Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage: Chapter 149 (Part 2)

Edited by Tnyhy

Chapter 149 (Part 2)

On this night, there was a special guest that went to the residence of Prince Ding. This distinguished guest was none other than the Crown Prince of the Qin country, HuangFu Hao, who was extremely angry due to the tragic death of his beloved Younger Sister.

In the hall of the Golden Throne, Fu Xiu Yi’s feather-like words to HuangFu Hao finally made the ever suspicious HuangFu Hao make this trip. Before HuangFu Hao arrived, Fu Xiu Yi had hidden Pei Lang in the room beside, so that he could hear the conversation between the two people through the secret window.

HuangFu Hao placed the teacup heavily on the table and did not dawdle with Fu Xiu Yi, getting right to the point, “Previously Your Highness Prince Ding said that one’s beloved Younger Sister’s matter is odd, can one explain in detail?”

“Your Crown Prince need not be impatient.” Fu Xiu Yi smile faintly, “I am deeply regretful of Princess Ming An’s misfortune. But the current stratagem is not to immediately capture the perpetrator.”

HuangFu Hao frowned and sneered at Fu Xiu Yi, “Could it be that Prince Ding also believed that BenWang should keep the peace? One do not know what kind of laws does your Ming Qi have but in the Qin country, a mishap of a Princess of a country is a top priority matter. Even if one keep the peace, in the future when Imperial Father is aware of this, he would definitely seek justice with the Majesty of the Ming Qi. It was just a tribute dinner but my Qin’s Princess had to die. Does Prince Ding think this is proper?”

There was some vague hint of threat in his words.

Fu Xiu Yi shook his head and said, “Since Your Crown Prince is so anxious, then I would not talk in riddles with Your Crown Prince. Generally when murder happens, there would always be reasons. This matter appeared to be that the Xie brothers and Princess Ming An were murdered together, and the other part displayed their corpses in such a way, with the intention to humiliate. It is obviously done on purpose to ensure Princess Ming An’s reputation would be at an all-time low. This meant that the other party is clearly targeting Princess Ming An.”

HuangFu Hao sneered, “I naturally know of that. To actually dare to do such a thing, one is really bold.”

“Your Crown Prince might as well think who would have such an enmity with Princess Ming An in the Ming Qi?”

HuangFu Hao was startled and his brows started to knit afterwards. Princess Ming An had an arrogant personality and on normal days would beat and scold the servants, so naturally there would be a number of people who hated her. But after entering the Ming Qi, because of Imperial Father’s sincere advice of not making matters sour with Emperor Wen Hui, Princess Ming An had to tone it down. Thus even though Princess Ming An acted rashly towards the Ming Qi’s officials, she did not offend them.

Unless… HuangFu Hao suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit up as he asked, “You are saying Shen Miao?”

Fu Xiu Yi smiled without speaking.

“Impossible!” HuangFu Hao said, “Even if she has some misgiving with Ming An and afterwards Ming An also made fun of her, Shen Miao is only a woman whereas Ming An had guards by her side. So how would Shen Miao deal with that?”

Fu Xiu Yi smiled as he shook his head, “Shen Miao cannot but you must not forget that she is Shen Xin’s daughter, and how does he treat her? In the tribute banquet, the Crown Prince saw it for yourself.”

HuangFu Hao then remembered the day of the tribute banquet. When Princess Ming An and Shen Miao were in a deadlock, Shen Xin, as a father, stood at Shen Miao’s side from the beginning till the end, and even expressed his unyielding attitude to Emperor Wen Hui. If one were to say that Shen Xin had gotten a subordinate to take action to stick out for his own daughter, it would not be impossible.

“Then what about the Shu sons of the Xie family?” HuangFu Hao said in a heavy tone, “Even if Shen Xin stick out for Shen Miao, there would not be any reason to include the Xie family’s people. Xie Ding is after all an official of the Ming Qi, thus Shen Xin would not cause trouble for himself.”

Fu Xiu Yi sighed, “Crown Prince still do not understand? These days, it was me who let the Xie brothers entertain Princess Ming An, so the Xie brothers would be at the same location with her. Since Crown Prince was siblings with Princess Ming An, one would know about the Princess’ temperament. Shen Miao and Princess Ming An were not in agreement and also if Princess Ming An wanted to deal with Shen Miao, it would be pardonable. It is just that the Princess is from the Qin and Shen Miao is an official’s daughter, so there would be inconveniences if one were to take action, thus the Xie Brothers were used.”

HuangFu Hao was startled before he said angrily, “It cannot be that you are saying…”

“Your Crown Prince need not be angry. I initially thought of grooming the Xie brothers so that in the future they could be subordinates, but these two did not have the fortune of a meteoric rise. You are also aware of the matters behind. It is probably that something went wrong during the Xie brothers’ plan and at the end it was both of them that died and implicated the Princess.”

Even though HuangFu Hao had an unbelievable express on his face, the knot in his heart started to unravel. First it was Shen Miao who was kidnapped without rhyme or reason, and at that time HuangFu Hao suspected that it was the doing of Princess Ming An, but afterwards seeing that Princess Ming An did not leave the residence and did not know many people in the Ming Qi, he then did not think more of it. Afterwards Shen Miao was sent back to the Shen mansion by Princess Rong Xin unfathomably, and following that, Princess Ming An and the Xie brothers had the accident.

What Fu Xiu Yi said was correct. Princess Ming An had a personality of one who held a long grudge. Since Shen Miao had caused her to lose face, she would indeed not let it settled so easily. These days the Xie brothers often appeared in the residence, and if it was because of this matter, then it was reasonable. But does Shen Miao really have such a big of an ability? HuangFu Hao still found that something was not right. Even if Shen Xin doted on Shen Miao and had that kind of ability, it would not be a wise move to openly confront a Princess of a country. Especially when Shen Xin just returned to the capital and had yet to stabilise himself… Even if he did not think for himself, he would also think about the other people in the Shen family. Was Shen Xin this stupid? To lose all rationality because of his daughter?

Afterwards whatever that Fu Xiu Yi said, HuangFu Hao did not listen to anything. He felt that Fu Xiu Yi’s words had some logic, but felt some hesitance in his heart. Seeing that HuangFu Hao was somewhat restless, Fu Xiu Yi did not speak more afterwards. After HuangFu Hao left, Pei Lang walked out from behind the dividing screen.

“Your Highness, what is the meaning of this?” Pei Lang asked, “Why must the topic be lead towards the Shen family?”

Fu Xiu Yi glanced at Pei Lang and shook his head, “Gentleman is ignorant of something. I think that Shen Miao perhaps have some involvement with the Great Liang’s Prince Rui.”

Pei Lang’s heart jumped but on the surface it was still like a gentle wind and clear skies, “Is Your Highness still concerned about the matter in the residence of the Crown Prince? Prince Rui only came to this country now and Shen Miao left the capital two years ago, so there is no possibility of them knowing each other. It would be too far-fetched if one were to say that they have a friendship in these short few months.”

“I know that Gentleman feels that this matter is unbelievable.” Fu Xiu Yi said, “But I have an intuition that there is something fishy between Shen Miao and Prince Rui, as these days there are just too many coincidences happening. It is because Shen Miao and Prince Rui became familiar in these months, then it is deliberated. Prince Rui is so arrogant that even Imperial Father cannot get close too. I also want to know what kind of abilities does Shen Miao have.”

Pei Lang knitted his brows and asked, “Then what does it relate to the matter with the Qin’s Crown Prince today?”

Fu Xiu Yi smiled and looked towards Pei Lang, “Gentleman believe that Shen Miao alone would not be able to do this, and that Shen Xin is not an impulsive person that does not use his brains. Just the Shen family alone would not kill hastily without careful consideration.”

Pei Lang suddenly understood, “Could it be that Your Highness thinks that…”

“Correct.” Fu Xiu Yi said, “I suspect this matter is the doing of Prince Rui.”

Pei Lang did not speak. Seeing that Pei Lang was silent, Fu Xiu Yi on the contrary took the initiative and spoke, “Prince Rui’s conduct is loud and while the Great Liang have numerous capable people. One think that with Prince Rui’s abilities, killing a Princess would be just like reaching his hands out. But just as you, I and everyone know, Prince Rui do not have any grievances and animosity with Princess Ming An and have no relation with the Xie family, thus one will not bring trouble for oneself by doing that. But if it was because of Shen Miao, then everything would make sense.” He smiled faintly, “Even though there was such a saying of being in a fit of rage because of a beauty, I do not think it is so. There must be some special relationship between Prince Rui and Shen Miao.”

“So Your Highness let the Qin’s Crown Prince to take action, so as to attract a snake out from its hole?” Pei Lang asked.

“Correct.” Fu Xiu Yi smiled, “HuangFu Hao is suspicious by nature and even if he did not believe my words, he would have doubts in his heart, and thus would one day investigate. The spearhead will then be directed at the Shen family. If Prince Rui is linked together with Shen Miao, then he would definitely take action. When the time comes, one will be aware of both of their relationship and make other plans.”

Pei Lang asked, “What if Prince Rui did not take action, then what?”

“It is of no bother.” Fu Xiu Yi said, “If Prince Rui does not take action then since the Shen family is being overly excessive lately. Let HuangFu Hao deal with them. Suppressing the Shen family’s strength is also a good thing for us.”

“Your Highness has already determined to suppress the Shen family?” Pei Lang looked towards him.

“Since they cannot be used by me, naturally one must not leave future trouble aside.” Fu Xiu Yi’s smile was warm but his tone of voice was very cold. He turned his head to Pei Lang, “In the future, one will need Gentleman to think of more strategies and tactics.”

Pei Lang continuously said that he dared not accept the honour.

After Fu Xiu Yi left, Pei Lang returned to his room and looked at the lights in front of him, and could not help but sigh.

Two years ago, Shen Miao made him hide himself by Fu Xiu Yi’s side to be her spy, and Pei Lang had no other choice but to do it. Fortunately he had some abilities that caught Fu Xiu Yi’s eyes. Currently Fu Xiu Yi treated Pei Lang as the number one confidant. For example, Fu Xiu Yi did not even hide anything of the secret exploration that HuangFu Hao did today to Pei Lang, and trusted him a lot.

Perhaps it was truly that Fu Xiu Yi completely did not guard against Pei Lang, or perhaps it was one of Fu Xiu Yi’s techniques of managing his subordinates. It was inevitable for ordinary people to be be even more loyal if one sees one’s master treating one well, if only Pei Lang was not Shen Miao’s people.

The more Pei Lang get along with Fu Xiu Yi, the more he exclaimed in admiration. Fu Xiu Yi was indeed a person who had a mindset of longitude and latitude. Not only that, he had the viciousness of a man of character, and he was very familiar in hiding a dagger in his smiles. He indeed had the means and methods of a monarch. Pei Lang felt so much that in another few years or ten over years, the entire land under Heavens would end up in Fu Xiu Yi’s hands, and Fu Xiu Yi would become the master of everything under the Heavens. There was no other reasons than among the Princes in the Ming Qi, no one was better suited for the position other than Fu Xiu Yi.

But Shen Miao antagonize Fu Xiu Yi against all expectations. Pei Lang was not optimistic about Shen Miao, and thus was not optimistic about himself. It was not that he did not selfishly thought about turning his back, but Shen Miao had firmly grasped his vulnerable spot, Liu Ying. As for this little bit of reluctance, it could only drift off with the wind. He looked out the window. Fu Xiu Yi treated him extremely well, just his individual room was prepared in extreme detail. Pei Lang took out a piece of paper from the head of the table, and picked up the brush and quickly wrote.

The night was as dark as ink and in the residence of Prince Rui, Xie Jing Xing was teasing the white tiger at his feet. Lately the white tiger ate a lot as it was fed by Ji Yu Shu five times a day. Her body was rapidly expanding that she was now a round fur ball. She was not as agile and quick witted as before when one played with her, and had some bit of a stupid appearance. Xie Jing Xing was an extremely picky person, thus he was too lazy to pick her up and even when he was teasing her, it was also done halfheartedly.

A man, who looked like a guard, walked in from outside. He was much younger than Tie Yu and he took out a letter from his clothes before handing it to Xie Jing Xing’s hand, “This is a letter that came out from the residence of Prince Ding, it was written by Prince Ding’s top aid, Pei Lang, to be send to the hands of Fifth Shen Young Lady of the Shen mansion.”

Xie Jing Xing’s eyebrows raised and pulled the letter out from the envelop and quickly glanced through it. When he glanced at the last sentence, his lips pricked up. In the night skies, his brows were as handsome as a painting and his purple gold robes were flowing with light and colour, just like a person in a night painting. It was obviously an indifferent smile, but Nan Qi felt a light shiver and sensed that his Master was not happy again.

That last line was: Be sure to stay away from Prince Rui.

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