Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 231 (Part 9)

Chapter 231: Return Of An Old Friend (Part 9)

The fortunate thing was that Shen Miao did a good job.Her handling of a new matters were considered satisfactory. Although Deng GongGong did not understand the affairs of court, he was most proficient in observing expressions and mood. Those officials that objected or suspicious at the beginning had became warmer and that mean that Shen Miao was doing well else it would be impossible for these people, who were picking bones from eggs, not to find any fault till now.

Deng GongGong was somewhat gratified. If Shen Miao was such a person then she was comparable to Empress Xian De and perhaps the Great Liang’s empire would be like what Empress Dowager Jing Xian had hoped to be and it would last for tens of thousands of years.

“This is just too exhausting.” Luo Tan said, “But one heard them discussing after court, saying that you are lucky and made a few decision that has satisfactory results.” Luo Tan then said disdainly, “How could it be luck? It is odviously genuine ability. Youngest Biao Sister, how do you know everything? You can even read all these messy memorandums, what can you not do?”

Shen Miao rolled her eyes, “There is a lot that one does not know.”

“For example…” Luo Tan rush up in interest.

“For example, not like you, curious of everything.”

Luo Tan sulked and then continued, “In any cause… The hardship is about to end and it is almost time for you to give birth. MeiFu is about to win the war. At that time GuFu and my Father would also come over and our family would be reunited. Thinking about it, all these hardships is nothing.”

Shen Miao smiled gently, “Yes.”

The hardship now was always worth it.


Xie Jing Xing’s information came over continuously. Ming Qi was exterminated and the Qin country saw that seeking peace was hopeless, thus the Qin Emperor fled to the North. Now Great Liang troops were rushing over to occupy the Qin country. After occupying the city, Xie Jing Xing could then return to Great Liang.

In some sense, the war was already over and now one was waiting for the hero to return in triumph.

This was the best news that came recently.

It was just… Shen Miao sighed. Xie Jing Xing most likely had known about Emperor Yong Le’s and Empress Xian De’s news. After he returned to Great Liang and went to the Imperial Tombs, one did not know how he would feel. In this world, the last person who had blood relations with him had left. From that onwards, he was truly a lonely person.

However… He was not considered lonely as there was still Shen Miao and the child.

Tao GuGu smiled, “WangFei’s day of delivery is estimated to be the first day of next month. There are still ten more days and everyone have to pay more attention.”

Luo Tan rubbed her hands together, “I am so happy. One do not know if it is a little niece or a little nephew. This really makes one curious to death. I guessed that it would be a little niece as she is so obedient and don’t make a fuss.”

“That might not be necessarily so.” Tao GuGu said, “WangFei’s abdomen is pointed and looked like it could be a little heir.”

Shen Miao smiled as she listened to their conjectures but her heart felt a calm that she had never felt before.

After giving birth and upon Xie Jing Xing’s return, perhaps the hardship of the past year and the chaos of the war would finally end. The future would be welcome good times.

However in this world, there would not be such a perfect thing. Even at a good result, there would be eighteen twists and danger would spring up continuously and troubles would add into the chaos. It was like this could then show the previousness of the result and it was difficult to gain happiness.

And for Shen Miao, just when she thought that she was approaching fortune and happiness, a big issue was ushered in.


In the authum, the skies were clear and the wind was blowing smoothly. It was a rare good weather.

Shen Miao sat on the side of the courtyard as she had, on a rare occation, finish reading all the memorandums early. Luo Tan had found a kite from who knew where. Her childlike heart did not decrease as she played with the female officials heartily. Shen Miao was infected by her laughter and could not help but smiled.

However one saw Deng GongGong walking in quickly with a seriousness not seen before. Upon seeing Shen Miao, he signaled her to go into the hall.

Shen Miao saw that he had important things to say and let Jing Zhe support her to the inner hall. Upon reaching the inner hall, Deng GongGong said, “WangFei, it is not good. The remaining forces of the Lu family are attacking the city!”

“The remaining forces of the Lu family?” Shen Miao frowned, “Didn’t everyone of the Lu family been completely eradicated in Fu Yang?”

“Among the Lu family, the Second Lu Young Lady’s husband is a military officier and had raise a group of private soldiers. At that time they were not in Long Ye but outside Long Ye, posing as ordinarly folks. These people had contact with the Ye family. At that time when the Ye family got into trouble, Ye Mao Cai gave these people a huge fortune. Now these people had prepared resources and planned to attack the city and are currently exchanging moves with the guards at the ciy.” Deng GongGong said.

Shen Miao’s eyes congealed and she spoke coldly in half a moment, “A centipede dies but never falls down. The Lu and Ye familys had really racked their brains in dealing with the Imperial family.” She looked towards Deng GongGong, “They are coming for me.”

Deng GongGong wiped the sweat on his forehead, “WangFei…”

Even with both the Lu and Ye families’ ‘residual power’, it was not possible for them to complete wth Xie Jing Xing’s army. The reason why they choise this time to attack the city was all to fulfill Ye Mao Cai’s and Lu Zheng Xuan’s last wishes and make the situation into either the fish died or the net split. Now that there was only Shen Miao, the only person who chould make decision in the Palace and Shen Miao was even carrying Xie Jing Xing’s child. Perhaps from their viewpoint, upon killing Shen Miao and losing the child, Xie Jing Xing would feel so much pain that he did not want to live.

For Xie Jing Xing, this was the best revenge.

Was this Ye Mao Cai’s and Lu Zheng Xuan’s method? They were already dead but they still had to make another feel disgusted at the end.

“How amny troops are there in the city and how many guards are there in the Palace?” Shen Miao asked.

“The guards in the Palace are enough to protect WangFei but those people had started to slaughter the people outside Long Ye. Once they enter the city, they would definitely kill everyone. These people are cruel and are mixed in the crowds. If one wants to deal with them, lots of people are required. Like that, then the people in the Palace are not enough and it would be easy to be exploited.”

Shen Miao frowned, “That is to say that one has to choose between the Palace and the commoners?”

Deng GongGong was silent. He did not know how to answer such a direct question like that.

“Understood.” Shen Miao nodded her head, “Take the guards out. Protect the people first.”

“WangFei!” Deng GongGong was startled, “You cannot discount your life and death. If you encounter any dangers, how could I tell His Highness the Prince!”

“It is not that I have discounted my life and death.” Shen Miao said, “It is just that do you think those people are only outside the city? One feared that there are also people mixed in the city. What they are doing is nothing more than arising fear from the commoners. If at this time the guards only guard the Palace, they would say some words and the commoners would be moved easily. When the people’s heart are not stabled, this Imperial Palace is just a bowl of soup that can be scattered quickly. It is especially so that His Highness is about to return, there must not be any chaos.” Seeing that Deng GongGong disagreement, Shen Miao said, “Besides I would not take my life as a joke. Before His Highness left, he had left some peoplefor me. They will protect me.”

Those few Mo Yun army who was left behind had later following Shen Miao into the Palace. She knew in her heart that there was no room for any choice at this moment. Lu Zheng Xuan’s and Ye Mao Cai’s last move was to deliberately make the others disgusted. If Shen Miao only care about herself and not the commoner’s life and death, once this matter had passed, even if Xie Jing Xing was enthroned, there would only be a cold and selfish reputation. During an Emperor’s initial period of their rule, the most important was the commoner’s hearts of support. If one lost the hearts of the people, then the foundation would not be stable from the beginning.

For Xie Jing Xing’s sake, one could not let the guards guard only the Palace.

When Deng GongGong saw that she had a decision made, he no longer insisted and arranged according to her instructions.

Shen Miao did not seem as tranquil as she looked. She frowned tightly. If it was in the past, it would not be a problem but at such a juncture, it was time for her to give birth. It might be that these remaining forces had picked this time for this opportunity.

In any case, she must protect the child in her abdomen.

Luo Tan rushed over after knowing of the news and she was filled with worry as she persuaded her, “Youngest Biao Sister, it is better to find a place to hide. Let’s hide first, until the child is born. Currently this Palace is no longer save as everyone knows that you are in the Palace and naturally those rebels also know. Once the guards in the Palace reduce, they would definitely attack.”

Shen Miao shook her head, “If I were to leave, one fear that on the second day, these people would have said that I fleed. This Palace is like a battleground. If I were to withdraw first, once the rebels come forward, the Imperial family could no longer stand up.”

“But…” Luo Tan still wanted to speak.

“There are no buts. Just wait for a few more days and Xie Jing Xing will return.” Shen Miao said, “As long as one survives this period.”

Just as Shen Miao expected, just barely the second day, rumours began to spread on the streets saying that Rui WangFei had fleed with her people and did not care about the life and death of the people. Now there is not a single person that could make decision in Great Liang’s court and the rebels were fighting with the city guards at the city gates. It was unknown when they would enter the city and at that time blood would flow like the river.

The commoners were kind and kind people were most easily made used by others. No matter if it was a rumour or something of substance, what they could rely on was nothing more than the protection of the son of Heavens. However upon hearing this rumour that the person who made decisions had fleed and left them to the knives like fish meat, it made one feel hurt.

For a period of time, they scolded the Imperial family for being ruthless and curses of Shen Miao’s coldness were endless. Xie Jing Xing was scolded for only caring about his merits and not taking the lives of Long Ye’s commoners in regard. They also scolded Shen Miao for being without virtue and heart by fleeing from the city.

Shen Miao sat at the side of Jin Yu Hall. She was dressed in a purple shimmering robe wth a Palace styled hair. She was obviously young but managed to hold the colour down. She said, “Head towards the top of the Palace city.”

The officials looked at each other and one of them came forward, “WangFei of First Rank, is this move too risky?” This person had opposed to Shen Miao overseeing the court initially and he opposed to it the most. However in recent days, he had been much more obiedent.

“One has to take risk then the commoners would believe that one would not give them up in times of danger.” She stood up as Jing Zhe and Gu Yu quickly supported her. She was currently at full term and thus it was inconvenient to walk around.

Even though it was called the Palace city, it was better to call it a Palace tower. When Shen Miao and the hundreds of officials were up on the tower, there were some commoners gathered below and more and more gathered. Mo Qing brought the Mo Yun army over and the guards in the Palace were also activated to prevent assassins from attacking.

Some of the commoners recognized Shen Miao and someone immediately called out, “It is the WangFei of First Rank!”

In a short period of time the space below the tower were filled with so much people that water could not pass. One feared that half of Long Ye’s commoners had come over. Shen Miao looked down and slowly spoke.

“To every ordinary folks, lately there are many rumours. The dregs of the Lu people and the Ye rebels are entagled, intending to confuse the people’s heart.”

In the wind, her voice was neither high or low but seemed to have the power to appease others yet able to be firm, making others feel the decisiveness in her tone of voice.

“Everyone must not be in a rush to be convinced by it. I swear on the name of Rui WangFei of First Rank that if the city stands, I stand, if the city falls, I will fall. I will exist with you and fight together with you!”

There was a blanket of awe at the bottom of the city but there were doubters and believers.

“The troops of Great Liang are currently in an expedition outside and I am in Long Ye, part of the Xie family of Long Ye. The Xie people’s glory is not extinguished and I would not flee. Being in a family of military lineage, there are no cowards. One can be deafeated but cannot flee. Not to mention that this is just some dregs, how could they make a mess in court? What a joke!”

She spoke loudly but not flowery. Everyone looked up that that female wearing a golden purple long robe. Her chin was slightly lifted up and for a short moment, made one saw a glimpse of the young Prince of First Rank that was in a war expedition. It was arrogant yet was qualified to do so.

“So don’t believe, don’t speak, don’t fear and don’t cower.”

“I am here in this Imperial Palace, let’s see who dare to come.”

The purple cloak fluttered with the wind as the flag behind her flew up high.

The commoners below were silent for a moment before cheering together with voices so loud that it seemed to have broken through the clouds!

There was no one did not like victory. The commoners need to be appeased and they especially need a domineering promise. The Monarch was not present but this female could pick up this great cause with such courage and bravery. It made one admire and felt reassured.

It was a very protective appearance.

The civil and military officials that were standing behind her were moved upon seeing the scene.

This was the power of speech. This female could move people’s heart. She had picked on the most enthusiastic part of one’s heart and made the people’s blood boil. As such, the city gates of Long Ye were firmly strengthened.

Shen Miao turned and left.

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