Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 231 (Part 12)

Chapter 231: Return Of An Old Friend (Part 12)

Gao Zhan stroke his white beard and shook his head, “This old physician had done one’s best to save her life. The body was already dried up but she has a strong will to live and perhaps would not take one’s last breath. With one last breathe, this old physician had sealed her acupuncture points and saved her life but it just merely her life.”

“Zu Fu, what does that means?” Gao Yang asked. He had left the family for many years and from the start when he began his official career, he had went against the Gao family’s family rules and was kicked out of the family and thus did not keep contact with the Gao family for many years. This ‘Zu Fu’ term made Gao Zhan tremble slightly.

“The meaning is that she might sleep forever. Although there is breathing and pulse, she would never wake up and never ope her eyes. Even if she were to wake up,” He looked at Gao Yang, “Just like how you treated the Young Master of the Ye family, no one would know how would she be after she wakes up.”

In other words, after Shen Miao wakes up, perhaps she would become as silly as Ye Hong Guang. But it was more likely that she would be like this and sleep year upon year and not even open her eyes to see Xie Jing Xing even upon becoming old.

“Isn’t that being a…” Ji Yu Shu swallowed the words ‘living dead’. But even if he did not say it, everyone around understood Gao Zhan’s meaning.

“In such a case.” Gao Zhang asked Xie Jing Xing, “Is Your Highness willing to wait?”

“It does not matter how long it takes.” Xie Jing Xing said, “She had fulfilled her promise and waited till I have returned so what matters if I wait for her for the entire lifetime? Her life is mine. Without my permission, even the King of Hell cannot take her away.” When he was speaking, his eyes were cold, like the coldness of Emperor Yong Le but he still had his own arrogance, like nothing entered his eyes.

Everyone was silent.

Shen Miao’s eyes were closed and did not hear those words. It was as if she was sleeping very well. Luo Tan said, “Let’s go out and let her rest for some period of time. In the past year, she had not had a good rest at all.”


Xie Jing Xing treated the pair of babies very well.

Those subordinates and good friends that followed him for so many years were so shocked that their chins almost fell off when they saw him like this. It was said that even though young fathers would feel happy when they become fathers, but due to their clumsy and rough nature, they would always resist in raising them.

Moreover with Xie Jing Xing’s personality, there was no way that it would be even near the words ‘patient and gentle’.

But he did indeed surprised everyone and spend time with the two children. He would not disdain their urine or stool and was even picky of their nanny and managed things that a male would not do. The two children to not have official names yet and only nicknames that Xie Jing Xing gave. One was called ‘Chu Yi’ and the other was called ‘Shi Wu’.

Everyone felt that the names were just too casual but Xie Jing spoke convincingly, “The moon is the rounded on the first and fifteen day of the month. Moreover these are my sons, what does their names matters to you? Get lost.”

Chu Yi (初一) means the first day of the month and Shi Wu (十五) means fifteen, or in this case, the fifteen of the month. The moon is the roundest at the night of the first and fifteen night of the lunar calendar. The round moon also represents family reunion and in this case XJX hopes of a family reunion…

Everyone could only get lost.

No matter what, even though one do not care about anything like naming of the children or him taking care of the babies, things that should be done had to be done.

Emperor Yong Le’s Imperial Edict for succession was known to the courts and now that the world was peaceful, Xie Jing Xing would be enthroned. It was naturally that it would be done smoothly but what about the establishment of the Empress?

Who should be established?

Shen Miao was still currently lying down and perhaps would not wake up in this life time or perhaps upon waking up, she would become crazy. There was no such precendents in history of Monarchs to have such an Empress.

It would seem unlikely. The future was just too long and one’s heart was easily swayed. Xie Jing Xing could say now that he was loyal to Shen Miao but how could one be clear of the future?

When Luo Tan learned of this news, she was not reconciled to it. The Shen family army had returned with the Great Liang troops and had not reached Long Ye yet. At this moment they had no knowledge of Shen Miao’s matter yet. Luo Tan, as Shen Miao’s only family, was unwilling to see Shen Miao being wronged and could not reconcile if Shen Miao was unable to gain anything after sacrificing everything.

It was not ideal to scold or blame Xie Jing Xing because Xie Jing Xing himself did not do anything wrong, thus she poured out all the hard work that Shen Miao did in the past year. She said that Shen Miao guarded Long Ye with a pregnant abdomen for him, guarded the Imperial Palace and protected the dignity of Great Liang’s Imperial family. Even in a critical and dangerous time, Shen Miao was able to hold it up and she need not have to do so.

Xie Jing Xing listened to Luo Tan words in silence and looked at her for a while with a smile but not a smile before saying, “So?”

Luo Tan was somewhat at a loss of what to say, “So, you should know about it in your heart.” She was unable to tell what kind of feeling she was feeling but just that it was like something was block but she did not know how to unblock it. She ran away and knocked onto someone. When she looked up, she saw that it was Gao Yang.

Gao Yang was curious and asked her what was wrong. Luo Tan glared at him fiercely before leaving.

Xie Jing Xing walked to the side of the pond and initially wanted to drink tea but at the end called Deng GongGong to clear the tea away and bring a pot of wine.

By the side of the pond, under the cooling pavilion and moonlight, it was the place that Empress Xian De and Emperor Yong Le drank the last snow wine. The world had lement that the Heavens was unfair to the deep love of the Emperor and Empress and on the surface, he was indeed more fortunate than Emperor Yong Le. At least he was alive and because he was alive, anything was possible.

But what if Shen Miao did not wake up in this lifetime? To live like this, wouldn’t one lose a lot of things in life? Xie Jing Xing did not have too much enthusiasm to be the Emperor of this empire and if the person beside was lost, it was actually a very sad thing to live a life that boringly.

Someone footsteps were heard and as he looked towards it, he saw Pei Lang.

The moonlight shone on Pei Lang and he looked like a modest gentleman. He seemed not to have drunk any wine for a lifetime, and upon seeing such a person, one would feel that this would be a proud literary person who would drink tea and play Qin but he sat in front of Xie Jing Xing and found a wine cup before pouring a cup of wine for himself.

As the jade wine cups shimmered under the moonlight, it made one drunk before drinking.

Pei Lang said, “Tomorrow you will be enthroned. Congratulations.”

Xie Jing Xing’s lips hooked up but he did not seem to be happy.

“How about her?” Pei Lang was straightforward and asked, “What do you plan to do?”

Xie Jing Xing turned his head slowly and stared at Pei lang for a while before speaking, “Gentleman Pei is so concern?”

“Previously one had a teacher and student relation with WangFei.” Pei Lang was unmoved and continued speaking, “Afterwards the Imperial city is in danger thus one can be friends in troubled times. I do not plan to place blame or change anything. Just being curious.”

“Oh?” Xie Jing Xing’s head lowered and he said faintly, “What do you think it should be?”

“WangFei had once mentioned that she had no greed for the position of the Empress or any position of power. However if this was her responsibility, she will take it on. She was not a person that could worry for everyone under Heavens but willing take the responsibility for the important people in her heart.”

“That important people includesthe Shen family, the children in her abdomen and you.”

Peo Lang said, “WangFei had said that her life is especially rough and Heavens had been very strict with her. Sometimes thinking from the beginning, it seemed that one did not encounter anything good at all. Thus one had never dare of expect anything from Heavens. The only wish that one have was that all her loved ones were safe and happy.”

Xie Jing Xing’s gaze slightly moved.

Pei Lang turned around and looked at him and smiled, “She had not experience anything good. The things that others could gain easily, she had to work very hard to obtain it. Even her tiny wishes were harder than others. Now that the hardships are over, before she could taste the nector, she fell into a deep sleep. The Heavens is really unfair to her. However it is because so she had never asked for anything, making one feel respectful and pitiful.”

“Your Highness,” Pei Lang held the wine cup and said with a gentle smile, “Now that your great carrer is completed and you will be enthroned and sit on top of the Empire, perhaps there would even be beauties in the future but I still want to remind you not to let yourself regret.” His voice was very soft, “If one regret, there is no chance of a redo and it is a torture to suffer pain everyday.”

Xie Jing Xing looked at him thoughtfully and asked, “Have you regretted before?”

“Used to and had spent one’s entire life to redo it. Even though some was recovered, things that were lost cannot be returned.” Pei Lang sighed.

Both of them were silent and just at this time Tao GuGu rushed over. Upon seeing that Xie Jing Xing and Pei Lang was discussion in discretion, she awkwardly spoke, “Your Highness, both Young Masters are crying nonstop and the nannies have no way to deal with it. It is better for you to take a look.”

Chu Yi and Shi Wu had been coax by Xie Jing Xing everyday that even their temperament became prideful. No matter how other people coaxed them, they would not respond until Xie Jing Xing coaxed. It was also strange as Shen Miao’s had a quiet temperament and would not give others trouble but these two children that she bore seemed to be collecting debts. It was still alright before but once Xie Jing Xing returned, their temperament started showing up. It was fortunate that Xie Jing Xing had patience with the children. If it was other young fathers, one feared that they would have longed shook their sleeves and left.

Xie Jing Xing got up, “I will take a look.” He then seemed to have thought of something and turned to look at Pei Lang, “You are indeed an interesting person. But thanks for your reminder.” He drank the remaining wine in the cup and said, “I have never done anything regretful and would not do anything that would make another regret. You have worried too much.”

Xie Jing Xing and Tao GuGu left and Pei Lang shook his head as he watched both of their retreating back. He laugh in a self-depreciating manner, “Think of what?” His expression gradually became bitter, “Really don’t even give one a chance at all. It is truly evil…”


On the day that Xie Jing Xing was enthroned, the skies were bright and the weather was warm.

He was named as Xiao Jing.

The Palace stood hall as the golden dragon danced around the golden hall. Hundreds of officials were in front with ministers surrounding as the young Emperor changed into a golden robe that is embroidered with golden threads with dragon patterns. The corners of the robes were exquisite and prestiagous that it made other unable to see it.

And he had a beautiful appearance with the crown but he had a pair of cynical peach blossoms eyes. Even so, everywhere that his eyes had passed, it seemed that there a light breeze of killing intent.

No one dared to underestimate this young Emperor. Even though he was the youngest Emperor in Great Liang’s history, but he had genuinely carried the battle flag and went into the battlefield and wiped out Qin country and Ming Qi. He was even better in using plots in court, making others be in a poor state.

The Imperial Edict for succession was fized and with the transferring of the Imperial seal, from then onwards, Great Liang and everything under Heavens ushered in a new master.

After his enthronement ceremony, he unexpected walk to the side. The officials dared not look up until they heard the Emperor’s voice, “Establishing the Empress.”

Everyone new that Rui WangFei was currently in a coma so establish what Empress? Everyone did not understand and upon looking up, they saw that young Emperor carrying a female and placed her on the Empress’s seat and his actions are so cautious, as if it was a valuable treasure.

Other than Gao Yang, Ji Yu Shu and a few of them, the rest of the officials were all full of shock. Someone stood forward, “Your Majesty cannot do it!”

“Oh?” Emperor Xiao Jing turned his head and looked at him. His gaze changed and he smiled, “Why not?”

“Wang… Furen has not wakened up now so how could be a Mother of a nation be unconscious?”

It was unheard that an Empress of a nation was someone that had not woken up.

“Why not?” Emperor Xiao Jing seemed to be deliberately teasing him, “Zhen want it so, so what can be done?”

That official was an old official and when Emperor Yong Le was alive, he would be very respectful to him. He had some weight and thus said, “Could it be that Your Majesty want to keep the Inner Palace empty for her?”

All the officials were stunned.

To establish a person who would not wake up as the Empress, one fear that even just for namesake, there was a wide variety of representation. In the future even if there were new beauties that entered this palace, as long as this Empress position was occupied, then all these female’s children would never be able to exceed Chu Yi’s and Shi Wu’s.

Empress Xiao Jing smiled softly and continuously that the officials were somewhat in a daze. The officials that spoken previously somewhat panicked at the smile..

One only heard the Emperor speaking, “The Inner Palace is empty? Zhen’s Inner Palace only have a woman so why is there a saying that it is empty?”

Everyone was shocked!

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