Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 161 (Part 2)

Chapter 161: Troubled Waters (Part 2)

Shen Miao had never forgotten who her true enemy was, the scariest enemy, the most hated enemy. Fu Xiu Yi. Shen Wan had already been implicated with Prince Ding, Fu Xiu Yi and now Shen Yue had become HuangFu Hao’s woman. Shen Yue was Shen Wan’s daughter thus it would make others think that perhaps there was some relations between HuangFu Hao and Fu Xiu Yi.

The suspicious Emperor Wen Hui would definitely send someone to investigate it. If there were nothing between HuangFu Hao and Fu Xiu Yi, naturally nothing would be discovered but unfortunately these two people had the heart to form an alliance. As long as Emperor Wen Hui investigate it seriously, it was very possible for him to discover something interesting. At such a critical moment, it could become Fu Xiu Yi’s fatal blow. If on his route to become the monarch, there was Emperor Wen Hui’s suspicion and blocking, it would not a smooth journey at all.

She had though that this move was hidden very well and did not expect that the purple clad youth would have seen through it in a moment and watch her walk out from the colourful shell she had on.

She wanted to get up from Xie Jing Xing’s side but Xie Jing Xing used one of his hands to hold her arm and the other supported the back of her head. Shen Miao was almost laying on Xie Jing Xing. When she was breathing, the warm between the distance made her able to hear her violent beating of a heart but she did not know if it was hers or his.

If at this moment someone outside came in, Shen Miao’s innocence from the rest of her life would disappear. However Xie Jing Xing was a frivolous person and would not find that his actions were wrong.

Shen Miao suddenly smiled and slowly said, “Inviting fire onto oneself.”

Xie Jing Xing stared at her slyly.

“The fire has already found me.” Shen Miao voice had an indifferent yet serious tone to it as she continued, “Does Prince Rui thinks that I have a retreat route?”

She had never had any retreat route. Even if there were no revenge to settle, no Wan Yun and Fu Ming, no rebirth for the purpose of revenge, Shen Xin still had contributions that exceeded the monarch thus there would be a day where the Eldest household of the Shen family would face elimination. In order to protect the Shen family, Fu Xiu Yi would become her enemy.

“Of course there is a retreat route.” That youth suddenly said.

Shen Miao’s fingers that were grabbing his clothes slightly moved.

His side profile of his face was exceptionally handsome and his eyes were so beautiful and dark that it made one fall. Moreover that long eyelashes were currently warm as it slightly filtered the sunlight from outside the curtain. He said lightly, “With this Prince here, fire will not be able to burn you. If you feel afraid, then come and hide at this Prince.”

His voice was clear yet intoxicating as it floated into Shen Miao’s ears.

“This Prince will cut a retreat route for you.”

Shen Miao looked at him as he spoke casually and cynically but he always gave others an illusion as if his promises were heavier than a thousand Jin (1 Jin = 1 pound) and he could definitely carry it out.

But why would she suddenly have the feeling of wanting to cry?

If in the previous lifetime when she was in the Palace, someone said to her, “With me here, I will cut a retreat route for you.” Could it be that she would not walk all the way to the end? Could it be that her children would not be dead and her clan eliminated. The relationship between people were really strange. One did not care if what Xie Jing Xing said was real or not but Shen Miao’s heart was gently swaying at this moment.

It was like a butterfly wanted to fly out of her heart.

Xie Jing Xing however suddenly retrieved back the smile on his lips and looked at Shen Miao seriously. He then blinked and asked Shen Miao softly by her ears, “But why is your heartbeat suddenly so loud?”

SHen Miao violently pushed Xie Jing Xing away and sat up at once. Xie Jing Xing’s lips hooked up and his two hands casually behind his head, “You are sick?”

“You are then sick.” Shen Miao took a deep breath and said, “Prince Rui has congratulated enough and can leave now. I am an innocent young female and one will not be able to get married if others see this.”

Xie Jing Xing frowned, “Don’t you want to be an Empress? How would ordinary people be able to marry you?” Seeing signs that Shen Miao was about to erupt in anger again, Xie Jing Xing then sat up and grabbed the tiger that was chasing the pendant on the couch before placing it in his arms. He looked at Shen Miao and said as if it was funny, “Since it is a joyous occasion, how about I add flowers on the brocade (aka add icing on the cake)?”

Shen Miao was startled and unconsciously looked towards Xie Jing Xing before asking, “What do you want to do?”

“This person, Fu Xiu Yi, is not pleasing to my eyes.” Xie Jing Xing said understatedly, “Although one cannot resolve it together,” He slightly squinted his eyes, “It is not bad an idea to throw stones when he is down.”

Just as Shen Miao predicted, when the news of Shen Yue being caught and imprison was heard by Fu Xiu Yi, the unchanging face of Fu Xiu Yi could not help but lose colour.

“How did Shen Yue suddenly entered Prince Qin residence?” He asked his guards.

“One heard that initially the Second Shen Young Lady was not willing to marry to the Young Master of the Wang family and exchanged her marriage with the Shu born Third Young Lady of the Shen family. It was just that that scandal was not publicised at that time. Afterwards the Second Shen Young Lady secretly ran away from the residence and inadvertently encountered with the Qin Crown Prince and then became the concubine of the Qin Crown Prince.”

“Enough.” Fu Xiu Yi interrupted the guard’s words and pressed his forehead as he said hatefully, “This group of Shen family.” Ever since the involvement of the Shen family, he really did not have anything that went smoothly. A few days back Shen Wan came to seek asylum with him, he gave Shen Wan a difficult task but he did not think that before Shen Wan started, he sank. It was fine if he sank but he even implicated him. Emperor Wen Hui currently was suspicious of him and Fu Xiu Yi had to arrange everything with great difficulty and planned to push everything onto Shen Wan so that it would dispel Emperor Wen Hui’s doubts. Who knew that at this time there would be a knot that also brought HuangFu Hao in.

On the surface it looked that it was only Shen Yue’s matter but in fact it was related to Ming Qi’s and Qin country’s relationship. The Qin country and Ming Qi most likely would be walking down the road of alliance and it was something that everyone knew and among the nine Princes, whoever who was closer to HuangFu Hao would be targeted by Emperor Wen Hui. Naturally Emperor Wen Hui did not wish his sons to be close to HuangFu Hao as Emperor Wen Hui wanted to let the Qin country see that he was the only monarch. Just at such a sensitive period, Shen Yue was in the residence of Prince Qin so how would Emperor Wen Hui think? Was Shen Yue there because it was Shen Wan’s move to win over the Qin Crown Prince and Shen Wan was working for Fu Xiu Yi?

Currently Fu Xiu Yi and HuangFu Hao were really tired together.

The more Fu Xiu Yi thought, the more his head ached. He always worked out a strategy in advance and did not know what to do with this sudden change, since he also did not know Shen Yue and Shen Dong Ling had exchanged their marriage and did not know that HuangFu Hao had brought Shen Yue in as a concubine.

“This matter is just too much of a coincidence.” A trance of viciousness appeared on Fu Xiu Yi’s cold face, “Someone definitely is behind the scenes scheming. It is obvious that the spearhead is pointed at me. The matter with Shen Wan is false and the real thing was to push me into the water. I want to see who is behind the scenes controlling.”

A young aide asked carefully, “What does your Highness plan to do?”

“Imperial Father has become suspicious and it would be self-defeating if one were to clarify it in a rush.” Fu Xiu Yi said, “One can only wait and see. However one has to figure out who is exactly scheming behind my back.”

“Perhaps it is Prince Zhou or Prince Xuan.”

“Not possible.” Fu Xiu Yi resolutely denied it, “This is not consistent with their usual methods and moreover this involved HuangFu Hao. If they were to take action, there would inevitably be traces and it would not be worth the loss when discovered by Imperial Father.”

The aides looked at one another and no longer spoke.

Pei Lang stood at the middle of the aides calmly with his hands by his side. Fu Xiu Yi did not ask about his opinion and he did not take the initiative to speak but he could feel Fu Xiu Yi’s gaze that was on him.

Seeing Pei Lang’s calm face, he did not know why but another face suddenly appeared in front of Fu Xiu Yi.

That young female face was small and delicate and that pair of eyes was as clear as a mirror, as adorable as a little beast. But she always frowned and put up an attitude which made Fu Xiu Yi think about the head of the Inner Palace that was in Kun Ning Palace. What she portrayed was even more magnificent and dignity.

A phoenix or a beast.

Fu Xiu Yi coldly laughed. It was only a female. Even if one had great abilities, it was impossible for such things to be from her hands. However even so, Fu Xiu Yi did not forget that perhaps Shen Miao had close relations with that Prince Rui of Great Liang.

If Prince Rui really took action because of Shen Miao’s sake then Fu Xiu Yi had also aware of the other party’s weakness. If one had identified the other’s weakness, then the next step was to take unrelenting actions and this was Fu Xiu Yi’s style.

Upon thinking about it repeatedly, he only then realised that the other party had gave him this big gift.

Fu Xiu Yi clenched his fist and slowly calmed down, “Go and find some people to take guard in front of the residence of Prince Qin and monitor day and night.” He then looked at all the aides and said faintly, “Also double the number of guards in our residence. Not a single housefly can fly in and not a single mosquito is allowed to fly out.”

Pei Lang’s heart jumped as he felt that Fu Xiu Yi’s words still to be targeted. However he still hung his sleeves and a look of indifference was on his face. However the aides around started to whisper and mumble, seemingly able to sniffed out some signs.

The anger in Fu Xiu Yi dissipated. A gentle smile like usual appeared but when his smile appeared halfway, a guard came in from outside and said, “Your Highness, His Crown Prince Highness had sent someone to passed you some words.”

Fu Xiu Yi was startled and said, “Call them in.” Just as he stood up, he suddenly realized something and his expression changed drastically, “It’s bad.”

Emperor Wen Hui knew about Shen Yue’s matter and was currently suspecting that there were some implications between Fu Xiu Yi and HuangFu Hao. One feared that at this moment he spared every effort in investigating the relations between HuangFu Hao and Fu Xiu Yi. HuangFu Hao did not know what had happened and did not know the real reason of Shen Wan’s arrest and thus here to ask about it and unfortunately came to the barrel of things.

Fearing that this time it would be caught by Emperor Wen Hui’s people, it would be impossible to wash one clean even if one were to jump into the Yellow River. His crimes would almost be made true this time.

Fu XIu Yi suddenly sat on the chair.

In the Heavenly Prisons of Ming Qi, there were many people that was imprison at the moment.

Shen Yue and Chen Rou QIu had not thought that they would be reunited with the entire family of Shen Wan at this kind of situation. Shen Wan also had never expected that Shen Yue would become HuangFu Hao’s concubine. Shen Wan was after all one who was in the game thus when others was unable to see clearly, he however could see clearly. Even though he knew that it was not possible for him to escape from death, when Shen Yue involved HuangFu Hao in, it made him gave up all hope.

Emperor Wen Hui would not deal with HuangFu Hao because HuangFu Hao was the Crown Prince of Qin country and Fu Xiu Yi would be able to think of ways to protect himself since there were many different capable aides under Fu Xiu Yi. Moreoever to deal with a Prince just because of some doubts was not an action Emperor Wen Hui would do unless he wanted chaos under Heavens. With this train of thoughts, the one that could be sacrificed would be the Shen family.

Shen Yue was afraid and indignant in her heart. After entering the jail and locked with the females of the Shen family, she hurriedly pulled Chen Rou Qiu and asked, “Mother, why are we also captured? We no longer have anything to do with the Shen family. What is actually going on?”

When Cang Zai Qing heard it, she felt a little refreshed. She initially regretted her choice of the Shen residence as no one wanted to lose one’s life and riches and speaking of that, Shen Yue who ran away and Chen Rou Qiu who was divorced were instead lucky. Cang Zai Qing had thought about it and felt irreconcilable but once Shen Yue and Chen Rou Qiu were sent in, Cang Zai Qing was very happy about it. When one was in a misfortune, one would want to grab on to a few others to drag them to hell together.

Cang Zai Qing said, “Why is Second Young Lady not Shen family’s people? You are Master’s daughter.”

Shen Yue scoffed, “It is not a whore’s, like you, turn to butt in.”

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