Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 231 (Part 11)

Chapter 231: Return Of An Old Friend (Part 11)

The midwives were the best of all midwives. All the famous midwives were call upon before shortlisting to those who went through difficult births like small matters. In order to be safe, Tao GuGu found two of them.

The one in front, Li Po-zi said, “WangFei don’t be nervous. A female would always find the first birth difficult but as the saying goes, first is strange, second will be familiar. After giving birth the first time, one would not be scared later and it would be very smooth.”

Liu Po-zi was older than Li Po-zi, scolded, “What nonsense are you spouting in front of these nobles?” She then looked towards Shen Miao and said in wonder, “But WangFei is indeed very calm. This Po-zi had seen many young ladies given birth but it is the first time one see one that is this calm.”

Shen Miao was already supported to the bed to lie down. She looked calm, as if she did not put this matter to heart. From the beginning to the end, she did not display a panicked look at all, almost making others think that it was not her first time giving borth. Even it was the second time giving birth, those women would not be as relax as this.”

Shen Miao knew in her heart clearly that she was not as calm as she appeared to be. The memory of childbirth was so long ago and at that time Fu Xiu Yi did not care about her. The birth of the child was very difficult and she gave birth with great unease.

Now this child came to the world with everyone’s expectation. No matter if it is Xie Jing Xing and herself or Empress Xian De and Emperor Yong Le, when the Shen family knew of her being pregnant, they would definitely be very hopeful for the child. The more something is precious, the more one fear of it being broken.

Too much concern would become chaotic. She forced herself to breath in and exhale deeply, abandoning all the mess to the back of her head.

“May WangFei get up to eat something first.” Li Po-zi picked up a brown sugar soaked egg at the side to Shen Miao, “Only upon eating would one have energy. It takes some time to deliver thus one have to wait for a while.”

“WangFei is not at all delicate.” Liu Po-zi praise, “In the past those little daughter-in-laws would have tempers. Even those Furen of noble families would be exceptionally picky. They would not be willing to eat anything, saying that it is not comfortable but afterwards do not have strength to give birth. At the end the person suffering is oneself. WangFei is however is very sensible. Like that, the delivery would be smooth.”

She saw Shen Miao’s gentleness and was not picky of their countryside background. When she spoke she felt closeness and thus felt good.

Shen Miao knew that both of them were talking to help distract her, so that time could move faster. Afterall the delivery have yet to start.

Outside, Tao GuGu and the rest were waiting. Luo Tan said, “My heart is beatin very fast. One do not know if Youngest Biao Sister will give birth to a boy or a girl. After being curious for so long, one can finally have an answer.”

“No matter if it is a little heir or little princess, when His Highness the Prince returns, he would be very happy and dotes a lot.” Tao GuGu, “It is just that one do not know how long one would need to wait.”

Deng GongGong was somewhat nervous, “This is afterall the first younger generation of the Imperial family. The Emperor, Her Ladyship the Empress and Her Ladyship the Empress Dowager would be very happy in Heavens.”

It was so at this side, much less the people of Prince Rui residence.

Even Mo Qing, one who did not show much different between happiness and anger, seemed to be flushed red. Cong Yang kept jumping around and said, “Before the departure, Tie Yi had made a bet with me. I bet that it would be a little princess and had bet my entire fortune. If one lost this time, one’s funds for marrying a wife cannot be saved.”

Jing Zhe happened to hear it and became scornful, “I see that it is a little heir.”

“Hey. Why should it be a little heir?” Cong Yang asked, “I see that it is a little princess.”

“A little heir is a little heir!” Jing Zhe could not be outdone.

“Don’t be noisy.” Gu Yu defused the situation, “Still quarrel at this moment. Where is Tang Shu?”

Tang Shu was at the corner, repeatingly chanting Amitabha and whispering softly, “Seeing the Xiao family ancestors to bless WangFei and son safe and sound, WangFei and daughter safe and sound, everyone is safe and sound…”

From the early afternoon to late afternoon and only when evening came, Shen Miao finally began her delivery.

The Po-zi instructed the palace maids to prepare clean water, towels, clean scissors and a variety of nessassary things. Luo Tan wanted to enter but Tao GuGu stopped her. Tao GuGu and a few palace maids enter and so did Jing Zhe and Gu Yu, to ensure that nothing happened.

Shen Miao moaned lowly.

She had tired to endure it but the pain came in waves. Afterwards, it was almost constant severe pain. This pain was even more painful than any physicial pain she felt after her rebirth. It almost seemed that someone was stabing her abdomen with a pair of scissors.

“WangFei, keep it up and use more strength!” Li Po-zi said, “One can see the child already!”


Outside there was a line of people with Pei Lang, who was waiting anxiously, like a day was a year.

From time to time, there were palace maids that carried silver basins in and out and the blood in the basin was shocking. Luo Tan anxiously grabbed onto the MoMo beside her and asked, “What is going on? Why is there so much blood?”

Pe Lang’s heart was transported far away.

In the previous lifetime, Fu Xiu Yi did not care about the birth of Fu Ming and Wan Yu at all. At that time, he coincidently passed by so Fu Xiu Yi let him represent him to take a look.

When Shen Miao gave birth in the previous lifetime, in some ways, it was Pei Lang that accompanied her. He did not expect that in this lifetime, Xie Jing Xing was not by her side and it was him who accompanied her.

This was also very good. At least in such a time, she was not alone. At lease he accompanied her at such a time.

Each moment was particulary long and he did not know how long had passed when he heard the Po-zi from the room exclaiming, “It’s coming out. It’s a little heir! Oh, there is another one!”

“It’s twins! Twins! WangFei has a good blessing!”

Not after a moment later, one heard another cry from inside and the baby’s cry was very resounding.

Everyone was so happy and Luo Tan almost faint in happiness! But before they could take a breath, they heard Li Po-zi exclaiming, “WangFei, you must hold on and don’t sleep! Don’t sleep!”

Pei Lang’s heart tighten and before he could respond to it, one heard Tao GuGu’s sad voice, “WangFei, hold it in!”

Luo Tan had a anxious temprement and did not care about being afraid and just went into the room. Pei Lang hesitated and heard Tao GuGu speaking, “Gentleman Pei! Come in Gentleman Pei!”

Pei Lang rushed into the room. Shen Miao was covered with a blanket and her face was exceptionally pale. She said to Liu Po-zi and Li Po-zi beside, “It is alright. It is good that the children are saved.”

“WangFei…” Liu Po-ze and Li Po-zi wanted to say something but they were unable to speak.

“What is going on exactly?” Luo Tan was so anxious that she was about to cry, “Youngest Biao Sister, what is wrong? Why say such words?”

“WangFei’s health was weak before and she was pregnant with twins. Before delivery, she was distracted and had used lots of energy and the fetus became unstable. Now the body is exhausted and bleed too much…” Liu Po-zi could not carry on speaking.

“This delivery is indeed difficult. I… I feel that I cannot go on. Older Biao Suster, upon seeing my Father, Mother and Eldest Brother, tell them that I am not filial for me and could not serve them in their old age.”

Luo Tan shook her head desperately, “Youngest Biao Sister, these kind of words cannot be said by me. Stop talking nonsense. You will be well and lively to see GuFu and GuMu. Those words you said are not filial at all. Stop talking. Stop talking!” When she spoke till the end, she was already bawling and could hardly control herself.

Shen Miao smiled helplessly before looking at Pei Lang.

Pei Lang had a stunned expression and his lips were trembling slightly. There was not even the usual calm look.

“No you can carry on.” He said, “I have not paid off your debts yet. You have to live a hundred years, healthily and worry-free.” It was as if he was forcing himself to believe in it.

“Gentleman Pei no longer owe me anything. If one really want to pay back then… Then promise me to protect my children. One hope they can grow up healthily.” She pasped with all her strength, as if she had ran out of it. “Upon seeing Xie Jing Xing, tell him that I am sorry and could not wait. Thank him for protecting me willingly all this time and tolerate me. To be husband and wife with him, I… I am very happy…”

“WangFei!” Tao GuGu called out.

“Let me see my children…” She said.

The two children were wiped cleanly and were wrapped in blanket before bringing over to Shen Miao’s side. Tao GuGu said in tears, “It is two heirs. They are very healthy.”

Shen Miao tearful gaze landed on both children. She struggled to reach out and traced both children’s brows as she said lightly, “When these two children grow up, their brows must be very good looking. No matter if they take after the father or mother… Xie Jing Xing and me had suffered lots of hardship and if Heavens is a good person, they would not let them suffer any.”

Tao GuGu had begun to wipe her tears.

Luo Tan turned her head away and used the back of her hands to wipe her tears.

“I really want to watch you both grow up…” Her eyes landed on both children and it had a deep attachment to it, as if looking past both babies’ appearance, seeing the person behind.

“Really miss you…”

Her voice gradually weakened.

In a big tent thousands of Li (1 Li = 1 mile), the young Generald suddenly felt a pain in his heart. That kind of pain spread from his chest to every corner of his body, making the person bend down uncontrolly due to the pain. He use the table to support himself as he gasped for air.

Gao Yang was walking into the tent and was shocked upon seeing this scene. He quickly reached out to take his pulsed but said curiously after feeling it, “There is so issues. What happened to you?”

Xie Jing Xing frowned and suddenly said, “Attack Xun Yang tomorrow.”

“Why the sudden decision?” Gao Yang jumped in shock.

“Quickly start and finish the battle.” Xie Jing Xing turned around and headed out.


Great Liang had occupied the Qin country’s Xun Yang and from that point onwards, the situation of three divided nations had finally been broken by the young Prince Rui of First Rank. The chaos had came to an end and the grand plan was accomplish as the flowers land on Great Liang.

The losers were defeated and the winners were kings. The Qin Emperor were defeated and eliminated by the enemy. There was only the Great Liang Emperor and there would no longer be any Emperor of Ming Qi or Qin country.

History would only remember the winners. The defeated country would be sad but if the previous Monarch was tyrannical and the new Monarch was wise and generous to the commoners, then the commoners’ heart would naturally fall towared the generous side.

Commoners were not fools and would always show gratitude since ancient times. Whereever the wise Monarch went, there would always be support by the people.

Great Liang’s troops was about to return home.

It was always a glorious thing to return back upon a victory. Those families, who had members that joined the army and were still alive, were naturally proud. Even those who died on horseback would also feel proud despite some pain and sadness.

The commoners in Long Ye were all rushing all over the place, wating for the victorious troops to return.

As compared to the hustle and bustle among the commoners, the Palace was cold and desolute.

Luo Tan sat at the courtyard. During autumn, it was rare to have such a warm and radiant sun that make people feel warm. There were piles of books in the courtyard that Jing Zhe and Gu Yu was sunning.

Luo Tan was watching on and smiled, “When one was in Xiao Chun City, she always bring out these books to sun. I always felt that the books would not spoil so why the need to sun them and be that detailed. One did not think that now it is me who took the initiative to help her to do these things.”

The green clad male by her side did not speak.

Pei Lang seemed to be much older overnight. He did things silently but because without Shen Miao’s instructions, he was unable to read memorandums. Everyday he would read books and could not do anything else. These kind of futile days seemed to be very painful for him.

There was not a single happy atmosphere in the Palace.

Tao GuGu carried both children over. Luo Tan quickly stood up and took one over.

“The Young Masters are very healthy.” Tao GuGu smiled, “The nanny mention that they are very obedient at night and would not make a fuss.”

There were also some smiles on Luo Tan’s face, “So obiedent, it is similar to their Mother’s temprement.” Then her voice stopped.

Pei Lang’s gaze landed on both children and his eyes dimed a little.

“Which one is the Older Brother? Which one is the Younger Brother? I really cannot tell at all.” Luo Tan diverted the topic, “Both of them have identical appearance. It is like this now, how would it be in the future?”

Tao GuGu smiled, “It is nothing. In the future one can use clothes to differenciate them. Moreover when children grows up, their character would be different and naturally one can tell them apart.”

“But what to call them?” Luo Tan was annoyed, “Which one is the Older Brother? Which one is the Younger Brother? Youngest Biao Sister did not have time to give them a…” She immediately paused and afterwards smiled in annoyance, “I kept on saying not to mention it but always mention it. Never mind.”

When Tao GuGu saw it, she wanted to say some words of consolation but saw Gu Yu and Jing Zhe rushing in from outside. Gu Yu said, “The Prince of First Rank has returned!”

“What?” Pei Lang and Luo Tan were in shocked. Based on Great Liang’s troops’ speed, it would take about a month before their return to the capital.

“The Prince brought his own people back first.” Gu Yu said softly, “But Furen…”

After a pause, Pei Lang then said, “Let’s go over to take a look.”

Xie Jing Xing strode towards the Palace. In a short timespan of a year, too many things had changed. Emperor Yong Le and Empress Xian De had passed away and the Palace seemed to be much colder.

Deng GongGong smiled, “May Your Highness go and take a look at the two little Young Masters first. Tao GuGu and Young Lady Luo are currently playing with them.”

Xie Jing Xing frowned, “Where is Shen Miao?”

As the voice fell, he then saw Luo Tan and Tao GuGu walking over from behind the folding screen carrying the children and Pei Lang following behind.

Xie Jing Xing paused in his steps.

“Shen Miao?” He said slowly.

Pei Lang stepped forward and said softly, “Go and take a look at her.”

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