Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 226 (Part 1)

Chapter 226: Paper to Fellow Citizens Under Heavens (Part 1)

“So it is as such.”

Ye Ke carefully looked at Ye Mei and upon seeing that Ye Mei did not react specially, he was relief. He then probingly asked, “Older Sister, do you find it not good?”

“Not good?” Ye Mei looked at him astonished and smiled immediately, “There is nothing not good about it. After entering the Palace, one would be noble and rich for one’s entire lifetime being below one person and above tens of thousands of people. Could it be that you think I am that stupid to even let go of the wealth and riches that has reached to one’s fingertips?” She said, “Initially I wanted to marry one with a higher position and the Emperor is the most noble person under Heavens. Naturally it isn’t anything bad in becoming the Emperor’s woman.”

In the span of speaking, Ye Mei had restored her previous appearance and style, looking like she fully agreed with Ye Ke. When Ye Ke saw it as such, he clapped his hands with smiles, “I had said so! Father previously feared that you will not agree to eat and insisted for me to persuade you and I knew that he was worried for nothing. This kind of good news, Older Sister would definitely agree. One is not a fool so why is there a need for persuasion?”

When he was relaxed, he started to spill that he came to persuade Ye Mei under the orders of Ye Mao Cai. Ye Mei’ eyes flashed and she smiled, “Father most likely do not understand me but you are my Younger Brother. How could you not understand me?”

“Older Sister, if you enter the Palace and gained the Emperor’s favour, you must not forget this Younger Brother.” Ye Ke said, “Now that Father had already brought me into officialdom, in the future with Older Sister’s help, my road can only be smoother. It is likely that everyone in Long Ye have to listen to us siblings. At that time wind and rain is at our beck of call. As for that Empress, it is just a display. Now even that pregnant Consort Jing is gone, if you enter the Palace, no one in the Palace is your opponent and it would definitely be smooth sailing.”

Ye Mei also smiled, “So it is as such.”

When Ye Ke obtained Ye Mei’s guarantee, he seemed to be very satisfied and his final worry was resolved. After speaking a while more he then leave after discussing with great interest on his future career path with Ye Mei. After Ye Ke left, Ye Mei’s expression became cold.

Ye Mao Cai actually bought over Ye Ke so quickly but it was not unexpected. Ye Ke’s biggest wish in this lifetime was to have powers in his hands to call for the wind and rain. Ye Mao Cai drew a biscuit for Ye Ke and Ye Ke’s heart was moved enough to sacrifice his own Older Sister. Moreover in Ye Ke’s eyes, going into the Palace to be the Emperor’s woman was most likely a good thing that one could ever hope for but did not understand the danger in every step of it. Because Emperor Yong Le was just too difficult to control and at the other side there was a clear-minded Prince Rui watching like a tiger.

Ye Ke and Ye Mei was the same. They were extremely selfish people that when facing their own interest, the affection of family was not worth anything. If Ye Ke knew that Ye Mei did not have any interest in being the Emperor’s woman, he would not change his mind or intention as his own career was much more important.

But how would Ye Mei be willing to pave the way for Ye Ke?

After Ye Ke left, Ye Mei stood up and walked round the room for two rounds, showing her anxiety.

But she also understood that Ye Ke currently, in some aspects, was considered her enemy.

She thought for a long time before finally came to a decision and stood up and opened up the chest in the room. That were dozens of dresses that Ye Furen gave to her to compensate and was the latest styles and materials. Ye Mei crouched down in front of the chest and started to select seriously.

At the other side, Shen Miao had also learned about the news from Mo Qing’s mouth.

“Jin Xing Ming?” Shen Miao asked with a frown.

“Other than the identity of a merchant’s son, there is nothing special about him.” Mo Qing said, “However to suddenly come to Long Ye from Qin province, he had been handling several business and they are all lucrative businesses of the Jin family. After dealing like this, it is indicating that the Jin family does not plan to take new business for these few years.”

“Not planning to take new business?” Jing Zhe could not help but said, “Then what do one eat?”

“It seems that one is preparing to leave.” Shen Miao muttered, “Then is there any news on the direction that Jin Xing Ming is leaving to?”

Mo Qing was startled and said, “Furen guessed correctly. He even sold some thing for silver notes and seemed to be going afar and even prepare large amount of money.”

Shen Miao understood clearly, “Go and investigate again if this Jin Xing Ming have any relation of anyone lately. Also what clothes he prepared and final destination, which can been seen from the clues from the things he prepare. Would it be a short or long journey, is the Northern lands or Southern lands. If there are people that he contact closely with, one have to pay more attention. However one must not relax on the monitoring of the Ye siblings. If Jin Xing Ming have any more private encounters with Ye Mei, one must follow.”

Mo Qing complied and left.

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu was sewing clothes under the lamp as Gu Yu spoke, “Furen, how would there be any relationship between that Young Lady of the Ye family and a son of a merchant? Could it be that her heart is pleased with that Young Master Jin that she did not mind the other party’s merchant identity and just had to be together with him?”

Shen Miao smile gently and shook her head, “Do you know about creeper plant?”

“This servant know about this!” Jing Zhe heard it and quickly said, “When this servant was staying at the country side, there were creeper plants all around the courtyard. Once spring arrive, one would need to pull up each one of it else all the trees beside would be tangled to dead by it.”

Shen Miao said, “Ye Mei is like that creeper plant.” Ye Mei was very similar to the creeper vine as this creeper plant had a strong vitality and it was everywhere. The most important point was that any male would be able to become her ‘tree’ and she would rely of these trees to continuously climb up, absorbing the sun and the rain, continuously growing stronger until she reached the highest one.

In her journey of growth, all those trees that were entangled by her would have their nutrients sucked up and finally die.

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu looked at one another and after a long time Jing Zhe then said, “Is she that powerful?”

“This kind of creeper plant looks very strong at the first glance but also has a fatal flaw.” Shen Miao said, “Once her last tree ‘dies’, there would not be anything to give her enough nutrients and she will also follow along to death.”

“Whatever one relies upon, it would be the worst when one is finally deprived of it.” She said.

Needless to say, Ye Mei must want something from Jin Xing Ming. A son of a merchant who reach here to end the business and seemed to want to leave, it was obvious that Ye Mei want to board this ship of Jin Xin Ming and leave the abyss of the Ye family.

But how would Shen Miao let her wish come true?

This time, let Shen Miao make the decision of Ye Mei’s end.


In many consecutive days, Xie Jing Xing did not return to the residence. Even Tie Yi was not present. When Cong Yang was asked, he would only reply three ‘don’t know’ to every question. One felt that the guards in the residence were much busier than usual.

Not long after, there was a sudden new flowing in the capital. The Lu family had led the soldiers in rebellion and is currently garrison in the city of Xiang Yang and occupying Fu Yang city, formally opposing the Imperial family.

This news shocked the commoners in Long Ye the most. It was heard that Lu Zhen Xuan had a lot of soldiers under his command and had been secretly recruiting troops and horses all these years and expending his strength. The city of Xiang Yang was a vast area and it was shocking that he had occupied it. The Lu family did have the courage to confront the Imperial family.

The guards of the Shen family that Shen Miao brought over was somewhat suspicious and shock but Shen Miao did not reacted badly. The people of the past had left matters behind and Xie Jing Xing and Emperor Yong Le most likely wanted it to be done like this. First let the Lu family taste a bit of sweetness. Lu Zhen Xuan was a coarse man and naturally would feel that the Imperial family was scared of him and take things lightly and would become more arrogant. As such the Imperial family would be able to better plan and catch the Lu family in one net.

Even though Xie Jing Xing had great confidence, Shen Miao did not believe that the Lu family would have the ability to compete with the Xie family and Shen Miao was worried about another matter. Even though the Lu family was crazy, they were only targeting the Imperial family so in the eyes of the commoner, the Lu family was just like the Xie family previously, had the merit of establishing the nation at the beginning. Even though one rebel now, but the Lu family has mouth with red lips and white teeth. When they opened them, they said that the Imperial family forced them to rebel and said that Emperor Yong Le was definitely involved in Emperor Xiao Wu’s death. Empress Dowager Jing Xian was considered to be an external relative usurping power. Emperor Yong Le and mother conspired to kill Emperor Xiao Wu and the other Princes so this position of the Emperor was not gain rightfully.

All under Heavens were stunned!

In all truefulness, when Emperor Xiao Wu passed a way, Empress Xiao used lighting means to handle each of the Princes and naturally one was unable to gain any shortcomings but when it was seen to a concern person, it looked rather strange. The commoners were as such and even though they were suspicious, they did not dare to speak of it. Afterwards Empress Xiao passed away and Emperor Yong Le succeeded the throne and under his rule, Great Liang prospered and no one mentioned matters of the past.

However this did not meant that the commoner had completely forgotten about the matter.

On the contrary when the Lu family’s words were spread out, after the people of Great Liang were shocked, they began to hesitate. A small portion of the people had believed the Lu family’s excuse but the large population were skeptical. Nevertheless an Emperor would not be able to win all the hearts of the people and would leave behind future problems. Just like Empress Xiao, even though she executed everything cleanly and orderly, it had brought some trouble for Emperor Yong Le now.

Even if Emperor Yong Le used lighting methods to cover the commoners’ mouth and cut of the circulating rumours, there were other routes. Could it be that one would use such methods to suppress in one’s entire lifetime?

“The Lu family is just too shameless.” Jing Zhe said, “They actually dared to splash dirty water onto the Emperor.”

Gu Yu sighed, “They have already rebelled and it is either they die or I perish so what is dirty water?” She then said, “The Lu family is really vicious. They want both side to lose and just had to pull in the Imperial family. Even if one win, it would be difficult to win the people’s heart in the future.”

Shen Miao frowned for a moment before saying, “Bring paper and brush over.” She then walked over to the table.

Jing Zhe was startled and asked, “Furen is writing a letter back to Ming Qi?”

Shen Miao shook her head, “I want a big piece of paper that is even bigger than the prisoner notice on the city gates.”

The brush moved like a dragon and snake, showing off her abilities. Jing Zhe and Gu Yu had seen Shen Miao writing and it was either writing family letters to Ming Qi or writing to Pei Lang for information but those times Shen Miao would be come and there was nothing wrong with it. However today Shen Miao looked somewhat different. She was solemn as if she was writing a serious matter that weighed a thousand Jin (1 Jin = 0.5kg) and she was furious, making one think of the old teachers at Han Lin Imperial Academy. She then write so fast at the end, making it seem that it was done without thinking in one go.

Then she held hung the brush and picked up the paper and shook it, as if wanting to dry it.

Jing Zhe and Gu Yu looked over and saw in that huge white paper, it was filled with black words. Shen Miao words were soft and round but the words in this paper were inexplicably sharp, as if a sword had jumped up from the paper and

“What… What is this?” The two maids were illiterate but they felt that this was a very important thing.

“No one cares about the truth.” Shen Miao said, “But the result is very important.” She dried the paper and waiting for all the ink on it dries before saying to Jing Zhe, “Bring this thing to the printing press and get three thousand pieces printed. Then let the guards in the residence paste it all around at night.” Shen Miao said, “Be fast!”

Gu Yu and Jing Ye dared not delay and complied as they carefully carried that piece of paper that was full of words out the door.

When Shen Miao saw their leaving back views, she was slightly relief.

In matters of the world, the military could determine the universe and civil would make the world peaceful. Since the Lu family wanted to take this opportunity, it was better to turn from passive to active behaviour and strengthen one’s moral. The ways of civil and military were all thought out. Their Lu family created chaos with their tongues, she could also sly methods. No one knew who would emerge victorious. One not only would let the Lu family lose, but to also let the Lu family lose their feeling of oppression and unable to harvest any benefits.

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