Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 228 (Part 2)

Chapter 228: Silencing (Part 2)

Everyone in the Prime Minister residence was anxious and there was not a single person outside the study. It was very easy for Ye Mei to enter it and she quickly found that paint of a beauty. The painting was hung on the wall that was directly facing Ye Mao Cai’s desk. Ye Mei walked over and used her hand to touch it but she felt that the painting was very flat, as if nothing was wrong with it.

How did Ye Ke discover it?

Ye Mei did not give up and search for it seriously but came out with nothing. She was a little discourage and suspected that the thing behind the painting had been moved elsewhere. Ye Mei was angry with that painting of a beauty and glared at the painting with dissatisfaction when she saw that there was something wrong with the painting.

The beauty in the painting was standing under the peach tree smiling and her cheeks seemed to have a blush, poising in a shy manner. However that pair of eyes was very indifferent as it did not contain any smiles but the sparkle gave others a wrong impression that this painting was lifelike, and made others feel a chill behind their back.

Ye Mei’s heart paused and she suddenly reached out her hands to touch the beauty’s eyes. Sure enough she felt a hard convex bulge and she pressed it. She heard a ‘pa’ sound and suddenly on top of the beauty painting, there was a concave. Her heart became excited as she reach out and fished out a metal little box.

That little box should be what Ye Ke had mentioned, Ye Mao Cai’s most precious item. After Ye Mei had gotten the stuff, she no longer stayed and turned around to leave.

At this time, the doors of the study suddenly opened and Ye Mei was startled as she saw Ye Hong Guang rolling his wheelchair in.

Upon seeing Ye Mei, Ye Hong Guang’s eyes also widen, “Eldest Sister?”

Ye Hong Guang was very worried today.

All the servants in the residence were in chaos and his position as an inconvenienced Young Master was not high. Normally it was Ye Mao Cai that protected him so they would not treat him badly but when Ye Mao Cai left, Ye Furen would not even see him so those servants would not be bothered about him, that there was no one to even push his wheelchair.

Ye Hong Guang was also very worried about Ye Mao Cai in his heart but there was no one in the entire residence that talk to him. Under all the different hardships, he could only rolled himself to Ye Mao Cai’s study, as if the study still had Ye Mao Cai’s air and he could feel that he was the Young Master of the Ye family with his Father backing.

Who knew that when he entered the study, he would see Ye Mei?

“Eldest Sister, why are you here?” Ye Hong Guang asked.

Ye Mei was holding the metal box and after seeing that it was Ye Hong Guang that entered, she became relieved and smiled, “Oh. Father had previously asked me to come over to take some things and pass it to him when he return from the Palace. I saw that all the servants in this residence was busy so I came over to find it for myself.”

“What thing is it?” Ye Hong Guang’s gaze landed on the small box in Ye Mei’s embrace, “Is it the little box that Eldest Sister is carrying?”

Ye Mei smiled, “It is.” She then said, “Third Younger Brother is also here to look for something? Then I will not bother you. The room will be left for Third Younger Brother, may Third Younger Brother slowly search.” She was about to leave and just as she was passed Ye Hong Guang’s wheelchair, she heard Ye Hong Guang suddenly speaking, “Eldest Sister, don’t you know that Father had never let females enter his study?”

Ye Mei paused and her feet stopped at once.

Ye Hong Guang’s eyes were very clear and childlike but at this time it seemed to be very sharp. He said, “Eldest Sister, why do you want to life? Why lie to me?”

“I did not lie to you.” Ye Mei firmed up her thoughts and said with a smile, “I am saying the truth. If you don’t believe then wait for Father’s return and ask him, then you will know if what I said is true or false.”

However Ye Hong Guang did not hear Ye Mei’s words and continue to speak, “Is it because of this small box in your arms? Because you want to steal the things inside the small box? This small box belongs to my Father right? Even though one do not know what it is, but seeing that you stealing it in such a chaotic time, one think that this thing is important to my Father and is very valuable by itself.”

Ye Mei was startled.

This youth who seemed to be weak and could not take the wind had after all inherited some things from Ye Mao Cai. Even though he was not familiar with the ways of the world, he was undoubtedly very intelligent.

Ye Mei clenched her fists.

“Put this small box down and I can treat it as nothing had happened.” Ye Hong Guang said.

“Third Younger Brother.” Ye Mei tried to coax him, “This small box is something that Father instructed me to take. I really did not steal it.”

“Since you did not steal it and it was Father that instructed you to take, then one is not in a hurry. Wait till Father returned then you can personally give it to him.” Ye Hong Guang was not willing to give in a little at all.

Ye Mei saw that the agreed time to meet Jin Xing Ming was drawing closer, she became anxious, “What if I am not willing?”

“Why not?” Ye Hong Guang frowned, “Could it be that you really stole it?”

Ye Mei was somewhat annoyed in her heart. Ye Hong Guang’s thoughts were different from normal people, thus she did not know how to make this youth give in to her. If one said that he was intelligent, he was dumb as he would hand over the things in his hands to other. If one said that he was stupid, he was however about to see the uniqueness of this small box and stopped her at such a critical time.

Seeing Ye Mei not moving, Ye Hong Guang’s good temper started to close up gradually. He said seriously, “If Eldest Sister is insistent then I can only call Mother over and let Mother stop you.”

Ye Furen?

Even though Ye Furen was not worth mentioning in the eyes of Emperor Yong Le and was only a somewhat smart woman, in the Prime Minister residence, all the servants had to listen to Ye Furen’s command. Moreover even though Ye Furen recognised her as her daughter, she would only stand on the side of Ye Mao Cai’s. If Ye Furen knows about this, one feared that the small box could not be protected.

“No!” Ye Mei blurted out.

“Then put down the small box.”

Ye Mei said, “Third Younger Brother, listen to me…”

“Someone come!” Ye Hong Guang suddenly shouted out, scaring Ye Mei so much that she immediately covered his mouth. Ye Hong Guang started to struggle but he could not walk and was weak thus he was completed controlled by Ye Mei. As Ye Mei covered his mouth, her gaze landed not far off from her hand, onto the big pair of scissors on top of the paper basket.

A flash appeared in her eyes and she no longer care in her heart. She did not hesitate as she grabbed the scissors and stabbed it into Ye Hong Guang’s chest without even wrinkling her brows!

Ye Hong Guang’s mouth and nose and was caught off guards by Ye Mei’s stab. After struggling his legs a few times, his eyes stared straight at Ye Mei, as if he had not thought that she would be such a vicious female. He no longer had the energy to shout and could only moan labouriously.

Ye Mei glance at him coldly and said, “One initially did not want you to die but you really talk too much.” She then turned around and left.

Ye Hong Guang fell onto the ground as the wheelchair tipped over. His entire body was flat on the ground and gradually the blood pooled around the floor. He tried so hard to crawl to the doors to call others but how would it be easy? The doors that were nearby was currently like an unreachable road, so long that it made one despair.

Tie Yi and the few just arrived in the Ye residence but did not see Ye Mei’s whereabouts. One had thought that Ye Mei had fleed in the short amount of time but when they search to the study, they jumped in shock. Ye Hong Guang was on the floor in a pool of blood, one did not know if he was dead or alive.

Cong Yang asked, “What happened? What should be done?”

Mo Qing came out from another room and said, “The Ye siblings planned to flee out from the residence. Older Brother Tie Yi’s QingGong is good so you should follow.”

Tie Yi complied and jumped out of the window before disappearing into the night.

Mo Qing’s gaze landed on Ye Hong Guang, who was on the floor, and also jumped in shock, “What happened?”

“One does not know.” Cong Yang scratched his head and knelt by Ye Hong Guang to check his breathing, “There is still breathing but one do not know if he could be saved.”

“It seemed that he had be schemed by others.” Mo Qing said, “Quickly attract people over.”

“Forget about it.” Cong Yang patted his hands, “The servants in this residence cannot even take care of themselves, how would there be time to take care of this Young Master. Have you heard of a defeated Phoenix is not better than a chicken? Moreover this residence’s Furen do not like him and would be clapping one’s hands upon seeing his situation so how would they call a physician over?”

“Then bring him back.” Mo Qing walked over to Ye Hong Guang’s side and carried him up. Ye Hong Guang was weak and one did not need much effort to carry him. Mo Qing said, “Furen sees this kid differently thus it would not be good if we did not save him. One thinks that if Furen is present, she would also make such a choice. First bring him back and look for Gentleman Gao. It would depend on his fate if he can be saved or not.”

Cong Yang shrugged, “Listen to you then.”

However one suddenly saw the youth open his eyes and use all his energy to squeeze out some words.

“Mei… Stole… Something… Flee…”

“What is the meaning of his words?” Cong Yang asked curiously.

However Ye Hong Guang’s head tilted and would not wake up no matter how one called for him.

“No idea. Quickly leave else the servants will come.” Mo Qing said. Both of them dared not make any mistakes, thus they did not stay longer and quickly leave.

Shen Miao was sitting at the room waiting for news. Emperor Yong Le’s action came so fast that many things were done beforehand. It was one thing to plan but it was another thing if a plan could be successful.

However as Tie Ye and the few had gone for so long, it had made her heart heavy as she was thinking if Ye Mei had already fled.

Just as she was thinking, she saw Jing Zhe happy speaking, “They have come back!”

Shen Miao stood up and only heard Gu Yu, who was outside the doors, speaking with shock, “What is going on?”

“Quickly invite Physician Gao over.” This was Mo Qing’s voice.

After that the doors were pushed open and Mo Qing and Cong Yang walked in. Mo Qing was also carrying someone into the room and placed that person onto the bed. Shen Miao took a look and was startled and said coarsely, “Ye Hong Guang!”

“When this subordinate went up, he was laying in the study and seemed to be assassinated by others and the assassin should be someone in the residence. Ye Mei and sibling were planning to flee and Tie Yi had followed them and left signals all the way. This subordinate will rush over immediately. One had already instructed others to invite Gentleman Gao over.” Mo Qing explained.

“Who in the Ye residence has such a deep hatred with a child?” Shen Miao saw the similarity of Ye Hong Guang’s face with Fu Ming, her heart felt very upset and was somewhat angry too, “That could use such a poisonous action onto a child.”

“Perhaps it is done by Ye Mei?” Cong Yang said.

Shen Miao frowned, “What is the explanation for those words?”

“This child woke up once and said a few words ‘Mei stole something and flee’.” Mo Qing said, “This subordinate guessed that she perhaps wanted to s ay that Ye Mei and stolen something and flee and perhaps when she was stealing, Ye Hong Guang saw it and thus she silenced him by murdering him.”

“But what exactly did one stole?” Cong Yang said, “Gold and jewelry? To harm a child because of these things? This female is truly vicious.”

“Not right.” Shen Miao said suddenly.

Both of them were startled and asked at the same time, “What is not right?”

“Not right. This matter is not right.” Suddenly a thought flashed in Shen Miao’s heart. She had no time to explain and immediately said, “Cong Yang, immediately follow Tie Yi’s signals and go over. If Le Mei wants to leave Long Ye, no matter if it is a water or land route, do not stop her but prolong their time. Slow them down. Get them to go slowly.”

“Don’t stop them?” Cong Yang was startled.

“Yes, don’t stop.” Shen Miao said and she looked back at Ye Hong Guang on the bed and called Jing Zhe and Gu Yu in so that Gao Yang could immediately treat him when he comes in.

Finally she said to Mo Qing, “Mo Qing, come with me to the study.”

Even though everyone was unable to make head or tails, upon seeing her serious expression, they did not dare to refute and followed her instructions.

Shen Miao’s gaze was as sharp as a knife.

Mei Furen stole something and flee?

Stole what? Flee towards where?

Shen Miao almost did not understand her intentions and thus specially sending her off a trip.

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  1. Oh oh oh is it that thing that xjx has been looking for all the while? (Recall the scene at Prince Fu’s residence after SM schemed the extermination of the whole family, where he was so suspicious to find her there)

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  2. Was reading something before and suddenly got a notification…

    Thank you zaza-san!

    Ye Mei: *glares at the beautiful painting* No way you’re anywhere beautiful than me!

    YHG: Sister?

    YM: B-brother! You scared me!

    YHG: What’s that in your hand?

    YM: Ah! Something father ordered me to get…

    YHG: No. You’re stealing it! Now place it back and I’ll forget about it…

    YM: This is indeed what father ordered me to take…

    YHG: Impossible! Father forbids women to enter his study!

    YM: *blurts out* Actually I’m not a woman!

    YHG: *falls from chair from shock* You–

    YM: No! This secret, you’re not allowed to tell anyone! *grabs pair of scissors and stabs YHG and flees*

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    • CY: YHG was stabbed! What to do?

      MQ: Bring him to the residence…

      CY: Alright…

      YHG: Mei… male… stole something… flee…

      MQ: ? Let’s just go back to the residence…

      SM: YHG! What happened?

      MQ: We arrived and saw him like this, also saying something like “Mei male, stole something and flee…”

      SM: Male?

      MQ: *shrugs* TY is already tailing her…

      SM: YM must be up to something! Go follow her but don’t stop her! MQ, you come with me!

      Me: Yes! YM is male! Be shookt!

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      • Well I guess YHG never actually thought of his security since he believes in his ‘good’ elder sister…
        This elder sister cared for him so I think, the possibility of YM hurting him never entered his mind…
        And YHG is too innocent to think of those things…


    • Shen third and second households just killed her first household. Mei Furen killed her kids, her close subordinate, her family of mother side. Used black magic to weaken her spirit!!! Love toward kids is deeper than love toward parents !!! Mei Furen took everything that once belong to her!!! Mei Furen made her play like a fool, tricked her to think like an idiot that one day she can possibly won over Mei Furen! In the end she just lost her close one, one after another! She just paid it back to Mei Furen!!!


  3. I’m just wondering why she wants to stall instead of stopping or robbing Ye Mei.

    Ye Mei is such a vicious person that even a child on wheelchair she doesn’t let him live. She could have stuff his mouth and tied him up. But she wanted his life.

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    • I concluded from the scenario whatever YM stole form the Ye residence is some kind of secret related to their nation, with YMC being prime minister and all. She wants to use it to her advantage in Ming Qi by striking a deal with someone powerful (most probably FXY).

      SM probably wants to make use of this scenario by turning the situation around so that whatever YM leaks, by the time it reaches their enemies, already becomes outdated info and by misleading so, making sure Great Liang gets an upper hand in the impending conflict on one hand.. and on the other hand making YM suffer FXY’s wrath for landing him in a pickle with false info.

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