Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 231 (Part 13)

Chapter 231: Return Of An Old Friend (Part 13)

“Your Majesty…” That old official still wanted to speak.

“Beloved Xu Official, Zhen remember than there are two young granddaughters in your house and they are of age.” Emperor Xiao Jing said.

That person was stunned and his heart became nervous but there was a little joy that peeked out. It was just that in the next moment the joy flew away as he heard the Emperor saying, “How about Zhen bestow them to the Young General Song at the Wu border?”

That young General Song was young and promising but unfortunately he was blinded in one eye on the battlefield and it was impossible for him to have any future.

‘Beloved Xu Official’ expression became like the soil.

“Zhen is not here to listen to your view or here to listen to your criticizing. Zhen is informing you of the result.” He sat on the throne and looked down at all the officials, “Zhen is the son of Heavens and the Master. If everyone have any opinion about court matters, just speak about it but if there is any words on managing Zhen’s Inner Palace or Zhen’s personal affairs, then Zhen will definitely,” He thought for a moment before continuing, “Pay it back with interest.”

“At that time, do not blame Zhen for disorderly creating married couples.” He said in a smiling yet not smiling manner.

He indeed was not like an Emperor as he was not serious or solemn enough but was even more dangerous than the Emperors of the past. He was not inferior in any respect to Emperor Yong Le. The more he appeared to be this indifferent, the more it made another’s heart thump. Everyone knew how black bellied this Prince Rui of First Rank was and once he targeted one, one would not even know how they died. The most important thing was that he completely disregards traditions and reputation, unfearing anything. Everyone believe that this Emperor Xiao Jing would definitely marry this high ranking official’s granddaughter to another official’s younger brother or making some other high ranking official’s grandson marry a daughter of their sworn enemy.

It was alright if the couple was mismatched. One feared that this was a method of control. If this was a way to contain them then, they would not even know how the family clan would weaken and die off.

No one would dare to gamble with the entire family clan as stakes.

Everyone was thinking to give it up. Currently it was a time of sweetness so just let Emperor Xiao Jing do whatever he wants. Maybe in some days’ time he would be tired of it or perhaps be fascinated by some new beauties. Men would be in true love at times of love and when they did not love, they would really have no love. Why do they need to do such thankless things here?

With such thoughts, all the officials seemed to have understood. They no longer said anything and some even started flattering, saying Emperor Xiao Jing and Furen’s deep love was like a legent.

Xie Jing Xing looked on coldly at the officials’ faces, as if looking at colourful masks that covered the world. He felt ridiculous but also somewhat in pity.

He half knelt down in front of Shen Miao.

The male that was kneeing down had gold under his feet and even if it was an ordinary male, it would be surprising to make such a move. Thus everyone was shocked as he was not an ordinary person but Great Liang’s Emperor, the master of the lands under Havens. But he was kneeling down in front of a female that devoutedly.

Shen Miao was supported by him well and seating at the highest position. She was changed into a gorgeous noble Palace robes by Tao GuGu and there were fine gold powder that was sprinkled at the end of her eyes, making her look full of arrogance. She wore the brightly golden robes of an Empress with eyes closed and long lashes hanging down, seemingly deep in sleep.

She was really very beautiful and tough female. Gao Zhang said that Shen Miao had an unfulfilled wish so she had the will to survive to her last breath and Gao Zhang was able to save her life.

And what was her last wish?

It was to see Xie Jing Xing one last time, to see Chu Yi and Shi Wu grow up or to say goodbye to Shen Xin and the rest?

Xie Jing Xing leaned over to her ears and joked, “Brought you to be an Empress, why not open one’s eyes to take a look?”

Shen Miao did not listen to his words. She was sleeping in her own world, as if she would be sleeping for a long time or her entire life.

Xie Jing Xing stared at her, “One know that you are tired. Wake up when you have enough sleep. Chu Yi and Shi Wu is looking for their mother.” He reached out and held onto Shen Miao’s cold hands, “I also miss you.”

The officials watched quietly as the young Emperor did everything. They had been swimming in this Imperial Court for so many years and the political seas were deep. Real and fake, genuine and pretense. Some times one was unable to differentiate one’s heart, much less being moved by others. Moreover Prince Rui had never been a good person previously and many of the officials here were almost ruined by him that they would gash their teeth with hate.

But at this moment they were somewhat reluctant to disturb this scene. As if through this scene of the Monarch and female, one saw some shadows of their youth.

Everyone had loved before. It was just whether the love would be able to last a lifetime or not. Beause it was too difficult thus many people given it up halfway. It was rare to be able to go all the way to the end.

Could Emperor Xiao Jing do it?

Xie Jing Xing placed the heavy Empress crown properly and stably on Shen Miao’s head. His movemnts were gentle and solemn, as if was like other actions.

He leaned over slightly and kissed the female’s eyes.

Time was blurred and went backwards very quickly, like it had returned back to a certain day before. He was riding a horse and still the arrongant youth and she was planning each stept against the Ming Qi’s Imperial family and protecting the Shen family. He asked, “Shen Miao, you want to be an Empress?”

No one had thought that he would become an Emperor at the end and she indeed became an Empress.

There were many twists and turns in the world but everything returned to the beginning.

Behind the golden hall, Luo Tan who was watching sneakingly covered her mouth, seeming to be crying and laughing as she whispered, “He really established Youngest Biao Sister as the Empress… Youngest Biao Sister did not see wrongly…”

Behind, Pei Lang was also smiled gently. That smile was filled with relief and some sorrow but it had more gratitude, “It is good.”


During spring the apricot blossoms were in full bloom that when the breeze blew by, the petals would flutter down, spreading the flower scent around. The birds were perched on the branches chirping with eyes full of bustle.

Half a year was fleeting, so fast that almost no one could catch it.

For Long Ye’s commoners, the past half a year was pleasantly passed. Perhaps because Qin country and Ming Qi was wiped out, or perhaps because the new Emperor’s thoughts was just not the same. All in all, Emperor Xiao Jing was very competent.

He was very generous to the commoners and some of the new Imperial orders made everyone under Heavens clap their hands in joy. There was a rumour in the marketplace that because Emperor Xiao Jing like to travel around the country when he was young, he understood the hardships of the people and thus always put himself in the shoes of the commoners.

In any cause, Emperor Xiao Jing’s reputation among the commoners was one of protectiveness.

However in the Imperial court, it was not the case.

Ever since Emperor Yong Le was in power, he would take into consideration their face no matter what he did. However this Emperor Xiao Jing was a lawless master. He was generous to the commoners but harsh towards the court officials, much less talk about any feelings. Even those veteran officials would not be able to gain any benefit with him.

What was more frightening was how he balanced the powers everywhere and his scense of smell was more power than a mouse. Not to mention about any movement, even if there was any subtle thoughts, it would be discovered by him. The officials kept on being suspious if there were any traitors in their residence and would often clean up their residences.

The most dissatisfied thing that the officials had with him was that in this half a year, Emperor Xiao Jing really did not accept any beauty. There was only a sleeping Empress Shen in the entire Inner Palace.

This was indeed puzzling. At the beginning there were people that thought that he felt guilty towards Empress Shen and thus made that promise, moreover even if the position of the Empress was unshakable, there would not be any problem in accepting other females. However as the days went by, this Empress Xiao Jing’s Inner Palace was so clean that birds could be breed. Everyone then knew that he was not putting up an act.

Some people were suspicious that he was full of talk before and now was unable to pull himself down as it meant slapping himself. Thus they ‘considerately’ gifted the daughters in their residence but on the next day Emperor Xiao Jing bestow marriages to their sworn enemy’s sons. With that, the officials blew up.

Emperor Xiao Jing’s means was really toxic when he would bestow marriage to one’s sworn enemy. No only he would kick away all the females he did not want, he had smoonthly controlled the situation and warn all those officials that were itching to move… It was an arrow that pierced three eagles. He was just so evil.

Over time the officials dared not send beauties to Emperor Xiao Jing.

However rumours were not lessened. A hot blooded young man who did not have any female than a wife who is in a coma, it made others wonder if he was a broken sleeve.

But when the rumours were out, it did not seem to affect anything. The Emperor was a broken sleeve? He had two sons and one did not worry about who would be inheriting the Empire. Moreover this person was evil and the saying goes that evil ones would live for thousands of years, so one fear that he would live long.

All in all, the commoners took it as nothing and the officials became obedient.

The morning sun was shining particularly brightly as Tao GuGu carried two children to Xie Jing Xing and said worriedly, “Your Majesty is really bringing the two Princes out… For a trip?”

Xie Jing Xing had a baby in each hands and walk onto the carriage saying, “En.”

In the carriage, Shen Miao was sleeping. Xie Jing Xing looked at her with a headached and said, “Already slept for half a year, are you a pig?”

Chu Yi and Shi Wu waved their little hands and looked at Xie Jing Xing curiously. Xie Jing Xing said towards the people outside, “Depart!”

Tie Yi picked up the horse whip. After Master became the Emperor, he, the leader of Mo Yun Army, had become a horse keeper.

Xie Jing Xing was very fond of bring the children for trips outside. Even though Deng GongGong and Tang Shu did their best to stop it, they was unable as his martial arts skill were higher than them and was simply unstoppable. He had always said that by letting the children look at all the landscapes when they were young, then in the future they would not be blinded easily by the flashy world and thus able to know what they truly want in life.

This was in fact just an excuse. He just wanted to take Shen Miao out to play.

The horse carriage stopped at the shady part of the mountain. The scenery at the foot of the mountain was good.

Xie Jing Xing carried the children out and Mo Qing considerately brought out small plates of rice paste. Lately Chu Yi and Shi Wu was learning to eat rice paste and both children were so picky that getting them to eat it was harder than getting to Heavens.

Tie Yi carried Chu Yi and Mo Qing carried Shi Wu as Xie Jing Xing fed both of them the rice paste. Both of the children were not happy with it and it made one’s heart hurt.

Xie Jing Xing became angry and said, “Pass the children to me.”

He causually found a red strip of cloth that Jing Zhe used to tie the food basket and put Chu Yi in the basket to carry on his back and carried Shi Wu in front, ‘forcing’ Shi Wu to eat the rice paste.

Shi Wu kicked up a fuss and Xie Jing Xing pushed the Mo Yun Army people away and did not allow them to intervene. He really started fighting with the two kids.

A Monarch of a country had a baby tied to his back and carrying another in his arms. There was also a red flower strip of cloth that was tied as he fed the baby as if with great enimity.

Everyone in Mo Yun Army could not continue watching.

Shi Qu burst into tears and Chu Yi who was at the back seemed to have sense it and also started bawling. It was not only that as Xie Jing Xing felt a stream of warm on his body.

That was just great. It was pee.

He was so angry and was just about to tech those two stinky fellow when he suddenly heard Jing Zhe explaimed in shock, “Someone laughed!”

Everyone was startled.

Jing Zhe’s voice was somewhat trembling with excitement as she pointed to the horse carriage, “I just heard it!”

Shen Miao was sleeping in the carriage.

In a moment, the surrounding became quiet.

The breeze at the mountains seemed to touched everyone’s face and it was warm, yet brought a slight itch along, as if the sunlight was too handsome.

In the silence, one had heard clearly this time that there was indeed someone laughing. It was a gentle and familiar laughter with some closeness to it.

After a long time later, Xie Jing Xing strode over.

His hands was somewhat trembling but at the end, he made up his mind and pull open the carriage’s curtain.

The female’s brows were mild, as if it was the first bloom of the begonia and her voice was still lazy but the faint brightness in her eyes gave away her excitement.

She turned her head and smiled gently, “Long time no see, Young Marquis Xie.”

Translator: AND THAT’S THE END!!! I just love love love this CNovel so much and I am sure that lots of you would agree with me. I will be taking a break about 1 month-ish to edit all my previous releases since I actually cringed when reading the earlier ones (not that it is any better now). The side stories would be worked on after the edits are completed.

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  1. Honestly kind of disappointed with this ending, like it’s happy that she had twins but I was honestly expecting a boy and a girl, like, her previous children had been reborn kind of thing… Also why did she need to pass out immediately after giving birth for a whole half a year? Like, come on, is there any reason she couldn’t have just had a smooth birth and there be a happy fluffy little epilogue of her doting on her children while seated on the throne? Or maybe her and him watching fireworks or something?

    Instead she sleeps and then wakes up laughing when he gets pissed on…

    Like I said, a little disappointing.

    But it’s a wonderful story and I thank you sincerely for translating it and the author for writing it, great read, worth the couple days it took me to read through it all.


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    • I want moooooore! As of now this is the only historical teincarnation romance novel that i really like. One that i can read again and again… thank you so much for sharing this to us. Thank you for taking time translating this story. GOD BLESS!


      • Thank the author for your amazing mind creating such an awesome story.
        Thank the translator for your hard work enable me to read this wonderful c novel.

        Looking forward for more of your works.

        Jia you🤗

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    • Definitely the coma was for dramatic effect but heart-wrenching because after so many cdramas with tragic endings (I’m looking at you, Goodbye My Princess) I was bracing for the worst…

      But it also let us see how dedicated he is to her. I dont think i have seen an emporer carry his unconscious wife onto the throne during a live court session. Regardless of the ridicule, the taboo, and the schemes during her coma, he was steadfast and loyal without a fault.

      That’s how much be loves her.

      Refreshing to see since so many others become weak and give in to the courts pressure because ohemgee the nation’s interest is priority. Such a wonderful cnovel!

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    • It had already been implied that she had a rough child birth with her two, 1 baby pregnancies…and it is just not feasible for her children to be reborn to another male.

      Now, if you want to imagine that her kids were reborn in other timelines. Or other families. Go ahead. Cause that is what happens in their religion. Soul reborn without memories. Due to drinking from the water that grants forgetfulness.

      Honestly this is one of the best c novels I have read. It doesn’t drag on. The plot and characters are consistent. They may be strong. But arent mary sues. It is quite good!

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    • It took me a long while to get the ending. But this was perfect.
      XJX had to show humility once. His arrogant pride was an affront to the Gods who bent fate in order to give SM a chance to achieve vengeance and to protect her family. That was due to Pei Lang’s efforts, XJX was an accidental beneficiary of Pei’s sacrifice.
      So in order for XJX to earn happiness he had to show once his total devotion to SM, not as a trophy, or for benefit, or for any reason, he had to show that he was willing to lose face for her.
      Having the Emperor of the World babysit two brats and bear with being peed on by them for the love of his wife, was the last thing needed to complete the transition, and restore SM back to him.

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    • For me having two male twin is actually better. No matter how we cover it up, fu ming and wan yu is shen miao children with fxy.

      Both of them will always be remembered by shen miao. But by bringing them (rebirth) back as her and Xie ying kids doesn’t really make sense.

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  2. –The female’s brows were mild, as if it was the first bloom of the begonia and her voice was still lazy but the faint brightness in her eyes gave away her excitement.–

    She’s awake \o/ but I want more~~~

    Thank you so much for sharing this novel to us ฅ(♡ơ ₃ơ)ฅ pyah-fu~

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  3. I’m just so caught up with all the feels that I don’t know the right words to use. I’m so glad it ended the way it did – happily. It had a lot of twists and turns, but I’m glad it went the way it did, every part was fleshed out, and the only thing left to read is fluff, fluff and more fluff, lol. I highly anticipate the epilogue and side stories.
    Thank you so much Zaza translator nim, I’m so glad I joined you on this ride. Hope to read your future projects. Even though I’m trying to stay away from novels because it takes too much of my time, I really love the projects you pick. Also, shout out to the Author. Author nim, you are a gem, thank you very much.
    Thanks a lot.

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  4. This has to be one of the beautiful stories I’ve come across. Thank you so much for translating it. Its heart wrenching especially towards the end. The whole book was a wonderful journey, and i couldn’t stop thinking about emperor Long Ye and empress Xian De. They were by far my favourite characters. Thanks once again. You translate some of the best books. Hope to keep seeing your translations here.

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  5. Hello! I finally finished this novel and it’s my second time reading it as a whole. I love love the main couple… and how from day one, their fates are intertwined. the little side notes from translator & editor on XJX’s beauty is really funny. although i wish the ending would not be abrupt but thank goodness for the side story.

    all in all, thank you to the translator and editors for doing us a favor by sharing with us this novel. your hard work is truly appreciated.


  6. I just want to say all this time I have been subconsciously imagining Shen Miao as a Munak (or however you spell those Korean zombies) and I find it funny to imagine the laugh at the end from a horror perspective.


  7. First comment of 2020! I’’ve been reading this during the end of 2019, and one can say that I’ve read thia for a year lol.
    Bad joke aside, thank you Zaza for translating this novel, one of the best I’ve read, and I can confidently say that I’ve read A LOT.
    The couple is really like what the author describes, a match made in Heaven 💕💕
    The general plot is so good, so intriguing. I only wish that there were more fluff…


  8. My perfect ending would have been if she woke up when he made her empress. This peeing thing was kinda…not good enough. lol


  9. Not satisfieedddd!!! Moooorreeeee!!! Can’t stop crying!!!

    Thank you very much for translating/editing this work!!! This is truly a masterpiece!!! I’ve enjoyed this so much! Thank you!!!
    *bows down*


  10. This is my first Chinese novel to read. It was a brilliant work as I was so immersed in this whole story, I felt I was transported to that Chinese ancient times. Also the whole story was very intricate and had a lot of layers- like peeling cabbage until you get to the core of everything. Amazing! I am very impressed. And also deep appreciation and gratitude for translating and sharing this novel with us!

    As for the ending, I felt it again added another layer to the story. Of course I wanted to see something more besides ‘And Shen Miao woke up. The End’ and at first I was shocked but thankfully I read the following side stories right away which were very interesting in regards to her coma, and also had an epilogue 18 years later which truly made the story come to a full circle. Brilliant work. It’s truly one of the best and most interesting and well written and told stories I’ve read ever!


  11. Hahahaha, I loved how he chose to deal with the women forced on him. Best strategy ever.

    I’ve really enjoyed this story. Thanks for translating it.

    Shen Miao, I feel, was a good MC. I’m just sad she wasn’t used by the author to her fullest potential. I loved seeing her complex schemes in the first part, but then everything was solved by Xie Jin Xing. Yes, it’s clear she has the ability to solve things even if he doesn’t always intervene, and she does not just sit with her arms crossed while he works, but…I wish she had shown us even more schemes. I feel like at the last chapters, the author was just trying to get it finished. So many details were no longer bothered with; compared with the amount of detail and the slower pace of the beginning, it’s clear that the priority became to just finish the story. Like when we are merely told she handled the court matters properly while holding the fort for him. Why not show scenes? Why not tell us more details about how she won the officials’ approval. It felt like a summary sometimes, despite the length.

    Xie Jin Xing is….too perfect. He’s very lovable, and I’m glad to FINALLY read about an ancient male that actually cared about his children and was not reluctant to care for his babies personally. Still, he needed a few flaws here and there to make him more relatable. Everything about him screams “male lead”. His appearance, his bearing, his personality, his past, his talent, even his love, everything was designed to make him look like a male lead….But I still loved him, darn it. XD


  12. Yeahh I definitely feel the coma part is out of place. I was hoping to see XJX flustered or throwing tantrums because he was not told that SM was pregnant (´;ω;`)


  13. I’m currently reading this and it’s midnight for pete’s sake!!!! I’m literally got goosebumps when she said someone just laughed and they became quiet!!! Anyway, I’m kind of disappointed that they’re both males, I thought it would be a boy and a girl but I like twins so nvm. The endi g is good but not that satifying but anyhow, I know how it feels about writing an ending, you’ll not consider how the readers would feel, you’ll just go with flow of your story what would your mind think while writing it and what are your feels towards it. If the author felt at ease with this kind of ending then there’s no point in questioning it anymore. Thank you for this wonderful novel that made me occupied for this past few days and made me neglect my studies but don’t feel burdened about it😂 it’s fine. This is exactly my type of genre in a novel, mind-blowing and not too much of romance. Thank you again!


  14. Omg this was such a good read! Thank you ZaZa for being such an amazing translator and also your editorial team who aided with the releases! This was a phenomenal c-novel that I will definitely re-read again!


  15. None of you complainers understand how tiring and unappreciated it is for a woman in that age to take care of babies. All of you male readers, expect to be peed on by your babies. It is very common.

    The author understands how it would suck if the ML doesn’t filly appreciate the FL so she creates the perfect plot for the ML to experience this so that he would be able to understand how much work and frustration it takes to raise children and what it’s like without his woman.

    The author didn’t bother toiling to write the battles between the officials because it’s definitely not important and not going to be easy for a pregnant woman to deal with, so why subject readers to more empathetic suffering if the ignorant court officials can’t be punished and killed satisfyingly? Whoever who suggested this should be reborn as a woman and be forced to deal with this shit while pregnant.

    Thank you so much translator and editor, and please don’t mind the ignorant brats who comment with ignorant criticisms of the author and the work.


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