Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 162 (Part 1)

Chapter 162: Execution (Part 1)

“It is not a whore’s, like you, turn to butt in.”

Cang Zai Qing was slightly startled. She had long knew that Shen Yue was not as gentle as she looked on the surface but did not expect Shen Yue’s mouth to be this powerful. Unconsciously she looked over towards Shen Wan and what surprised her the most was that not only did Shen Wan not look at her, it was as if he had turned a deaf ear to Shen Yue’s words.

When Shen Yue saw Cang Zai Qing’s appearance, she said pleased, “Why? Are you hoping my Father will speak out for you? Now the entire capital knew that you, Cang Zai Qing, is a used shoe from Liu Province who has no emotions and integrity. You self-proclaimed manners and literally knowledge are just like the number one prostitute in a brothel.”

“What. What nonsense are you talking about?” Cang Zai Qing’s heart jumped and replied unconsciously. She was locked in the prison all the time and was unaware of what was going on outside thus she did not know that her matter in Liu Province had already spread and everyone in Ding capital treated her as a joke.

“You do not know?” Shen Yue had anger in her heart and use words to agitate her, “Your husband and son in Liu Province missed you so much and specially came down to Ding capital to look for you.” Shen Yue looked at Shen Wan with ill intentions as she was quiet resentful of Shen Wan and thus continued unhurriedly, “That Tian Li knelt in front of the government offices early and beat the drum and cried injustice, saying that the Shen residence snatched married woman.”

Cang Zai Qing trembled and she knew that this could no longer be hidden but when she looked at Shen Wan, she saw that Shen Wan did not have a surprised reaction before she asked trembling, “You. You have long knew?”

“What?” The one speaking was Old Shen Furen who was starring wide-eyed at the other side. She had thought that Shen Yue and Cang Zai Qing were not close thus they said those humiliating things but now she finally caught on and screamed, “You married to another? You also have a son?”

Cang Zai Qing did not answer but Chen Rou Qiu who was looking on coldly from the side laughed, “Mother is still not aware. The wife that you so carefully selected for your son is currently another person’s family. The Shen family had raise another family’s wife and this Cang Zai Qing’s son is after all not with the surname Shen. Those words outside that were saying about the Shen family are indeed exciting. Mother should also listen to it.”

Shen Gui was also shocked by this sudden news. Cang Zai Qing finally recovered to her senses and glanced at Chen Rou Qiu before laughing coldly. She no longer hid her put up her docile appearance and smashed her image, “So what if I married another? So what I gave birth to another son? The Shen family is not as clean as you said. It is after all the one who retreated fifty steps laughing at the one retreated a hundred steps (aka pot calling the kettle black). Moreover I only married for a few days and did not enjoy much days of fortune so it is not clear who is the one in the pits.”

When Old Shen Furen heard it, anger raised from her heart. Without any rhyme or reason she was thrown into prison and was half fearful and half irritated with a stomach full of anger without any way to let out. Cang Zai Qing’s words was the trigger and without a second word, she rushed over pounced onto Cang Zai Qing and scolded as she pulled Cang Zai Qing’s hair, “You slut! Defrauding the Shen family! Shameless!”

How could Cang Zai Qing be one who accept all of that? If one were to say that she was willing to be lowly and insignificant, it was due to the overall plotting in the Shen residence but now all appearances were shattered, thus there was no more concerns left. Immediately she and Old Shen Furen came to blows.

Even though Old Shen Furen was old, during the fight her energy level was of that when she was young. She after all grew up in the marketplace while Cang Zai Qing’s fist were weaker as literate people would not use their hands thus she did not do as well. Both of them fought and scolded one another, making it even more chaotic. Shen Gui wanted to pull them apart when he saw it but male and females were locked in separate cells thus his heart was willing but he did not have the ability to do it. Chen Rou Qiu looked on coldly while Shen Yue laughed. Everything stopped abruptly when Cang Zai Qing cried out in pain.

Old Shen Furen pushed Cang Zai Qing away and her face was filled with nail scratches and her hair and clothes were all messed up but she still looked satisfied at the person on the ground. Cang Zai Qing was curled up on the ground, hugging her stomach and painfully twisting her face as she cried out. Under her body, a pool of blood formed.

It was a miscarriage in the prison.

One did not know where Old Shen Furen hit Cang Zai Qing at but these days the food in prison was not to one taste thus Cang Zai Qing’s body was weak and in addition to the tussle with Old Shen Furen, her abdomen was injured.

Shen Gui looked at Shen Wan at a loss but saw that Shen Wan’s gaze was not affected one bit. Watching Cang Zai Qing rolling about in pain on the floor, it was as if he was looking at a stranger.

As for Old Shen Furen, she looked somewhat insanely at Cang Zai Qing as she scolded, “Slut! Slut that deserves to die!”

Shen Yue was somewhat afraid of blood and upon seeing the pool of blood that was under Cang Zai Qing’s body was growing and staining a large part of the ground, she started to be a little scared and started to squeeze towards Chen Rou Qiu. Chen Rou Qiu embraced Shen Yue firmly and as she looked at Cang Zai Qin, her lips slowly rose up.

Cang Zai Qing’s conscious was somewhat hazy due to the pain. She tried to call for the warden and hope that someone would discover something was wrong with her body and find a physician for her. However those wardens came and went and the looks that they gave were filled with disdain and ridicule. There was no intention to help her at all.

One did not know how long it had been but Cang Zai Qing could not even make a sound anymore. Most probably there was only air going in and none coming out, as if each breath would lead to her leaving.

No one spoke in the cell and it was scarily quiet. Everyone in the Shen family was looking at Cang Zai Qing had disgust, ridicule, dread and disdain in their gaze but no sympathy.

Catastrophes would warp a person’s character and not that their position was against each other, no sympathy was given at all. From Shen Yue’s and Chen Rou QIu’s perspective, Cang Zai Qing was suffering from her own actions and from Shen Wan’s perspective, it was not enough for Cang Zai Qing to die after deceiving him. Shen Gui was not a good person and Old Shen Furen could not wait to tear Cang Zai Qing piece by piece.

In Cang Zai Qing’s entire life, the first half was very smooth going but even though the latter half was not as smooth sailing, she had thought that with her smarts, she could still fly out from the branches and be a phoenix and it was still possible to be wealthy and noble. Because of that she could still fight and snatch and not care about conscience or reputation but who knew that once she entered the wealthy and noble, it was a grave and the people around were even more scarier than wolves.

At this moment, Cang Zai Qing suddenly missed the alcohol loving husband and quiet son who chopped firewood and feed chickens in Liu province.

She mumbled dazedly, “Huai Sheng.”

Shen Yue frowned, “What is she mumbling?”

Chen Rou Qiu shook her head.

“Mother, why are you looking so dispirited?” Shen Yue tightened her hands, “Is this matter very serious? When can we get out?”

“It’s nothing. This is just a small matter. Once His Majesty has investigated clearly, we will be released. Don’t worry. Go and rest else you will have no strength later.” Chen Rou Qiu answered with a smile.

After Shen Yue had gotten Chen Rou Qiu’s assurance, her heart settled down and she felt a little tired, thus she leaned against Chen Rou Qiu and fell asleep.

When Old Shen Furen heard Chen Rou Qiu’s words, she also gradually calmed down. Even though she was not satisfied with Chen Rou Qiu, one would know who was better when there was comparison. With Cang Zai Qing as an example, Old Shen Furen felt that Chen Rou Qiu was not bad. She then also closed her eyes to regain energy.

No one was concern of Cang Zai Qing’s life or death as she lay on the floor.

Chen Rou Qiu took a look at Cang Zai Qing and sneered. Immediately afterwards she thought of something and her eyes fell into despair.

This time there would not be any way out. She had lied to Shen Yue. One feared that they would not able to walk out of here alive.

No one understood Shen Wan’s expression than Chen Rou Qiu. If there was even a glimmer of hope, Shen Wan would not have had this kind of response. He just sat there indifferently and was somewhat wooden, as if everything did not matter at all. No matter if the Shen family had become a laughing material, the scuffle between Old Shen Furen and Cang Zai Qing or even Cang Zai Qing’s miscarriage, Shen Wan was expressionless. Shen Wan had given up all hope.

Even Shen Wan had lost all hope so Chen Rou Qiu had no other opportunity to live.

When one knew of this ending, Chen Rou Qiu did not expect that it was as unacceptable as she thought. Perhaps previously when the Chen and Shen families were fighting in court, Chen Rou Qiu had seen the little value of relationship or it could also be that the matter of Shen Wan divorcing her had hurt Chen Rou Qiu greatly. Currently Chen Rou Qiu was exhausted physically and mentally and now that Cang Zai Qing had ended up as such, she had nothing to care about.

Anyways if one were to die, everyone would die together and go to the netherworld together as a family. That was what Chen Rou Qiu thought.

“Third Younger Brother.” In the silence, someone broke the quietness and it was Shen Gui. He asked, “Do you not feel that our Shen family has met with some bad luck for these years? When Father was still alive, there was not so many of such matters.”

After Shen Gui discovered that the root of descendant was injured, he had muddled life along without any aims and was rarely awake. No matter if it was real or not, he finally asked about a serious matter.

Shen Wan looked at him and one was unable to distinguish it was happiness or anger in his tone, “Is it when Father was around or is it when Shen Xin is around?”

Shen Gui was at a loss for words. Indeed so. It was not exact if one were to say that Old Shen General alive as accurately speaking, when the Shen residence went downhill, it was when the Eldest household separated from the family. In fact when the Shen Xin returned back to the capital two years ago, their career was somewhat not smooth. It was just that at that time the Shen family was not separated and the official colleagues still flattered them on Shen Xin’s account. Afterwards when Shen Xin left the capital, these people did not have any scruples and the Shen family started declining. Even though one did not want to admit it, it was indeed a fact that a Shen family without Shen Xin, was like any ordinary official family, there was nothing special about them.

But the meaning of Shen Wan’s words was not that meaning on surface.

Shen Gui asked hesitantly, “Are you saying that someone is scheming our Shen family? This time the Shen family is also being schemed against?”

Shen Wan smiled strangely but did not know what he was smiling for.

“Could it be that Shen Xin was making a mess of things at the back?” Shen Gui was suddenly enlightened.

Chen Rou Qiu who was sitting at the side quietly spoke at this time, “That little slut that Luo Xue Yan gave birth is very abnormal. Did you not discover that as long as Shen Miao was slightly implicated, at the end everything will inexplicably be messed up?”

Shen Wan and Shen Gui looked towards Chen Rou Qiu at the same time. It seemed that Chen Rou Qiu did not saw their gaze as she continued, “First it was the Second household’s Shen Qing and Shen Yuan, then it is the Third household’s turn. At the beginning Second Sao’s method was also not carried out well. Thinking about it carefully, if one were to say when did all the incidents of the Shen residence start from, it was better to say that it started from when her temperament changed.”

Humans were strange as their mind were constantly changing. Previously in Shen Wan’s and Shen Gui’s eyes, Shen Miao was only a little smart at most but who know that she had such great abilities. But now they had fallen into such a state and hearing Chen Rou Qiu’s martyrdom, it seemed true. Just take for example, Princess Ming An who was recently here. She also hatred and desired revenge on Shen Miao when she inexplicably died and till now, nothing concrete came out from the investigation.

Shen Wan said heavily, “Just her alone, one’s action would not be able to be at such a level. Unless one had an able person guiding behind the scenes or one had found a strong backing.”

“One feared that it is not Shen Miao who found a backing.” Shen Gui said with great thought, “It is the Shen family had found a strong backing.” He as if thought about something and smacked his knees, “At the beginning why did Shen Xin not fall to his death on the battlefield? I was saying why in these years, everything was not smooth. So it is Shen Xin who had done something behind one’s back.” He said so righteously but did not mentioned that the Shen family had given so much hindering matters to Shen Xin.

“No matter what, things are more of less related to Shen Xin.” Chen Rou Qiu calmed down at this time and every words she said were more certain than before, “Else it cannot be that everyone in the Shen residence is implicated but only their First household is safe and sound.”

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