Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 225 (Part 2)

Chapter 225: Jin Xing Ming (Part 2)

“Prime Minister’s Ye family?” Jin Xing Ming shouted out in surprise, “Is it that Prime Minister Ye of Long Ye?”

Ye Mei nodded her head, “But after arriving, I then discover that they had made a mistake. It’s just that you also know that the Ye family only have a inconvenienced Young Master and they had made a big fanfare searching for their kin. So making a mistake equates to slapping their face thus they insisted on me becoming the Ye family’s Young Lady. I initially thought to let it be but who knew that the Prime Minister Ye was a person with a beast’s heart and he… He want to use me as a leverage for his career, making using of my marriage to win others over!”

Her tears started falling. She had a beautiful appearance thus with such an action, she looked so pitiful that Jin Xing Ming’s heart shattered upon seeing it. Jin Xing Ming said angrily, “How could he be like this! One cannot be this heartless to a female much less you are not his daughter at all so how could he grasp your marriage? How hateful! Let’s go, we will report this!”

“It is useless.” Ye Mei shook her head, “Official would protect their own, not to mention in Long Ye, Ye Mao Cai could cover the skies with his hand. I thought of writing to you in Qin province but who knew that even the letters were blocked. Actually Second Younger Brother and I are already been detained by the Ye family. It is rare that one can go out today.”

Jin Xing Ming was so angry that his face became very ugly. He was very fond of Ye Mei and when Ye Mei and brother disappeared, Master Jin said that it was because Ye Mei did not want to marry thus she ran away. Jin Xing Ming was somewhat angry and now that she cried like pear flowers and rain, how would Jin Xing Ming be still angry? He only scolded himself silently for not discovering Ye Mei’s situation earlier.

Ye Mei raised her head to speak, “These days that passed, I have been thinking of Older Brother Jin constantly and hoped that one day one would be able to recover one’s freedom. Older Brother Jin, can you help me?”

Jin Xing Ming nodded his head, “Yes. What can I do?”

“Older Brother Jin, currently I don’t ask for anything else and only wish that you can help me to leave the Ye family.” Ye Mei smiled with tears, “To be with Older Brother Jin, I will not need to be filled with worry daily.”

Older Brother Jin’s face almost melted by Ye Mei’s words. One had to know previously Ye Mei treated him gently but was different from now. She had never spoken so clearly, and would often look at him with a screen, making on unable to see clearly her attitude. But now her words had clearly indicated that Ye Mei saw him as a very important person.

Even though he felt some fluttering, Jin Xing Ming did not lose his rational thinking. The Ye family was the family of a Prime Minister and he was only a gentleman from a Merchant family, “This… The Ye family is very tricky issue.”

Ye Mei did not speak and instead just looked at him with that pair of beautiful eyes. Jin Xing Ming’s heart swayed, “It is not that there is no way. Mei-er, do you know why did I come to Long Ye?”

Ye Mei shook her head. She did not even care about Jin Xing Ming and only actively talked to him today so that she could use him to get away from the Ye family, so how could she be able to think of this additional layer?

Jin Xing Me said proudly, “I have a friend, who is also a merchant, which went to Ming Qi last year. One heard that he had built a relation with the Imperial merchant at Ming Qi’s side and perhaps able to obtain an official post. I had thought that instead of being an ordinary merchant in Qin province for an entire lifetime, it would be better to go out to try one’s luck. That friend also invited me along. I came to Long Ye to settle a few family businesses before having a discussion with that friend.”

“Initially I was still very hesitant.” Jin Xing Ming said, “After all, Father and Mother are here but now that I have encountered Mei-er, I do not have any worries. I have decided to head for Ming Qi’s Ding capital. I do not think of being an official but one would definitely earn more.” He said, “The Ye family could cover Heavens with their hand but if one flee to Ming Qi, the Ye family’s hand would not be able to extend so far. Mei-er, what do you think?”

Ye Mei’s heart moved. In the time of Jin Xing Ming’s speech, her heart had quickly calculated everything. Even though some things were not thought out clearly, she smiled and said, “Naturally it is good. Older Brother Jin, you are indeed Mei-er’s pillar. All the people in this world cannot be relied upon but fortunately there is still Older Brother Jin…”

She was tender, gentle and had thousands of romantic styles that made Jin Xing Ming’s heart jump and uncontrolledly reached out to touch Ye Mei’s little hand. Ye Mei forcefully endured her nausea and allowed Jin Xing Ming to take advantage. If it was the past, she naturally need not do it but currently, she had no choice but to make a compromise.

Shen Miao just came out from a Furen’s residence as she participated in a tea party today. Those Furens had gradually spoke of Shen Miao’s ‘influence’ and Xie Jing Xing also mentioned that the court was now much calmer. She rubbed her neck and was about to get into the carriage when she saw in the tea house not far from the streets, a male and female walked out in tandem. That female was covered in a face veil and one was unable to see her face but Shen Miao had dealt with her for an entire life time and could recognise that it was Ye Mei with just her footsteps and posture.

It looked like the male that Ye Mei was talking to was very close with her but Shen Miao was very sharp when looking at another. This male did not seem to be from noble families due to his etiquette and behaviours. He however revealed some vulgarity when walking and perhaps might be a merchant.

Shen Miao turned sideways so that the carriage’s shadows blocked her and Ye Mei would not be able to see her. That male spoke to Ye Mei some more and even though there was no inappropriate actions, these two people’s relationship was far from normal. Ye Mei quickly left in a carriage and the male turned to leave in another direction.

Shen Miao thought of it for a moment and instructed Mo Qing, “Follow that man and inquire clearly all about him.”

Mo Qing these days had been secretly monitoring Ye Mei and it was natural for Shen Miao to get him to inquire about that male who seemed to have some relations with Ye Mei. Mo Qing complied and left.

Shen Miao got into the carriage but her heart began to sink.

That male did not look noble and Shen Miao understood Ye Mei very clearly that she valued the status of others and would not speak to civilians. However she was with this male and perhaps even drank tea with him.

Ye Mei always use all the people around her, especially males. Shen Miao could think that perhaps Ye Mei wanted to make use of this male to achieve a goal else a proud person like her would not be bothered to talk to a such a lowly man like this.

What did she want to do?


When Ye Mei returned to the Ye residences, it was already in the evening. Ye Mao Cai, who usually returned very late, was unprecedentedly back in the residence very early. Upon seeing her entering, he stared and asked her, “Where did you go?”

Perhaps because these days the Ye family was facing some difficulties, Ye Mao Cai who was usually like a fish in water also started to feel some difficulties. His forbearing towards female was spent that the tone and expression started to become gloomy.

Ye Mei composed herself, “Mother let me go to the jewelry shop to pick a few jewelry up.”

“Mother?” Ye Mao Cai retorted.

Ye Mei was unhappy with his peculiar words and tone. Ye Mao Cai obviously knew that she was not Ye Furen’s flesh and blood but at the started wanted Ye Mei to pretend to be her. Now it become like Ye Mei was the one who used all her efforts and brains to enter the Ye family as their Young Lady.

Seeing Ye Mei not speaking, Ye Mao Cai asked, “And the jewelry?”

Ye Mei said, “Was not interested in any thus one did not pick any.”

“You are sure self-aware and know that one cannot just take things that one do not own.” Ye Mao Cai’s words has another meaning to it and he suddenly changed topic, “Who is that male that you meet on the streets today?”

Ye Mei was startled before feeling anger. Needless to say, it must be the actions of Ye residence’s guards that accompanied her. Those guards seemed to protect her safety on the surface but it was not so as they monitored her and inform Ye Mao Cai of her every actions. Even so, Ye Mei did not dare to be angry with Ye Mao Cai, “He is a gentleman that one knew in Qin province before and he had a deep relationship with my family. If Father do not believe it, do send people to investigate his background.”

Jin Xing Ming was just a descendent of a merchant family so even if Ye Mao Cai investigated, there would not be anything to be found. When Ye Mao Cai saw her speaking so calmly, his expression became relaxed, “Don’t think that I do not care about other’s feelings when doing things. It is just that there would soon be a big move in Long Ye. Since you a daughter of the Ye family, each of your actions will be seen by others. If that brings in calamity for the Ye family, both you and the Ye family will suffer.” He then smile gently, “Since you are a smart child, then one should know what should be done and what cannot be done. The Ye family and you are tied together so naturally one have to help the other.”

When Ye Mei heard Ye Mao Cai’s words, her hearty was heavy again and the more she firm she became that Ye Mao Cai was using her to achieve a goal. She had a plan in her heart and thus said a few more words with Ye Mao Cai before returning to her room.

Upon returning to the room, she then discovered that Ye Ke was already waiting in the room. When Ye Ke saw that she had returned, he smiled, “Older Sister, where did you go today and why did you only return now? I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Ye Mei felt upset and waited to tell Ye Ke about Jin Xing Ming’s matter. When they were in Qin province, Ye Ke actually hoped that Jin Xing Ming to be his JieFu (older sister’s husband) so that the Jin family could take care of the Li family. It was just that at that time Ye Mei’s heart was not on Jin Xing Ming. Ye Ke had also persuaded her for a long time and said that Jin Xing Ming would treat her well.

Now if she wanted to follow Jin Xing Ming and flee to Ming Qi, naturally she would bring Ye Ke along. However Ye Mei was still somewhat uncertain of Ye Ke’s attitude towards it.

“Do you remember Jin Xing Ming of the Jing family in Jin Province?” Ye Mei asked.

“Jin Xing Ming?” Ye Ke looked suspiciously at her. “Remembered but why suddenly mention about him?” He suddenly thought about something and stood up in shock, “Older Sister, it cannot be that you suddenly thought about it and want to marry him now!”

Ye Mei frowned, “Did you not like him initially?”

“Initially we are in a merchant family but now we are in an official family.” Ye Ke said, “Older Sister, with your current identity, how would Jin Xing Ming be compatible with you? One fear that it would be a joke when it is spread that a merchant family marries a daughter of an official family.”

He was very agitated and Ye Mei asked him after watching him for a while, “Then who do you think I should marry to?”

“Older Sister, with your identity, it is not overboard to marry a Prince but there is no Prince in Long Ye.” He approached mysteriously and smiled, “Actually Father has the intention for you to enter the Palace. I have taken a look for you, the Emperor is young, handsome and treats the Empress coldly. If you enter the Palace, with your beauty and talents, one fear that at the end the six palaces would be in your hands. At that time, both of us siblings would be endlessly rich.” As Ye Ke spoke, his eyes were shining, seemingly yearning towards the future he spoke, like those who finally saw a treasure after excavating a long time.

“Oh?” Ye Mei looked at him, “You really think so?”

“Older Sister, since when have you become so unconfident?” Ye Ke patted his chest, “Trust me. You will definitely become the noblest female in Great Liang. So listen to Father and enter the Palace. Father would not harm you. After entering the Palace there is also the Ye family backing you up so isn’t this a great thing?”

Ye Mei smiled but that smile was somewhat strange, “Second Younger Brother, these days you seemed to be very busy. Can you tell Older Sister what are you busy with?”

“Father plans to give me an official position in Long Ye.” Ye Ke’s brows danced as he spoke, “These days he brought me around to see his colleagues!” When his voice landed, he suddenly realised something and stopped talking immediately as he looked at Ye Mei with some panic.

Ye Mei’s expression did not change and she nodded her head, “So it is as such.”

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