Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 227 (Part 2)

Chapter 227: Qin Qi Joining Hands (Part 2)

Shen Miao was silent for a long time before speaking, “Fu Xiu Yi has started taking action. The Qin country’s people that are discovered at Guan Gu Valley are possibility indicating that Qin Qi have allied. Even if there isn’t, Fu Xiu Yi is definitely thinking about it.”

Xie Jing Xing nodded his head and looked at Shen Miao, “You are not worried about your Father?”

“It is useless to worry.” Shen Miao said, “Now I am thousands of Li (1 li = 1 mile) apart that even if one is strategising, one would not be able to control many variables. Moreover, when it comes to fighting enemies, one believe that my Father, Mother and Eldest Brother are not people who would idle. As long as they are not as loyal as they were previously to the Imperial family, then there is an opportunity to win.”

Xie Jing Xing’s lips hooked up and smiled, “Actually it is all the same.”

Shen Miao looked at him and frowned, “What does that mean?”

Xie Jing Xing pinched her face and said, “Once Qin Qi join hands, it could only mean one thing clearly, that is they will quickly attack Great Liang and would start invading from the borers. Father-In-Law and us are actually standing on the same side.”

“Father-In-Law is not willing to enthrone a new Monarch and does not one to establish his own Imperial might. So just swallow Ming Qi, eliminate Great Qin and combine three nations as one. Naturally there would not be any choice.”

Shen Miao’s heart moved. She actually thought about such a thing earlier on. In her previously lifetime, Great Liang eliminated Qin country before attacking Ding capital and captured Ming Qi. After much thinking, the three countries would belong to Great Liang’s in the future so there would only be one Emperor under Heavens.

“But can you do it?” Shen Miao asked, “The Emperor’s secret is known to Fu Xiu Yi and one does not need to think about it that I know that he would definitely spread the news. At that time Long Ye would be in chaos and you have to bear many issues. I believe that at the end the Qin Qi’s alliance would not be Great Liang’s opponent but the process would definitely be difficult.”

Xie Jing Xing glanced at her, “Little girl, did anyone tell you not to doubt a man’s ability to ‘do it or not’.”

Shen Miao was startled, why was it that even at such a time Xie Jing Xing would have the time to joke around? She really felt speechless.

“Just look on.” He said.


Because of the , the ups and downs of the Lu family shocked in Long Ye and everyone clapped their hands with joy since the Lu family did such a rebellious thing, one could not blame the Imperial family for being heartless. However there was a new setting in the court for the officials. Those who followed the Lu family, those who were like grass on the top of a wall which sways with every wind and those who resolutely oppose the Lu family, all had new plans of their own. Those that stood with the right team were naturally joyous and those that stood at the wrong team were worried and anxious.

Emperor Yong Le was by no means kind and generous and was not an Emperor that only knew how to favour and dote the concubines. When his heart hardens, it would be harder than anyone else. He was indeed Emperor Xiao Wu’s son as his hands would not be weak when he was vicious. Initially Consort Jing was the most favoured Consort in the Inner Palace but now when Emperor Yong Le deal with the Lu family, there was no recalling of past affection, let alone mentioning about the child that Consort Jing carried. Even others could see that Emperor Yong Le had tolerated many years in order to deal with the Lu family.

It was really daunting for others when an Emperor had such a mean and methods. The officials in court were thus more afraid of him and had become more obedient.

As for the Ye family, that stood together with the Lu family, they were currently as anxious as ants on a hot pot.

No one had known that Emperor Wen Hui would take action when he said that he would take action and had not thought that the Lu family would fall so fast. Even Ye Mao Cai who had always believed to be clear headed also suddenly noticed that something was wrong. He had not regretted it. Why did he not commit when the Imperial family had the intension to win the Ye family over? Now they had lost this opportunity in vain.

The opportunity was indeed lost and because Ye Mao Cai discovered that Emperor Yong Le had started to deal with the power of the Ye family.

The Lu family had so many roots of power and troops and they were all in the hands of Emperor Yong Le, much less the Ye family. However Ye Mao Cai observed the situation and in addition to the matter of how the Lu family behaved to Emperor Yong Le, he understood and his heart became more desperate as he felt that Emperor Yong Le would never let the Ye family go and would eliminate. Ye Mao Cai was irritated by the Lu family’s arrogance at the beginning and also felt regretful.

Ye Mao Cai only then started to prepare escaping and if it was not arranged then he would send Ye Hong Guang away. He did not think so much about Ye Mei and Ye Ke but Ye Hong Guang was his only descendent and he must leave a descendent for the Ye family.

When Ye Mao Cai started to get busy, Ye Mei was also not idle.

She had just returned from the residence of Young Lady Sun and was entangled with Jin Xing Ming for a while and Jin Xing Ming had promised to take her away three days later. These days Ye Mao Cai loosen his grip with Ye Mei a lot and seemed not to care much about where she went or who she met. Ye Mei however was not happy with it but instead became even more nervous. This was because Ye Mao Cai was busy till he did not close his eyes and had no time to deal with her life or death. One feared that the it was time for the Ye family to go through a critical period.

When one knew about the matter of the Lu family, even though Ye Mei did not understand what was going on, she had felt faintly that Ye Mao Cai was the one who was afraid and it was naturally afraid that they would end up the same with the Lu family.

On this day, she came back somewhat later and when she entered the room, she saw Ye Ke looking around in her room, as if he was waiting for her.

Speaking of which, Ye Meu had not seen Ye Ke for a few days. These days she had been planning matters after fleeing to Ming Qi with Jin Xing Ming. Ye Mei really had no plans for Ye Ke or it could be said in the beginning that in Ye Mei’s escape plans did not include Ye Ke at all.

To Ye Mei, for something useless, it would only hinder oneself and he was also selfish, thus Ye Mei immediately abandon him.

When Ye Ke saw her returning, he asked, “Older Sister, where did you go? Why only return now?”

“Young Lady Sun asked me for a handkerchief the last time and I embroidered one yesterday so I went give it to her.”

Ye Ke complained, “You are currently a Young Lady of the Prime Minister residence, how could the Young Lady of her Sun family be able to instruct you?”

Ye Ke did not pay any attention to his words and sat down at the side. Seeing that there was some anxiety in Ye Ke’s brows, she asked, “How are you doing these days? Did Father not bring you around to see his colleagues?”

“Don’t mention about it.” When Ye Ke heard those words, he immediately turned his head down, “That is only in the beginning. These days one do not know what he is busy with. When I ask him, he would say that he have some matters and I am so bored in the residence.” He then looked towards Ye Mei, “Older Sister, when will you be discussing with Father about enter the Palace? I think Father is looking for excuses to defer. If you enter the Palace and gained the Emperor’s favour, Father will definitely be pleased with me and the Emperor would value me. When my career is smooth, wouldn’t it be helpful to you too?”

Ye Mei sneered in her heart but there was nothing of it on her face as she said with a smile, “You and me are siblings, of course I will help you.” She sighed deeply and said, “Speaking of which, your relationship with Father is closer than me and Father. In these days, have you seen any place that is special to Father?”

“Special place?” Ye Ke did not understand, “There is nothing special.”

Ye Mei saw that he did not understand and thus changed her method and asked with a smile, “Not talking about that. For example does Father have anything treasured or any secrets, perhaps you can inquire about it?”

Ye Ke looked at Ye Mei and was startled for a while before speaking, “Older Sister, what do you want to do?”

Ye Ke was a person with greed, lacking of intelligence and only had some little smarts. However it was easy for him to be fascinated by superficial things and because of too much greed, he would not end things when it should be ended. Ye Mei had told him that may times but because of Ye Ke’s arrogance and greed, Ye Mei could easily get away by deceiving him.

She sighed and said, “You also know that both you and I are not the real bloodline of the Ye family. i heard that these days Father had been secretly looking for the real blood of the Ye family. It is alright if one could not find but if found, where do both of us be?”

The lies that she said naturally came out but Ye Ke was stunned when he heard it and immediately believed it. He stuttered, “Is it real… Father is really searching for the real Ye family members?”

Ye Mei nodded her head.

Ye Ke’s expression became a bit distorted, anger and jealously seemed to be mixed together, “How could Father be like this? Using us then kick us away? On what basis?”

“So I am not willing to let it go.” Ye Mei said, “I is alright with me but you are different. If the true bloodline of the Ye family do not return, then a cripple would not be able to fight with you on anything so the Ye family is yours in the future. How can I let your things be even to others with my own eyes?”

Ye Ke only had nine points of anger but when what Ye Mei spoke, he had went straight to the peak. He said, “Correct. This cannot be done!”

“So I thought of a way, we must definitely find Ye Mao Cai’s weakness. Since he is the Prime Minister, he would have some secrets and if these secrets are known by us, naturally they can be used as leverage to threaten him.”

When Ye Ke heard those words, he fell deep in thought and after a while he said in frustration, “Did Father actually trust me or not? Now thinking about it, there did not seem to be any secrets. But…” His eyes brighten and seemed to thought of something before rushing to speak, “There was one time I went into his study and discovered that there was a beauty painting that was hung on the wall and felt that it was rather good and went to touch it but he stopped. At that time I guessed that this painting was different.”

Ye Mei continued asking, “And then?”

“Father told me that there are somethings in the painting but currently I am not an official so it is useless to give it to me. When I become an official, these things would be of use and he would give it to me.” Ye Ke waved his hands, “I only can think about this when you leaned about treasured item. I saw that he did not seemed to be faking it and thus did not delve deeper into it. Does this count?”

A hint of joy flashed in Ye Mei’s eyes, “It counts.”

“Then I will think of ways to steal it!” Ye Ke stood up immediately.

“No!” Ye Mei quickly stopped him and upon seeing Ye Ke’s suspicious look, she said, “Since I can think of this matter, at the end it must be me who threaten him with it, of course it is for you. But if you use it to threaten him, then he would not be happy with you and inevitably creating negativity. Why now I go and steal it and use this to threaten him? Like so, in Ye Mao Cai’s heart, you did not know anything at all and is still his people.”

When Ye Ke heard it, he felt that Ye Mei spoke very well and clapped, “It is Older Sister that thought of things throughly!” He then looked at her gratefully, “Older Sister, you treat me really very well. In the future when Younger Brother fly up high, one would definitely not forget about Older Sister’s deed and definitely reply Older Sister.”

Ye Mei smiled gently and her gaze fell onto Ye Ke lightly and spoke very Kindly, “I will wait for you to ‘repay’ me.”

After Ye Ke left, Ye Mei closed the door and her expression darkened.

She had been thinking that during the period in the Ye family, she had not gotten what she wanted and on the contrary, she was been used and schemed by Ye Mao Cai and because to escape from the Ye family, she even had to give up on her body and commit herself to Jin Xing Ming kind of person. No matter how one saw this transaction, this was not worth it at all.

And Ye Mei had never made an uneconomical transaction.

Now that the Ye family was about to fall into misfortune, just before the Ye family fall, she must leave and jump out of the Ye family’s boat otherwise she would be tied together with the Ye family and sink.

But before sinking, she had to gain something back from the Ye family to compensate for all the things she lost.

Since the place that Jin Xing Ming wanted to go was Ming Qi then she one day would become the noble that Ming Qi place on the palm. By reaching the highest point of power of Ming Qi that a turn of a hand would cover the clouds and bring the rain, that would be the life she wanted.

And the Ye family, as the Prime Minister of Great Liang, there must be some hidden secrets in the Prime Minister residence that were closely related to Great Liang.

There was no country that would close their doors on the secrets of other countries.

These secrets were Ye Mao Cai’s hard work and were also the stepping stones she needs to be a noble in Ming Qi.

These things could make up for everything she lost in Ye family. Now thinking about it, just what she lost in the Ye family?

The freedom of choice, forced to lose her innocence and also, a stupid Younger Brother.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! I hope her plan of escaping great liang failed and both she and her accomplice captured and her deeds are all exposed, selling her body to a man she disgusted with and then had it all exposed to the public would be so….. humiliating….

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    • Well… She is not yet a real noble lady at the moment and she is even just an orphan, so it doesn’t actually have a big impact to her. She is not even engaged to any proper young master of a big household so that such thing really matters.
      To become a favored concubine, all she needs is her beauty and talent.. She still has both.
      The worst punishment for a foxy lady like her is probably only a destruction of her beauty and body.
      It would be a different case if she is already become a consort in any country, like a consort of FXY… In this case, her loyalty is the main issue. About virginity… Hmmm sometimes yes sometimes not, it depends on how good the woman could serve the man and how beautiful she is.. How useful she is to the man is the highlight 😁

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  5. –The freedom of choice, forced to lose her innocence and also, a stupid Younger Brother.

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  6. It is interesting to see what happens from this point of view. I can see how Mei Feiren used her beauty and the information she stole from the Ye family to ascend and take Shen Maio’s place in the past. And the motivation behind her deeds.


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