Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 229 (Part 2)

Chapter 229: Exchanging (Part 2)

She really wanted Mei Furen to die and previously she only wanted Mei Furen’s life as soon as possible as a long night of sleep brings about many dreams. However she no longer thought like that anymore.

Herors had been competing for the world and everyone wanted a share in the Empire. Great Liang wanted it, Qin country wanted it and Ming Qi also wanted it.

Fu Xiu Yi would definitely join hands with Qin country and at that time if XIe Jing Xing went to battle, it would be a difficult bone to chew.

With the enemy in front, one would have to obliterate them but before that, it is best to make use of them. Wasn’t it good to let dog bite dogs?

No one knew more about Ye Mei’s schemes and selfishness like Shen Miao. A person who would even abandon one’s own Younger Brother, how would she make a loss in business? The things that Ye Mei wanted the Ye family to compensate her was far from gold or jewelry. What she wanted was eternal power.

Ye Mao Cai had been in Great Liang for so many years. Other than the reputation of the Ye residence and family wealth, the most important thing was nothing more than having some secrets in the Great Liang’s courts. With secrets meant that one had weakness so these secrets were most likely the leverage Ye Mao Cai had on other high ranking officials or the evidences that he had carefully collected. However there was one point that she was confirm was that this things were important to Great Liang’s courts and could even destroy a dynasty.

And this was exactly what Ye Mei needed.

Ye Mei could use this as a stepping stone into the high ranking aristocrats but Shen Miao had pushed for her something nobler. The doors to the Imperial family.

If Fu Xiu Yi was able to gain these, he would naturally be very happy. Moreover Ye Mei was a charming and seductive beauty so she would definitely grab this opportunity and just like the previously life, enter Fu Xiu Yi’s heart, step by step.

But… what if these things were fake?

The defense places, secrets between officials, scandals of the Imperial family could be weaknesses used to attack. These individual things looked like the key of winning against Great liang but what if these things were all fake?

Ming Qi would make the wrong judgments, arrange troops in the wrong places or use the wrong combination of tactics. At the end, be it success or failure, their great cause would be destroyed.

That was the logic behind the say of a solid dyke collapsing because of an ant nest.

Of course, Ye Mei would not know that she had taken the wrong stuff.

Of course, Fu Xiu Yi could also suspect the genuinely of Ye Mei’s things.

But it did not matter. Shen Miao had trust in Mei Furen’s ability. She was a very powerful female and at the end, Fu Xiu Yi would believe Ye Mei’s words.

So at the end, the result of the war would be destined.

It was not that Shen Miao did not want to kill Ye Mei or did she let the tiger lose in the mountain.

It was just that she was even more willing to see the female that Fu Xiu Yi loved the most took her steps towards her like the past lifetime and into his embrace. And at the end gave him a big gift personally and send Fu Xiu Yi to a path of no return.

She felt calmer down like this.

The most important thing was that this matter was beneficial to Xie Jing Xing. This Empire under Heavens would turn upside down because of this little chess piece.


On this night, it was indeed like what Cong Yang had thought. During the latter half of the night, it was stormy till the morning of the second day. When Cong Yang and the rest returned, they were all drenched and Ye Mei had already headed into the boat towards Ming Qi with Jin Xing Ming. Indeed like what Shen Miao had thought, Ye Mei had a sliver coloured small box that she hid very well, that even Jin Xing Ming was not aware of but she had not open it up yet.

Mo Yun Army’s people had changed the things inside the small box to the things in Shen Miao’s letter and Tie Yi took out a stack of things from his embrace and handed it over to Shen Miao. Shen Miao flipped through it and it was like what she had expected. It was all the information and leverages of officials that Ye Mao Cai had collected for all these years. There was even some secrets of the Imperial family. She thought about it and decided to wait for Xie Jing Xing to return for him to handle it.

Mo Yun Army’s people had already followed Ye Mei to Ming Qi and paid close attention to Ye Mei’s movements but there should not be any matters for now.

Shen Miao then remembered Ye Hong Guang and instructed Mo Qing and the others to rest before heading over to the next room to take a look at Ye Hong Guang.

Gao Yang was still here and said to Shen Miao that Ye Hong Guang’s life was saved but he did not know why he had not awoken yet, how he would be like when he woke or if it would relapse. After all his injuries was to serious. If Mo Qing or Cong Yang did not bring him back in time, one did not know if he could even live.

At the end of it Gao Yang glanced at Ye Hong Guang and asked, “What do you plan to do? It is clear that the Emperor want to deal with the Ye family but you brought the Young Master of the Ye family to your residence. Could it be that in the future you will be raising him?”

“What is the Emperor’s plan for the Ye family?” Shen Miao asked.

“What other plans can there be?” Gao Yang smiled, “Roots cannot be left when eradicating grass.” He then continued, “It cannot be that you sympathise with him right?”

“Naturally not. The Emperor is doing the right thing. The Ye and Lu family have to be managed cleanly then the court would be stablised. It is just that…” She took a glance at Ye Hong Guang, “This child has nothing to do with what Ye Mao Cai did. If one where to say there was a mistake, it would be because his surname is ‘Ye’ and is born into the residence of the Prime Minister. Lets’ go along and watch since one do not know if he would wake up or not and how would he be like after he woke. If it was possible, I hope to request a favour from the Empress.”

“You are really strange.” Gao Yang did not understand, “Why do you treat this Young Master of the Ye family so kindly? At the beginning in Ming Qi, one had never seen you showing such kindness. What is so different about this Young Master of the Ye family that made you different?”

“Because of his face.” Shen Miao smiled.

“Face?” Gao Yang looked at Ye Hong Guang’s face. He was unable to see anything special after watching over a long time and spoke as he waved his fan, “One do not understand.”

“It is alright if one do not understand.” Shen Miao said, “Always it is not the current important matter.” She suppressed her voice lower, “Xie Jing Xing will be attacking Ming Qi right?”

Gao Yang suddenly turned around and looked at Shen Miao. He seemed to want to say something but afterwards had so much fear that he did not speak and just looked at her.

“I always know that this day would come but did not expect it to be so fast. These days he said he was in Fu Yang but Fu Yang’s matter had been more or less settled. Even if it is to deal with the remaining forces, it was not necessarily for him to go. On the other hand the situation in Long Ye is critical and complicated but he was not even present.” Shen Miao sighed, “Moreover dealing with the Ye family was too sudden. Is the Emperor… In a bad situation?”

“Actually I should lie and deceive you but one thought that even if one lies, one would not be able to deceive you and fear that it would make you unhappy.” Gao Yang said, “By making you unhappy, Young Lady Lou would be angry with me. What you said was right. The Emperor is not good and the Prince of First Rank should had told you about the decree to pass the throne. Currently the Emperor is instructing his confidants and send some people over to the Prince in Ming Qi.” He paused and continued, “Or it can be said that it is not to go to Ming Qi. The spies in Ding capital that send information over that Fu Xiu Yi had already form an alliance with the Emperor of Qin country and took the initiative to attack Great Liang. If they were able to conquer Great Liang then it would be divided equally between the both of them.”

“He has such a big appetite. Is he not afraid of choking?” Shen Miao laughed coldly. Fu Xiu Yi most likely had a big appetite after gaining powers. Before that he was treating the people of Great Liang respectfully and his attitude was warm but now when he had an alliance with Qin country, he even dared to have such ambitions.

“He is not considered arrogant.” Gao Yang smiled. It was just that upon serious look, one would find that his smile was someone serious, “Previously when the Lu family was fighting with the Imperial family, even though the Lu family was eradicated cleanly, from the outsiders’ point of view, it seemed that the Imperial family had spent a lot of effort and also lost a lot. Moreover the Lu family was considered to be a force of Great Liang. Currently at such a critical point, the strength of Great Liang’s troops was just about the same with Ming Qi’s and Jin country’s combined. Thus one can meet force with force.”

“But the most important point is that Fu Xu Yi knows about the Emperor’s medical condition so he could use it to break our morale at any time. I trust the Prince on this war but it would not be simple.” Gao Yang said.

“I have never thought that this war would be simple.” Shen Miao said in disappointment and frustration, “Fighting batters are always difficult.”

“Thus the Prince had to personally go with the troops but since it is Ming Qi’s side that took action first, creating frequent incidents at the bother. Currently it is just small fight to test each other but after not long, one would definitely declare war. The Prince does not have much time and thus had been preparing for the matter lately. One did not tell you, fearing that you will be distracted.”

Shen Miao was silent for a moment before saying, “I understand.”

“Then will you follow him and head to Ming Qi?” Gao Yang asked.

Shen Miao looked sideways, finding it funny, “I can?”

“Why not?”

Shen Miao looked at the other party and said faintly, “One do not know when the Emperor’s illness would erupt and when would this war be finished. If something unpredictable happens to the Emperor then the Imperial decree would be announced to the world.”

“The Empress cannot leave one’s soil because one would be responsible for the commoners’ under Heavens. I am not that mighty but I do not want him to bear the reputation of a fatuous monarch.”

“In terms of reputation he was already wronged. So at this side of the Great Liang Empire, I will help him to watch over first.”

Translator thoughts: I am strangely touched by SM last sentence.

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  1. Hore… akhirnya terjemahannya sudah bisa. Ok SM jaring kedua anjing itu bersama (fu xi yu dan ye mei) lalu biarkan mereka saling menggigit


  2. Our Empress really leaving behind her past life and look forward to the future with Xie Jing Xing!!!😍😍😍😍

    don’t tell me the child /”Fu ming” got memory of past life too??

    thanks for the chapter

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  3. I’m touched… Its like, she actually want to go to his husband’s side but hold herself back. Strangely I dont care much about YM and FXY now. I just miss XJX and his long paraghraph that describe his beauty 😢

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    • Another reason she couldn’t go to the battle was that her father recommended for her not to (back when he told her that the Shen would eventually rebel), so that the common people would not think that the Shen family betrayed Ming Qi’s citizens and even if they ended up supporting XJX, the Shen honor among the citizens would be protected. Which, in the end, would make XJX gaining their support far easier.

      Since FXY attacked the Shen family first (as well as Great Liang), he gave the Shen family an honorable way to rebel, and Shen Miao staying out of the battle removes the suspicion that XJX was planning this from the beginning. The time for her to go is after FXY and the Qing launch their full invasion. Then both Shen Miao and XJX can claim that they were the victims.

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  4. I’m touched… Its like, she actually want to go to his husband’s side but hold herself back. Strangely I dont care much about YM and FXY now. I just miss XJX and his long paraghraph that describe his beauty 😢

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  5. If XJX heard what SM said, I bet he will not restrain himself and do “it” as many times as he can. Finish the battle quickly and go make babies

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  6. I scare if “fu ming” really remember, and he think jiao jiao not remember, and he’ll help FXY cuz he always want he attentions


  7. I’m glad she staying behind. Someone has got to look over the empire. Although the wait will be frustrating and nerve-racking but it’s better than leaving Great Liang unprotected from the inside.

    Thanks for the bonus release.

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  8. Gao Yang said, “By making you unhappy, Young Lady Lou would be angry with me.

    Gao Yang and Lou Tan’s relationship status…😍


  9. —But it did not matter. Shen Miao had trust in Mei Furen’s ability. 😆😆😆

    This is her trust to YM’s evilness.

    —She was a very powerful female and at the end, Fu Xiu Yi would believe Ye Mei’s words.

    ..and this is the proof of FXY’s idiocy >~> of two lifetimes.

    Thank you for the chapter ╰(✧∇✧╰) kekeke-fu


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