Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 231 (Part 10)

Chapter 231: Return Of An Old Friend (Part 10)

In the next few days, the rumours in Long Ye had calmed down. Even when those people tried to provoke dissent, the commoners would immediately refute it. After all that day Shen Miao had personally went up to the Palace tower even in such a dangerous situation and spoke those inspiring words. As long as the commoners were settled, the human heart could be revealed.

However the Lu and Ye forces outside the city had intensified its offensive attacks, as if they had gone crazy.

As Shen Miao read the memorandums normally, she had made arrangements for the guards to reinforce the forces at the city, making herself very busy. She was pregnant and felt a little less capable than she desired to be.

On this day, she just woke up early in the morning when she saw Luo Tan running in. Upon seeing her, she said, “Youngest Biao Sister, someone is here to see you.”

Shen Miao frowned, “Who?” She was in the Palace and now other than speaking to those court officials during court, no one would specifically come to to see her. She had no good friends in Long Ye and those with the best relations were all in the Palace.

“I will help you out to take a look.” Luo Tan said.

Luo Tan supported Shen Miao out and upon arriving at the main hall, she saw a person sitting in front of the table as Jing Zhe poured tea for the person. The person was wearing a green simple robe, just as pure and unyielding as her memories.

Shen Miao called out, “Gentleman Pei?”

Pei Lang turned his head.

There were just too many things that happened in the past year. At the beginning Pei Lang chose to leave and from some ways, it was considered the best choice. Afterall the memories of one’s past life still exsist and no one knew what kind of emtions they should use when facing one another.

When he saw Shen Miao, he smiled gently, “One heard that Long Ye is facing some difficulties and the Palace is in a dangerous situation. Even though I do not have any special skills, at ,ease I can share some burden.”

Shen Miao frowned and did not speak for some time.

Pei Lang smiled, “No need to think too much. I am from Ming Qi and in Great Liang can be considered as a fellow countryman. Moreover at the beginning there was a teacher and student relationship thus it is not that there is completely no relations. This time just treat me like I am helping a friend from hometown.”

He smiled gently, as if everything had not happened. Shen Miao looked at him carefully and saw his calm expression, as if he had let go of the past and her heart relaxed.

For Shen Miao, the past seemed to be something very long ago. She was more concern of the future and Pei Lang’s appearance could indeed help her offload many problems.

She said, “I have to owe you a favour again.” The last time it was Pei Lang that took a knife for her.

Pei Lang said softly, “Owe?” Then he smiled again, “It is good to think it like this.” After looking up at Shen Miao, he continued, “There is no time to waste. Now let’s deal with the most pressing matter in Long Ye.”


What was the most pressing matter in Long Ye at this moment? It was naturally cleaning up the rebels and ensuring the safety of the people in the city. Because of the war and many other court affairs, there were numerous memorandums. They all depended on pregnant Shen Miao to settle and this was just too much. Moreover her delivery date was around the corner and she could not afford to make big movements.

After Pei Lang arrived, the burden on Shen Miao’s shoulder was a little lighter.

Pei Lang was originally Fu Xiu Yi’s aide and naturally had an understanding of these court matters. Moreover he had a natural born talent in this area that even if entering Great Liang’s court first time, he was able to handle it well.

However there was a problem, which was the manpower in Long Ye. It was possible to protect the people in Long Ye but one would not be able to cover one’s tail if some resources were moved to clean up the rebels. No one dared to take this risk and it was not a good thing to stay on such a stalemate.

“Just delay it by a month. When Xie Jing Xing returns, these rebels would be cleared.” Shen Miao said to Pei Lang, “As long as one persist for these days.”

Pei Lang was helping on the memorandums. They did not mention any related matters of the past lifetime, as if boh of them had an unspoken past. There was no advantage of bringing it up and sometimes, being stupid was the best way of getting along.

Pei Lang was also stunned for a long time upon seeing the foolish Ye Hong Guang. Most likely because Ye Hong Guang and Fu Ming were just too similar in appearance. Thus he treated Ye Hong Guang particularly warm and Ye Hong Guang liked to play with Pei Lang.

“Even so,” Pei Lang was somewhat worried, “But the Lu family rebels also know of this logic. In previous days, the soldiers guarding the city had reported that the Lu family rebels had not move till now. When things are not moving as expected, it is not normal. One felt that they are preparing for something.”

“No matter what they are preparing, there would be no change in our current situation.” Shen Miao sighed, “At the beginning one had thought about the strong Great Liang border. Long Ye is the golden throne and thought that even if there were movements it would all be due to the mutal suspicions in the Imperial courts. Who knew that the Lu family had retained this method.”

“The Lu family hates the Imperial family to the bones and knkowing that there was no more opportunities of winning, they actually hid this move at such a critical time.”

“It is not enough for the old thief to die like that.” Shen Miao had a memorandum in her hands but her gaze was outside the windows, “Long Ye cannot be lost. Not even one step can be given in.”

Luo Tan walked over with a food basket and smiled, “Both of you had read the memorandums for so long and need to eat. This is especially so for Youngest Biao Sister. You are no longer one person and you have a child. You being hungry means my unknown little niece or little nephew have to be hungry too. What kind of mother is this?” She took out the snacks and soup from the basket and said, “Gentleman Pei should also eat a little. I watched as the kitchens prepare these things. It is guaranteed very safe!”

Luo Tan was in the Palace all day and seemed to be somewhat doing nothing. Shen Miao and Pei Lang read memorandums and she could not help, thus all her efforts and thoughts were placed on Shen Miao’s child. There are many people in the Palace and more hands equates to more complication thus meals would require a lot of attention as lots of childen were lost just because of food. Luo Tan would move a small tool everyday to the Imperial Kitchens to guard that even Tao GuGu, Jing Zhe, Gu Yu would not pass, watching all the food prepared personally.

Shen Miao smiled gently, “Have troubled you.”

Pei Lang’s gaze fell onto Shen Miao protruding abdomen and hesitated for a bit before asking, “It is estimated… To be in these few days?”

“It is not easy to predict.” Shen Miao said, “But I felt that it should be soon.” She caressed her lower abdomen and there was a flash of gentleness in her eyes, “To be born in such a chaotic time, it is tough for him.”

“What chaos?” Luo Tan said, “Youngest Biao Sister words are wrong. One had to know that the land under Heavens are not peaceful today and when the chaos are settled and world is stablised, it would be a time of prosperity. When MeiFu returns, then that little fellow would have a victorious Father and everyone under Heavens would cheer of his birth. Such a fortunate thing is not something that anyone could encounter. Why does such a good thing become a bad thing from your lips?”

Shen Miao laughed, “You are so good with your words so why don’t you go be a storyteller?”

Luo Tan said proudly, “If I am a storyteller, then one would be able to be the best in the world.”

Pei Lang saw both of them speaking with excitement and shook his head with a smile, “It is good after these days past. One only hope that the rebels would not create any issues at this time.”

Heavens did not go according to human’s wishes. Pei Lang’s words accidentally came true after two days.

The more critical tme was, the more one could not make a mistake, as long as one pass these days, Xie Jing Xing returned and resolved the dangers in Long Ye, no matter if there were rebels of thieves, they would disappear without any traces in this Great Liang Empire. From then onwards, there would not be Ming Qi or Qin country. There would only be one Great Liang under Heavens and all these mountains and lands would end up in Xie Jing Xing’s hands.

Even if one escaped to the ends of the Heavens and corner of the seas, these people would be like ants, like dogs of departed family, never able to have peace.

From the start they had never intended to leave alive, otherwise they would not have attacked Long Ye. However if one was able to kill Shen Miao or the child in Shen Miao’s abdomen, then this suicide battle would be worth it. Now seeing that each day passed with the commoners were not incited successfully and the Imperial family was still stable, the rebels were anxious. They were anxious to make the entire Long Ye in chaos so that when Xie Jing Xing returned, he would face a mess as well as the tragc death of this wife and child.

Thus they launched a frenzied attack on Long Ye two days later.

Just like Pei Lang had predicted, things that were not moving as expected, it is not normal. They had originally made an arrangement and this arrangement was made by Lu Mao Cai to force the Imperial family. One had not expected that it would be used to deal with this Imperial city.

But just like Shen Miao had said, no matter what happened, their situation would not change a little bit.

In Lu Mao Cai’s plans, it was the Lu family troops dealing with the Imperial guards. Now these forces are not as fierce as the Lu family’s troops and the Imperial guards were not as many as during Emperor Yone Le’s period, coincidentally, both made up to a tie.

By setting aside guards to protect the commoners, naturally there were much lesser people in the Imperial Palace. Shen Miao’s situation became very dangerous.

“WangFei, how about recalling some people back to the Palace?” Deng GongGong said, “One fear that it is more critical in the Palace.”

“It is useless for one or two people and if there are more people, there would be none outside. Let it be.” Shen Miao said, “Just leave it like this. It would be alright after tonight. Those rebels also need to recuperate. If tonight’s attack n the city is not successful, then their troops’ morale would dropped by half. Tonight is the most stressful time, after tonight, everything would become much easier.”

Tao GuGu was somewhat restless, “One could not help but worry upon listening. WangFei, is the child in one’s abdomen really alright?”

Shen Miao unconsciously stroke her abdomen the next moment. Most likely because mother and child were of one heart, these days, she was able to clearly feel the child moving and kicking in her womb but tonight it was very calm. She then smiled, “Most likely it is asleep and know that it should not create a mess at this moment. It is very obedient.”

Pei Lang said, “Since one has made up one’s mind, then just guard here. However one have to be prepared. Once something goes wrong, then let everyone in Mo Yun Army come here to protect you and escort you to a safe place. Even though this Imperial Palace have to be guarded, one’s life is still the most important. Even though the commoners know that you flee at the end, it would only be that you fled at the last moment and would not blame you since you are protecting the Imperial family’s blood.”

Shen Miao nodded her head, “This is also what I thought.”

“Then everyone should raise their spirits.” Luo Tan said, “It is currently the most crucial night. We are all in the Imperial Palace and at such a time must be unite. There is nothing that one cannot get through. This year is almost over and all these are nothing more than some nameless rats. Would one even fear those?”

Luo Tan grew up in the Luo family and had a type of pride and courage in her bones. The more dangerous it was, the more unafraid she became. Her words made those in the palace feel hot blooded. Even those eunuchs and palace maids in Wei Yang Palace all knelt down and said that they would live and die in this Imperial Palace.

The situation was not that desperate yet.

Shen Miao sat in the middle of the hall. The big hall was very spacious that it was somewhat deserted. Pei Lang sat at the side flipping through memorandums while Shen Miao waslked at the officials brought some document at ShangWu (aka noon). As for Luo Tan, one did not know where she found a nine ring puzzle to play with. Tao GuGu and Deng GongGong was at the side, continuously pouring warm tea. It looked like everyone had their things to do and seemed to be busy.

This lightened the tense atmosphere a little.

But it was only a little. This was because the guards would report from time to time about the current situation of the city. Those rebels were really ferocious as they were killing commoners everywhere. Thus whoever that stood with the Imperial family would panic. Fortunately Shen Miao had reallocated most of the guards and city garrison to fight with these Lu family people endlessly. At this time, one could not see who would prevail.

These thieves were very sly. A part of them would confuse the hearts of the commoners and a part of them would be secretly hide and attack the Imperial Palace. Hearing the noises of some soldiers fighting outside, there seem to be some shouts occasionally. No one could really calm down.

It was as if a bow was fully pulled. Every lsight move would affect one’s heart, making one unable to be settled down.

This night was particularly long. It was so long that the green smoke from the incense burner was also particularly slow as it scattered in the air, producing a light fragrance. However one was able to smell it.

When the dawn broke, the noises outside gradually got softer.

Deng GongGong and Tao GuGu showed expressions of relief.

The head of the guards came in from outside and said to SHen Miao, “Reporting to WangFei, the Lu family rebels had already withdrawn to the outskirts of the city and the thieves in the city were cleared. The city garrison is currently claming the commoners down.”

This meant that the crisis had passed.

Luo Tan stretched out. The nine ring puzzled that she had been playing with the entire night was not undone. It was not because she was stupid but because the entire night, her mind was not on the nine ring puzzle, thus it would be a wonder if one managed to solve it. She yawned. Even though she was excited, she was unable to hid her fatigue, “Youngest Biao Sister, since the crisis is resolved and I have accompanied you an entire night, this is considered a little merit right?”

Shen Miao lifted her head up. She was comparably better than Luo Tan. Even though she looked somewhat tired, she was not that sleepy. She said with a smile, “Everyone has suffered. When His Highness returned, those who have merits would be rewarded.”

The head of the guards also smiled, “WangFei has also suffered.”

To be able to calm down in such a critical juncture like this and even staying in the Palace all night, in some ways, it was almost as good as fighting with them. For a female to be able to do these, this was very admirable. Moreover what kind of person Shen Miao was during these days, everyone could see it clearly. Without her leading Long Ye, one feared that Long Ye would still be in a mess now.

Pei Lang looked up from the memorandums and smiled gentlyat ShenMiao with some expression of ease.

Tao GuGu was the most concerned about Shen Miao’s health, “Since it is alright, it is better for WangFei to rest first. Even normal people would not be able to handle an entire night of not closing one’s eyes, much less someone pregnant.” She went over to support Shen Miao.

Shen Miao was supported by Tao GuGu and as she took a step out, she felt her abdomen fell and she suddenly stopped.

When Luo Tan saw it, she said, “One’s body stiffens after sitting for too long right? I will come and massage for you. When one’s legs become numb, it is difficult to take a single step.”

“It is not that.” Shen Miao forced herself to come down before saying, “Go and invite a midwife over first.”

Tao GuGu and Luo Tan was first startled. Tao GuGu however immediately reacted but she was unable to say she was more excited or horrified as she said, “Quick! Bring the two midwives from the Palace over!”

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