Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 229 (Part 1)

Chapter 229: Exchanging (Part 1)

Ye Mei and Ye Ke jumped into Jin Xing Ming’s horse carriage. Speaking of which, Jin Xing Ming had a bit of abilities that he had bought off the servants in the Prime Minister’s residence. Even in such a cause, Ye Mei and Ye Ke were still discovered by the Palace people who were guarding outside. As the carriage ran in front, there were a number of soldiers and officials chasing behind.

Ye Ke looked out of the carriage window and saw the darkness of the night and the galloping sounds of the horses behind were exceptionally clear and it made his heart tightened. He looked someone fearful towards Ye Mei and said, “Older Sister, what can be done? If they caught us, one fear that we are finished.” He then urged the driver of the carriage, “Can you hurry up!”

That driver whipped his horse whip harder and the speed of the horse was much faster, making Ye Ke’s heart settled down a little. Suddenly he thought about something, “Older Sister, when did you prepare all this? If you did not have preparations and get the carriage ready, one fear that we would be caught up not far after we flee.”

“Naturally I have long planned for these things.” Ye Mei would not tell Ye Ke that it was Jin Xing Ming that arranged this horse carriage and would not tell Ye Ke at all that they would be fleeing with Jin Xing Ming. Or it could be said that in Ye Mei’s initial plans, there was no Ye Ke such a person in it.

Seeing that the carriage was about to turn into a corner, Ye Mei looked out and said, “This cannot do. With both of us in a carriage, it is definitely easier for them to catch up and by putting their full force they would be able to do so. It is better to separate and meet up at Ba Bao Street.”

“Must we separate?” Ye Ke was at his most anxious moment thus when he heard that he was to separate from Ye Mei, he was immediately anxious. He said, “Let’s leave together so that there is someone to watch over during the journey.”

“It would be easier for the soldiers to catch up if we are together. Rest assured, you will stay in the horse carriage. I will go down first and this driver will bring you to a hidden route to Ba Bao Street which we will meet up. All the matters afterwards had been arranged accordingly, nothing will happen.”

Upon hearing that he need not get off the carriage, Ye Ke’s heart calmed down and he no longer stopped Ye Mei. Ye Mei instructed the driver to stop by the corner of the street and pulled up the cape of her coat to hide her face before disappearing into the night.

The carriage continued to go forward with Ye Ke.

When Ye Ke’s figure could no longer be seen, Ye Mei watched the disappearing carriage and her lips under the veil slowly hooked up. She walked to the other end and found little house before she knocked. After not long, someone opened the doors and Ye Mei quickly went in.

In the dark, that person asked, “Is everything settled?”

Ye Mei nodded her head.

At another end, Ye Ke was sitting in the horse carriage. After Ye Mei had gotten off, the driver’s speed had gotten much faster. Gradually the pursuing voices got weaker and Ye Ke’s heart became slightly comforted and when he finally could not hear any sounds of the pursuing soldiers, he felt that the bumps on the journey someone uncomfortable and said, “It is alright to slow down.”

That driver turned a deaf ear and still drove the horse carriage quickly. Ye Ke was somewhat dissatisfied and pull apart the carriage before getting a shock.

How was this still the city? This was clearly up in the mountain!

Because the mountain roads were rugged, the bumps made the journey more difficult. Ye Ke jumped in shocked and remembered that Ba Bao Street was not that far away so why did this driver come here? He said, “Stop going forward! Return to Ba Bao Stree!”

That driver ignored him and continued to move forward. Ye Ke was very angry but feared that shouting would attract the pursuing soldiers. Just as he was about to speak, the horse carriage gradually stopped. Ye Ke was startled and thought that the driver intended to stop the carriage.

This driver was too much for not listening to instructions. Ye Ke intended to punish this person after reaching Ba Bao Street. Coincidentally the carriage stopped and hearing some sounds in front, it was the driver that went down the carriage.

Ye Ke parted the curtains and looked at him from the inside of the carriage before scolding, “What are you doing? Still don’t take me to Ba Bao Stree?”

When the driver take a look at him, Ye Ke could see clearly at this moment that this driver was much more sturdy looking that average people. Even though a carriage drive required to be physically fit, one was not as strong as this person. There was a feeling of uneasiness in his heart but he dared not yell. Even though he was a young man, he was not as tall as the other nor was he stronger than another, thus one feared that he would be at a disadvantage if he take any action.

That driver wandered to the back of the horse and took something out from his clothes. He looked at it for a long time before suddenly stabbing it onto the horse!

The horse was shocked and suddenly raise its’ hoofs and galloped forward!

Ye Ke had not thought that this driver would suddenly do it and with the horse galloping forward suddenly, he was thrown to the back of the carriage and almost injured. His heart was filled with fear and suddenly Ye Ke realized something and looke out of the carriage curtain.

Ye Ke finally saw the bottomless abyss and the densely overlapping branches.

The abyss seemed to be bottomless that even if the carriage crashed down, one could only hear a faint landing sound.

The night had covered everything and what was left was the hoof prints at the edge of the cliff.

After a while, a smashing sound was heard and after a while, there were two additional pieces of clothes at the side of the carriage.

No one heard Ye Ke’s last scream, “Older Sister.”


Shen Miao was currently in the study writing at a tremendous speed.

She quickly wrote densely and both of her hands were almost instinctively had a mind of its own. Ever since she locked herself in the study, her wrists had not stopped moving.

Mo Qing stood quietly behind her. Even though he did not know what she was doing, he kept quiet and watched as she wrote quickly. It seemed that there were not only words and there were some maps. After Shen Miao finished writing one piece, she would let Mo Qing dry it up at the fastest speed by using the lamp and the ink did not need to be as moist. She sometimes frowned, sometimes thinking but still remained very dignified.

Just at this moment, someone outside knocked. Mo Qing let the person in and it was Cong Yang who was panting away.

Cong Yang said, “This subordinate and Tie Yi followed Ye Mei and sibling together. At the corner of the city, both of them separated so Tie Yi followed Yi Mei while this subordinate followed Ye Ke. Ye Ke’s carriage reached to the depths of the mountains and drove Ye Ke over the cliff by agitating the horse. Ye Ke is confirmed dead.”

“The cliff?” Mo Qing was startled and was somewhat puzzled, “Who is the driver? Is there any hatred with Ye Ke?”

Cong Yang wiped his nose, “This subordinate rushed back to report and did not care about what happened to the driver. After Ye Ke died, this subordinate returned.”

“No need to investigate, the driver is Ye Mei’s people.” Shen Miao said.

“Ye Mei?” Cong Yang was startled, “Ye Mei instructed the driver to kill Ye Ke?” But Ye Ke is her Younger Brother. Since she wanted to kill him, why bring him along when fleeing?”

“When fleeing, one would naturally require a target. Ye Ke is Ye Mei’s real Younger Brother so he is most suitable for a target. I think that the driver not only killed Ye Ke and he most likely placed Ye Mei’s and Ye Ke’s clothes in the carriage so that others would think that the siblings fell off the cliff and died.”

When Mo Qing and Cong Yang heard her words, they were first startled before they came into realisation.

Ye Mei should have thought about a way out from the beginning but she feared that she would be hunted like a homeless dog and feared that she would be caught one day. It would be better to let everyone think that she was dead and since no matter how free the officers were, they would not chase an already dead person. Ye Ke was her Younger Brother and in a normal person’s heart, one would definitely think that she would flee with her Younger Brother and upon seeing pieces of Ye Mei’s clothes and Younger Brother, tose officials would definitely think that Ye Mei was in the carriage and naturally felt that this pair of siblings had fallen off the cliff and died accidentally.

Ye Mei had made Ye Ke as her scapegoat and also resolved her future troubles.

“That is her real Younger Brother.” Cong Yang sighed, “If it was a male then never mind. How could she, a female, be so ruthless…”

“One feared that she had long abandon Ye Ke in her heart.” Shen Miao said without a care, “So when Ye Ke is living, she would use Ye Ke to the very end and that is her ability.” This was Mei Furen’s ability to add flowers onto brocade (aka icing on cake). Just like the past life, Ye Ke’s existence allowed her to gain more power in the Inner Palace and thus she had a deep family relation with Ye Ke. Now Ye Ke was unable to give her any benefit and would even drag her behind thus Ye Mei would not hesitate to wipe him out.

A swashing sound heard and a snow white pigeon flew in before landing on Cong Yang’s shoulder. Cong Yang took out the paper from the pigeon’s legs and quickly opened it up to read, “Tie Yi said that Ye Mei and Jin Xing Ming had reached the harbor and planned to take the water route.” After taking a look outside that seemed to be windy, like rain was about to fall, he said, “If it rains tonight, it would be difficult to chase after them after they go out to the seas. Now this subordinate and Mo Qing go over to bring them back to Furen?”

“No.” After finishing the word, Shen Miao finished writing the last page. She baked the paper on top of the lantern before placing it in an envelope. She then told Cong Yang and Mo Qing, “Cong Yang, you are Mo Yun Army’s people so pick a few agile people from Mo Yun Army and bring this letter along and follow behind Ye Mei, all the way to Ming Qi.”

“Ming Qi?” Cong Yang frowned, “Why would they go to Ming Qi?”

“Mo Qing had enquired that Jin Xing Ming have a friend in Ming Qi that had a good business and was frequently communicating, obviously having the intention to go to Ming Qi. Moreover once they go to Ming Qi, Ye Mei would be able to escape and not be discovered by officials.” She then said, “You all should follow and take note of anything that Ye Mei have on herself, like a small box or something hidden. Be careful and do not let others discover. Once that hidden thing is discovered, exchange the thing inside to this letters.” She then passed the letters to Cong Yang.

Cong Yang took the letter and although he was somewhat puzzled, he compiled.

“Be quick and don’t be discovered by others.” Shen Miao nagged.

“But just let them go to Ming Qi like this?” Cong Yang said, “Don’t Furen view them as enemies?”

“Viewing them as enemies is not false but this is not letting them off.” Shen Miao said coldly, “On the contrary, this is sending them onto the road to the underworld!”

“Quickly go. If possible, it would be best to exchange the things before they board the boat. It would be a hassle to change after that. No matter when it is exchanged, do monitor and follow them all the way and keep in constant contact. If there are further instructions, I will inform them.”

Mo Qing and Cong Yang saw the seriousness that Shen Miao spoke with and dare not take it lightly. They quickly left upon receiving the letter. Shen Miao’s hands gripped onto the table as she pursed her lips but there was a hint of killing intent in her eyes.

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  1. maybe the letter is a trap for that Fu. and he will kill Ye Mei because of that. so ironic cuz before, he love her till dead, and maybe he kill her himself

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