Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 180 (Part 2)

Chapter 180: MeiFu (Younger Sister’s Husband) (Part 2)

Consort Dong Shu looked at him, “You are always one who has a mind of your own so I do not have to worry much about these things. Speaking of which, you should also get married. You are not young of age and if this drags on, one fear that others would inevitably take advantage of it. Consort Xian could not wait for you to marry a female without power and influence as your Prince Consort.” As Consort Dong Shu spoke, she sighed, “Initially that Shen Miao loved you and one had thought that if she carried it on, one would at the end let her enter the family and you would have the power of the Shen family. Who knew that things of the world are fickle, not to mention her temperament has also changed, now the marriage of the Shen family was something that you cannot endure.”

Fu Xiu Yi smiled, “Although I cannot endure, no one else in Ming Qi can handle. Apart from the Crown Prince, whichever brothers are tied to the Shen family would provoke Imperial Father’s suspicions. Originally the Crown Prince have success within one’s grasp but beyond expectations, such unforeseen misfortune happened. Most likely the Gods are standing on our side.” He did not have any trace of regrets and only said, “All those official families that have power in Ming Qi would not be willing to be tied to the Shen family by marriage. Even though the Shen family is big, it does not mean that Shen Miao could marry well.”

Consort Dong Shu sighed, “Correct.” After speaking, she suddenly thought of something, “However this time the Crown Prince is indeed suffering grievous and HuangFu Hao’s matter would not end easily. Do you think that this was done by the brothers, Prince Zhou and Prince Jing, or is it by Prince Li?”

Fu Xiu Yi did not enter any of the fractions as he did not trust his brothers and always held powers alone. At first Prince Zhou’s and Prince Li’s fraction were fiercely fighting but now that Emperor Wen Hui had the intention to support the Crown Prince and even let the Crown Prince to marry the Shen family, Prince Zhou and Prince Li were inevitably anxious but who knew that they would suddenly kill the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince had become their enemy and naturally they do not spare any effort to remove him.

This time the Crown Prince killed HuangFu Hao and everyone who had clear eyes would see that there were flaws to it and most likely the Crown Prince was schemed. After much calculation, only Prince Zhou and Prince Li had the possibility of doing it.

However such blatant schemes were not the usual style of both people.

Fu Xiu Yi shook his head, “It might not be the actions of the both of them.”

When Consort Dong Shu heard it, she was startled and asked, “If it is not them then could there still be others?”

Prince Rui’s and Shen Miao’s face appeared in Fu Xiu Yi’s mind.

There must be some hidden relationship between Prince Rui and Shen Miao. Even though he was not clear as to how this relationship was maintained, as long as it was about Shen Miao, there seemed to be a master coordinating behind the scenes and the indications was undoubtedly Prince Rui.

Previously when Emperor Wen Hui instructed the Empress to test the waters of the Shen family and let out rumours that Shen Miao would be marrying into the residence of the Crown Prince, not too long after, Prince Rui said those specious words to Emperor Wen Hui, making Emperor Wen Hui dispel the thoughts of wanting Shen Miao to immediately marry.

Now it was obvious that this appreciation of incense situation was targeting Shen Miao and now it was HuangFu Hao’s and the Crown Prince’s side that were suffering but Shen Miao was safe and sound. One heard that on that day Shen Miao was also heading towards Yi Feng Pavilion but during the journey, she knocked onto an old woman and did not go as she was delayed. How could matters be that coincident? Could it be that Prince Rui was also manipulating everything from the back for this time too?

If it was the actions of Prince Rui, he was in Ming Qi but dared to act so blatantly and schemed against two Crown Princes. This Prince Rui was indeed somewhat fearful.

Seeing that Fu Xiu Yi was so engrossed in thinking about something, Consort Dong Shu asked, “What is it?”

Fu Xiu Yi recovered to his senses, “Nothing.” He then suddenly stood up and looked at Consort Dong Shu, “This son suddenly remembered that there are still some matters and will not continue chatting leisurely with Consort Mother.”

“Official matters are important.” Consort Dong Shu said, “You can go first.”

At the other end, thank goodness Ji Yu Shu and Gao Yang were finally let out of the tower prison.

These days both of them oversaw the prisoners of the tower and saw the many means and methods of torture. It was still a little better for Gao Yang but Ji Yu Shu had a delicate body and had gotten a lot thinner. It was not because of anything but unable to eat due to nausea. It would be a wonder if one did not slim down.

After much difficulty they were then let out and both of them looked at each other in tears wordlessly. After a long while Ji Yu Shu said, “I have to go abck to Feng Xiang Pawnshop for a shower and change of clothes. Will say one’s farewell here.” Finishing, he ran away in a puff of smoke.

Gao Yang sighed and looked that his dirty face before his heart was stripped. Xie Jing Xing was so ruthless and did not even overlook a little bit and sent them to the tower prison. The tower prison was a place that even Tie Yi was unable to handle when he first went in, much less Ji Yu Shu and him, who were so pampered.

When Ji Yu Shu returned to Feng Xian Pawnshop, he instructed Hong Luan to draw a bath for him and took a long beautiful bath and eat some snacks before returning to the study. As soon as one stepped in, a smoke of dust flew up. Ji Yu Shu did not allow the servants to enter this area as there were many secrets thus no one came in to clean. Ji Yu Shu initially wanted Hong Yuan to clean up for him but after thinking about it, he gave up and gave in to his fate and started cleaning up.

It was difficult for everything to look alright before Ji Yu Shu sat down at the desk and started reading after looking at the thick stack of letters on the table. When he flipped to the last letter, Ji Yu Shu was already a little drowsy but as he looked it, his sleepiness wiped off and his expressions became serious.

Pei Lang was actually locked up by Fu Xiu Yi. Pei Lang’s identity was revealed.

Heavens. Did anyone know that such a big thing had happened? Could someone rescue?

Ofcourse there was none. Observing Pei Lang was Ji Yu Shu’s own decision. After all he was curious why Shen Miao wanted Pei Lang to be a spy by Fu Xiu Yi’s side. Even if Pei Lang had some talent, being a spy would require a great lot of loyalty and Fu Xiu Yi was very good at managing his subordinates, won’t Shen Miao be worried that Pei Lang would rebel? The most important thing was that Shen Miao relationship with Pei Lang before was just plain and normal so how would she dare to make such a decision?

However one had not thought that this move had place a significant role.

Ji Yu Shu turned his head and wanted to leave and pass this letter to Xie Jing Xin when he stood still after standing up.

“Would Third Older Brother locked me up again?” Ji Yu Shu muttered.

The reason why Xie Jing Xing locked Ji Yu Shu and Gao Yang up was because that day the Empress summon Shen Miao to the Palace and tried to marry Shen Miao to the Crown Prince. This matter was left out in the report to Xie Jing Xing by the two of them so upon return, Xie Jing Xing threw both of them to the tower prison.

“Third Older Brother valued Shen Young Lady seriously and this Pei Lang seemed to be interested in Shen Young Lady and even said that he wanted to marry Shen Young Lady. As such, Pei Lang is Third Older Brother’s love rival. Since he is a rival, will Third Older Brother beat one up if one tell Third Older Brother now? Third Older Brother would definitely not want to save him.” Ji Yu Shu mumbled to himself, “Just like me, I do not like Young Lady Shao Yao smiling at that gentleman from the Prime Minister’s family. Afterwards when that gentleman of the Prime Minister’s family fell from the horse, I was very happy about it.” Ji Yu Shu came to a conclusion by himself, “It is better not to inform Third Older Brother now. Since there is no new information, he should not have died yet. Let him stay for a few more days before one talk about it.”

Ji Yu Shu thought that he had done well but did not know that this action of his would create what kind of changes in the future.

Shen Qiu and Luo Ling were commanding officers of the city garrison and they were very busy these days. HuangFu Hao was dead and left behind a pile of problems. As to the guards from the residence of Prince Qin, if they were killed, it would provoke the Emperor of Qin country’s dissatisfiaction, if they were not killed, they keep harping of giving justice for HuangFu Hao and spread to the commoners that the Crown Prince was the murderer that these days it was chaotic in Ding capital.

One could not kill and could only place them under house arrest. However the Qin Crown Prince’s guards were all personally chosen by the Qin Emperor to protect HuangFu Hao, so how would a normal guard’s ability be able to match? Today they were house arrested tomorrow they would be able to find ways to escape. In order to avoid chaos, the garrison troops had doubled so that innocent people would not be harmed by those guards from Qin country.

After matters are finished today, the skies had slowly approached to evening. Shen Qiu and Luo Ling walked on the streets shoulder by shoulder. It was close to the end of the year and the streets of Ding capital would be bustling but due to the matter of HuangFu Hao, the commoners were reminded by the troops of the city garrison and returned back home early. There was only a few people walking even though it was not nighttime.

Shen Qiu sighed, “If the Ministry of Justice do not speak, the city garrison would no longer be able to handle it.”

After the Crown Prince was imprison, at one side the Qin Emperor kept on pressuring for an explanation and the other side, Emperor Wen Hui felt reluctant to part with his only Di eldest son, thus the commoners had to suffer.

“It is not peaceful this year.” Luo Ling shook his head, “No matter what the result is, one fear that Ding capital will be chaotic.”

Both of them looked at one another and both of them saw the worries in each other eyes.

Shen Qiu said, “Don’t speak about this anymore. Yesterday I heard Mother said that Younger Sister’s marriage have to be reconsidered from the beginning. Even though one do not need to worry about the Crown Prince’s side but the more chaotic the situation seems, the more someone would want to take advantage of the Shen family. Younger Sister’s identity is special so it is inevitable that others would lust for. If one does not set the marriage earlier, it would not be good for the future.”

When Luo Ling heard those words, he was however startled for a moment and before he could speak, he heard Shen Qiu speaking, “Younger Biao Brother, what do you think?”

“I…” Luo Ling’s face turned slightly red, “Doesn’t Older Biao Brother already knew my thoughts?”

Shen Qiu snorted and one of his hands sling onto Luo Ling’s shoulder, “You are after all one who practice martial arts and follow JiuJiu (aka Mother’s Brother) to the army camps, so why when you speak about this matter, you are like those weak scholarly tarts?” He said, “From my view, everything about you is good except you have a thin skin. With regards to this matter, you don’t talk to Younger Sister about it, could it be that you want Younger Sister to take the initiative to look for you?”

Luo Ling smile somewhat awkwardly.

Shen Qiu tempted, “My Younger Sister temperament on surface is gentle and soft but was stubborn and proud to the bones. If you wanted Younger Sister to take the initiative to look for you then one fear that you should not think about it. Males must have a sense of manhood, like means like, just go directly. Even though you cannot beat me.” Shen Qiu looked somewhat picky at Luo Ling, “But the current situation is different and you barely qualify. If you are my MeiFu, I will recognise it.”

Shen Qiu said heroically but Luo Ling was more startled, “This also requires Younger Biao Sister to agree.”

“You don’t even talk of it, how would Younger Sister know of your thoughts?” Shen Qiu blinked, “Not to say anything else, first you have to find an opportunity to confess to Younger Sister what you actually think. Younger Biao Brother, I will honestly tell you, I don’t like that Su Ming Lang was previously sick. Feng Zi Xian… The last time their Feng family almost caused Younger Sister to lose her life, thus this should not be mentioned. Speaking of this and that, you are actually not bad.”

“Many thanks to Biao Older Brother.” Luo Ling smiled, “If there is an opportunity, I will do it.”

Shen Qiu still wanted to say something when he saw a horse suddenly galloping over from the other side of the streets. That coat of fur on the hose was smooth and shiny that even if was evening, it was heroic and eye-catching. Shen Qiu and Luo Ling could not help but be attracted to the horse.

The person on the horse was also valiant and one could tell from afar the graceful manner of the person. When the person got closer to the both of them, suddenly the horse stopped and it’s front hoofs raised up but the person who sat on it was extremely stable. It was obvious that the riding skills were exceptional. Shen Qiu could not help but say, “Good.”

The person on the horse said, “Vice General Shen.”

Shen Qiu was startled.

Upon seeing that there was a person sitting on the horse, that purple gold noble clothes were getting more radiant under the lantern light. The person’s stature was tall and there was a silver mask on the face, revealing an ideal shape of one’s face. One’s chin was clean and thin lips were slightly tilted as a pair of eyes looked downwards, as if it has some style of laughter but not laughter.

“Your Highness Prince Rui.” Shen Qiu and Luo Ling quickly bowed with hands held in front. They have seen Prince Rui during the tribute banquet thus knew undoubtedly that this was Prince Rui. Moreover only Prince Rui alone had this lazy and arrogant temperament.

Prince Rui said, “No need to stand on ceremony. Just now this Prince thought that one had seen wrongly and did not expect to really see Vice General Shen. Thus one stopped to greet.” He only spoke to SHen Qiu and did not look at Luo Ling.

Shen Qiu was somewhat shocked with the flattering. This Prince Rui had always had the temperament of not placing Emperor Wen Hui in his eyes and he actually took the initiative to greet him and spoke so courteously? At one end, Shen Qiu was secretly alert wondering if the other person was up to some trick and on the other end felt a sense of self-satisfaction.

Could it be that his Vice General reputation was so famous that Prince Rui of Great Liang would be so eager to pursue?

However he did not see Luo Ling’s pale white face.

On Prince Rui’s waist, there was a safety pendant that was hanging, which was oddly familiar.

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