A series of bad luck…

So… No post was uploaded… Let me explain…

  • Laptop cannot boot up (logic board crashed)
  • Lost an almost completed chapter (4 posts) and other important documents
  • Replace logic board -> connection problem with screen
  • Screen is viewable at 15degree angle… which is !@#$%^&* (screen needs to be change)

Since my laptop is no longer under warranty (5 years old), total service cost is $1,300! And there would only be 3 mths warranty for the logic board and screen.

  • Decided to buy a new laptop ($2,000 poorer)
  • New laptop is current OOS
  • Stock coming in next week (PLEASE!!!)

And editor for Jade Pendant, Larkspur’s laptop is currently in ICU mode…


Will be back on 23rd May.

My apologies!!!!

6 responses

  1. No need to apologize. But we are sure glad to get proof of life from you. I feel bad for all the problems you have faced and are facing still. Hope things will work out fine. Take care.


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