Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 181 (Part 1)

Chapter 181: Convicting The Crime (Part 1)

The pattern around the safety pendant was very special and one could recognize it from a glance. Luo Ling’s expression thus became very ugly and he asked, “One dare to ask Your Highness Prince Rui… Where does the safety pendant on one’s waist came from?”

Shen Qiu looked at Luo Ling strangely. Luo Ling was one who knew his boundaries and would be very calm outside however he rashly asked Prince Rui and this was simply to abrupt. Prince Rui was in a good mood and came over to greet and it was one’s honour. One had to see if Prince Rui was willing to answer when one asked Prince Rui a question.

Unexpectedly today Prince Rui would give him face and untied the safety amulet. He spun it in his hands and said with a lazy smile, “This? It is given to me by a Young Lady.”

Shen Qiu, “…”

Prince Rui’s words were a lot today. Why did he need to bring up these ‘romance matters’ to both of them? Shen Qiu felt awkward as he felt that one would die faster if one knew some stuff but he was not at all interested in Prince Rui’s private matters so why did Luo Ling ask such stuff?

Luo Ling’s face became paler and he could not help but stared at the safety pendant in Prince Rui’s hands. However Prince Rui only took a glance at him before hanging the safety pendant back on his waist and said to Shen Qiu, “This Prince still have some things and would not be chatting more with Vice General Shen. If Vice General Shen is free in future, do come over to the residence of Prince Rui for a visit.” He continued with a smile but not a smile, “This Prince really wants to exchange notes with Vice General Shen.”

Finishing, he pulled the reins and the horse lifted its hoofs before suddenly leaving. Shen Qiu and Luo Ling stood stunned on the same spot.

Shen Qiu muttered, “Could it be that this Prince Rui want to draw me to his side?” Without any rhyme or reason why did Prince Rui want him to visit the residence of Prince Rui? Shen Qiu dared to say that one feared that Prince Rui did not say such things to the Princes of Ming Qi before.

Although his martial arts were indeed outstanding, it could be that Prince Rui had taken into fancy his martial arts skills. Shen Qiu felt self-contented when he suddenly Luo Ling’s unusual expression. Feeling that it was somewhat strange, he asked, “Younger Biao Brother, what is wrong with you? Are you not feeling well? Why is your expression so ugly?”

Luo Ling regained to his senses and forcefully smiled, “Nothing. Let’s go back.”

“Alright.” Shen Qiu looked as Prince Rui disappeared at the end of the streets and said, “It seemed that Prince Rui likes that young lady a lot and actually carry the love token on his waist. One does not know which family’s young lady is that fortunate. One fear that that she would be awaken in her dreams.”

Shen Qiu’s heart was magnanimous but did not discover on the route back, Luo Ling’s steps were staggering.

It seemed that he had been attacked very hard.


As expected by everyone, HuangFu Hao’s assassination in Ming Qi had brought a lot of trouble. Although the Crown Prince’s clique had been striving for the Crown Prince’s innocence, but there was no movements from the Investigation Bureau. It seemed that the Crown Prince would be imprison for a long time.

Emperor Wen Hui’s action also gave the court officials a new impression. The tea cools when the person left, when the Crown Prince was imprison, some people saw that it was not right and in a turn of a head, quickly turn towards another Prince. The situation in court changed but it was not mentioned at all.

The winds at night were cold, when one went out with Luo Tan in the daytime to buy fabrics for the New Year, Luo Xue Yan said that both of them were Young Ladies had to have more clothes thus they almost went around the entire Ding capital. When they returned to the residence, Shen Miao was so tired.

After instructing Jing Zhe and Gu Yu to draw the water and after Shen Miao came out from her bathe, she saw that there was an additional person in the room.

When Xie Jing Xing turned around, he saw Shen Miao wearing her middle garments and one hand holding on to a towel, drying her hair.

The young female was different from two years ago. Although her stature was still petite, but just like a bud that bloom and was waiting to be released, the scent was very fragrant. Her middle garments was slightly damp and one could almost seemed to see through the material and under the light, her lips were red and her teeth was white and eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of moisture. Her hair was black and wet, sticking to her face and if one looked down, one could see the snow white…

Xie Jing Xing looked away. Before Shen Miao could even react, she saw a thick cloaked thrown towards her and almost hit her. Holding onto the cloak, Shen Miao said angrily, “What are you doing?”

“Wear it.” Xie Jing Xing frowned, “No one would care if you catch a cold.”

Shen Miao was angry. This person would always make good words sounds so hateful but she indeed felt somewhat cold and covered herself with the cloak.

Xie Jing Xing then turned his head over and swept his eyes on her. Seeing that Shen Miao almost did not care that there was a male in the room and continued to dry her hair normally, Xie Jing Xing’s lips could not help but twitched.

However one could not blame Shen Miao for not having this thought. In her previous life, she loved Fu Xiu Yi but from the beginning till the end it was her own wishful thinking and the couple was not harmonious at all. Wheen Fu Xiu Yi was acting towards her, the very most he would be grateful and respectful. As for those appearances that make one’s heart jump… There was none. Afterwards she became the Empress and the most she faced was the three thousand beauties in the Palace and saw eunuchs the most. Thus she did not find that there was anything wrong with this appearance of hers.

As she dried her hair, she walked over to sit down. Seeing Xie Jing Xing looking at her thoughtfully, she did not know why but her face warmed up and she asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Thought that you would not be shy at all.” Xie Jing Xing said lazily, “Fortunately not. One can be relieved.”

Shen Miao felt unfathomable.

Xie Jing Xing pinched her chin and asked her as he looked at her, “What are you looking for me for?”

Today it was Shen Miao who instructed Cong Yang to think of ways to get Xie Jing Xing over and since there is someone in the room that could pass the message, it was a waste not to use. However Cong Yang was really very useful as Xie Jing Xing was here now.

Shen Miao’s hands stopped drying her hair and she hesitated before asking, “Gentleman Pei had not returned my letters for a long time. Help me to inquire about the residence of Prince Ding, did Gentleman Pei fall into mishap?” When Shen Miao said ‘Gentleman Pei; there was somewhat of a hesitation. She did not take the initiative to tell Xie Jing Xing about Pei Lang’s matter but with Xie Jing Xing’s means and methods, one feared that he had long knew the relationship between Pei Lang and her clearly. Pei Lang previously would have written to her ever three to five days and would pass on some information about the residence of Prince Ding but these few days there was no letters. Shen Miao guessed that something had happened and if there was no Xie Jing Xing, she would have directly went to look for Feng Xian Pawnshop. Since Xie Jing Xing is around and Ji Yu Shu was one with Xie Jing Xing then she could directly entrust it to Xie Jing Xing.

Hearing that, Xie Jing Xing’s gazed paused and he looked at her meaningfully, “Pei Lang?” He said faintly, “You really care for him.”

Shen Miao frowned, “I am not a person who destroy the bridge after crossing the river.” Even though she was dissatisfied with Pei Lang in her previous life, in this life Pei Lang was after all standing at the same side with her, thus she was unable to do any betraying things.

Xie Jing Xing nodded casually, “Alright, I will inquire about it for you.”

Shen Miao, “…” Why did it feel that Xie Jing Xing was just perfunctory speaking about it?

Both of them were silent, making the atmosphere a bit awkward. Shen Miao changed the conversation topic and asked, “One heard that the Crown prince was not release yet. What is the situation in te Palace now?”

Xie Jing Xing gave her a glance and said, “Don’t worry. The Crown Prince is finished.”

Shen Miao was startled, “What?”

“The Emperor of Qin country had already gave that Old Emperor a final threat. If he does not deal with the Crown Prince and avenge HuangFu Hao, he would send troops to attack Ming Qi.” Xie Jing Xing stared at the cup, watching the leaves sink down and one was unable to hear any happiness or anger in his voice, “At this juncture, the Old Emperor dare not take the risk.”

Shen Miao said, “Had already send the final threat. Could it be… But,” She lifted her head and look at Xie Jing Xing, “For such words to be spoken so quickly, it seemed that the Emperor of Qin did not investigate the reason behind it and take the Crown Prince as the scapegoat? Does he not want to catch his son’s true murderer?” Shen Miao’s thoughts were that even though one could guess this result, but she did not expect that it would come that quickly. After all it was not a small matter when a person died. No matter what, the Emperor of Qin country had to investigate it and Emperor Wen Hui and the other party had to be in deadlock for some time.

Xie Jing Xing’s lips twitched, “Naïve.”

Shen Miao, “…” It had been a long time since someone called her naïve.

She could hear Xie Jing Xing continue speaking, “The Imperial family only cared about the result and the truth is not important. After all HuangFu Hao cannot come back to life.” He placed with the teacup in his hands and said faintly, “The Qin country had lost a Crown Prince and a Princess. The Qin country might not have any other suitable Princes and the court in Qin country must be in chaos due to this matter. The Qin country is vigilant with Ming Qi and naturally would want Ming Qi to pay the same price.”

“No matter if the Crown Prince is the murderer or not, the Crown Prince must die.” Xie Jing Xing’s smile was indifferent, “Only with the Crown Prince death, Ming Qi and the Qin country can be even.”

Shen Miao’s heart took a slight breath of cold air.

Xie Jing Xing’s words indeed unfeeling but it tore through the cloth that was covering the surface. Ming Qi’s and the Qin country’s power were comparable and now that the Qin country had lost a Crown Prince, the fight between the Princes would only throw the court in chaos. If Ming Qi remained the same, it would only make others angry.

In any case, the first reaction of one who was in the mud was not to climb out but to pull someone beside together in. All the so-called alliances that share the gains and pains were nothing but bundled interests and these interests were all carefully calculated.

One feared that Emperor Wen Hui had already saw this point clearly so very quickly the Crown Prince had been a weight that was required to balance this unfair situation. Ming Qi had a Crown Prince thus the Crown Prince was wiped out.

No matter how much one could not bear, because of the country, one had to give it up.

Shen Miao was silent and did not speak.

Xie Jing Xing laughed instead, “One arrow, two eagles. You did a good job.”

Shen Miao said, “I am only responsible for the idea. You were the one who contributed in the effort.”

This act was thought out by Shen Miao and Xie Jing Xing was responsible for perfecting it. Xie Jing Xing had many talented subordinates and among these, they could calculate the Crown Prince’s and HuangFu Hao’s route and punctually acted out the entire performance and all these was not completed simply.

Shen Miao felt that it was Xie Jing Xing that should be credited the most.

Xie Jing Xing gently smiled and did not deny it.

After speaking for a while, Shen Miao’s hair had dried and she yawned twice. When Xie Jing Xing saw it, he started to leave.

When he was leaving, Shen Miao suddenly stopped him but hesitated for a moment before asking, “Did Princess Rong Xin look for you recently?”

“No.” Xie Jing Xing raise his eyebrows.

“Then… What do you plan to do?”

Xie Jing Xing did not turn around as he waslked towards the window and threw out three words.

“Not doing anything.”


Shen Dong Ling and Wang Bi was locked in the most inner part of the prison. One did not know if Emperor Wen Hui intended to show fairness or not or not to arrest people indiscriminately, as he did not make a move on the other people in the Wang family.

However this did not mean that the situation was any better. The residence of the Minister of Land only had a single sprout, Wang Bi, and if anything happened to Wang Bi, one feared that the Wang family was finished.

The jailer who came and went did not treat them any better. There were many powerful and high ranking people that were locked up in this prison, once one lost power, the whole game was lost, not to say that the Minister of Land was not a high ranking position thus it was not worth to give them face.

Shen Dong Ling felt unbearable.

Just a few days back she was still carrying the dream of flying into the skies but did not know that one would be like this. Initially when one was comfortable in riches and honour, she and Wang Bi treated each other respectfully and harmoniously but when the accident happened, all the hidden cracks and contradictions from the savvy Wang Bi and the equally savvy Shen Dong Ling started to be exposed.

Wang Bi criticised Shen Dong Ling and said that the idea of appreciating incense was thought out by Shen Dong Ling. Who knew that now they were both locked up in prison? Wang Bi was no fool and since the Crown Prince was not rescued, how could they be any better off? The most important thing was that it was fortunate that the Crown Prince was the heir apparent to the throne and there was still the Empress that would help run errands for him. Other than the money that could not be exposed, what else did the Wang family have?

Shen Dong Ling could only defend herself. How could she have known that HuangFu Hao would unfathomably die? This entire thing was a conspiracy. Someone had schemed against the Crown Prince and also counted both of them in. Shen Dong Ling was innocent.

Today a jailer came over and gave them meals that were different than usual.

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