eyes were directed at Chu Jin Yao, “How did you know about it?”

That was actually true? Madam Zhao was shocked and Chu Jin Miao opened her mouth in disbelief. The orange in Third Young Lady’s hand fell off and the maid hurriedly stood up to chase after it. Suddenly the entire roomful of people were scrambling. Chu Jin Xian also asked Chu Jin Yao, “How do you know all this?

“I guessed it.” When Chu Jin Yao saw that everyone in the room was staring at her, her voice became hollow, “I remembered the last time when GuGu was here, she did not say that there were eunuchs in the residence of Prince Huai Ling. Since the Prince residence is not qualified to use such a servant, then in the entire Shan Xi, the only person qualified to bring along a eunuch, would only be the Crown Prince! Did I guess correctly?”

When Chu Jin Miao heard that, she immediately felt that the reasoning was right. It was very simple. It was just that she did not react to it momentarily. When Marquis Chang Xing heard Chu Jin Yao’s answer, he was shocked and skeptical. “How do you know to head towards this direction of thoughts?”

“I don’t know either. I just guessed.” Chu Jin Yao was a little scared by her Father’s gaze as she too, did not know why her thought process lead towards the Crown Prince. Perhaps when Qin Yi was around, he would always talk to her about matters of court, so slowly Chu Jin Yao could think of it herself? 

When Chu Jin Yao thought about Qin Yi, she felt depressed again. She had rushed back in excitement yesterday, wanting to share the joy with Qin Yi but was caught off guard when she discovered that he had left.

He left so suddenly, that there wasn’t a chance to say goodbye.

Chu Jin Yao was somewhat sad, somewhat reluctant and a little lost. She had long known that Qin Yi would leave sooner or later, and she had thought that she was mentally prepared. However, she did not expect that such a day would arrive so suddenly.

Chu Jin Yao had a quiet expression, and thus Marquis Chang Xing thought that he had questioned too hastily and frightened his daughter. He quickly calmed down and spoke to her nicely, “I am not scolding you. Don’t think too much of it.” After that, Marquis Chang Xing paused before adding, “For you to guess the truth with a few snippets of information, this is very good.”

Women would not care about the affairs of the world and question court matters. This was very good. What was good? There was an additional meaning in Marquis Chang Xing’s words. A few days ago, Old Chu Furen had vaguely mentioned Chu Jin Yao to him. After Old Furen’s reminder, he took a closer look at Chu Jin Yao and discovered that she had shed her mortal body. When she hadjust returned, she was somewhat dark and thin, but after two months of recuperation, not only had she rapidly recovered but her complexion was also much fairer.

Chu Jin Yao was the same as Chu Zhu and Chu Jin Xian, born with snow white complexion. Once they were well taken care, it was like brushing dust off a pearl and restoring its original luster. This seemed to be a unique feature of the Chu family. Second Young Master was naturally fair and the generation before, Chu Zhu, was also as such. Now, among  the younger generation, Chu Jin Xian and Chu Jin Yao had also inherited it. When Chu Jin Yao and the rest of the sisters stood together, she was actually fairer than Third Young Lady. Madam Huang won with a charming body and voice like oriole. Third Young Lady had learned half of it and had a lovely figure. However, she was like her birth mother, who had a slightly yellow complexion. Normally, when Third Young Lady stood by Chu Jin Miao’s side, it would not be obvious, but when comparing with Chu Jin Yao, the difference in complexion was drastic.

Although Marquis of Chang Xing was not willing to rely on his daughters in seeking wealth and honour, at this moment he had to admit that Old Furen had good foresight, much better than his wife, Madam Zhao.

Marquis Chang Xing did not have much requirements for his wife. It was enough that she would be able to manage the inner courtyard, concubines, children, and food and clothes. On this point, Madam Zhao could not be said to have done a very good job, but she was not negligent either. As for the rest, Marquis Chang Xing would look for others. Thus, when he encountered anything outside, he would not speak of it to Madam Zhao and instead head to Rong Ning Tang to discuss with Old Furen. Just like the matter of yesterday, it was Old Furen and Marquis Chang Xing, who went over Madam Zhao’s head and discussed it.

Marquis Chang Xing understood Old Chu Furen’s meaning. Their Marquis residence had reached the last generation, so the sons had to progress further and the young ladies’ upbringing could not be lacking either. They were not a family that sold daughter for glory, but more children meant more fortune. With more daughters, there would be more ties with the in-laws, and this was a good thing. The Di-eldest daughter’s marriage has been decided, she was marrying her childhood sweetheart, an Older Biao Brother that they knew through and through, so she should be able to live a smooth life. This was good. As for the second Di-daughter, Chu Jin Yao’s marriage, they had to choose a good family.

Chu Jin Yao’s identity was very suitable, and her appearance was even more beautiful than when Chu Zhu was young. Chu Zhu was able to marry up, so it was not necessary that Chu Jin Yao could not. Old Furen was more optimistic about the heir of Prince Huai Ling. In Shan Xi, even if the Di-daughters of the residence of Marquis Chang Xing wanted to marry up, there were just a few families to choose from. Compared to the few families of officials, Old Chu Furen preferred the residence of Prince Huai Ling. After all, the iron hat of the residence of the Prince residence was stable, whereas a career might not be always smooth. Although the Marquis of Chang Xing did not agree with his mother’s conservative views, he was happy to see it come true with the heir of Prince Huai Ling.

Thus, among the candidates that would be heading to Prince Huai Ling residence to be a study companion, Old Chu Furen and Marquis Chang Xing had already decided on one person. As for the other person, it would only be Chu Jin Yao’s helper accompanying her. It was said that the study companion would be decided by the Momo and Prince Consort of the Prince residence, but the residence of Marquis Chang Xing was not a run-down family, so how could they let others choose their family’s daughters? After all, the decision makers were still  the ancestors of the two families. After Old Chu Furen made the decision, she would send a message to the old ancestor of the Prince residence who would not humiliate Old Chu Furen and the matter would be settled.

The residence of Prince Huai Ling had the mind to fight for wealth and honour, the Marquis of Chang Xing was also the same. It was just that the positions of both the families were different, thus their fight for wealth and honour was also different. The residence of Prince Huai Ling was fighting for the Crown Price Consort position, but Old Chu Furen was targeting the other family’s heir consort position. That year Chu Zhu had married up but at the end, she had only married the younger brother of a Prince of Second ranked. It was not considered a true master of the Prince residence. This time, Old Furen wanted to take a strike at that position and fight for position of the matriarch of the next generation of the residence of Prince Huai Ling.

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