Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 162 (Part 2)

Chapter 162: Execution (Part 2)

Everyone was silent.

After half a moment, Shen Gui gritted his teeth, “Since it is the case then one have to drag down together. Even though this is not good for us, the Eldest household should not have a good life.” He looked towards Shen Wan, “Third Younger Brother, let’s think of ways to involve Shen Xin in.”

“Not possible.” Shen Wan said calmly, “This matter has already reached the stage of sentencing so if one where to implicate Shen Xin, others would view it as framing. The more this is done, the Emperor would feel that the Eldest household is not on the same route as us and we are treacherous while the Eldest household is loyal. This would instead be advantageous for the Eldest household.”

Shen Gui said angrily, “But one cannot let him off that easily.”

Shen Wan coldly laughed, “After swallowing such a big disadvantage, moreover at the beginning Father favoured Shen Xin. I don’t believe we would still lose after fighting for so many years. Even if one cannot drag Shen Xin down, one must peel a layer of skin from Shen Xin.”

“Third Younger Brother means?” Shen Gui was somewhat puzzled.

Shen Wan suppressed his voice, “Since it is stuck at the Emperor’s side then there is another person to go. You guess now that such a thing happen, even though we are suffering, who will be more annoyed than we are?”

Chen Rou Qiu frowned, “Prince Ding.”

“Correct.” Shen Wan looked calmly at Chen Rou Qiu. At this time, it was no longer any use to blame Chen Rou Qiu for doing all these in a fit of anger. What’s more it was because of Cang Zai Qing that Shen Wan divorced Chen Rou Qiu and if one were to look in the longer period of time, one was unable to say if someone set a trap for all of them to fall in. There was no meaning to blame anyone at this point since they were all disheartened and exhausted.

But even before a poisonous snake dies, it would always remember to bite others and the Shen family was this kind of poisonous snake.

Shen Wan said coldly, “Our every single move is being watched by other. Among them, there would be Prince Ding’s people so by talking about the Shen family’s Eldest household, it will make Prince Ding become suspicious.”

Thinking that Prince Ding previously wanted him to play the matchmaker between Shen Miao and Prince Zhou, it meant that he was already somewhat suspicious of Shen Miao. If they were to mention about the Shen family’s Eldest household now, Prince Ding would think that it was the Eldest household of the Shen family who trapped him and make Emperor Wen Hui suspicious of him. One feared that he would want to immediately destroy the Eldest household of the Shen family.

What kind of person Prince Ding was? He was the one who hid the deepest among the nine Princes and comparing to Prince Xuan, he was even more of a smiling tiger. Shen Wan believed that once Prince Ding had fixed his eye onto it, the Eldest household of the Shen family would not be able to live well.

Even though this would not change their ending, one must bury a malignant tumor for the Eldest household. There would be a day in the future that it would sprout.

He mumbled softly in a voice that he was only able to hear, “Eldest Brother, I will wait for you on the road to the underworld.”

The Ding capital’s case concerning Shen Wan was closed especially fast. When the commoners knew about it, they all unable to make heads or tail of it.

The former Great General’s residence was searched and possession confiscated. The servants were exiled while the masters were executed.

There had not been such a big case in Ming Qi for a long time and this case did not seem to look that serious. The officials were very secretive about it that till now the crime committed was still ‘poor performance that lead to a major calamity’.

It was just that what the ‘major calmity’ was? No one knew about it.

This was always the case for officials. When the monarch wants the official to die, the official had no choice but to die. When Emperor Wen Hui wanted to kill any official of court, sometimes there was no need to think of any reasons at all. Even if it was the Shen family, the people who were officials were only Shen Wan and Shen Gui and both of their carreers were fading that no one was even willing to speak for them. Of course there was also an invisible hand that was moving things forwards that made one felt surprised by the turn of events.

On the day of execution, Shen Miao wanted to go and watch.

Lou Tan looked astonishingly at Shen Miao and asked, “Why is Youngest Biao Sister going there to watch? That is a bloody scene where the head will roll down and one will have nightmares at night. It is better not to go.”

Shen Xing and Luo Xue Yan would not go as they still have military matter to take care of but even if they did not, they would not go to watch. Luo Xue Yan did not have any feelings with the Shen family and even though Shen Xin had, those complicated feelings were all wiped clean by all the doings of the Shen family these years. It was better not to see one another and one would not need to search for unhappiness for oneself.

Shen Miao said, “I want to watch. I have not seen an execution before.”

Luo Tan, “…” She was flustered and exasperated, “What good is there to watch an execution?” But she was secretly anxious for Shen Miao. A female’s heart would be tender and even though there was not a good person in the Shen family, Shen Miao had gotten along with them for so long so there would inevitable be some mourning feelings. Wasn’t this finding unhappiness for herself if she were to go?

“I will accompany Younger Sister along.” Shen Qiu said. Shen Qiu knew of Shen Miao’s stubborn temper and if one did not let her go, one feared that Shen Miao would also secretly sneak out and create more problems. He was not afraid to watch and with more guards by their side, Shen Miao could be protected.

“I will also go along.” Luo Ling smiled and spoke, “I too have not seen an execution.”

“Biao Older Brother, what nonsense are you talking about?” Luo Tan glance at Luo Ling, “Previously at the Northwestern region, you have seen people executed by military orders. You are so used to seeing beheading so what first time you are talking about?”

He did not expect that he would undermined by his own Younger Tang Sister that Luo Ling’s gentle smiled was a bit stiff. When Shen Qiu heard it, he took a meaningful look at Luo Ling that made Luo Ling feel uneasy before speaking, “Then let’s go together.”

When Luo Tan saw that everyone was going, she gritted her teeth and stomp her feet before saying, “Then I also want to go along. I don’t want to be the Little Biao Sister that was left behind. Later you must tell me to cover my eyes well.”

When the entourage reached the execution ground, the commoners that was surrounding the execution ground three times that nothing could get through. Because Shen Qiu and entourage were accompanied by guards, those commoners took the initiative to clear the path. Someone surrounding recognize Shen Qiu and whispered softly as they pointed the siblings, Shen Qiu and Shen Miao.

One had early knew that the Eldest household of the Shen family were not harmonious with the Second and Third household but one did not expect when the Second and Third household were being executed, the siblings of the Eldest household would come to watch the sentence being carried out. There were people who said that there was some good out from a misfortune as those years back they were forced to be removed from the records but was able to escape from this calamity. There were also others who said that the siblings were too coldblooded as they could watch their family being executed without any emotions.

On top of the stage, Shen Wan and entourage was brought up with shackles and wearing dirty prison uniforms with so unkempt looks that was no traces of the previous wealthy and noble appearance. Shen Yue’s and Old Shen Furen mouth was also stuffed with rags and one could still see Shen Yue desperately shaking her head and panicking. SHen Yue and Old Shen Furen was extremely afraid upon facing death. Most likely they were unable to accept the fact even at this moment and stilled hope that there was room to revert to their original state.

Shen Miao’s lips slighted raised.

Her gazed swept across each and every one of the people on stage.

Shen Wan. Chen Rou Qiu. Shen Gui. Shen Yue. Old Shen Furen. One heard that Cang Zai Qing had a miscarriage in the prison and when she was discovered and brought out the next day, her entire body had hardened. She had died due to bleeding. It was indeed fortunate for her as she would not be executed in front of everyone and left with a whole body intact. However what use would there be? A life was lost and the entire Ding capital knew that she had abandon her husband and child.

“Youngest Biao Sister, what are you thinking about?” Luo Tan asked quietly.

“Thinking about matters of the past.” Shen Miao said lightly.

She thought about the fight with Mei Furen in the Inner Palace, it was the people on the stage that stabbed the Eldest household without a thought at all. They caused Shen Qiu’s death, killed Luo Xue Yan, caused Shen Wan to be wan and sallow and made Wan Yu and Fu Ming not have a strong maternal family support and at the end be sacrificed for the golden throne. It was obviously that one had the legitimate bloodline but was living worse than a Shu son and daughter. All of this was given by those people in front.

Shen Yue said, “Fifth Youngest Sister, we are not a family.”

Not a family but enemies. At least from now, after this people died, she and the wolves and tigers of the Shen family really had no more relations.

Shen Yue looked around the stage in a panic and suddenly looked towards Shen Miao’s direction. When she saw Shen Miao, a strong hatred appeared in her gaze. It was as if all her hate was suppressed and violently directed out. If there were no locks on her body, one feared that Shen Yue would have jumped into the crowd and scratched Shen Miao’s face.

Shen Miao was among the crowd when she smiled at her. She did not cared if Shen Yue was able to see clearer when she lifted her chin slightly and looked down on her as if she was looking at a dog.

Shen Yue was infuriated with Shen Miao’s look and started shouting and struggling. The official that was in charge of her gave her a kick. Shen Yue was temporary quiet as she seemed to be hurt but she looked at another direction, seemingly looked extremely angry.

When Shen Miao followed her gaze, she saw that not far from here there was a familiar figure. That was a young female that was dressed wealthy and nobly. Her brows were slightly slanted, with a pointed chin and big round eyes. Who else could it be but Shen Dong Ling?

Shen Dong Ling also saw Shen Miao and she smiled gently before walking over to Shen Miao. Once she was nearer, she bowed towards Shen Miao and said softly, “Fifth Younger Suster.” She then looked towards Shen Qiu and said, “Eldest Brother.”

Shen Qiu nodded his head blandly but Shen Miao carefully sized Shen Dong Ling up.

Shen Dong Ling originally looked good as she had followed Wan YiNiang’s appearance, three tenths delicateness and some sense of seductiveness. It was unusual for people with such appearance who became the official wife. Most of them would be concubines thus they had such a look. When one marries a wife, one would marry one who was virtuous but when bringing in a concubine, one would bring in one who was very seductive. Previously Shen Dong Ling would always look down and obedient to everyone thus her good looks were also put down by the gloomy and oversized clothes. Now it seemed that she was living well as her face became tender and the glow was also moving that when she wore such refreshing and bright clothes, it showed of her slim body which made her a seductive beauty.

Looking at the entourage following her, it seemed that Wang Bi was treating her well. Otherwise one would not let a married female to casually show her face outside.

Because Shen Dong Ling rarely come out of the courtyard in the Shen residence, much less coming out, the surrounding commoners did not recognize her. Luo Tan looked curiously as she sized up Shen Dong Ling. Shen Dong Liang looked at Shen Miao and said with a smile, “One did not expect to encounter Fifth Younger Sister here. It is really fate.”

Shen Miao gently smiled.

Shen Dong Ling’s attitude was very natural and there was no sense onc mourning at all. One heard that Wan YiLiang was being brought over and the Wang family even gotten her life contract. However Shen Gui who was currently on the stage was Shen Dong Ling’s father yet there was no traces of emotion on Shen Dong Ling’s face. When chatting with Shen Miao, it was as if one was attending a flower appreciation banquet as there seemed to be a bit of joy if one looked deeper.

“I am here to look for enjoyment.” Shen Miao looked at Shen Dong Ling, “What is Third Older Sister here for?”

Shen Dong Ling heard it but not only she covered her smiling lips slowly, each move and action was very seductive, just like Wan YiNiang when she was younger. There was no timid in her at all.

She said, “Fifth Younger Sister is here to look for enjoyment but I do not dare.” Shen Dong Ling looked up at the stage, “Only only heard about this interesting matter in Ding capital and came to see it for entertainment.”

Just as she finished, the supervisor on the stage threw the name plate down and said, “The time has arrived. Carry out the execution.”

A few bloody colours gushed out.

Shen Dong Ling used the handkerchief to cover her mouth as her eyes widen as if it was pitying. She said softly, “What a pity.”

“Yes.” Shen Miao said calmly, “What a pity.”


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