Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 181 (Part 2)

Chapter 181: Convicting The Crime (Part 2)

The food was very fresh and there were even meat mixed in it. Shen Dong Ling was somewhat happy as the prison food that they ate these days were all smashed else they were difficult to be eaten, thus she was somewhat surprise when she saw such a sumptuous meal and asked, “Older Brother, is this for us?”

That jailer glance at her and smiled strangely, “Yes. It is for you all.”

Wang Bi however seemed to understand something and his expression became ugly. He asked, “Older Brother… What is the meaning of this?”

“Oh. Finally someone who understands.” That jailer then said, “After finishing this last meal, it is better to be on one’s way.”

The chopsticks in Shen Dong Ling’s hands fell down and she could almost not believe her ears.

It was Wang be that sat down on the floor as if he had long understood. He seemed to have been exhausted out of all his energy in a short amount of time and could no longer stand up.

“Older Brother. What is going on?” Shen Dong Ling violently got up, she could not believe this fact and her voice became distorted and sharp as she asked, “When can we be let out? We are accused wrongly. The assassination of the Crown Prince of Qin country really has nothing to do with us. After being imprisoned for such a long time, isn’t matters already investigated clearly? When can we be released to return home?” She said very fast and urgently, as if this could dispeal the fear in her heart.

It was Wang Bi’s first time seeing Shen Dong Ling losing control of herself. He just stared at Shen Dong Ling and did not speak a single word.

That jailer’s brows frowned as he heard Shen Dong Ling’s shout and took two steps back before said annoyed, “Not to say you two, even His Highness the Crown Prince’s crime was confirmed. And you two still speak of innocence?”

Wang Bi was stunned and asked, “His Highness the Crown Prince had pleaded guilty?”

The jailer snorted and said, “Isn’t it so? No matter if you are guilty or not, it is considered your fortune to be able to be together with His Highness the Crown Prince. Anyways…” The jailer laughed somewhat maliciously, “Even if you are innocent, it is not a small offence for the Wang family to illegally sell salt.”

Wang Bis entire body trembled. He tried to control it as he asked, “This… How does one know about this?”

“How do I know?” The jailer waved his hands and said impatiently, “The rumours outside were like so.” He then glared at Wang Bi, “One heard that when others were ordered to confiscate the Wang family, the gold in the Wang family required to be brought out by boxes and an entire afternoon was use to carry them out. The riches was so much that one would not be able to use it all in this lifetime. Gentleman Wang need not need to think of anything else and just eat this bowl of rice before reincarnating to a good family in the next life.”

Shen Dong Ling’s entire heart stank straight down. If one said that previously there was still a strain of luck, then now with the sale of illegal salt being exposed, then she and Wang Bi really did not have a single road out.

Currently the national treasury was empty and Emperor Wen Hui was indeed not well off but the Wang family was in the business of illegally selling salt and it was an overflowing business so how would one not be able to disciplining them? Now that the Wang family assets were confiscated, one fear that not one of the Wang family could run away from it.

Shen Dong Ling only felt that the skies and earth were spinning around. She had tried all means and ways to exchange marriage with Shen Yue to find a good family for her to settle in and she was very satisfied with the Wang family. Even though the Wang family was not powerful, but they had money and there was no shortage of food and clothes thus days would only get better. However how did one get imprison and the riches disappeared like floating smoke and passing clouds?

She could not resign herself to it.

If she did not come out this idea for Wang Bi, could it be that she would be able to escape this calamity, WangFu Hao would not die and the Crown Prince would not be accused unjustly and they all would not be innocent victims? Why was she possessed that day to think about scheming Shen Miao? She clearly knew that those who went against Shen Miao would not end well so why did she personally go into in and get her head broken and blood flowing?

Shen Miao? Yes, Shen Miao.

For this matter to get to this state, Shen Miao definitely had a hand in it in the background.

Shen Dong Ling suddenly had a thought and took a bracelet from her wrist. Almost all of her jewelry was used to bribe the jailer and this bracelet was Wang Furen who gave it to her when she married in. It was very valuable that one of it is enough to buy a remote shop front. She place the bracelet in the hands of the jailer and said anxiously, “Trouble Older Brother to do me a favour, look for my Fifth Younger Sister and pass a message to her, saying that I have something to say to her.” She said earnestly, “Words when one is on the deathbed always comes from the heart. One hope that Older Brother would help me one last time.”

She was born with a good appearance and with such a pitiful expression and tears in her eyes, the jailer’s heart soften quite a bit. He took the bracelet and said, “Since it is the case, I will help you this time. However I would only be responsible to pass the message. One cannot guarantee if Fifth Shen Young Lady would come or not.”

Shen Dong Ling quickly said her thanks.

Wang Bi laughed coldly and his expression was somewhat beaten. He did not know he was laughing at himself or laughing at Shen Dong Ling when he said, “Could it be that you think that Shen Miao will come and save you?”

“I do not know if she will come or not.” Shen Dong Ling’s expression changed from the weak one she showed to the jailer to one with some viciousness, “If she is willing to save me, I do not fear of drooping one’s head and being insignificant. However if she have no heart to save me, then for what reason does the Eldest household of the Shen family be able to live in peace? Since we are all a family, naturally one has to go through the same difficulties.”

Just like Shen Dong Ling had thought, the jailer really brought her message to Shen Miao but Shen Miao was blunt and interrupted the conversation, indicating that she was not willing to go and even instructed Jing Zhe to pass a heavy pouch to the jailer.

The Shen family did not even have a residence anymore and only the Eldest household of the Shen family was still standing firm in the Ding capital. Two years ago Shen Xin was expelled from the Ding capital and one did not think that two years later he would return again. Not only that, as compared to two years ago, Shen Xin’s attitude was tougher than it was two years ago and no longer modest but others was unable to catch any leverage on him and even Emperor Wen Hui had to be somewhat polite to him. One was a prisoner and the other was a value military commander, in any case, the jailer would not chose the criminal and offend the General.

The jailer then left.

Shen Miao sat in front of the dressing mirror as Jing Zhe combed her hair and asked, “This servant thought that Young Lady would go and take a look at Third Young Lady.”

Gu Yu glared at her, “Why should Young Lady see her? After all, the Second and Third household of the Shen family have nothing to do with us at all. Moreover they had committed a crime of death and if Young Lady went to see her for no reason, what if others think more of it and implicate Young Lady?”

Jing Zhe stuck out her tongue, “Previously Young Lady also saw Second Young Lady and Eldest Young Lady for the last time right?”

“Shen Dong Ling is not an ordinary person.” Shen miao heard both of them arguing and said, “Dug a pit for me on purpose. I will not jump into it.”

“Dug a pit?” Jing Zhe’s faced changed to one of horror, “Does Young Lady meant to say that Third Young Lady want to harm Young Lady?”

“One must have a heart to defend against others.” Shen Miao said lightly.

Among the daughters in the Shen residence, Shen Yue and Shen Qing were spoiled by their mothers but the viciousness in their heart was not deep, most likely it was because of their young age that they were unable to see some things clearly. However Shen Dong Ling was different. Since young Shen Dong Ling and Wan YiNiang was suppressed by Ren Wan Yun and her birth Father, Shen Gui, was also one who had a did not care personality. Thus for Shen Dong Ling to survived such an environment, she had to be tougher than the average person. Staying in the courtyard for ten over years and making Ren Wan Yun lower her guard on her was enough to prove this point.

As for such enemies, Shen Miao never dared to underestimate. If Shen Yue and Shen Qing suffered a heavy blow, they would first panic but one feared that Shen Dong Ling would seize the last opportunity to scheme. As long as she is not death, should would be able to calculate how to get what she want till the last moment.

Seeing Shen Dong Ling’s cold treatment to her father, Shen Miao did not believe that Shen Dong Ling would have any emotions or feelings for her.

Gu Yu also said longwindedly, “Don’t know what is she thinking about. She is already in prison and one fear that she cannot do anything now.”

“No need to worry. As long as I do not go, nothing would happen.” Shen Miao appeased them, “If she wants to beg me for help, it would be useless for me to go since I cannot help. If she wants to drag me into the water, it would naturally be helpless since I am not going to see her.”

Jing Zhe nodded her head continuously, “Yes. It is right not to go.”

Shen Miao’s eyes hang down as she felt one matter was very strange. The Crown Prince and Wang Bi was naturally imprison due to the matter of HuangFu Hao but Emperor Wen Hui’s conviction was passed down so fast. Other than the urging of the Emperor of Qin country, one feared that it was due news of the sale of illegal salt.

Emperor Wen Hui could not tolerate people who seek wealth under his eyes, not even his own sons. With the urging of the Emperor of Qin country and Emperor Wen Hui’s anger, the decision was made that quickly.

It’s just… How did the news about the illegal salt spread out?

Was it done by Xie Jing Xing? She started to think hard.


In the Imperial Palace, outside Yang Xin Dian.

The Empress had been kneeling in the courtyard for the entire afternoon.

From when the day broke in the morning, she had been kneeling and it was useless when the servants came to persuade. Now it is already in the afternoon and the winter days were cold and iced had formed on the ground. After kneeling for a day, as there was no cushion underneath, it was easy for one’s knees to get cold and one feared that even one’s body would be stiff. The sun appeared in the skies and even though there were no problems with the Empress’s body usually, at this moment, large drops of sweat were rolling down. She gritted her teeth and did not speak a single word as she silently knelt and looked forward, as if she would faint the next moment.

The palace servant beside persuaded, “Your Ladyship, it is better to return first. One fear that His Majesty is busy with matter so why is there a need for Your Ladyship to harm one’s body? It is not good to catch a cold in such a cold day.”

“BenGong wants to kneel.” The Empress’s words were firm, “Will kneel until His Majesty changes one’s mind.”

When the eunuch passed the Empress’s words to Emperor Wen Hui’s ears, Emperor Wen Hui erupted in fury, “Then let her kneel. Let her wishes die before Zhen changes one’s mind.”

Ever since the confession of the Crown Prince’s crimes, the Empress wanted to personally see Emperor Wen Hui to plead but Emperor Wen Hui did not even face her at all. The Empress was worried about the Crown Prince and did not have other choice but to kneel at the courtyard outside Yang Xin Dian, thinking that once she had knelt for a long time, because of appearance, Emperor Wen Hui would let her in.

The Empress knew that the Crown Prince had committed a serious crime. If one were to talk about HuangFu Hao’s matter, people with discerning eyes could see there were something wrong with the matter thus Emperor Wen Hui was still protecting his son. However with the illegal sale of salt with the Wang family, the remaining guilt in his heart had disappeared. Currently Emperor Wen Hui was angry and hated the Crown Prince, how would he still be able to listen to the Empress’s advice?

The Empress also had no other ideas. After being husband and wife with Emperor Wen Hui for so many years, she was very clear what Emperor Wen Hui was thinking. But the Crown Prince was her only son and she was willing to even kneel for her entire life for her only son, so what did one day matter?

Just as things were a deadlock, one heard a chuckle behind and someone walked over with a sinister glamour, clad in a peach red gold embroidered robe. The robes were bright as she looked at the Empress, “Why is Older Sister kneeling here? Give this Younger Sister a fright and one thought that Older Sister is greeting this Younger Sister in a big bow. In the future, one must not make such a joke again.

The Empress gritted her teeth as she looked at her. This was Consort Xu Xian. Honestly speaking, the Empress was suspicious that the matter of the Crown Prince illegally selling salt was related to the Prince Zhou and Prince Jing. After all once the Crown Prince died, both bothers would lose an enemy.

It was just that there was no evidence thus she could not voice it out but Consort Xu Xian had the ability to add fuel to the fire.

Consort Xu Xian smiled prettily and asked, “Why is Older Sister not entering? Could it be that one had done something wrong and is currently kneeling and asking His Majesty for forgiveness? Why not this Younger Sister go in and intercede for Older Sister?”

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