Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 227 (Part 1)

Chapter 227: Qin Qi Joining Hands (Part 1)

The night of rendezvous was always too short. If it was in the day, one would felt even more unsatisfactory. The sheets were filled with scent and after a while, the rustling of clothes were heard.

Jin Xing Ming caressed Ye Mei’s smooth back and there was some look of satisfaction on his face as he spoke, “Mei-er, why not say with me a little longer. The skies is not dark so why go back so early?”

Ye Mei’s back was facing Jin Xing Ming and there was a trace of anger in her eyes but when she turned her head over, it was filled with flirtation as she spoke, “Older Brother Jin is really reluctant to part with me, then quickly take me out of the Ye family. Ye Mao Cai keeps me in a tight control and these day he would offend urge me to enter the Palace. If one were to enter the Palace then in this lifetime, one would not have any fate to be with Older Brother Jin.”

When Jin Xing Ming heard that Ye Mei would be entering the Palace, he immediately sat up straight, “No!” If it was before, Jin Xing Ming did not know the taste of Ye Mei but now after being together, he was reluctant to let her go. He was like in seven Heavens in Ye Mei’s arms and in the future if he was with other females, one fear that they would all become wood.

What a male ask in his lifetime was nothing more than money and beauty. After eating fine rice, it would be hard to swallow buns. Jin Xing Ming was not at all willing to hand Ye Mei over to others and naturally become anxious.

Ye Mei snuggled in his arms and whispered, “Naturally I am not willing. My heart only has Older Brother Jin in it but now one could not decide on my own anymore. Thus one wanted to quickly leave and when Older Brother Jin and I reached Ming Qi, we would be able to be an immortal pair, enjoying every day in happiness.”

The beauty was affectionate and loyal and now that Jin Xing Ming had tasted sweetness, his heart was delighted and was filled with pride at the moment, “That is said correctly. Today upon my return I will instruct people to prepare. Keeping it safe, let’s take the water route. This water route is very hidden and even though it is dangerous, it is much faster than other routes.”

Ye Mei nodded her head, “In order to prevent Ye Mao Cai to have doubts, let’s meet here in five days time. Before that, Older Brother Jin, you must arrange all matters accordingly and it is also easier for me to deal with everyone in Ye residence.”

Jin Xing Ming agreed and both of them became entangled for a while before Ye Mei tidy her clothes and walked out the doors as if nothing had happened. After leaving the Sun family’s residence and getting onto the carriage, the guards of the Ye residence saw that she was alright, they did not think much of it. Ye Mei pulled up her sleeves after getting up the carriage and her white jaded arms were full of reddish patches.

Jin Xing Ming was anxious and rough thus when he tossed Ye Mei around, she was particularly tired. She looked at it for a while before putting her sleeves back.

She had always been master of men but now had to commit herself to Jin Xing Ming king of person. All these were all thanks to Ye Mao Cai. If she was not conned by Ye Mao Cai to go up the pirate ship, how would she come to this state? Since she would be leaving the Ye residence, then the Ye residence have to give her some compensation, else all the grievances she suffered these days would be nothing?

There was a hint of viciousness that flashed in her eyes.


Five days later, Xie Jing Xing returned.

In the battle of Fu Yang City, the Lu family had thoroughly collapsed.

The Lu family had thought that they secretly recruit soldiers, bought horses and accumulate strength but little did they know that their opponent was also doing the same. It was so much so that his opponent was much more diligent than him. From that day when Emperor Yong Le was enthroned, he had started planning to bring the Lu family down and had been scheming for so many years so how could the Lu family compare?

When Emperor Yong Le revealed his real power, some similarly eagerly minded officials were struck by lightning, as if a bucket of cold water poured over their head. They finally understood that the young Emperor that was suppressed by Emperor Xiao Wu at the beginning and had to relied on the Empress Dowager Jing Xian had turned into a beast since don’t know when.

Lu Zheng Xuan was a madman. When Fu Yang City was broken into, he knew that his goals had flown away and when he was helpless, he rushed into the room and slaughtered his wife and daughter. That includes Lu Wan-er that he had always doted upon. At that time, Gao Yang and Ji Yu Shu was also present and saw Lu Wan-er falling down with wide eyes, seemingly disbelieve till the last moment that she would die in the hands of her father.

Xie Jing Xing ended Lu Zheng Xuan.

Lu Zheng Xuan laughed manically when he was dying and shouted out, “This old man has been invincible in one’s entire lifetime and galloped under Heavens on horseback and now die in the hands of a young man! One cannot be reconciled!”

Xie Jing Xing chop his neck and said blandly, “Ignorance.”

As such, the hundred years aristocratic family that served two dynasty in Great Liang disappeared like this. The remnants of the Lu family fled everywhere and handled over to the Mo Yan army eliminate individually.

When Shen Miao heard about these, she was very emotional. The rise and fall of an aristocratic might looked very easy but this was only accomplish after a long time. The Lu family was arrogant and had the heart to rebel so the Imperial family would spare all effort to kill.

Xie Jing Xing said, “But when I returned, one heard about the that was spreading in the city…” He looked at Shen Miao and a corner of his lips hooked up, “All the scholars under Heavens want to get acquainted but one do not know which talent the person is?”

Shen Miao held back her laugh, “One do not know.”

“One have to instruct the Mo Yun army to search.” Xie Jing Xing raised his eyebrows, “When found, if its a male, then one would be sworn brothers, if female, then…”

“Then what?” Shen Miao stared at him coldly, as if when his answer was not to her satisfaction, she would grind the knife.

Xie Jing Xing said righteously, “Then drag out to beheaded. How could anyone be that bold and even be more talented than my wife.”

Shen Miao was unable to hold back her laughter.

Xie Jing Xing saw her laughing like a jaded magnolia flower blooming, so warm and pretty that his heart moved. He suddenly stood up and carried her and place her down on the bed. Shen Miao struggled, “You have not bathe.”

“Don’t move. Let me hug for a while.” He flipped and Shen Miao landed on him. Xie Jing Xing hugged her and buried his face in her shoulders. Shen Miao felt a little itchy under his breath but she heard him say, “Ming Qi might come over to fight.”

Shen Miao was startled and said in doubt, “What?”

“Before Lu Zheng Xuan die, he had spoke about Imperial Older Brother’s illness.” One was unable to ear any emotions in Xie Jing Xing’s voice, “It seemed that Fu Xiu Yi also know about it. Fu Xiu Yi would not miss this opportunity.”

It turned out that before Lu Zheng Yi died, the last words that he spoke to Xie Jing Xing was, “Take a guess. Does the Emperor of Ming Qi know that your short-lived brother is unable to live past this year and when would he attack?”

Shen Miao was surprised, “How did Lu Zheng Xuan know of it?”

“Defence can be up during the day and night but it is difficult to prevent thief within the family. Moreover the relations in the Palace are complicated, it is possible that it came from the Palace.” Xie Jing Xing said, “The Lu family should have wanted to use this information to threaten Imperial Older Brother but one did not know why they changed their mind and chose to inform Fu Xiu Yi.”

“Aligning with the enemy and sold the country?” Shen Miao frowned.

“Cannot be considered so.” Xie Jing Xing said, “With Lu Zheng Xuan’s personality, it should be that he wanted the fish to die and the net to split.”

When Shen Miao heard it, she was somewhat in agreement. Previously Lu Zheng Xuan even posted up notices about Emperor Yong Le killing the Monarch and usurp the throne and this was to destroy the reputation of the Imperial family. At that time he had not revealed that Emperor Yong Le would not live long, perhaps it was by protecting this secret, at the end it would become his assassin that would take the last fatal blow.

It was just that Lu Zheng Xuan was not one that could be calm. One did not know how Xie Jing Xing was able to work him up or perhaps he felt that now the Xie family did not have the power to turn things around and thus told Xie Jing Xing the secret before he died.

Shen Miao said, “Yes, Fu Xiu Yi would indeed not give this opportunity up.” With Fu Xiu Yi’s personality, he was specialised in ‘capturing’. Capturing people who could be use and opportunities. Perhaps from his perspective, once something happen to a short lived Emperor, Great Liang would be in chaos and it would be a good time to start an expedition. She thought for a while, “It is just that Ming Qi currently do not have the qualification to go up against Great Liang. Fu Xiu Yi must have done something secretly and once his bottomline has increased, he would then take action.”

Xie Jing Xing said, “Before that, let’s clean up the Ye family.”

“Ye family?” Shen Miao said, “You plan to eliminate the Ye family altogether?”

Xie Jing Xing snapped his fingers, “Then leave them for the New Year’s? I will make the decision for the Ye siblings and gift it to you. You can deal with them as you wish.”

Shen Miao brought his hand over and saw that on Xie Jing Xing’s wrist, there was the red string that she tied, “You must be careful.”

Xie Jing Xing’s and Shen Miao’s conjecture of Fu Xiu Yi were confirmed on the second day. No one had thought that Fu Xiu Yi would be so impatient that it could be said that he no longer cared about anything.

Shen Qiu’s letter had arrived.

Unlike previous letters, usually the letters would be about the daily lives of Shen Xin and them, informing Shen Miao that they were living well. However this letter was very scribbled, it was obvious that one was a rush when writing it. Seeing the time again, it had been for quite some time which meant that when this letter landed on Shen Miao’s hands, a lot of time had been delayed.

Upon opening the letter, Shen Miao and Xie Jing Xing read the ten lines in one glance and after finishing it, they became silent.

Fu Xiu Yi had made his moves.

It was not opening fire towards Great Liang but towards the Shen family.

Emperor Wen Hui was seriously ill and could not get up thus Fu Xiu Yi had the full authority to supervise court matter. Fu Xiu Yi fabricated evidence of the Shen family’s crime and encircled the Shen family directly. The Shen family army was previously was reclaimed by the Imperial family of Ming Qi previously and now it had changed beyond recognition and there were many spies and was considered useless.

Fu Xiu Yi deceived the commoners of Ming Qi and said that the Shen family had vicious means. However this time Shen Xin was long prepared and had started to gather other officials that was displeased with the Imperial family of Ming Qi. Even though those officials were low ranked, but their strength was even bigger than fighting alone. Secondly, Luo Lian Ying and Luo Lian Tai, who was far away in Xiao Chun City, had brought the Luo family army to Ding capital in a rush. The Luo family was considered to be raised by the Luo family personally. Even though they were said to be the Emperor’s troops, it was better to say that they only listened to the Luo family and in addition, they were trained a few years back by Shen Xin that it was handy for Shen Xin to use them. Other than these, there were also manpower that Xie Jing Xing left behind.

At this point, everyone in the Shen family knew of Xie Jing Xing’s identity.

Even though it was shocking but because one felt resentful of the current situation, in addition, Xie Jing Xing confessed to it to Shen Xin previously so there was not much blaming around. Even though there was not many manpower that Xie Jing Xing left behind, they were the finest. Especially their abilities in enquiring information, they had the best of abilities.

Fu Xiu Yi most likely thought that he could take down the currently weak Shen family in a very short period of time but did not think that the Shen family had long made preparations for this day. Not only did he not capture the Shen family in the expected time, he went into a end end and consumed his strength.

Shen Qiu said in the letter now that the Shen Miao was on bad terms with the Imperial family, they left Ding capital. Even though Fu Xiu Yi’s people were chasing after them, the Shen family did not let them gain any advantage. Currently Shen Xin was discussing with the various officials if it was necessary to chop off this Imperial power.

As to what was the result of the matter, Shen Qiu did not mention it. Shen Miao also knew that the Shen family was loyal for generations, especially Old General Shen, who had loyalty carved in his entire heart. Now going against the Imperial power was already being against all principles, after gaining the Imperial power, even if it was successful, then who would be the Emperor? Re-enthrone a Monarch? Each of the Ming Qi’s Princes were not the kind types, so one simply establish oneself? Shen Xin would not have such a thought.

At the end of the letter, Shen Qiu however mentioned one thing.

Now that the Shen family did not stay in the Ding capital because Fu Xiu Yi’s people were everywhere in Ding capital and the Shen family would only be at a disadvantage. They had retreated to the villages around the area of Guan Gu Valley and discovered a number of Qin country’s people.

The letter ended like this.

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    • Nah….. it’s not that they’re greedy….. as it is explained before the fu family (imperial family of ming qi) are paranoids by nature and highly suspicious of they’re own vassal even a genuinely loyal one…… other than shen fanily there’s also this one family (forgot the name) that is almost purged by the fu…… the more acomplished a family was the more paranoid the fu family get and they’re hell bent to purge them, loyal or not……

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  6. Omg after 227 chapters I finally caught up!

    I really love this novel uwu I couldn’t even put it down and still think of it every time I pause to do something else. Plus the translation is pretty great! Compared to others, this one is translated well and I was able to read it properly. U w U Can’t wait for the next chapter~


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