Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 231 (Part 8)

Chapter 231: Return Of An Old Friend (Part 8)

“The Emperor had left and BenGong do not know what to do anymore. The women of the Inner Palace had been dismissed and the Palace that was originally bustling with noise is now so cold and quiet that it made one feel lonely. BenGong was thinking if one had not encounter His Majesty in the beginning, it would be good. Just like you, one would rather fight the Imperial family and protect the Shen family carefully than experiencing such a painful and sad ending.”

She spoke too sadly, too desolute that Shen Miao comforted her, “This official wife is also the same. In fact no one would have a safe and smooth life. Ever since this official wife is born, other than one’s parents’ and Eldest Brother’s concern, Heavens did not give one any blessing at all. This official wife does not dare to expect anything, thus one only believed in oneself for everything. Encountering His Highness is this official wife’s fortune but if there was no His Highness, this official wife would still walk on no matter how difficult the road is.” She paused and continued, “Your Ladyship the Empress is also the same. Even if His Majesty left first, Your Ladyship has to think about oneself and live for oneself. No matter how difficult the road it, one have to walk on and take a look. This is what His Majesty wants to see.”

Empress Xian De was silent for a long time, it was so long that Shen Miao thought that she did not hear what she said when she replied, “WangFei, thank you.”

“BenGong understand all the logic you mentioned.”

“It is just that it is too difficult. Just too difficult.”

That night Shen Miao sat with Empress Xian De for a long time. They spoke very little but it seemed that they had spoken a lot.

After Shen Miao left, Empress Xian De sat alone for a long time.

It was until Tao GuGu came over to urge her to rest when Empress Xian De got up. Tao GuGu personally saw her wash up and got to bed before leaving.

After the doors were closed, the person on the bed sat up again.

She lit the lamp and rummaged through the cupboard and clothes. It was not for the Empress’s attire but a plain moon white dress. She liked to wear such simple and refreshing colour but after becoming the Empress, she no longer could wear this kind of style because if she do not wear grandly or exquisitely, she would not be able to ‘suppress’ other consorts.

She looked magnanimous and calm but actually she was just a introverted young lady who did not like to talk.

She wore a simple dress and sat in front of the mirror with lightly swept eyebrows and after putting on some rouge, she looked extremely pretty.

She then took out a brush and paper from the drawer and started to write letters and afterwards place them into the envelope.

Finally Empress Xian De took out a small jade box from the bottom of the cabinet. There was a touch of dust covering the small box.

From the moment she was married to Emperor Yong Le, she knew about Emperor Yong Le’s medical condition. To marry a man who did not know when he would die requires a lot of courage.

But she was the bravest Young Lady in Historian residence and look up towards heros. Even though Emperor Yong Le was not considered a hero as he plays with power, tugged people’s interest and was not upright, Empress Xian De still find that he was still her hero.

From the beginning to the end.

There was a slender vial in that jade box and she took it out before placing it on her palm.

On the day of marriage to Emperor Yong Le, Empress Xian De had prepared the bottle of medicine for herself. She had told to the Phoenix crown wearing self in the mirror, “Qing Zhen, the people of the pugilist world does things clean and tidily with the word righteously in the first priority and dared to love and hate. Even though you are born in an official’s family, you lean towards the pugilist world.”

“If there was a day that he unfortunately leaves to the other world, you have to follow. This is your decision.”

For so many years, Empress Xian De would take out that bottle every year to look at it and felt fortunate that one did not use it at the end. Each year was stolen from Heavens by her and she was extraordinarly happy about it.

Now, it seemed that it was finally time for it to be used.

She was very timid. So timid that after Xie Chi left, she did not have enough courage to go through the rest of her life.

She was also very daring, so daring that she knew from the beginning that there would be such an ending but still decided to go ahead.

“Xing Zhi, I will go and see you.” She whispered and drunk the contents of the bottle of medicine.

The moon gradually appeared from the clouds and hung high up on the willow branches, as if it was watching the world’s joys and sorrows with a smile.

It was so round that it made one want to cry.


Shen Miao felt very uncomfortable for this entire night of rest and her dreams was especially complicated. She wanted to see clearly among the chaos but did not understand.

It was until Jing Zhe woke her up and Shen Miao saw the bright skies outside and when she discovered that her forehead was filled with cold sweat and there was unease in her heart.

Luo Tan ran in from outside and her eyes were red. She looked at Shen Miao and spoke softly, “Her Majesty the Empress had left!”

The handkerchief that Shen Miao took from Jing Zhe’s hands fell onto the floor.


In less than a month, Emperor Yong Le and Empress Xian De passed away one after another, making everyone under Heavens shocked.

Emperor Yong Le left the living and Empress Xian De followed after, making one feel touched. Those consorts that had been figting till death in the Palace all the time, all rushed over after hearing it. When Empress Xian De was the Empress, she was generous and with addition that Emperor Yong Le did not give her too intimate treatment, thus the consorts did not have any intentions towards the Empress. Thus upon knowing it, they even sighed.

Empress Xian De’s father seemed to be very calm from the beginning to end, seemingly long expected that Empress Xian De would make this decision. Even though he was painfully said, it was not unacceptable to him.

Shen Miao followed the procedure of an Empress burial and buried Empress Xian De with Emperor Yong Le in the Imperial tombs. Thus a wise Monarch and virturous Empress could only remain in the history books of Great Liang.

What followed after were a lot of matters.

When Emperor Yong Le left, there was still Empress Xian De but with Empress Xian De passing on, who could make decisions in court? Even though Emperor Yong Le had left behind a succession Imperial Edict, but Xie Jing Xing had yet to be enthroned thus it was not possible to call Shen Miao an Empress. However Emperor Yong Le did not have any other sibilings and Xie Jing Xing was the only one that has a blood relationship with him.

There was no one Imperial court that was completely stable, especially during an absence of a dragon.

The originally calmed Imperial Court started to move again. There were always some restless officials that would try to create something. They had ambitions but no guts and yet unwilling to let this opportunity go.

Shen Miao asked Deng GongGong, “Currently the Imperial courts are quarrelling very badly?”

Deng GongGong said, “Exactly so. Now the Imperial courts want to recommend someone to temporarily supervise the Empire and plans can been made again upon His Highness Prince Rui’s return.”

“Impudent.” Shen Miao’s lips pursed, “Really think of stealing the Empire and make one a duke!”

Deng GongGong went mute.

One did not know why but he had always felt that this young WangFei had an indescribable temperament. This temperament was very similar to the previous Empress Xian De but was much sharper than Empress Xian De. Normally she looked warm and easy to talk with but if there were any matters that she did not like, once her expression became cold, it would make one feel daunted.

This feeling was very similar to that of Prince Rui, Xie Yuan.

However Emperor Yong Le did instructed Deng GongGong several times before he left that when Xie Jing Xing is back, he would assist Xie Jing Xing.Deng GongGong had grew up in the Palace of Long Ye since young and thus would be able to help in many matters. Now that Xie Jing Xing had yet to return, naturally Deng GongGong dare not be sloppy on matters instructed by Shen Miao.

“Deng GongGong. Tidy things up. I will go to the Imperial court.” She said.

Deng GongGong was startled and said, “Furen…”

“For chaos to begin in court, this is the critical point. If it is spread out, it would be a bad message and inevitably the people in Long Ye would be upset and create problems. It is better for me to be the wicked person. It does not matter what others would think, first thing to do is to comfort the restless hearts of the people.”

“But.” Deng GongGong looked at Shen Miao’s lower abdomen and said, “You are still pregnant.”

“It is because of this child that one can control the Imperial Court.” Shen Miao smiled slightly, “With the Imperial bloodline, they have to worry about their reputation if they want to take any actions. Since I am a person from Ming Qi, they would definitely use this to kick up a fuss but the child in my abdomen is of the Imperial bloodline so no matter what, they would not dare to disrespect me.”

Deng GongGong thought for a while and said, “This can indeed temporarily calm things down but like this WangFei would not be able to conceal your pregnancy.”

“I initially hide it because one did not want to let His Highness be distracted on the battlefield. Now that the war is coming to an end, the dust is settling and victory is in one’s hands, there was no more need to conceal it.” She then looked that the still frowning Deng GongGong and smiled, “You fear that this Palace would not be peaceful and someone wants to harm me.”

Deng GongGong quickly lifted his sleeves, “This servant would certainly protect the safety of WangFei and the little heir!”

Shen Miao bowed, “It is tough for you.”

After Deng GongGong withdrew, Shen Miao than gave a sigh of relief before sitting down on the chair to look at the falling leaves outside.

Empress Xian De had left too hasty and there were many problems that were revealed. In this bustling Palace in spring, at the moment it was cold and desolute that it made one feel a sense of chilliness. However she knew that matters were far from over. Before Xie Jing Xing return, it was she that had to settle this somewhat chaotic court.

“Ever since you are in my tummy, there is really no good moments.” Shen Miao said to her abdomen softly, “But everything would get better.”


Five days later, the Imperial Court publicly released the succession Imperial Edict. There were doubters but the high ranking officials were witnesses. Before Emperor Yong Le left, he had arranged everything wellm making the hundreds of official speechless.

With there were no leader in the group of officials, there were requests for a few ministers to be regents and supervise the court. However it was being rejected as Rui WangFei, Shen Miao,will be handling the court affairs.

In a moment, memorandums were send everywhere and rumours flew everywhere. It was all about Shen Miao being a person from Ming Qi and it was odvious that she was a spy sent from Ming Qi. Now she even wanted to take advantage when there was no one in court. One really had an ambition of a wolf.

This rumour spread very quickly but it was also settled quickly because Shen Miao’s pregnant self appeared in front of the Imperial Courts. Moreover Deng GongGong, Tao GuGu and a bunch of people was able to prove that Empress Xian De brought Shen Miao into the Palace so as to protect this only Imperial bloodline well.

With this child, on paper and namesake, there were no issues. In addition on the day that Shen Miao appeared, her methods were lightly and she blances everything exquisitely, making it a slap to the faces of the troublemakers. She punished and rewarded accordingly, making people have the feeling that if one create any problems at this moment, when Xie Jing Xing return, one feared that one would have bitter fruits to eat.

Half were jealous of Shen Miao and the other half feared Xie Jing Xing, thus the storm was quickly subsided.

However Shen Miao was not living leisurely.

When it comes to doing what was spoken, since she was responsible for this burden, it was not just talk. During these days she had been reading memorandums. After Emperor Yong Le died, there were many memorandums accumulated and in addition to Empress Xian De ‘s death, the memorandums pilled up very high. She would read everyone and sometimes late into the night.

It pained Jing Zhe and the few of them to see her like this but no matter how much they persuaded, she did not move and they could only accompany her.

As Luo Tan yawned, she asked, “Youngest Biao Sister, why is there a need to read it yourself? If you do not trust those people, you should be able to trust the late Emperor’s confidants. Isn’t it good to pass all these memorandums to them and let them read? Why the need to do it personally? You are carrying a child in your abdomen.”

Shen Miao shook her head, “Hearts can change easily and power cannot be anyhow placed. I am not a person of Long Ye thus in such a short time, one would not be able to see another’s heart. And since one is unable to predict if there are any varables in the future, it is better for one to read this myself. It is not easy to rectify mistakes.”

Perhaps Emperor Yong Le did have confidants but after Emperor Yong Le’s and Empress Xian De’s death, no one could predict if these people would have other thoughts.If this was Ming Qi, Shen Miao would have an understanding of these people and it would not be any issues but this was Long Ye. The time she was in Long Ye was not long so how could she be able to understand people’s character in such a short period of time?

At the end, there was no one that was trustworthy.

Deng GongGong was at the side serving and nodded his head with approval. At that time Shen Miao said it so easily that Deng GongGong was inevitably filled with doubt. If one just talked about it, then wouldn’t it be slapping the face of the Imperial family if it was spoken in front of so many officials? Females would always be delicate and what Empress Xian De could do previously, it was because she was Empress Xian De. However Shen Miao had never done these before but still read those memorandums till late at night like men and worry about plans for the Empire. To her, this was somewhat overly difficult.

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    • Yah akhirnya mati juga permaisuri xian de. Walaupun jahat tapi saya senang dengan akhir cinta mereka. Yah… mungkin anak shen miao ini nantinya bakal jadi kaisar jadi sejak kandungan dia harus terbiasa mengemban tugas rakyat 😁


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    • Kurt Vonnegut. the great American author, in his novel Cat’s Cradle, invented a word: duprass. A duprass are two people whose lives revolve so completely around each other that even their children cannot invade their relationship and they will always die within a week of the other.

      That was the Emperor and Empress.

      Also, what did the Empress have a responsibility towards? What did the Empire do for her? The Emperor brought peace and prosperity to the Empire, she helped the Emperor, rather than being grateful the nobles schemed against them, killed her child, and destroyed her hope to have the child of the man she loved. Honestly, I am surprised she didn’t try to burn the country down. The only reason she didn’t was because she loved the Emperor.

      If SM’s motto was “Don’t endure, kill”, the Empress’s motto was “responsibility is a two way street.”

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      • If she would have burnt the empire, then she would be terribly selfish. While the nobles did vile scheme to her, the empire also has common people. That she was able to eat, sleep and live a life of luxury was due to the taxes of these commoners, who make up a large portion of the empire. As an empress, it is her duty to bring them as much stability as possible. Perhaps if the citizens were against her as a whole, somewhat like the previous SM’s life, and reviled her despite her great sacrifices (there weren’t any in XD’s case), then your argument would hold. Anyway, I won’t comment on whether she was right or wrong in committing suicide, she had a huge responsibility, but also had suffered emotionally a lot, so it’s hard to judge.


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