Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 163 (Part 1)

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Chapter 163: Suspicion (Part 1)

“Yes. What a pity.”

The people who said it was pitiful did not have any traces of emotions on their faces. Shen Miao had the long hatred of the two households of the Shen family and with the blood revenge of the previous lifetime, it was not enough for it to be like this. It was otherwise for Shen Dong Ling. Even though in the early years she and Wan YiLiang were suppressed by Ren Wan Yun in the Shen residence, Shen Dong Ling did not express any one bit of dissatisfaction. It was just precisely so that made the current appearance even more chilling.

The few heads rolled and tumbled down to the crowds. There were gasps of shock in the crowd and a timid girl had already closed her eyes and screamed. Because the entire family was convicts thus no one could collect the bodies. The higher ups had to instruct before they were cleared. It was said to be settled but it was just setting a fire to burn.

Seeing that these officials were moving the bodies, Shen Dong Ling seemed to have lost interest and smiled at Shen Miao, “Previous in the residence, due to my poor health, one did not go over to Fifth Young Sister. Now that one had married, it is even more inconvenient. However Fifth Younger Sister is always in my other. If Fifth Young Sister is interested in the future, one can come over to the Wang residence for a sit so that us sisters would able to chat intimately.”

Shen Qiu was listening at the side and his brows wrinkled. He had not liked Shen Dong Ling much in the beginning and especially now that Shen Wan’s side had a misfortune, even Shen Yue and Chen Rou Qiu were not spared. Shen Dong Ling who was married off was however safe and sound. However one need not need to be calculative with a Shu daughter, but it seemed that the Wang family was very socialable.

A timid and weak person was able to make the entire family on the husband side to dance around her. Shen Qiu was not a fool and had felt that Shen Dong Ling was not as simple as she looked on the surface. Moreover the Shen Dong Ling was charming and seductive but her personality was still very indifferent. Thus he was not satisfied and would remind Shen Miao not to be too close to her.

When Shen Miao heard it, she gave an indifferent smiled and retorted with a question, “Seeing Third Older Sister’s appearance, it seemed that Young Master Wang treats Third Older Sister well?”

Shen Dong Ling was somewhat shy and hang her head down, “The Wang family is kind.”

Shen Miao’s smile was somewhat cold, the Wang family was not completely kind. No matter if the Wang family treated well or not, Shen Dong Ling was not in any way sincere. She did not pay too much attention to Shen Dong Ling in the past life time as Shen Dong Ling would not dared to be like this under Ren Wan Yun’s pressure. She had the same character as Fu Xiu Yi and was inept in concealing oneself. One did not know if after Shen Miao’s death, did Shen Dong Ling have the upper hand in the future fights.

“In any case, it was all because of your blessing.” Shen Miao said vaguely, “We still have other matters so one would not bother Third Older Sister for watching the fun.”

Shen Dong Ling quickly said her goodbyes, “Goodbye Fifth Younger Sister.”

Shen Miao did not desire to say more to her and took the lead to step away. Shen Qiu gave a faint nod before leaving while Luo Tan and Luo Ling quickly followed. After Shen Miao and entourage had left, Shen Dong Ling’s personal maid, Xing Hua, could not help but grumbled. Originally Xing Hua also had a dumb personality but now had followed Shen Dong Ling and entered the Wang family had become a first ranked maid. Her mistress was also the Young Mistress thus her back had straightened and she was no longer as cautious as she used to be and was even a bit arrogant.

Xing Hua complained, “Furen talked to Fifth Young Lady nicely but Fifth Young Lady was not even sympathetic. It is really unreasonable.”

“She is Di while I am Shu. Naturally one would look down upon.” Shen Dong Ling was however not as angry as Xing Hua.

“But now you are the Young Mistress of the Wang family. One cannot be like previous. Moreover in the future when Fifth Young Lady marries, there would not be a sister at all and people would laugh. She still don’t flatter Furen but is still so indifferent. One fear that even if one beg in the future, nothing will happen.”

Shen Dong Ling smiled faintly, “It is only just a Young Mistress of the Wang family. It is not even worthy of a mention in another’s eyes so why the need to flatter?”

Xing Hua did not have a good tone as she spoke, “But you are after all an official’s furen. In the future who can Fifth Young Lady marry to? Could it be that she still thinks of marrying to some Prince? Her reputation had been destroyed a few years before, so how would good families dare to marry her?”

“Xing Hua.” It seemed that she had gone overboard. Shen Dong Ling’s brows wrinkled and Xing Hua quickly kept quiet and dared not speak more but her expression was still not normal.

“What is reputation for?” Shen Dong Ling said softly, “Relying on the Shen family army, such a big tree, and with the Luo family army, even if one were to marry the current son of Heavens, there would not be anyone who can stop her. It’s just that,” Shen Miao smiled somewhat meaningfully, “It might not be good to marry to high up.”

At the other side, Luo Tan was still asking Shen Miao, “Youngest Biao Sister, is that person your Shu sister? Why do I find that she does not look like the weak kind of person that people said to be?”

Luo Tan previously was afraid that she could not recognise the Shen family people so she specifically as the servants to inquire about each household and the temperament of each one of them. Among the information, Shen Dong Ling had the least because this Third Young Lady had a transparent character and would often not leave the courtyard at all. Luo Tan’s sighed in wonderment as the younger generation of the Luo family were all mischievous, especially the Luo Tan and Luo Qian. Thus she was unable to imagine Shen Dong Ling’s kind of life.

Who knew that upon seeing today, it was not at all like what the servants said. Shen Dong Ling was quite different from what she had imagined.

Shen Miao smiled, “Humans will always change.”

Luo Tan thought for a moment and finally understood, “Correct. One thinks that now that she had already married and have gained the favour of the in-laws, one’s temperament would also change.” Afterwards she the sighed, “It is really difficult to be such a person.”

Shen Miao wanted to laugh at her actions but Shen Qiu asked, “Younger Sister, now that the execution is over, one can return to the residence right?” He had a lingering fear after the previous time where Shen Miao was kidnapped without any reasons.

Just as Shen Miao was about to answer, she suddenly heard a crisp voice, “Older Shen Sister.”

Shen Miao turned her head back to look.

The oncoming person was delicately carved jaded little gentleman that was wearing a pine-green satin robes. The sides of the clothes were embroidered with pine leaves that made it very unique. This little gentleman was around eleven or twelve and was considered a young youth. His brows were very handsome but one did not know why there was childishness to it. It was obvious that one had to be twenty to have a headgear but he wore a small little jade headgear with two ribbons flowing at the side of his ears. There was a jade gourd around his waist and his complexion was fair and tender and was so adorable that it was just like a person walking out from a painting.

Luo Tan looked until her eyes had brightened up. The children in Xiao Chun City were all mischievous monkeys and how would they be this lovable and pretty? Moreover those movements would melt anyone’s heart. Even Luo Tan, who had no patience with children, was also attracted to this young youth, much less the rest.

Luo Ling and Shen Qiu was somewhat surprised as this youth seemed to be quite familiar with Shen Miao. Shen Miao frowned as she felt that this little youth was somewhat familiar but was unable to remember who he was.

That little youth had thought that Shen Miao would very quickly call his name out and did not expect that Shen Miao would look at him in a daze thus he walked over to Shen Miao’s side. His stature was not as tall as Shen Miao and had to slightly raise his head as he looked at Shen Miao.

Just as Shen Miao wanted to say something to interrupt this silence, she heard a chuckle from the side, “Fifth Shen Young Lady. Eldest Shen Young Master.”

The oncoming person was wearing a lake blue robes and the style of the clothes were exactly the same as the little youth in front. However this person was much older than the young youth. He had an appearance of a young man and had similar brows with the little gentleman. The brows were clear and handsome and his smile was elegant. Shen Miao and Shen Qiu knew of this person. It was Su Ming Feng of the residence of the Count of Pin Nan.

“Second Younger Brother is stubborn and not sensible. One hope that he had not offend Fifth Young Lady.” Su Ming Feng laughed.

Shen Miao almost bit her tongue.

That little gentleman looked at her somewhat angrily as Shen Miao asked, “Su Ming Lang?”

“You do not recognise me after two years?” Su Ming Lang said angrily, “Didn’t you said that you will bring me gifts upon your return?”

Shen Miao only felt that it was somewhat unbelievable.

Two years ago, Su Ming Lang was still a fat glutinous rice dumpling and was not handsome or considered beautiful. The very most one could say that he was fair and tender. But after two years, just who was this handsome youth in front? How did he slim down so much? One always said that female would change drastically at eighteen. Male would also change drastically at eighteen?

Su Ming Lang was still sulking. Luo Tan on the other hand could not help but touch Su Ming Lang’s head. Luo Tan like to look at good looking things and was very much amazed when she first saw Su Ming Lang, such a good looking little gentleman. Now upon looking at Su Ming Feng, she said what she thought loudly, “Really worthy to be brothers. Both are so good looking.”

Su Ming Lang’s entire heart was about how Shen Miao was unable to recognise him but it was Su Ming Feng who could not help but laughed when he encountered such a straightforward female who praised him for being good looking.

Shen Qiu and Luo Ling quickly greeted the two brothers.

Shen Miao looked at Su Ming Land and smiled, “The gifts are at my residence. One will send someone over to you with them.”

The Heavens had pity on her. Ever since Shen Xin’s return to the Ding capital, there were various matters that were happening every day that she had really thrown Su Ming Lang at the back of her mind. She also did not see Su Ming Lang and now upon seeing that Su Ming Lang seemed to have become another person, some regrets seemed to have burst forth.

When a child was growing, there would be a different look every day. Thinking at the beginning when she left, Wan Yu and Fu Ming were only a little big and upon her return, she almost could not recognise them.

Su Ming Lang was one who did not hold a grudge thus his dissatisfaction was all wiped off. Su Ming Lang asked, “Is Older Shen Sister come to shop?”

Su Ming Feng laughed awkwardly. He naturally knew that today was the day where the Shen family was executed. The Eldest household of the Shen family were disagreeable with the Second and Third household that this was not far from the execution grounds so it seemed that Shen Miao was here to observe. However one must not tell his Second Younger Brother about it.

Shen Miao said, “Just casually shopping around and now heading back to the residence.”

Su Ming Feng nodded his head obediently and said, “Remember to give me my presents.”

Su Ming Feng gave him a smack at the back of his head and Su Ming Lang glared at him. He then looked towards Shen Miao and was about to say goodbye to Shen Miao when his gaze landed on the bracelet on Shen Miao’s wrist, “Older Shen Sister, your jade bracelet looked like the Tiger Head Bracelet that Older Xie Brother previously made.”

When those words were said, the few people there were startled. Shen Qiu and Luo Ling were not aware of what Tiger Head Bracelet, Luo Tan was somewhat curious and Shen Miao had a guilty conscience. Su Ming Land said it innocently but Su Ming Feng’s brows wrinkled.

Seeing on the snowy fair wrist, there was indeed a jade bracelet that was hanging on it. The jade was of very good quality as it was a translucent emerald green in colour, as if a plant that was growing in the deep mountains with some spirituality. Moreover that was not only one bracelet but it was two, just like a pair of double bracelet. There was also no overly ornate artwork and only a little tiger head was engraved on a small part of it.

Although Shen Miao felt that it looked like a cat.

It was one of the jewelries that Xie Jing Xing gifted in the box. Shen Mao had originally felt that those jewelries were all expensive and respectable and each had its own advantage. If it was possible, she would want to wear all of them. But who knew that when Gu Yu saw it, she said, “Young Lady cannot wear all these together as these jewelry are too expensive and noble. One must need to wear more valuable and noble clothes to match it and if it was too simple, it would look nondescript otherwise.

Shen Miao was discouraged. Xie Jing Xing was not short of money and had gifted so much jewelry. Could it be that one had to specially wear expensive clothes in order to wear them? Even if she wore them, she would feel cumbersome.

After thinking about it, she felt that this double jaded bracelet was the simplest and there was a hidden needle inside. It looked relatively ‘simple’.

Even so, Luo Xue Yan had repeatedly praised it.

One could only say that the gifts Xie Jing Xing gave was like him, not low-key at all.

She was ever slightly distracted but Su Ming Feng got solemn and before Shen Miao could react, he grabbed onto Shen Miao’s hands, “One have offended.”

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