Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 226 (Part 2)

Chapter 226: Paper to Fellow Citizens Under Heavens (Part 2)

On this night, Xie Jing Xing as usual did not return.

Shen Miao dress and ate alone and managed the entire residence of Prince Rui properly and would have a small gathering from time to time with other noble Furen’s in Ding capital. She would calmly and quietly stabilise their emotions and would only feel somewhat cold when she slept at night. After thinking of Xie Jing Xing for a while, she would cover up and close her eyes to sleep.

On the next morning, when the sun shines onto every corner of Long Ye, a sharp eyed person discovered that there was a white paper that was pasted on one’s door and on it was filled with fill of words. The owner family was a butcher and did not understand and coincidently upon seeing one’s neighbor, Scholar Ma walking over, he said, “Scholar Ma, you are a leaned person, come over to see what is this.”

Scholar Ma walked over to the butcher’s door and upon seeing those words he sighed, “Good writing!” He then got closer and read out the words, “Paper to fellow citizens under Heavens…”

In a short time, was spread to all the streets and alleys and others places in Great Liang were also aware of it. That snow white paper was found everywhere and many readers kept it in their arms while even more people want to get to know the person who wrote it.

The youths at Han Lin Imperial Academy (refers to the place where all the Imperial secretaries were located) were all discussing about that paper.

“Even though the formal dynasty is weak, there was still peace but now it is prosperous, there is instead chaos and disorder? Under His Majesty management, the granary is full and there is favourable weather for crops. Today the traitors cast doubts with the master and defy the Monarch, going against reason and order. Being shameful? Having face? This is being disloyal, heartless and unjust!”

Most of the people around were students and upon hearing these, they all showed ashamed expression and some were angered. The paper first spoke of the Lu family who were rebelling lately and it first scolded the Lu family traitors for doing such a treacherous thing and also spoke of the traitors spreading rumours that so many believed in, making one’s heart feel cold. When Emperor Yong Le was on the throne, the people of Great Liang could work and play peacefully and the country was wealthy and peaceful that it was even better than the period when Emperor Xiao Wu was on the throne. The commoners did not think about the merits of the Emperor but listen to the words of a traitor, shouldn’t one be shameful? Shouldn’t one’s face be redden with shame? Then it mention about the rightful roles of military and civil officials. Among Great Liang’s talent, there were successful military candidates among the scholars and the military candidates should think of ways to deal with those traitors as a way to render service to repay the kindness of the Monarch and the civil scholars should pay more attention to it instead of fueling the fire.

This was a literary and eloquent piece and each sentience was sharp and penetrating that even if one take it apart. Moreover it was very rational that one could not help but be ashamed and started reflecting. With regards to the Lu family’s rumours, it was discredited by itself.

Emperor Yong Le was such a good Emperor and treated the commoners so kindly, what’s more to the officials and court? For the Lu family to rebel, they must not be loyal people and it was a pity that they almost blinded and incited disharmony, this was just too shameful.

Those scholars felt that they had no face and also felt that the person who wrote that paper was every talented person and wanted to make friends. Unfortunately they were unable to find the person behind. As for those successful military candidates, their hearts of dedicating to the service of the country was lit up and they hated that they could not join the ranks to personally cut off the rebels heads.

As to the clamour about Emperor Yong Le killing his Father and seized the throne was no longer mentioned.

Cong Yang had paste an entire night of paper and did not expect that there would be so much response and also had not thought that this rumour would be so easy to resolve. He prostrated himself in admiration of Shen Miao, “Furen, this method of yours is comparable to those top scholars in the Palace. One had never seen those scholars in such a pursuit of a person and if they knew Furen’s identity, they would be extremely surprised.”

Shen Miao smiled and said, “The Lu family is currently in Fu Yang and cannot manage matters in Long Ye, the most they could do would be to arrange for some people to spread rumours among the people. But the people of Great Liang are not fools. Two false rumours, one baseless, one with a rationale, which one would you believe?”

Cong Yang was thoughtful.

“However that is because the commoners’ hearts are more inclined towards the Emperor thus it is easy to pull them over. If the Lu family gained the people’s heart and their status in their hearts are indestructible, with these rumours, even if I wrote ten of those things, it would be in vain.”

Cong Yang scratched his head, “No matter what, Furen has made a good move. When Master return, he would definitely be happy. Moreover Furen was from the General residence and one did not expect such talents.”

Shen Miao did not express an opinion.

Talent? was nothing but a letter to deceive everyone under Heavens. People’s hearts needs to be managed and if the Lu family wanted, naturally they could do it. At that time when Fu Xiu Yi was enthroned, there naturally was suspicions but Pei Lang used a to turn black to white and washed away reputation and made him become a peerless wise Monarch of Ming Qi.

Now she used this trick onto the Lu family, returning a tooth for a tooth, returning an eye for an eye. The Lu family wanted to use this to ruin the Imperial family’s reputation but that was no longer possible.

At the same time in a small town in Yong province in Great Liang, a green robe clad male was passing by a school and the teacher of the school was a sixty year old man who was shaking his head while reading, “Even though the formal dynasty is weak, there was still peace but now it is prosperous, there is instead chaos and disorder? Under His Majesty management, the granary is full and there is favourable weather for crops. Today the traitors cast doubts with the master and defy the Monarch, going against reason and order. Being shameful? Having face? This is being disloyal, heartless and unjust!”

The footsteps of the green robe clad male paused and he could not help but look over. He saw the old made speaking after reading out the last part, “This is the that is circulating in Long Ye. This old teacher has only one piece in one’s hand. You all copy this once and hand it in tomorrow.”

Pei Lang was in a daze before remembering something and could not help but laughed. After smiling for a while, his gaze hang down before looking at that old teacher for a while and left.

In Wei Yang Palace, Empress Xian De also had a letter in her hands as she read out to Emperor Yong Le. Emperor Yong Le sat on the char and he had a somewhat pale expression but there was a never seen softness to it.

“Jing Xing really married a treasure.” Empress Xian De smiled, “On had thought that she was a female General with a military lineage but instead is a female scholar who could move the hearts of the people. Now all the academies in Long Ye are secretly enquiring who is the author of this paper and did not know that it is a female.”

Emperor Yong Le snorted softly and said, “As sly as a fox.”

“The person is helping you.” Empress Xian De disagreed, “With her blessings, all those messy rumours are gone. Isn’t this good?”

“Zhen does not care.” Emperor Yong Le said.

Empress Xian De said, “You do not care but you have to plan for Xie Jing Xing.”

Emperor Yong Le did not speak.

After a while, Emperor Yong Le called out, “Qing Zhen.”

Empress Xian De answered with a “Hmm” but was suddenly startled and turned her head around to look at Emperor Yong Le. Qing Zhen was her maiden name and she had not heard another calling this time for a long time.

Emperor Yong Le did not look at her but was staring at the incensing burning, “Regretful?”

Empress Qing Zhen smiled, “ChenQie has never regretted.”

“After Zhen dies, you follow Jing Xing. If one encounter a good person, then remarry.” Emperor Yong Le said, “Change your name and change your identity. You are good and will live a good life.”

When Empress Xian De heard those words, there were tears in her eyes. She forced those tears back and looked at Emperor Yong Le, “In His Majesty’s eyes, ChenQie is of no value at all?” She seemed to have thought of something and smiled self-depreciatingly, “So it is. In the Emperor’s eyes, ChenQie has always been not important.” After speaking she stood up and said to Emperor Yong Le, “ChenQie understand. ChenQie will do as the Emperor wished.” Then she left first.

Tao GuGu saw all of it and wanted to persuade but at the end she was unable to speak. Empress Xian De had a good temperament and there seemed to be nothing that was worth of her anger. All these years of getting along with Emperor Yong Le, she had never been angry with Emperor Yong Le and it was the first time that she threw a fuss with Emperor Yong Le.

Emperor Yong Le looked at the burning incense. Half of the incense had turned into dust and the aroma filled the air but it would be disappeared one day.

Just like people’s memory and affection.


Ye Mei was in the room dressing up for a long time.

She was already very beautiful but ever since arriving at the Ye family, with Ye Furen’s supplements and tonic, she should became even more delicate and beautiful. One did not know why but one felt that she was not as bright as before. Perhaps there was some tiredness between her brows.

Today she had selected for a very long time in the room before finally picking a peach coloured satin robes, with embroidered peach blossoms on top. After carefully dressing up, even though there was some tiredness, there was a stunning feel to it.

When leaving, she coincidentally encountered Ye Ke. Ye Ke took a look at her with astonishment and asked, “Older Sister, where are you heading?”

“Heading to the Sun family’s Young Lady’s residence for tea.” Ye Mei said with a smile.

Ye Ke was not suspicious of her, moreover the guards of the Ye family were following her. Ye Mei brought the guards out and put the veil on and really headed to the residence of the Young Lady Sun. Even though the Sun family’s official rank was not high in Long Ye, they were not civilians.

Ye Mei entered the Sun residence and let the other person led her to a small room. Upon entering that small room, she saw Jin Xing Ming who had waited for a long time. When Jin Xing Ming saw Ye Mei, his eyes brighten and became shock as he said obsessively, “Mei-er, you are becoming more beautiful.”

Ye Mei felt disgusted in her heart but the smile on her face was sweeter as she said with grievance, “It is indeed not easy to leave the house today. One was almost unable to see Older Brother Jin today.”

“If it is not the Eldest Brother of the Sun family that has an long time relation with me and used his Younger Sister’s name to send you an invitation, one feared that it is not easy to see you today.” Jin Xing Ming sighed.

Ye Mei smiled, “It is all Older Brother Jin’s ability.”

Her mouth was sweet and her face was so pretty that Jin Xing Ming was coaxed till the anger in his heart became flowers and just as he was happy, Ye Mei suddenly said, “It’s just that when will Older Brother Jin be able to bring me away from Ye residence? I really don’t want to stay a moment longer in Ye residence.”

Jin Xing Ming, “Even as such, detailed plans need to be made. After all the Ye family is not a small family so one must have a comprehensive strategy.”

Ye Mei sneered in her heart, how would there be a perfect plan in the world? It was just Jin Xing Ming being evasive, most likely he was secretly investigating the Ye residence and know about Ye Mao Cai’s power and decided to retreat.

She lifted her face and said pitifully, “How could this continue on? I do not ask for anything, I do not want the Ye family’ fortune and prestige and only want to live happily with Older Brother Jin…”

There weren’t few men that could withstand such sweet words, moreover the person speaking was a rare beauty under Heavens. She was glamorous, eloquent and each action was full of tease, as if inviting silently. Jing Xing Ming felt that his throat was somewhat dry when he saw Ye Mei licking her lips helplessly.

He could no longer tolerate and did not want to endure. He held Ye Mei’s hand and said impulsively, “For Mei-er’s sake, naturally I will not be afraid of anything. But Mei-er is so beautiful, how can my heart be place at Mei-er’s palm?” He then used some force and held Ye Mei tightly in his embrace, “Mei-er, if you become my people, I will definitely get you out as soon as possible.”

Ye Mei wanted to vomit a few times but that hesitation was only for a short moment. Her mind quickly went through some calculation and in the next moment, both of his hands snaked around Jin Xing Ming’s neck and exhaled by his ears, “Alright.”

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  1. I feel sorry for the Emperor and Empress…. I wished they could have a happy and simple life.
    Why does he have to die.
    I wished he had a kid. Like damn. at least gift his wife with the dragon seed so she can have a part of him with her forever.
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    • Yong Le is pitiful, but I still can’t like him at all. I think Empress Xian De deserve someone better, someone than even if the person couldn’t give her a paceful life, at least won’t have sex with the others concubines because he really love her (Even if he needs to mantain a facade, there are ways to make the other people think they did it without really having sex). He is playing with the heart of the empress, maybe he love her but his heart isn’t at all with her

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      • This isn’t some modern novel okay. This was the norm and how it happens in such an era. As the emperor he has to do it keep people in check. That’s what the emperor does and what the consorts mean.
        And plus, the marriage was an arranged. The empress grew over time to love the Emperor, and he did so too. But knowing his time was limited and he did his best to ensure she could live a good life.
        He made sure all the members of his harem be fed infertile medicine the moment they entered the harem.
        He is not playing with her heart.
        He’s just known for a long time that he was going to die, and each day was a miracle. He loves her too, but he’s afraid to show it because he knows, as noted here. That he will soon be gone, just like memories and pain.
        He has no other choice. And we know he is dying.
        You cannot hate him, because all of his actions make sense and carry an unbelievable weight.

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      • (I hit reply by accident) When she didn’t at least respect Yong LE and failed to understand the overall situation.
        Marii was calling him pathetic and weak when he is ACTUALLY WEAK. He’s dying and he’s the emperor, he can only do his best. He isn’t some full of vitality XJX, it takes a lot out of him just to be able to stand.

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      • Yess that’s too but empror has to be like this … They faced really hard time when they were young .. may be he has become like this what he is because of past..

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      • This Emperor is pitiful, through and through. Don’t use modern thinking in here where one need to keep oneself true to another in the name of true love. He is pitiful that his own father schemed him, even bringing back the tradition of hunting lion just to increase his probability of dying. He is poisoned to has short life and disable descendents. He had generals and prime minister eyeing the throne he sit on without the loyalty of his own officials and worst Imperial Army. He knows his loved one will perish should he lost the throne to those vile powers (his little brother that their mother protected to death, the glory of Great Liang that her mother fight for, his pitiful and faithful wife fate and now a little sister in law). So he can only hardened his heart and blind one eyes to compromise with them through expanding his harem. Did you think the vanity of women can be satisfied with only conferring titles and pretty smile? The higher the title, the more they fight for sons. It is a means to consolidate their paternal family power. He had to f*ck those women for the sake of pretense and secretly feed then with that preventive soup. It is his last attempt to compensate the Empress, the woman he feels affectionate with. He had no way to elude this as he is powerless which he admitted. He is truly a good big brother since I can see he worked this hard to make it easier for his stubborn little brother later, for the sake of Shen Miao too. The Empress is also pitiful. It is lies to say she didn’t regret anything since her child also not fated much less the life in the harem. But she had follows him this long and what she firmly believe is that she will be much more regretful had she not chose him, the one she loves. That is why this couple is a pitiful couple. One can only hope that they accumulate enough good deeds to have better life together in the next lifetime.

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    • There was something in the earlier chapters (I think it is where XJX is telling SM about his origins) where it is said that the Emperor’s poison is hereditary so he can’t have children or that the children will be disabled from birth (which is basically the same in the ancient setting) … I might be wrong though

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      • No you’re right. They did mention that. The poison would continue on and flow into his child’s body, severely weakening them. It’s one of the reasons why it’s so difficult to get pregnant.


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    • I will prepare tissue too but I pray for empress… Let’s see how our SM will do in this country and I really wanna see that bastard past life husband death😾


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    • I don’t see it that way at all. I see it as a facade, he is in a way telling her not to mourn too much over him and for her to live her life. He wants her not to be in too much pain when he is gone. He loves her and possibly can’t bear to see her mourn for him( I see bits of self depreciation as well)

      I mean isn’t this a common trope where the significant other leaves a letter telling their loved ones to move on from the pain of losing them.

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      • I agree. From an outsider’s perspective he doesn’t want her to mourn for his loss because he actually (what a surprise) loves her. He don’t want to see her being extremely sad and he was just showing it this way because (obviously) he was raised as a prideful monarch and this pride stops him from doing so.
        I just wished that before his death bed he could finally express his feelings.
        Emperor Yong Le is a good son, a good emperor but probably not a good father and not a good husband.

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    • You got to feel some pity for the guy though. He seems like a nice guy. He may not be a royal or noblemen but he
      isn’t poor from my understanding. He is wealthy and probably would give her a comfortable life… To bad her ambition will cause her ultimate downfall.

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      • Honest people are easily exploited…
        One is willing to give everything for love while the other is willing to give everything for power…

        Being in a high pedestal for so long, it’s not surprising that YM won’t be blinded…
        She’s been considered a goddess for so long, how could she accept such small setback? There’s no place for her in Yong Le, so just move to another place where the number of men are limitless… 😛

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    Thank you for the chapter!


  7. Some people want to experience happiness at least once before they died and then there’s Emperor Yong Le who choose to suffer now so his beloved Empress won’t suffer more after his departure. This kind of tragic love story always breaks my heart 💔 hope they found their happiness soon


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    This Emperor Yong Le would much be happier if he was not a part of the Imperial family and this is his misfortune.


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