The Crown Prince in the Jade Pendant: Chapter 33 (Part 2)

Edited by Larkspur

Chapter 33: Everything Returned (Part 2)

Old Chu Furen had been worrying about this for many years, and now Chu Jin Yao appeared. She had watched coldly for so long, and had to admit that one feared that Chu Jin Yao was that person she had been looking for. Chu Jin Yao’s identity, appearance and temperament were all suitable. Even though she did not grow up in the Marquis residence for the first thirteen years and was not close to the family, Chu Jin Yao could even save a little child that she did not know, then what about her family clan? Old Chu Furen was not worried that Chu Jin Yao would forget her roots in the future.

What happened today made Old Furen make up her mind to shift her focus to Chu Jin Yao’s education for the future. Naturally, the Marquis residence’s resources would follow as such. Even though Chu Jin Yao was not raised from young and her etiquette and sewing was slightly worse than the other young ladies, she was only thirteen. So everything was still possible. Old Chu Furen felt great regret when she thought about this. If there was no Chu Jin Miao, Chu Jin Yao would have been able to grow up in the Marquis residence. Why would there be all such nonsense? Old Chu Furen felt frustrated as she thought about the pair of evil people of the Su family and how Chu Jin Miao even dared to play tricks under her nose. Her expression became serious as she thought about it.

Old Furen had already made up her mind. If Chu Jin Miao behaved and quietly waited till she got married, Old Furen would give her a dowry and find a middle-class family, completing the entire process of raising her. However, if Chu Jin Miao still dared to play tricks, then one must not blame Old Furen for suppressing her marriage. After all, in Old Chu Furen’s eyes, nothing was more important than the inheritance of the residence of Marquis Chang Xing.

But now, when Madam Zhao heard that Old Chu Furen wanted to cut Chu Jin Miao’s expenses, she was very unwilling. Old Chu Furen looked at Madam Zhao and became angrier and could not help but say, “You are the Marquis Furen. Your eyes should be looking far into the future and not just that small inner-courtyard! You are the official wife and a titled Marquis Furen, why are you competing with those YiNiangs? You should just throw them there and let them fight. What else can happen?”

This was an old story. When Madam Zhao was pregnant, Madam Huang, Marquis Chang Xing’s concubine was favoured so Old Chu Furen sent a maid over to the inner-courtyard to balance it but Madam Zhao kept her suppressed and did not let her serve. Fine. Afterwards Huang YiNiang alone was solely favoured and Madam Zhao became afraid and quickly raised Fu Rong as a YiNiang but by that time, Madam Huang’s power had been established and was difficult to shake.

Old Chu Furen was very dissatisfied when she mentioned about this matter and when Madam Zhao heard her mother-in-law bringing up the matter of Fu Rong YiNiang, she secretly resented her for reaching her hand out to meddle in the affairs of her courtyard and held resentment in her heart. The atmosphere became tenser, and when Old Chu Furen saw it, she was utterly disappointed by this shallow Eldest Daughter-in-law. It seemed that in the future, she had to find a capable granddaughter-in-law for Second Young Master. If she leaves with Madam Zhao like this, how could she carry the entire family? Old Chu Furen stopped talking about the topic, “Alright. I will stop here. What to do in the future is up to you. You are also tired today, go back and rest.”

Madam Zhao lowered her head and complied softly before walking out slowly. Just as she was about to walk out of the door, she suddenly heard Old Chu Furen speaking, “There is more than what meets the eye with regards to the matter of Chu Jin Yao and Chu Jin Miao in the rear room. Chu Jin Miao is after all an unmarried young lady, so I gave her face. I did not want to mention these dirty matters as I am ashamed to speak of it. However, looking at you like this, one fears that she has made up another rhetoric to fool you. I am too lazy to speak about the details, and it is not necessary for you to inquire about it. I am making a point to you so you can put it in mind.”

More than what meets the eye? Could it be that there were other reasons to Chu Jin Miao’s confinement? Madam Zhao was puzzled when she heard it, but Old Chu Furen had already leaned on the pillow and closed her eyes, so she dared not ask more and left with her head bowed.

During the greetings on the next day, Chu Jin Yao went to Madam Zhao on time. Marquis Chang Xing was also present and upon seeing her, he specifically asked, “Heard that you saved a child yesterday and also confronted by a group of officers and soldiers of unknown origin?”

Chu Jin Yao was discontented, but she kept her spirits up when she heard the Marquis asking, “It cannot be considered as confronted… That group of people seemed to be very unusual.”

Marquis Chang Xing came over specifically about this matter, so he asked in detail, “Heard Mother saying that the leader seemed to be a GongGong. What does that GongGong look like?”

As Marquis Chang Xing was present today, the daughters of the First Household had gathered long ago and were sitting at Madam Zhao’s room eating fruits to pass the time. Upon hearing Marquis Chang Xing’s words, Third Young Lady put the fruit down and Chu Jin Miao raised her head slightly in surprise. Even the young Eighth Young Lady stopped causing a ruckus, let her wet nurse carry her, and quietly stood aside.

Chu Jin Xian felt the seriousness of Marquis Chang Xing’s question and asked, “Father, to ask about this matter, could it be that it has something to do with the group of people?”

Marquis Chang Xing shook his head solemnly, “It is hard to say now, but there would not be a eunuch that would come to ShanXi leisurely. This GongGong quietly came to TaiYuan, so no matter what the purpose of his visit is, he cannot be ignored. It is still hard to say now, so I have to confirm the background of this group of people before making a judgement.

When Madam Zhao heard that, she now knew that the deemed unimportant and unfortunate matter to her yesterday had such a big impact. She immediately cracked her brains to recall what had happened yesterday. However, she had been regarding the group of people as ordinary low-ranking officials at the beginning and did not take them seriously at all. Afterwards, when she discovered that the leader was a eunuch, she was so shocked that she could not stand properly, so how would she dare to look at their appearances? Madam Zhao deliberated for a long time but could not remember the appearances of those people or any unique characteristics that they had. She could only say, “The people who were riding horses were very fierce.”

Marquis Chang Xing choked a little as this was quite painstaking. He was to handle serious matter, how could it be so foolish! Marquis Chang Xing was secretly angry, but he refused to show his anger towards his wife and daughters. Instead, he forcefully maintained his original tone of voice to ask, “What else?”

Third Young Lady and Chu Jin Miao shook their heads. They were ladies of Marquis lineage, other than clothing and jewelry, why would they be concerned about matters of the commoners? Chu Jin Yao thought for a bit before speaking, “I remember that it was a group of about seven or eight, each one of them riding tall, strong horses. To be able to ride that quickly in the downtown area, one thinks that their riding skills are exceptional. The one leading was very fierce. When he made an emergency halt, he actually knocked the shed over! However, even though he looked fierce, his stature was not very tall and was much thinner than the people around. At that time, I exchanged a look with him and remembered that his eyes were exceptionally black but complexion was very fair and the flesh on his face did not seem to move at all.” When Chu Jin Yao said that, she could not help but say softly, “It was like a living dead.”

She was indeed courageous. The females in Madam Zhao’s room quickly swatted her, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

However, Marquis Chang Xing had lost his attention on Chu Jin Yao’s gaffes. He could not even close his mouth as he thought in shock for a while before asking eagerly, “Does he have any scars on his face?”

Chu Jin Yao thought for a bit before nodding, “There seemed to be. It is also strange as his scars are all dead white. It is right here.” Chu Jin Yao gestured towards the side of her face and Marquis Chang Xing clapped forcefully. “Yes. It is him!”

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  1. yes! Show your smarts! Brains win over beauty.

    I stopped reading after Empress of Military Lineage. But idk why, I got a sudden urge to reread it, so I came back to this site…. and there’s a new novel!!! Binged and have caught up 😀


    • I think he was probably one of the people Crown Prince sent to look for jade. The taoist master he mentioned was probably the guy who gave Qin Yi and Chu Jin Yao their pendants.


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